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  • is fantastic

    hello cheeis i khushi are cheeis six stupid hello zoey are six fantastic i saw all your puntat
  • I liked it. One of the best Dan Schneider shows ever!

    This show is good, along with: All That, Kenan & Kel, The Amanda Show and Drake & Josh. At least, it's not as half as crappy as: iCarly, Victorious, Sam & Cat, What I Like About You and Henry Danger. In my opinion, this show was Dan Schneider's first dramedy, due to some events that seem serious. Overall, I love this show. Who cares what you haters have to say!
  • awesome

    zoey 101 is the best show ever
  • zoey 101

    i think that zoey is a good and funny
  • I heart zoey 101

    it is the most popular teen drama on nickelodeon.

    this is the greatest show ever. I love Zoey 101.
  • I Heart This show

    i started watching a few episode today and im already in love with it
  • awesome in 1st season blah in the end.

    She was ruined by the end of the show! I love the first season!!! Zoey was my age then..... I only like the second season because i was an extra. In "Back to PCA", I was a little sister, saying goodbye to my high school sister, in the backround when Logan and Chase were talking. I barely got out of car and I was also in "Surprise" the first episode of season 3. I didnt even see the cast members including Jamie, who didnt even know I was there! Shes now, what, 18 and she already has a baby? Shes not a good star for a kids show.
  • Zoey 101 is about a girl named Zoey Brooks and her friends attending a previously all boys boarding school.

    I am absolutely in love with this show! Its great! The cast and their characters are all absolutely fabulous!

    Jamie Lynn Spears does an amazing job playing Zoey Brooks. Zoey is basically portrayed as perfect but the show does show that she isn't actually perfect. I love her personalitybut lately she has been acting a bit differently then she used to. She definately rolls her eyes a lot more and isn't as happy or bubbly as she wasin season one and two.

    Paul Butcher plays Dustin Brooks. He also does very well. Dustin is Zoey's little btoher. I love him! Hes adorable.

    Sean Flynn plays Chase Matthews. I think everyone will agree with how great he is! Who couldn't love his bushy head:) I do wish he would have tole Zoey he loved her sooner. I miss him on the show...Its just not the same without him there.

    Kristin Herrera played Dana Cruz in season one. I miss her! Yes she was very sarcastic and not thenicest character on the show but I still loved her! The love/hate relationship between her and Nicole with all the arguing was just priceless!

    Victoria Justice plays Lola Martinez. I absolutely love her character! I love her personality. Though she has changed since season two. I liked her better back then but she is still great! I loved her colorful hair extensions. And ofcourse who couldn't love all her 'acting exercises'? Like her first episode where she pretended she was a freaky goth chick. PRICELESS. Her highlight season was definately season two. I think she has become a lot more boy crazy and Nicole like now. As much as I love and miss Nicole...We only needed one of her!

    Christopher Massey plays Micheal Barret. I love Micheal and wish the show would focus a little more on him then it does. He is hilarious! I can't stop myself from laughing when I watch most of his scenes.

    Alexa Nikolas plays Nicole Bristow. I loved her! I miss her being on the show. It seems to me that ever since she left Zoey has drifted from her friends a bit. I don't know if anyone else has noticed that but Nicole ws her bestfriend so it kinda makes sense! I loved Nicoles personality and how she got excited about little or big things! It was great!

    Erin Sanders plays Quinn Pensky. Ah Quinn! Where do I even begin? From her Quinnventions to her hilarious quirkiness whats not to love? She definately became a lot more normal throughout season 3 and 4 which kinda disapointed me. Now a days shes just like Zoey or Lola into fashion make up and hair. She barely invents things anymore. Either way I still love her!

    Matthew Underwood plays Logan Reese. Egotistical jerk we love to hate! Eh I love him whether hes being a jerk or on the rare times he shows he actually has a heart! He is just hilarious and fun to watch!

    Austin Butler plays James Garrett. The new addition to the show! A lot of people don't like him because he 'replaced Chase'. I love Chase but that doesn't mean I don't like James! I actually do like James! I think he is a great character. If the show lasted longer and gave him a little more character development he would be great! Sadly the show will be ending soon so that won't be happening.

    There are so many things I love about this show! The relationships between Chase&Zoey, Quinn&Mark, Quinn&Logan, Lola&Vince, Zoey&James, Micheal&Lisa. Or the best friend relationships between Chase&Micheal, Chase&Logan, Micheal&Logan, Lola&Quinn, Zoey&Nicole, Zoey&Lola, Zoey&Quinn. Just everybody has such great friendships with each other and great chemistry it makes the show somuch better!

    I also love the words they use I tend to use them to such as:
    Nicole- "Suckish" I cant tell you how many times ive said it
    Micheal- "Drippin" and "Flump" honestly I say that and recieve the weirdest looks from my friends! But I just wanna help Micheal start his new word! :)
    And ofcourse most recently Logans "Gabberflasted" hahaha

    This show is great if you need a good laugh, smile, or you just wanna sit and enjoy something on tv. I definately reccomend it!
  • This show is alright. This morning I was watching it and then family got all messed up. It\\\'s a goood show.

    Today I woke up. I turned on family channel and started watching this show. Zoey was making backpacks :o and then my t.v. went all crazy. I turned it off, and then turned it on and it still said \\\"No Signal\\\" and I cried and ran away. It\\\'s so sad because this show is good, and then when I go to watch it my t.v. goes all gay. And then I went down, and tried Teletoon, and it was all stupid too. I cried again. I rate it a 10.
  • this show orcks

    this show is the best show is one of the best shows in the world. you would be stupid not to watch it. i have seen every episode of this show because its so good. everyone in the world should watch this show. if you put bad reviews then your dumb stupid crazy and weird. i think everyone should love this show. im getting all of the DVDs it is so good. so you should watch it or die. and if you put a bad review then your really mean dumb stupid ugly fat and born crazy. learn to watch good tv shows!
  • Another golden show made by the great Dan Schneider.

    This show is about Zoey Brookes, a new student who is now staying at a wonderful boarding school called the Pacific Coast Academy (PCA is the abreviation for it.) She has a good time at the school and makes a lot of friends, like Chase, Dana, Nicole, Quinn, Lola, and a few others. Chase is the guy who secretly has a crush on Zoey, and she doesn't find out the truth towards the end of the show. Logan is the guy on the show that at times isn't very nice and can also sometimes cause trouble, but he is still a good guy at heart. I miss this show, it was really good and I thought it was pretty funny at times. I liked Zoey's character as well, like how she was smart and thinks hard at how to achieve her goals and become successful. Like in the episode with the backpacks while Quinn tries to combine bananas and apples. Anyway this show was so cool! Man the chracters in it were the best. This is another live-action show that I got addicted to when I saw the first episode. I don't like much live-action shows but this one I actually think is pretty good.
  • One of my Nickelodeon's Best Shows!

    Dan Schneider is probably the best person Nickelodeon has ever had. Because he brought them three hit shows: Drake & Josh, iCarly...and this show, Zoey 101! This show is produced very well! They've got great plots, great actors, funny moments, nice romance, and all the stuff to it. I love all the romances. Adds to the show. And I love the rivalries, the funny moments, and all the characters.

    I've liked every character off of this show. It's that great.

    It sucks the show ended but that's okay. The show had a great run and will be remembered as one of the best shows on Nickelodeon.
  • Teens at boarding school, dealing with schoolwork, friends, relationships, and family situations. Funny cute and interesting...

    I really liked this show. I am mad that they took it off the aire simply because Jamie Lynn was prego. Who had to tell the children. And if they did know who cares their teenage sisters are probably pregnant anyway. This show was really cute when I finally started watching it, last season. There was great times and funny times and I loved watching Chase and zoey's relationship unfold. Thanks to Nickelodeon we can't fully see how it turns out, but I just hope they aire it on another channel one day. Zoey and friends were quite entertaining for the short amount of time I was able to watch it.
  • a girl is shipped off to a boarding school and meets some pretty wacko peoples.

    one of my all-time favorite shows! watch it on the n and nickelodeon! i love this show! so dramatic- the relationships are amazing to keep me hooked. i have cried in so many episodes- the very last episode left me in a pool of happy tears. there always funny but you know why did jamie lynn spears have to get p-regnant? that ended the show! why did it have to end? even though im a guy i love the gossip - packed episodes! i dont like the way they treat coco the dorm advisor- she's fat and thats not comedy! love it - watch it!!!
  • Awesome!

    Zoey 101 in my opinion is a superb show. It follows teens Chase Matthews, Zoey Brooks, Quinn Pensky, Dustin Brooks, Micheal Barret, Lola Martinez, Logan Reese, Nicole Bristow Dana Cruz,and James Garret as they survive the school, PCA, Pacific Coast Academy, in California. It appels to all genders due to the many genders of the show, and it also appeals to all ages due to the maturity of some of the characters such as Logan, who is very immature, rich, and has a love for Quinn. Chase on the other hand is very mature, and has a love for Zoey. Zoey 101 is my faorite show, and desereves another season, I highly reccomend this show for everybody!
  • I love this show.

    I like all 4 seasons of the show and they can get funny almost all the time. Quinn has changed ALOT in season 4 and a little in season 3 but seasons 1 and 2 she was really geeky but she is still is a scientist. Chase finally gets Zoey the girl of his dreams and Zoey and James broke up and they are still friends. Quinn got Logan as a boyfriend. Dustin Zoey's younger brother does get into alot of trouble and is a smart little guy and helps the girls. Michal is okay he sometimes does crazy stuff and other things and is close friends with Chase since 6th grade. Lola is an actress and when she first came to PCA as a new student she did an acting excersise and played a character that is not like her and it creeped out Zoey and Nicole and I lauged what funny things she did. This show is really awesome and I love it alot and watch it almost all the time it is a great show.
  • Drippin!

    This show, in my opinion, is great. It's about a group of friends who all go to a boarding school in California, 'Pacific Coast Academy'. Although it's a little predictable. In almost every episode, there's a problem, and in the end Zoey fixes it. Big whoop. But, this show is actually more than just that, it's funny, and lots of other(good) things. All of the main characters(even if they were only there for one season) are Zoey(seasons 1-4), Chase(seasons 1-3, part of 4), Nicole(seasons 1-2), Lola(seasons 2-4), Dana(season 1), Quinn(seasons 1-4), Logan(seasons 1-4), Michael(seasons 1-4), and James(season 4). One of the main reasons for watching the show is because of the two main characters, Chase and Zoey. You know that they like eachother, and will get together eventually, but just can't help but sometimes scream at the tv 'Just get together already!'. I highly recommend this show, it's great.
  • This show is one of the best in a long while. It is about a boarding school and 6 main characters: Zoey, Chase, Lola, Michael, Logan, and Quinn who live weird but very exciting lives at their school, Pacific Coast Academy.

    This show is great. It is entertaining and exciting. The actors and plot are always great. This is an inspiring show in a way that shows kids getting along together and overcoming any weird situation that comes their way through friendship. Zoey individually is the main main character, played by Jamie Lynn Spears, and I think she does a wonderful job. This show gives us an idea of how we should want our lives to be, meaning there is nothing negatively suggested in this show. Only positive things occur and by watching them helps us to grow to be better people like how the characters in this show do. But apparently the last episode premiered Friday May 2, 2008 with the brilliant movie/ episode "Chasing Zoey." And the episode with all the flashbacks on the good times Chase and Zoey had, but that cannot be the last episode!!!!!! I think it must go on to finish what happens in their lives. I will be extremely disappointed if no new epsisodes are made, this is the climax of the whole Zoey 101 show and now your just stopping?? The show must go on and at least finish this new season,, please!!! I beg Jamie Lynn and the rest of the actors to continue!!!!!
  • This show is about A girl named Zoey that goes to a all boys bording school that just changed to a girl and boy school.

    I just have to say that Zoey 101 is my favorite show EVER! nothing goes past this show. I love every single episode that comes on. Its sad that it has to go off. The last episode i going to be on May 2nd that will be the last episode. chase comes back from Euorpe and its just going to be awesome! This show is hands down the best ever to come on teen nick. Jamie Lynn is a great actress so is my favy Sean Flynn. They so should get back together. I know they will. Awesome Show!!! EVER! everyone should know that.
  • Zoey 101 is about a girl who goes to a boarding school that was formerly and all-boys school.

    This show is definently one of my guilty pleasures. The relationship between Chase and Zoey is the main reason why I watch it. Other than that, they have several funny characters with Michael being the best. His acting style will constantly have you rolling on the floor. Other than that, the acting is not perfect, but, for a kid's show, it definently does as good as it can. Even the relationship between Quinn and Logan will have you going, "Awwwww." Overall, I would highly recommend this show for anyone to watch especially if you are looking for a sweet comedy with hilarious characters.
  • Couldn't have been better!

    This show is by far one of the best shows I have ever laid eyes on. When I first saw the commercial for it 3 years ago, I wasn't too particularly intrested, but I thought, what the heck? I indulged into it, and instantly I was hooked! I give this show the rating it most definitely deserves! I can't wait to view the beginning of season 4. It will probably end up being the climax of the Zoey/Chase relationship we have been hoping for! Well, until my next review! Hopefully it will end up being a Zoey/Chase getting together one! Laters!
  • Zoey 101 is a great show. I think that It's the best show on nickelodeon. I've heard that there making a new movie. It's called Goodbye Zoey. It's and hour long. If you wann'a know more read my review. To see what it's about.

    Zoey 101 is great. Jaime Lynn Spears is great too! They're making a new movie. Called Goodbye Zoey. It's about Zoey moving to England. And has to say Goodbye to everybody. But the last person she tells is chase. What will happen. If you wann'a know watch the movie. Anyways that's what the movie is about. The cast are Sean Flynn as Chase. Mathew Underwood as Logan. Jaime Lynn Spears as Zoey. Victoria Justice as Lola. Erin Sanders as Quinn. Pauk Butcher as Dustin. Christopher Massey as Michael. That's the Cast. Anyways that's the update about Zoey 101. So start watching.
  • I have already seen the "Goodbye Zoey" episode, it was on over here in Ireland last week!!!! Believe me its awesome!!!!!

    It's strange cause i thought that we were really behind in our tv shows but appareantly not!
    I can tell everyone reading, that they (especially the 2nd one!) are amazing!!!

    Ok im gonna tell you what happens in the 2nd episode:

    Zoey is gone and Chase is really upset. Quinn sets up a webcam so they can talk to her. Zoey forgives Chase for not saying goodbye but tells him she is not coming back to P.C.A.
    Chase starts hanging out with this new girl (who coincedentally looks alot like Zoey) and won't admit that he misses Zoey. Logon, Quinn, Lola and Michael don't like Chase's new friend (i cant remember her name!) and eventually Logon and Michael confront Chase and get him to admit that he really does miss Zoey.
    BUT, the webcam is turned on and Zoey hears him, Chase announces unknowingly to Zoey that,
    "I don't just miss her, I'm in love with her!"
    Zoey is of course shocked and then the episode ends!!!

    Can't wait till season 4!!!!!!!!!
  • This on of the best teennick show. good humor

    This show is so good it a good thing so us teenager can see how they all get along and this happens to us some of it that is. The characters all are so cool Quin with her werid and cool inventions, Lola and how she wants to be come an actress really bad, Logan and how rich he is,Chase and Micheal and their tv show,Zoey and how nice she is,and Stacey with the cotton swaabs. Each episodes have good conflict and endinding. The adults are funny or crazy or both like KAzu he is funny Miss Dangels from zoey's ballon is both like when she was reading the book on how to be a good teacher. And that is why it's a good show.
  • Lola is my favorite charcter. Her Dream is to be a actress. She wants "badly" to be on TV

    Zoey101 is a great show! Dustin, Zoey's brother wants to play more with Zoey like in episode were he's Scared because of the movie Logan, chase, and Micheal let him watch. Zoey said, "They are so Dead" Well, lets go back to season one when it was prank week. Logan, chase, and you guessed it - Micheal Put toilet paper on the girls' dorm. Zoey wanted to get back so they did by putting the new statue of The founder of PCA in a Bikini. Logan helps Zoey to stay in PCA. That's Probably why Nicole had NO I repeat NO tears. I wish they could have a season 5 of Zoey101 were in the same dorm is Zoey, Lola, And Dana are in the same dorm. Season 4 is a Part two of season 3. Which is okay but I wish next time For that to happen in season… 5!
    Dustin is so acting and so is lola? Why do they do that it just doen't make sence. Like the time when they did a time capsule Lola pretended she picked an idem but she didn't. I can't believe that Lola would get full credit for that assignment.
  • When girls join PCA it can only mean the boys are going to be either 1 very jealous or 2 happy. Or in Logan's case hitting on them. Either way you twist it Zoey 101 is about boys and girls adapting to life at a boarding school that use to be all boys.

    Is there any words that don't describe Zoey 101? Well if there are its too hard to think about them right now. So I am just going to tell you the words that describe the show. AMAZING, FUNNY, IN YOUR FACE, BAM!, Say what?, Amusing, gossip!, Hot stuff!, Friends, Laugh out loud. Ok now that I described it using words let me explain the words i chose. Amazing actors and actresses and Jamie has the most Amazing Out fits and Hair in every episode! Almost every scene has someone doing or saying something that is Funny. The in your face thing is about the Cat Fights between Nicole *miss you girl* and Dana *u 2* on season one episode 2 Room Mates. Bam is for all the slams Zoey and her friends make on Logan. The way that Chase blabbers all the time about how he has a thing for Zoey and will tell everyone but Zoey that he likes her is Amusing. Obviously Zoey gossips with her roomies Lola and Quinn. Not only is it set in California but the guys in it are cute! So i say Hot Stuff. Zoey Brookes has the most amazing friends ever so that is where the friends fit in. Some things that her roomies Quinn does is laugh out loud funny, like in Paige comes to PCA when she mistakingly turned Lola's phone in to mush.
  • this show is one of my top favorites!thanks nickolodoen(or however it's spelled)for this awesome show!

    this show is really great,i think it's very original too!zoey is really pretty and cool.nicole is nice but can be a tiny little bit annoying and dumb at times(i wish they kept her for the 3rd season)dana is cool,wish she was a little bit nicer to people.quinn is okay but pretty in the 2nd and 3rd seasons.lola is a great actress(but she creeped me out when she pretended to be like a goth chick and drank those raw eggs gross!)chase is cute,i love the choey (chase and zoey)relationship,i really want them to be a couple!michael well,don't really have much to say about him,he's cool i guess.logan is a jerk but he's a little bit cute(not hot,cute).dustin is a cute kid.other then that i love this show!i've watched all of the episodes so far.i think the plot is original and unique.i also love the theme song,i think jamie lynn is an average singer.hope they keep making more episodes!and more seasons!:)
  • Yeah i wish they will show more new episodes it only like comes on once an day but the show is good but it needs more comedy is 'am rigth?

    This is one heck of an show frist season was so funny not that the other seasons were not funny but not as funny as the frist of course still like the show and chracters but i wish Nikcole will come back to the show i like hread an lot of people saying that she is coming back hope this rumor is true "IMO" i think the show is going to get better time after time by the way this is my second favorite show next to iCarly of course still funny and interesting to watch just need to show more episodes and comedy that's all.
  • Zoey 101 is about a girl (zoey) who goes to a previously all boys boarding school.

    Zoey 101 is one of my favorite shows.Jamie lynn spears is a really great actress and her singing is good too (she sings the theme song "Follow Me" written by her sister Britney).Though Jamie lynn is Britney Spears little sister she is quickly stepping out of her shadow. The ever changing cast includes jamie lynn spears (Zoey Brooks),victoria justice (Lola Martinez,who came in season two as a replacement when dana left),Alexa Nikolas (Nicole Bristow,season 1-2),Sean Flynn (Chase Matthews),Paul Butcher (Dusstin Brooks aka Zoey's little brother),Kristen Herrera (Dana Cruz,season 1),Erin Sanders (Quin Pensky),Matthew Underwood (Logan Reese),and Christopher Massey (Michael Barret). A lot of the episodes center around a possible romance between Zoey and Chase which most fans are dying to see.The show is now entering its 3rd season.
  • cool show

    i love every episode of this show and I wouldn’t miss an episode. My favorite character is chase, my least is logan, I love every episode and I don’t’ understand why anyone wouldn’t like this show so watch it because you’ll feel satisfied and may call it the est show on nick, but I say that’s spongeob (not including nick at night) so a love it alot and you should watch i9t because the girls look nice andi like it, everyone likes it ex cept some people on tv.com. bielive me,m not them. cool, cool, cool show, the best on nick with spongebob sqaurepants
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