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  • Basically this is just to tell everyone that i really love the show!

    This is own of the best shows i have ever seen! I know people may think i\'m too old to watch it. But i love it and i think anyone who hasn\'t watched it, should do now!!Its on at 6..if you live in Alberta anyway! Well hope you all agree with me, and if you dont, well...too bad! I love it

  • A dumb show about a group of friends who think they're funny.

    Just another show that's supposed to be about a teenaged girl who's pretty, popular, and perfect, she has a best friend who a few seasons later she might realize she likes him, and a bunch of dorky friends. She's not perfect at all, and they imagine every boy at PCA to like her, and that she can sing. (which she can't) Which its not entirely her fault, but instead the director who picked the little baby sister of Britteny Spears to play this role. Nobody's good at it, and I'm getting sick of it.

    So grab your sodas, popcorn, and box of goobers to chnage this channel to something else. the only good perk is it's occasionaly funny.
  • This is....Pretty Funny!

    I think this show is cool, i think zoey and friends are very funny, and this show is entertaining. I like their boarding school, it must be five star! It has a sushi bar, and cool stuff. chase is funny, i hope he can tell zoey his true feelings soon! quinn is cool, she makes inventions a lot. this show is very cool, i guess nick has some good shows still. :)
  • Zoey played by jamie spears is one of the first girls to go to PCA, a boarding school in California which was previously an all-boys school. Zoey is a popular, pretty, smart girl and doesn't have any trouble settling in to her new environment.

    Okay. Personally I love these shows. All shows like these, Zoey101, Unfabulous, Thats So Raven, Suite Life and Hannah Montana. Mostly I like to see what the girls are wearing, but none of the programs have very good storylines. Especially Zoey 101. I do like the show though, I mean they are all quite good actors but I feel that everything revolves around Zoey. I mean, its always Zoey's idea or something to do with her. Chase is obsessed with her, I don't think that helps. All in all its a good show, its a good start for Jamie Lynn Spears. Unfabulous, also on Nick, is about a girl who goes to school played by Emma Roberts, is of a similar storyline except the boarding school situation. Unfabulous has better storylines as they are dating and worrying about guys and who they are going out with. That is what people of 13, 14, 15 years are talking about. In Zoey 101, only Chase is worrying about girls. Nicole, Zoey and Lola are all pretty girls, I don't know why none of them have boyfriends in the whole two seasons. Also, I heard that Nicole isn't going to be in the next seasons as after a fight with Jamie on set, Jamie got her fired. Again, why does everything revolve around Jamie Lynn Spears? Because of her sister. Alexa shouldn't have got fired and Dana is now coming back. So they fired her but then re-hired her?! Well, I can't wait to see what the new season will be like. I hope Zoey and Chase get together and maybe Lola and someone too. xx
  • This is a show a girl that attends PCA which is in it's first year of letting girls come. There are three best friends that are hagin' out and enjoyin' the beach life.

    I really like the show. In fact the theme song is stuck in my head as I'm writing this. I've written a letter to Jamie Lynn Spears before. She hasn't written me back yet. It'll probably take a while. Anyways, it gets kinda annoying how Zoey doesn't realize Chase's crush on her. I mean, there are signs too. I personally think that she secretly likes him too. Being at PCA would be cool. What with the beach, sunny skies, cool dorms, what's not to like? Zoey's very creative and smart. She also puts her actions to good use. It's good.
  • Zoey goes to a board school: PCA - F.Y.I and lives out with her friends: Lola, Quinn, Diana [in season one], Nicole, Chase, Michael and mostly a half-friend of that snob, Logan mostly Diana and Logan should be snob couples. Zoey also has a brother: Dustin

    Zoey 101 is a great show, I would even like to be in it. But the point is: in Season 2, it\'s not really Zoey 101, because Nicole and Zoey go to a random room. With a new roomare: Lola. Did I say roomare? I ment roomate. But anyway it\'s stil\' great show until\' Quinn snores. But, face the facts you can snore too. Just wait one second.


    Ok I\'m back to my review so anyway Zoey 101 is a great show. It\'s better than.. I don\'t know. I\'ll find out soon! But see ya\'ll later TV.com users online.

  • A show about preppy girls and under average guys living in a boarding school.Acting like 5 year olds with no common sense or any intelligence.

    This show is the dumbest I have ever seen on Nick.
    Many reasons why I will tell you five reasons why.
    one this show has no humor at all because its so bad at it.
    Two this show is so fake it is not funny at all especially the episode where the 11 year old dustin knocks down Chase who is 13 and way heavier and bigger than him either chase is a weak girl or dustin is the strongest boy in the show.
    Three this show is getting dumber as each episode passes by.
    Four the show is absolutly childish because when chase tried to ask zoey out for the 100th time on the spring break-up episode he was about to tell her he loves her and then the predictable and usual distration comes up and off course chase never tells her.
    And five this shows acting is the most unrealistic garbage I have ever heard especially that nerdy girl and the drama queen girl.
  • it's a good show but there are problems.

    I personally like Zoey 101. It shows class. i've never seen a show like it before. It has a young cast which is rare. The campus is awesome. But there is a down side. Zoey is perfect, i mean perfect. every other character has flaws but not Zoey. She designs backbacks, clothes and solves problems. I think they should show a down side to Zoey. The acting is good... but it needs work. Even with these flaws. Zoey 101 is addictive and quite intresting. The situations are a little corny at times but intresting.
  • Zoey 101 is a good show... BUT

    The only problem with Zoey 101 is that they always repeat the same show for about two days and It gets annoying. it\\\'s funny but, I try sometimes to watch the second part of the march break episode but it never Is on when I check...AND i watch A LOT of Tv.
    It just gets annoying me and my friends would sit down and we\\\'d all be like\\\"put on Zoey 101\\\" but then when we do everyone goes\\\"seen it\\\" and it ruins the whole point of watching it. Beside the acting is not really good because it doesn\\\'t seem like in real life. and some of the jokes are LAME-O.
  • Zoey Brooks goes to a boarding school that was meant for boys but now accepting girls. so along the way she meets interesting characters and tries to make the semester go smoothly wşthout any bumps in the road.

    I love this show!!!!! it's one of my favorites!!!!
    my favorite character is Nicole because a lot of people say I look just like her and act just like her. My other favorite character USED to be Zoey but now I just switched to Lola and Nicole. I like Zoey I just don't like Jamie Lynn Spears because she got Alexa Nikolas who plays Nicole fired wıith he airhead sister. one kid said:"who knew Britney's head was bigger than her butt?" and I agree Britney has gone too far thşis time and I know I won't rest until I can see Nicole back on the show!!!!!!
  • great show

    this show is great they are currently filming season 3 about 6 episodes into it or more this show is supposed to air in september filming wends in january. I'm gona miss this shopw being filmed in pwpperdine but it will be filmed in a different location apperantly the sghow and the site will look exactly identical i hope it does cause i don"t like cheapy film sites. i hope season 3 is great and that this show gets a season 4. the cast is greart i jhope alexa dosen't leave the show she is soo great. thank you for rading my review
  • zoey 101 is about Jamie Lynne Spears (zoey) going to a private school and making new friends. It is an decent.

    Zoey- zoey is the main character in the show
    Chase- chase is Zoey's friend and has a crush on her too.
    Logan- LOgan is the jerk in the show and only thinks about his hair
    Dustin- Dustin is Zoey's litle brother and came to PCA before they allowed girls in the boarding school
    Nicole- nicole is zoey's friend and is kinda crazy
    Michael- he is chase's friend and they used to do a show online
    Lola- lola wants to be an actress when she grows up and scared nicole and Zoey becuase she was acting goth and freaky
    Quinn- the scientist and likes science alot.
  • eh...

    this show could us some tweeking, but for the most part, it's all right. their acting skills are not the very best, but the show's ideas are not that bad, although i am getting sick of the re-runs, but one thing i do not like about this show is some parts in it are pointless, not all of them, just some. zoey 101 might be going down hill if they don't play some new episodes, and soon. might point is, this show is better than some, and worse then some. you might like it, or you might not, that is your decision
  • This actually is remotely interesting.

    The need to hurry up and make some new episodes cause I'm sick of wtching the reruns which are getting kind of old. Did it get cancelled or something cause if it did that would be an injustice to the somewhat zoey101 fans like myself, but oh well. I'll get over it there's whole lot more shows on tv anyway. I should be reviewing this thing, okay so the whole Zoey being so perfect and being such a good problem solver gets annoying after awhile, but i digress. If your looking for something to pass the tome watch this show.
  • Zoey 101 is in my opinion one of the most original shows on television, let alone Nick. No show on television has presented the story of regular kids going to school at a boarding school on a beach. Kids of ages 9-16 can enjoy this show.

    Zoey 101 is very original and a solid Nick show. It provides an original story line with great acting and exciting plots that will make you want to tune in each week. Many people can relate to the show due to it's reaal life scenarios, kids dealing with school while also trying to have asocial life and while the show is real it is surreal. Kids only dream of going to school on a beach with no parents or responsibilities. Seasons 1-2 have featured a love story between character, Zoey Brooks and Chase Matthews. The bottomline is that Zoey 101 is one of the few great shows Nickelodeon has come out with as of lately. You could even call Zoey 101 a prequel to the hit show FRIENDS.
  • Worst.Nick.Show.Ever.

    Why the hell did Nick give Jamie her own show? I have NO idea. I saw the 1st episode when Zoey 101 premiered and she has no acting skills. She just said \"Hi, this is my dad\" with no passion at all.
    The storylines are absolutey stupid! Like, I can\'t even fathom how stupid it is. Plus it\'s 110% unrealistic! \"Oh yah the boarding school has a sushi bar, an ocean view, all this free time,etc\" like they make the school look like a mansion home! None of these tweenies can act, the show is just dumb. Plain and simple. its dumb da dumb da dumbbbb and it needs to be put off air just like Hannah Montana.
  • i dont know why everybody hates this show...

    i dont know why everybody hates this show so much. i read almost all of the reviews and almost all of them were bad. to tell you the truth i think people dont like it because jamie lynn spears is in it and she just happens to be britney spears little sister, so know one will take her seriously. i bet if she wasnt her sister people would take her more seriously. it's just not that bad of a show i mean sure the acting isnt that great but it's on nickaloden for christs sake. it's like saying shrek had bad acting. the acting isnt suppost to be amazing. i also think no one likes it because it's not on upn or fox or one of those adult programs so no one takes it seriously, they just watch two minutes of it and write a bad review. i dont think people should write bad reviews about shows. it's like they have no life so they have to trash talk every show they dont like(witch is everything except desprate houswifes and lost)i just keep wondering why no one likes the show. i think it's pretty cool.
  • This show gets worse every time I see it.

    This is the absolutely worst show in the history of Nickelodeon. First of all, no boarding school has a Sushi Bar, Flat screen TVs, and gives every student a laptop. This makes the show so unrealistic, and boring. The plots are pointless, and incredibly boring. The actors are so bad, it makes me want to take my own life. I really hate the fact that in the show, Zoey is the most popular girl in school, and the prettiest, and smartest, and gets the best grades without doing any work. She never has any real problems, and every guy wants to date her. She is so perfect. There isn't anyone like that. Also, I hate that everyone would do anything for her, and everyone picks her for every team, or club. It is so annoying. Quinn is so obnoxious. Her experiments are pathetic, pointless, and fake. Chase is such a wimp. He says he loves Zoey, but if he told her, it would ruin their friendship. How pathetic. Michael tries to be funny, but he never accomplishes anything. Nichole is so perky, and screams a lot. She is never seen doing any work, or studying, but she is a straight A student. Lola thinks she is an actress, but she sucks (Excuse my language). Need I say more? I think no. For your own good, stay away from this show at all costs.
  • ammmmmmmmmm

    zoey 101 is about a girl named zoey who goes to this school called pacific coast academy and she leaves in room 101.

    zoey 101 stars jamie lyn spears ( britney spears little sister) as zoey brookes.

    this show is a comedy but its not even that funny the only thing funny about it is alexa nicholas who plays the very dumb nicole. the show airs on nickelodeon. younger people might like watching it but for be it is way way to predictable.

    the acting is okay and the show is mildly entertaining.

    overall: its a okay but its not for me.
  • I am sick of people putting this show down because Jamie Lynn Spears. Yeah she\'s Britney Spear\'s little sister. Who cares? It\'s a good show that shows some real teen problems. I could care less about the cast the plots are good.

    Though sometimes the show is irrational, like a school where you can basicly do whatever you want (thats definatly not realistic), I really do love this show. It\'s like something you watch when you have nothing to do on a sunday night or when you had a bad day you can escape into Zoey world (haha) The acting is good on the most part but the writing is what keeps me watching the show. Just give the show a try and decide for yourself. Don\'t listen to my review or anyone else\'s because we all have different opinions. Thank You.
  • If I had a choice to watch zoey 101 all my life or stare jamie lynn spears picture for the rest of my life I'd rather turn OFF the tv and watch the tv for the rest of my life.

    This show is horrible. Jamie Lynn Spears is only tring to get attention. This is a show were there are actors that never heard of "TALENT" before. What kind of story this is. What parent would send a child 15 years or younger to bording school? It's like kicking your child out of the house.
  • Its a great show! Never miss it! Jamie Lynn Spears Makes The Shoe Worth While Bcause Of Her Beauty! lolz

    Great Show!
    Stars Jamie Lynn Spears (Britney Spears Sister) and discovers the true life of a private boys boarding school but the first time girls are invited to join the community. The girls have to learn everything from the boys as they go pass there years in school. Zoeys younger brother has been at the school and doesnt seem to like his sister there sometimes. There has now been 2 years at this school and series and they are currently working on a 3rd season which is comming sonn to Nick. Also Chase Matthews has a crush on Zoey Brookes and doesnt tell her untill the movie comes out which is a device for messanging & he tells her that he was a crush on her finnialy! But, Zoey leaves it on the fountin & it gets knocked into the wated & ruined chase seemes cheesed off we will see what happens next season...
    Jamie Lynn Spears Is Beautiful!
  • A fun show about teens dealing with tenn problems living in a uniform free-Borading school.

    I used to not care for this show. Now I love it and adore the characters. Zoey is good but Nicole and Lola rock!!! I also like Chase and Logan; they are fun characters to. Zoey, Quinn, Nicole, Lola, and Micheal, Chase, and Logan and the gang are fun and I love seeing new episodes! I love the episodes and some of them make me laugh. Its one of Nick's better teen reality shows. I can't wait to see more hot new episodes from Zoey 101! It might become my favorite show!!!
  • A Fine Show with Out of the Ordinary Plots

    I would never think to create a show about a boarding school with many kids that are unique and have it interesting like this show makes it. I would of struggled to decide which character would appear in which episode and how to mak a fine truned plot. My Brain would Just Shut Down right off the bat. The Writers are obviously skilled in writing story Lines. The real Thing that keeps me watching the show is the thing Chase has For Zoey. I saw a season 3 episode entitled\"Chases Girlfreind\" and I really cant wait to see if it is Zoey or Not(THough i Bet it is Not!!!)
  • Terrible storyline, terrible acting, need I say anymore?

    Well, I don\'t really NEED to, but I will. They try to be funny, and on rare occasions they succeed but they just don\'t have what it takes to be comedians. The plots are extremely weak, so weak that they should just give it up. And what\'s with Chase professing his love for Zoey (to his roommates)? I find that absolutely pathetic. I mean, no offense to any 13-year-olds out there, but at 13, it\'s just a crush. Or something like it. Logan\'s and Nicole\'s characters continuously irritate me and the rest of them are just bad. After about 10 minutes of watching this garbage--and that\'s more than this show deserved--I immediately turned off the television. Sure, I\'m desperate to watch TV when I\'m bored, but not that desperate. How is this show still on the air??
  • I like so much this show,the second season is so cool

    It´s a so cool show I like it so mucho the way that is dooo is so great,the theme song is so cool I love it and also I love Jamie Lyn is so hot for me in personal,and I like Lola its so cool that Dana did´nt continue in the show I hate the chracter I like to see more new episodes of Zoey 101 its a great show in personal I like i like the episode of the election i so great to see Zoey vs Chase and also the things that do Logan are so cool and that de Queen boyfriends win was so funniest
  • The day I like this show is the day aliens take over the world and I find gold up my nose.

    This show just does not make any sence. I watch the movie, and what the heck was it about! Jamie Spears does not really make the show any better either. Acting is just not for her. Does she have to be "Just" like her sister. I bet by 2008, she will be singing. and will suck at it!
  • luv this show!

    omg i looooove this show!!!!!

    nuthin rly left 2 say I just
  • It is Okey. :-)

    Okey this show is not my Favorite but it is good you know I have to be in a mood to watch it.my friend told me about it.I watch one at her house.And I have only seen like 3 of them. but they were good. I do not watch nick much most of there stuff is complete waste of time i do not won't to make Yall mad but It Is true. :-) :-)
  • Dumb, dumb, and dumber!

    This show is a horrible no good rotton horrrible excuse for a show and NICK with the other stupid mistake putting this Garbage on air! Wow one Guy named Chase wants Zoey so badly he likes her. How is that funny? this show how is it funny i saw a whole episode it wan't FUNNY AT ALL!!!!!!!!! That should be my most embarrsement moment. Great Family show EXCUSE ME! Change the Channel Please. And one thing the storyline is Pathetic.

    Then They had to put other garbage like Just for Kicks and Unfabulous. None of it is cool.
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