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  • Yet,another teen show what happened to the old Nick?

    Zoey 101 is yet about this girl who goes to this school which used to be for boys but now is for both genders i mean yet another teen show about girls having a crush on boys what the heck this and Unfabulous should be cancelled along with Drake and Josh *sigh* what happened to the good old Nick? when it had good shows like Rocko and Ren and Stimpy now it's teen crap like this no i am not a baby show fan but i am so sick of these retarded teen shows just cancel these so i could be happy.
  • Would've been good a few years ago.

    Jamies Lynn Spears is a decent actress. I have no complaints over that. What I do complain over is that the whole show looks a little outdated. If it had a TV-PG rating, it could have a little more potential. The show went downhill ever since Dana left for some reason. Then, theshow had more and more stupid plots. I saw that "People Auction" episode once. I hated it. What's with Kazu being a cowboy. A little too much cultue destruction? And the people auction thing? More like a slave auction to me. Way too much P.C. for this show. It could be better if it didn't use too much P.C.
  • un internado sólo para niños, ha decidido admitir, por primera vez niñas Es cuando Zoey,una chica de 13 años es aceptada en la primera clase de mujeres. Zoey empieza una nueva etapa de su vida confrontando lo que se le va prese

    Si piensas que no hay nada nuevo bajo el sol, pues…¡piénsalo otra vez! Imagínate un internado muy exclusivo, academia costa del pacifico, sólo para niños, que ha decidido admitir, por primera vez en su historia,…..¡niñas! Es cuando Zoey, una chica bastante independiente, de 13 añotes, es aceptada en la primera clase de mujeres del internado. Zoey empieza súper contenta esta nueva etapa de su vida, confrontando con humor y estilo lo que se le va presentando en el camino, como: ajustarse a un colegio nuevo, compartir con nuevos(as) compañeros(as), tratar de llegar a ser parte del equipo de básquetbol sólo de hombres, etc., etc. Cabe mencionar que Zoey tiene un gran aliado, su hermano menor, Dustin, quien atiende el mismo plantel.
  • A great show, but it has some serious glitches!

    Don't get me wrong, Zoey 101 IS one of my favorite shows, but I believe Nick should fix a few things about it.

    For starters, Zoey 101 is about a girl who goes to a former all boys boarding school, it's by an ocean and the kids lolygag and do watever they please....wait, problem. How many people go to a boarding school that's like their own vacation home. Where you can get the teachers to do what you please, and do whatever you want? Not many. The minute Zoey goes she becomes popular, she's pretty and smart and talented and has a knack for having EVEYR SINGLE FREAKIN' PROBLEM, turn out the way she wanted it to in the end. She has wonderful friends and everyone loves her. No matter how small a problem is, it turns out ok in the end, she always solves the problem, she always wins. Nobody, I repat NOBODY, can always win, something should go wrong, or not the way it was planned, at least ONCE. All in all, making a show about a PERFECT little girl living her PERFECT little dream world where everything works out PERFECTLY wasn't a fabulous idea. Nick should consider toning down the perfectness, and preppyness, of this show of this show, so more people can relate with it.
  • zoey 101 is the coolest

    i love every episode of zoey 101 because its always new and different each season i hope they make more seasons. i wish chase would ask zoey out sooner or later since they are made for each other but if there was one thing i would love to watch over and over again it would be the grape fight in "chase's girlfriend". can't wait to see more of zoey 101 season 3. i wish that it carries on for ages because it is so cool and i hope i can see all the episodes when they come out. i love zoey 101!
  • I think it's pretty cool to watch Zoey 101. Besides I'll bet everyone watch that show. For telling the true Jammie Lyn Spears acts very good as Zoey Brooks and the others actors too. It's pretty cool to know that people made good shows. That's very cool!!

    Well it's really a very good show and the actors seem very pretty good acting. Also I have to say that all the people who participate in this show all of them are really good actors. But I miss the actress who acts as Nicole, she was pretty talented. I hope you can bring her back maybe as a guest star or something like that. Besides it really cool to know that good directors make cool shows.
  • Pacific Coast Acadamy had always been a school for boys only. For the first time girls are allowed into PCA, Zoey Brooks being one of them. This show tells of the adventures Zoey and her friends have.

    For me, "Zoey 101" used to be a pretty good show. It was just a tad bit cheesy for me, but it still kept my attention. At the beginning of the second season, one of the main characters, Dana, leaves to go to some other school in France, and she gets replaced by another girl named Lola Martinez. I thought, "Why would they eliminate a main character like that?"

    Now, at the start of season three, NICOLE, Zoey's best friend, is no longer on the show! Why, why, why? It's almost like next season they'll get rid of Chase, and after that they'll get rid of Zoey herself (not really, but I'm just making a point). When you lose a main character, the show loses some of it's original "pizazz" that made the show special at the start. I used to like this show a lot, but now it's losing it's appeal due to the loss of characters. It's still okay, but not as great as it used to be.
  • used to be good

    this was my favorite show when ti premiered! it seemed funny, fresh, original and made for teens like me!! The first season was great! When the second season was about to premiere I nearly burst with excitement! At the end of the premiere I was left with an empty feeling. Not only was Dana (my favorite character) gone but she was replaced with an anorexic girl who thought she was perfect and funny. Oh, and she couldn't act! As the season went on I saw things I hadn't noticed. Jamie Lynn can't act! Chase was hot but him and Zoe had no chemistry and they were never going to get together. The writers let us down every time. None of the acting was really that good and real life was not like that! The dialouge was weak and I soon stopped watching. My advice is to just to watch the first season. Then stop.
  • I never thought i would be interested in a show for pre teens but i was wrong. I find myself checking out showtimes for me and my daughter to watch zoey 101 together.

    i fell in love with this show and im 29 years old sad huh!!! but it gives me and my 8 year old daughter something to talk about and i enjoy watching it with her. It is better than watching music videos or graphic cartoons she isnt that into cartoons so this show was good for her not too teeny but not too kiddy either. I love the theme song too we downloaded and she likes to listen to it in the car on the way to school. We cant wait till zoey and chase are a couple at last.
  • gotta know

    so it's kinda funny that i am almost 19 and i can't get enough of this show. I didn't start watching it until like the end of season 2. but i was scrolling channels one day and came across it, and i got hooked to it. i really really really wanna know what is gonna happen with Chase and Zoey. I think that's the reason I'm so in love with this show cause I really wanna see weather or not Chase and Zoey are going to get together. It keeps you hanging on and wanting more. This is one of my new fav. shows. Can't wait for more!
  • Pretty good! Way to go Chase!

    Yay! Chase finally dumped that jerk! Well, inspite of my earlier qoute about how Zoey might figure out that she likes him, I'm glad and relieved that Chase dumped her! This is way better this way. I'm glad I got to watch it. And I think it was hilarious when Quinn made Logan where that dress and those high heels. It was hilarious! All in all, I would say it was a pretty good episode. They need to more based on Zoey-Chase!
  • Zoey 101 is a really childish and cheesy show. Its not for me though...

    First of all, everything is really unrealistic and no offense, the entire cast is made up of REALLY short teens! They're all really bad actors except maybe Nicole, who is a bit annoying. Second of all, the fact that the main character, Zoey (Jamie-Lynn Spears) just happens to be Britney Spears' sister is another reason why I wouldn't, and why you probably wouldn't watch the show. Although I admit, I woulllld watch this show if I weren't a teenager, those who are the ages of 8-11 will most likely enjoy watching this show. And anyways, I'm not really a fan of Nickoledeon.
  • I barely watch this show, but it isnt THAT bad...

    Out of all teen nick, This is the only one i watch, the others are...


    I barely watch it though, since i lean more towards cartoons, but this show is okay.

    It has its funny moments, has some stupid moments, but what show doesnt?


    Okay, maybe their ARE shows out there that dont have stupid moments, but still, thats not the point.

    Point is, this show is pretty good. I dont watch it that much, but it is pretty good.
  • I just love wacthing this show. Got some really worthwhile stuff!

    Okay, so I really like Zoey 101 but the thing is I hardly get to watch it because I don't have Foxtel (My mum says i already watch to much TV). The only time I EVER get to watch it is when I go to stay with my grandparents which is like once or twice a YEAR! I mean, I hate that there are all these really good american shows but I can't watch them because there only shown on Pay TV. Not that there aren't good shows on normal TV. I think the storyline of Zoey 101 is pretty good as well considering some of these lack certain creativity in that particular area. But all in all Zoey 101 is worth watching. (at least try it before you decide whether you like it or not!)
  • zoey 101 is an awesome show logan, quinn, dustin and nicole are funny. chase and zoey are awesome and michaels funny. last lola is hot

    i love zoey 101. my favorite episode is a three way tie between quinns alpaca, the haunted house and the episode where they have the time capsule. zoey is the main character and really fun to watch. chase is the main character and its funny how he acts around zoey cause he secretely loves her. michael is chase best friend thats a boy. dustin is zoeys little brother who i love in spring break up. nicole is zoeys best friend. quinn is a genius and shes a little woo hoo. then theres logan a really funny and cocky character. lola is last she wants to be an actor and probably will be.
  • luuuuv this show except...

    i truly lllllluuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuvvvvvvv this show, except now nicole is not gonna b there anymore, i guess that means a lot of the scriptfor the next episodes were ruined cuz of that, it gonna b sad that she\'s gone.... and i luv the theme song at first o thought it was sung by sumone else but then i figured out it was by jamie!! and her sister britney wrote the song and co produced it. I am like looking for my zoey 101 book EVERYWHERE!!!! I don\'t remember where i put it so im like destroying my room looking for it!!!
  • :)

    I really love this show. The first few episodes, yes I admit (compared to the second season episodes) were a bit...overacted, or something along that line. But as the show progressed, the actors progressed with it. With each episode, you can see how much each actor/actress's talent has grown. They have all grasped the persona of their characters and pulled them off wonderfully. Having personally seen a part of an episode filmed, I'm extremely extremely anxious for the third season to start! The second season may have beat the first as far as quality and acting, but the third is going to ROCK!!! I can't wait!!!!
  • what' up!

    I think that this show is a really cool show that any teenager can relate to, exept for Zoey I think, her character is a little bit unreal but the rest of the cast are very believeble, I mean: Who hasn't had a friend that you has a crush on, bit don't wants to tell her/him and risk to destroy your friendship. Who isn't a science geek and can invent... Everything? :P Lol. But you see where I'm going with this... I think that Zoey 101 are one of the best show for teenagers today, you get everything you ask for for a show in Zoey 101: You have great looking people, good writing, humour, and a little bit drama ;)
  • Zoey and her two new friends try to live life at an all boys boarding school. What the boys don't know is that Zoey is about to make this school worth going to. PCA, get ready for a wake-up call.

    This show is so funny. I watch it whenever it comes on. My favorite character is Dana, not only she is tough but she is hot! But when she leaves in Season 2 I was very upset. But when Lola came I became happy again. This show is my top 3 next to All That and The Amanda Show. Can't wait for new episodes!
  • Yah okey this show may bee corny at some moments, but i stil lke it. its not reli that corny, i reli lke watching this. i lke the stories n everything about it. its pretty good.

    This show is actualee pretty okey. when it first startd, n i saw the commericals fore it, i thought it was going to bee pretty good, n gues what, it was. i lke watching this, n i cant wait fore the new season to start. the acting is pretty okey, n thers not reli anything about it that i dont reli lke. good show, chek it out!
  • A very original idea. Too bad it's mediocre.

    Shopping, sunny skies, beaches, boarding school for rich teenagers and perfectly happy endings. Welcome to the life of Zoey Brooks and her friends. Zoey Brooks is portrayed by Jamie Lynn Spears, the self proclaimed actress who got her claim to fame by being the younger sister of the international pop star Britney Spears. With her lovely blond wig in the first season and an attempt at hiding her monotonous country accent, it's confirmed that Nickelodeon has indeed gone to the dogs with nepotism. When Kristin Herrera, the actress who portrayed Dana Cruz in the first season, left the show, all hope vanquished as she was the only decent actress. The female casting is a complete disgrace but the male casting has potential for a teenage media. If they continue to pursue Jamie Lynn Spears as the picture of perfection, very many people will have to lower their standards. With hope, they will soon find that you can't make a career out of nothing. Jamie Lynn Spears is useless for acting, singing and anything else she attempts for that downward spiral she calls a career. There is no wondering why she is a self-proclaimed actress. Critics would most definitely proclaim her as something other than that.
  • I feel like even though I don't really like Jamie Spears I'm falling in love with this show! It is more high school more realistic, the song is good and a mixture of genres it's like One Tree Hill only younger!

    I feel like even though I don't really like Jamie Spears I'm falling in love with this show! It is more high school more realistic, the song is good and a mixture of genres it's like One Tree Hill only younger! It is really a great thing to be watched!
  • Okay, this show is a little unrealistic. No boarding allows sun tanning on the roof or a sushi bar or laptops. And what's up with the characters?

    Zoey is the perfect blonde princess with no problems and she is just always giving advice because she knows everything. If you are going to center a show on a girl going to a boarding school at least make it realistic and show the less perfect side of her. Even people on the OC have a ugly side to them. Then there's the whole Chase liking Zoey plotline but he cant tell her because he doesn't want to ruin her friendship. Helllo Gordo, why don't you just tell Lizzie you love her in her yearbook?? I hate that every episode they make you think he's gonna tell her even though he doesnt. And also there's Nicole, who says stupid stuff just so Zoey can seem like the cool one beside her. Totally Lame! Then there's Micheal who doesnt even appear that much in episode even though he's in the starting. Logan is the mean guy who is in love with himself, at least his character is realistic. Oh yeah, Quinn's inventions are retarded I don't even know why she's in that group, since only Zoey is nice to her because dont forget she's a perfect angel who everybody loves. Take my advice and try to avoid this show.
  • Wow! If you don't watch this show you are crazy.

    That is basically it. Well since I'm on here I want to give a shout out to my buds. Hey! And if you don't watch this show you are nuts,And Crazy. Wats up ya'll. This is a very, very, very, very, very.very,very,very, very, very, very, very, very,very, very, very,very, very good show. This is so cool cool cool.
  • Zoey 101 is about a simple teenage girl who goes to a "use" to be all boy school called PCA. She then slowly changes the school, helps people out and makes it seem like it IS a Boy and Girl school and never was a all boy school.

    This show is really good, I caught myself watching all the first season. Starring Jamie Spears (who I must say be looking ). Although the main character is TOO perfect,and the show make it seems like shes always right and always the best. The show is really cool and and quite funny too, not when they try to,tends to be really cheezy when they try. My favorite actor on the show has to be Victoria Justice, I just wish she made it to the first season instead of 2. If your looking for a teenage show, that is entertaining and funny this may be the show for as it won Awards.
  • Zoey Brooks has so much problems in her "terrible" life

    Where to begin? This show sucks!!!!Zoey Brooks & her preppy friends are the only ones shown on the screen. This show is racist and prejusdise!It only has 1 darker skinned person in the show and he isn't a main character! Fat people are also shunned in Zoey's life. How many times ( for those of you who actually watch this garbage] have you seen a fat person in "Zoey 101"? Not once. Nerds also get the boot in this show. Yes, nerds are shown in this show but they are mocked. Zoey Brooks has the brain of an acorn and she is making fun of people smarter than her! That isn't fair to anyone! Notice how all Zoey wears are preppy, short, mini skirts? That is not how everyone dresses in life! No wonder Chase has a crush on her! She wears so much make-up, she takes hours on her hair, and she wears so much short clothes! Nick, open your eyes and take this cruddy show off the air!!!!
  • Zoey 101 is a great show, for any ages.....

    There are some great actors and actresses in this TV show on Teen Nick. PCA looks like a paradise school, with a nice view and a nice school, it's a place I would want to go to. The whole story is about girls getting aloud to be in a all boys academy. Which is a strange mix no dout, but will it last, the seasons are getting better, the show is getting funnier, i don't know what to say, except, the show Zoey 101 has good writing and very good characters. So, all in all, Zoey 101 is a little more than a decent show, it's a whole different brand of showing what life could be like. (i don't know how to describe it)
  • this show is about a girl Zoey whose is 15 years old and is at Pacific Coast Academy .She is joined by her roomates Nicole and Lola, her best friend is Chase Matthews,who has a crush on her !And his roomates Logan and Michael!

    This show is the best show ever!i love it soo much!I watch every new episode and i don't mind watching repeats!I love the whole private school academy thing going on!Also i love the story line of Chase having a total crush on Zoey !But the only thing is she is too dumb to notice and chase is too nervous and quiet to tell her!I wish she would just tell her already!I also like the storylines of the episodes,they are so awesome and funny!Another thing that is awesome about this shwo is the characters!Everyone of them is so funny and cool in their own cool way!!This show is aweosme!watch it every sunday on Nickoledian at 8:00!
  • Nickelodeon, what has happened to you?

    This show is terrible. It\'s unoriginal, dull, annoying, and a whole bunch of other stuff. Who wants to see a show about girls having trouble with cute guys, go shopping for pearls, and a whole bunch of other stuff you can do in real life? I\'m also surprised a used to know a guy who loves Jamie Lyn Spears. She\'s a brat who got on All That because she\'s related to Britney Spears. Judging on what\'s been hapening to Nick lately, it\'s going to be almost as bad as Disney Channel. Down with Zoey 101, we hate you Jamie Lyn Spears.
  • Zoey 101 is basically about a girl named Zoey who goes to what used to be an all-boys boarding school. She and her other girlfriends band together to shoe Dean Rivers (the school headmaster) that allowing girls into PCA was a good idea.

    Zoey 101 is an AWESOME show. I love Jamie Lynn's acting. She really has a lot of talent. Plus Chase, Dustin, Nicole, Dana, Michael, Logan, and Quinn are all amazing actors and actresses and they star especially well in this show. (Zoey 101.) Spring Breakup is especially good. I loved when Michael kept bothering Chase about telling Zoey he loves her. Then, when Dustin drank the Frazz and he got overly hyper and climbed 22,000 stairs was so cool. I'd NEVER be able to climb that many stairs. In general, Gender Defenders and the actual Zoey 101 Spring Breakup was great! Keep it up Nickelodeon.

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