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  • This show focuses only on Zoey and basically no one else. She's considered to be perfect. She designs clothes, is blonde, smart, tan, rich, perfect little snob that lives a perfect life filled with expensive cars, designer clothes, her own laptop, who goe

    This show is about nothing more than a blonde teeny bopper who has all this money and goes to a super rich boarding school has no real life problems. This is the kind of show that brainwashes kids into thinking if they aren't tan,rich,thin,dress in designer clothes, and their parents don't drive a $90,000 car that they don't have a good life. I would not recomend watching the show. Not only does it have a horrid concept it is brought down even more by the so called "acting" of Jamie Lynn Spears. I don't know how the producers and creators of this show thought that kids could realate to this.This show is equally bad to the show Unfabulous "starring" Emma Roberts and I don't think that you should watch this show. You will be disgusted with it within the first few seconds.
  • This show is strange and dumb. It doesn't even have a plot, and I have no idea how they get boys to become cast members of this show!

    I'm so surprised that the makers of Drake and Josh created this show, because this show is terrible, and it doesn't have any jokes, and even if it did, you wouldn't even get the punchlines! Everytime I see this show, I scoff and laugh at the actors and actresses there, and I cry with laughter when I look at the credits thinking, "Look at the names of these people working for this idiotic show"! I hate this show so much, I can say even more about it, only if there were no bedtimes or dinners or bathroom breaks!
  • Little white rich kids think that the world revolves around them.

    There's only one word that discribes this show STUPID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Clearly Nick made this show because of Britney Spears the older sister of Zoey (Jaimie Spears. This show is sort of racist and perverted. Where are other cultures in this show? HUH? Almost every new show now is about white people. That sometimes just gets on my nerve. This show tells girls to not play with boys. It also tells Boys not to play with girls. But won't that make those viewers homosexuals if they don't hang with the other gender? I think they need to cancel this piece of crap.
  • What I can't stand, a teenage show.

    If you want a good show about teenagers. Watch that 70's show, not this crap. Nick or who ever made this crud, can't do teen shows. Bad humour and a more bad cast. I can not even give Zoey 101 a second chance, it's terrible I will never make the mistake of thinking that nick can make good sitcoms again.
  • Horrible!

    I'm going to agree with Sammickk, this show has the absolute worse acting I've ever seen. Somehow I think that someone thought just because Britney Spears is popular, her sister has to be. This show is not even worth the timeslot it is in. Turn on something decent or bring back something better than this rotting pile of garbage. Teen Nick? Bah. Whose "teen" would watch this crapola? Not me. This show is so bad, it makes reality shows worth watching.. and I can't stand them.
  • A popular girl's life filled with bad acting and crappy re-hashed plots we've seen a billion times. I blame this show for brain washing poor little girls. Move along folks nothing to see here.

    OK we all know Why this show even came to be.. jamie Spears? hello?! its not like her sister's fame played a role in this.... naaa no way!

    OK for the review hmmm .. Re-fried plots that have been seen millions of times, the show's kinda cheesy unrealistic and boring. The adventure's of a popular girls life at a school... how exciting...yawn.
    This show and others like it, UNfabulous to name one, are in my opinion the kinda trash that's setting bad examples of how to act as a girl growing up. Tip for all you girls out there This is NOT what guys look for in a girl! a Snobish, full of oneself, apearance obsessed, Celeb wanna be girl is not attractive. A girl with a head on her shoulders is what is. If I had a Daughter i would NOT let her watch either one of these shows, or any type like it.
  • If you\'re going to make teen shows, Nickelodean, at least make them REALISTIC not STEREOTYPICAL. I agree with kycg32 and possibly anyone else who doesn\'t like this show.

    I was only watching a few episodes since there was nothing else watch and you know what, it didn\'t hold my interest. It\'s like Zoey doesn\'t even have a brain to notice that Chase likes her. It seems like it\'s the same on every Nick show I\'ve watched teen shows and cartoons alike: One character likes another character, but that character doesn\'t seem to notice the \"love\" that\'s directed towards them. It makes me want to jump into the television like Andy Milonakis and scream at them for being so dense. (Don\'t worry I\'ve watch only a few episodes of The Andy Milonakis Show and it\'s not that great either.)

    And it\'s not the only thing that irritates the beejeezes out of me. NO! It\'s the fact that it\'s the adults at Nickelodean studio who make teen shows like this stereotypical. Do we even have cliques like the ones on \"Unfabulous\"? Do we even need a useless guide for middle school like \"Ned\'s Declassified\"? Do real people even act like this? Nick needs to wake up and realize that what their teen shows are portraying is not realistic. I\'m in high school now and it\'s my last year and I don\'t see many cliques there. All I see is a group of people talking to each other and hanging out with different groups of friends. I know that not all high schoolers are shallow and at least many of them have a brain. Unlike Zoey played by Jamie Lynn Spears, the stereotypical \"dumb blonde\". Just like many people don\'t talk like valley girls anymore, many people aren\'t like the stereotypical characters Nick seems to portray.

    Lastly, I barely watch Nick anymore, because this station seems to go downhill with their shows. I mostly watch Cartoon Network, along with other stations. Nick used to be good with shows like the original All That! cast, Taina, and Are You Afraid of the Dark? WHAT HAPPENED HERE?
  • Hey everyone! :D Let's pretend that we've never seen any other show like Zoey 101 and watch it!

    Seeing as there are so many new teen shows on Nick, Disney, or what have you, you're probably thinking I had a ton to choose from to review, but I chose this one in particular.

    Okay, so the years go by, we get new shows, animated, real life, whatever. The majority is that most of these new shows are teen shows, focusing on a main character who's a teenager going through, yes, life. Yeah let's pretend we don't know about life and watch Zoey 101 and get schooled.

    Zoey 101 in my opinion is no different from Ned's Declassified, or Unfabulous. Yeah I mean come on same plotlines, etc, bleh, so many things we HAVE seen already to name, I just won't name it all since I'm sure you all know what's being re-used over and over and over again it drives me crazy! And it pretty much just deteriorates the enjoyment of the show.

    Basically Zoey 101 doesn't really do anything to distinguish itself from the other teen shows, besides the fact that it takes place in a boarding school that for some reason after so long decided to not have it be an all boys boarding school anymore. Sound realistic? That's up to you to decide. But really none of the teen shows really do anything major to distinuish themselves. Yeah you guessed it, Zoey is like what, 13, yeah a teenager, and has a friend who's a guy and they want to be friends even though they have a crush on each other and yadda yadda yadda. I'm not going through talking about episodes because hey, if you haven't watched the show, good. You're NOT missing out on anything you haven't seen it all before in the past. When is something new and original gonna come??

    And another reason why I chose Zoey 101 to review is because it's so annoying! Yeah, Zoey; she's blonde, she's pretty, has some pretty funky teeth, she's nearly perfect (maybe something different from other teen shows since in others the main character isn't as, well, popular as usual). And what they're all rich and stuff? It makes you feel as if to have the called 'perfect' life of Zoey is that you've got to be all that! None of the episodes I've seen so far haven't degraded one way or another. It really takes away the feel that the main character is going through something, but she's not. It's her friends who have problems and then always it's her to save the day but makes it worse than at the end everything's okay. Sound familiar? But then I saw one episode where they took a stereotype and tried to twist it a little but then utterly failed and made me hate the show even more.

    Take one good look at the show, it'll be labeled; "Yeah I'm a pretty blonde girl with a perfect life pretending that my life isn't perfect!"

    Everytime I see the show or even just a commercial it annoys me to the core! It all seems fake and unrealistic! Jeez!

    My final saying: I hate it. Save yourself from boredom and repetition and don't watch it, but it's up to you if you wanna save yourself.
  • no orginality

    this show is just cheesy. plots are dumb, jokes are cut and paste from other shows and here's the characters down to a "t"

    zoey-super perfect main character(all shows)

    dustin-typical annoying lil brother(matt "lizzie mcguire" )

    dana-sobbish beauty queen( blair "facts of life")

    nicole-best fiend thats a idoit (waldo "family matters" (he was funny though) )

    quinn-weird smart person ( urkel "family matters" (he was funny too ) )

    chase- loser thats the main characters friend that relly likes them ( gordo "lizzie mcguire")

    mike -token black guy ( all white shows )
  • I hate it!

    This show is a wast of time, hey, you have a problem, go to Zoie! she's the one who can fix anytime! pass the barg bag please! Who get's all the guys? Who has all the frineds? Who wins all the prizes? why Zoie of corse! Who neaver loses? who's always thw hero? who's always on top of it all? The one and only Zoie, She's some prissy little rich girl, who dosn't know how to work to save her life! This show is a waste of tape, and resorss, you should be watching something WAY better, anything, even paint drying or the grass growing, you'll want to claw out your eyes, end results, this show, is terrible, don't watch it for ytour own good, a non perfect 0.0 is what i give this chessey show!
  • stupid

    completely waste of time it is stupid boring gay reality sucks stupid x20 i can\'t believe this has to be 50 words why can\'t it be like 30 words that would be much easier then like 50 words that takes a long time to type for me that is i can\'t wait to finish this review but until i shall watch futurama forever no can\'t believe it got cancelled nononnononononononononononononononnonoononononononononnoonononononnoono
  • I don\'t get it.

    Well its not funny and the actors are all pretty much crappy and if this how they think this is the way teenagers act their even bigger idiots than the people who cast the actors. This show sucks and the only people who watch this are perverts that want to see Jaime-Lynn Spears or dumbasses with nothing else to do. Unless there are a lot of those this show will get cancelled soon.

    I hated it! It was REALLY bad. The acting was horrable!!! The only reason why my friend watches it is because of a guy on it named Logan. I avoid it as much as possable i turn the channel when they even talk about it. I wish i had never watched it.
  • Change the channel is right! Ok, this show is about a girl who moves into a perfect little boarding school that automatically makes friends with everyone and all the guys have a crush on her! Nobody can really relate to that! Nick needs to take it off the

    Change the channel is right! Ok, this show is about a girl who moves into a perfect little boarding school that automatically makes friends with everyone and all the guys have a crush on her! Nobody can really relate to that! Nick needs to take it off the air.
    Everything turns out perfect in the end of this teeny-bopper little show, and everyone gets along. Fake! Okay, so it puts you in high spirits when you\'re down, but do you always want to watch something so...sugar-coated? Honestly! Dana was the only one that seemed...normal. And then they took her away! Bad choice, Nick! I might be going off the wall a bit but TeeNick needs to make shows that actual living teens can relate to.
  • This is so horrible! I think this is the worst show ever to air on TeenNick! Don't bother to watch this! Really, don't.

    OMG! What a horrible show! I hate widescreen shows! And they act very horrible! I can't stand watching this JUNK! This is the first show Schnider's Bakery has failed. I would rather watch Yakkity-Yak instead of this!! -sigh- I like OLD Nick better than this junky show. T_T What is going to happen to Nick in a few years?!
  • Eww!!!

    Why does it just focus on Zoey? What's so special about her? They make her so perfect in the show. I personally hate her as an actress and anything else she does or might do. The show is pointless in my opinion. Maybe it would be a little better if it focused on everyone equally. I gave the show a 0.1 for the other actors and actresses in the show who barely do anything when they should do a lot more! Why does this show even have a banner?!
  • this show is stupid beyond belief. jamie spears is a spoiled brat with NO talent who was only cast because of her sister britney. if it wasnt for britney no one in the music or television industry would give jamie spears a second glance cuz she cant act o

    it all started with all that. i use to love the show all that until jamie spears came and ruined it. what were the producers of that show thinkin. a spoiled talently brat with no talent being cast with kids who actually had talent. that was when i stopped watching the show. jamie made it stupid cuz she isnt funny and she cant act. i think they cast jamie for zoey 101 to get her off of all that and make her think she could be successful on another show that they new was gonna suck. go away jamie spears!
  • Ah Ha ha ha this is so funny!. OK wheres my remote?

    This show is a horrible no good rotton horrrible excuse for a show and NICK with the other stupid mistake putting this Garbage on air! Wow one Guy named Chase wants Zoey so badly he likes her. How is that funny? this show how is it funny i saw a whole episode it wan't FUNNY AT ALL!!!!!!!!! That should be my most embarrsement moment. Great Family show EXCUSE ME! Change the Channel Please. And one thing the storyline is Pathetic.
  • Just awful! Zoey is not a likeable character because she seems really spoilt and is always giving her friends funny looks or rolls her eyes when she thinks they have done something wrong or said something weird. making out she is perfect.

    This show annoys me very much because they make out that zoey (jamie lynn spears)is perfect. She seems to do something great each episode. The other characters always seem to mess up some how and zoey never messes up..In one episode i saw which my sister was watching zoey makes peoples backpack's and her friend says "how talented is she" the joke of this is all zoey actually does is stick some patches and badges on the backpacks and the whole school thinks its totally amazing. This show is not something that should be encouraged.

  • Is Zoey 101 a good teen show? I think not.

    As I was flipping through channels the other day i just happened to catch a show on Family (Canada's version of the Disney Channel) and Zoey 101 was on. This was about the only thing on TV and I thought, 'hey what the heck, it's the only thing on.' The only thing a knew about it was that it starred Jamie Lynn Spears, Britney Spears' sister. Those were the most wasted 30 minutes of my life! What is the point of the show??? There is certainly no good lesson to be learned or moral that is conveyed throughout the show. Honestly the Disney channel has been coming up with unoriginal new shows with useless storylines, bad actors, stupid jokes that have been used in Disney shows a hundred times before and those 30 minutes I could've been doing something usefull, instead of listening to Jamie Lynn Spears' voice drown on forever. Maybe next time I get bored, I'll do something worthwhile.
  • This show is about this girl named Zoey who joined a new boarding school PCA (Pacific Coast Acedemy) this is her first year and the before was made for boys so she lives in a dorm with her friends who sometime have problems and she has to deal with them.

    Uhhh...where did this show come from it's horrible and not even funny...and most of them can't act! I saw one episode and that was enough for me I never ever watched it again. Don't watch it this is a warning!!! Oh my gosh who came up with that show, wow!!
  • Attention to everyone who wrote a review for this show, whether you liked it or not!!! I am taking a poll on shows aimed towards young adults and teenagers. What do you think the ideal TEENick show should contain?

    I'm really interested in knowing. I am planning on informing Nickelodeon of a new TEENick show they could add, but before I send in my ideas, I'd like to hear ideas from you, the viewers toward which this sort of show will be aimed. What sort of characters would you like to see in a teen show? Opinions, please! I'll try to incorporate everyone's opinions.

    I don't know about the executives at Nickelodeon, but being a teenage girl, the opinions of my peers are very important to me. It interests me to read your reviews and discover what you like and dislike. So, if you could create characters for a Nick show, what are your ideas?

    Btw, I think Nick's teen shows are really lame, that's why I'm writing this.
  • THIS SHOW IS SOOOO WRONG!!! Boarding schools are not liek that at all!!!

    Ok firts of all i have been too 1 boarding school but visited like 9. They all comfortably fit 2 people, 2 beds, 2 desks, 2 closets, and 2 dressers and that is it. Most or at least mine, has a cafe with a pool and maybe a fooseball table and some tv's but not ap pizza place, a sushi place, and expecially not a movie theatre. Also every school i know of you have to go to a study hall at night to do your homework., unless your a senior. oh and the biggest thing..boys aloud in your dorms....ahahhahahahahahahaaa....boys are not aloud in girls dorms..hahaha!!!!if there is a boy in your dorm at any time you will be expelled...this show has an okk plot but they need to pay atttention TO DETAILS
  • horrible acting and even worse storylines...


    this show is a waste of my time, your time, everyones time. it has the most ridiculous plot/story lines. and jamie lynn cant act to save her life. jamie lynn didnt get famous because of her talent or even her looks(cuz lets face it she isnt that good lookin)... she got famous because of her sister. is jamie gonna lip sync like her big sister also? I feel sorry for the other actors on this show because they have to work with that talentless spoiled brat. go back to kentwood and leave the acting to people with talent.
  • Stupid!!!!

    This show is so stupid!!!I can't beleive the gave Jamie Lyn spears her own show.What was Nickolodeon thinking!?She should have never left ALL THAT!!!!At least on ALL THAT she was actually funny.I've seen the show once and as soon it started I was bored.One thing I have to say never I mean never watch that show.If you do you will think it is the stupidest show ever made!!!!!!!!!
  • I am a mother of an impressionable 13 year old girl. If JaimeLynn turns out anything like her sister Brittney, all hope for the future generation to have standard and realistic views regarding money, and lifestyle will be lost. Who came up with this show

    Shows like this one is the reason our children especially the girls are growing up with a "high maintenance" attitude. A complete waste of time, energy and productive thinking. What really blows my mind is shows that have realistic topics and life situations like "Higher Grounds" are being cancelled to make room in TV networks for laughable, idiotic shows like Zoey 101.
  • Zoey 101 is about somewhat of a perfect girl who lives and attends school in a bording school. Her life is simple that of a teenager!!!!

    Ok lets start at the top!!!! I decided to review this show for many reasons but the most important reason is for unoriginality!!!! Have you ever noticed how Zoey 101 is suspicously farmilar to Lizzie McGuire. I mean come on she\\\'s blonde, she has 2 friends. One that looks exactly like Miranda and one that looks exactly like Gordo! She has a crazy little brother, Matt. A school crush, Ethan Craft. A rival, Kate Sanders, and a weird, dorky, classmate, Tudgman! I mean come on this show is totally unoriginal and completely cheesy. Jamie Lyn Spears shouldnt be acting!!!!
  • If you're looking for a show with idiotic plots, terrible acting, and terrible dialouge, then Zoey 101 is the show for you!

    Zoey 101 is a show about perfect little Zoey who goes to a boarding "school" called PCA which was formely only for boys. Give me a break! This show is completely unrealistic and makes no sense whatsoever. First of all, the acting is horrible. They have no emotions. The dialouge is so mechanical. The almost sound like robots when they talk. Secon of all, most of the characters need to get a life! Zoey's friend Nicole is so obsessed with things that don't even matter. If her hair is just a tiny bit frizzy it's like the end of the world. Zoey herself isn't much better. She's so pretty and rich and smart and she always has a solution to everything. And if, God forbid, something bad happens to her, everyone goes nuts until they fix it. When she came up with these "cool" new backpacks and someone stole her idea, everyone had to make sure Zoey got credit and not this other person. For God's sake, everything is Zoey's idea! For once, couldn't she maybe share the glory with someone else? Another character I don't like is Chase. He has a crush on Zoey and thinks he's doing such a good job at keeping it a secret. He pretty much says it to her face at least three times! The character who bugs me the most is Quinn. She thinks she's this science genius but all her experements are really fake. Once she said she cut off a peice of Zoey's hair because she wanted the DNA. You can't just pull the DNA out of a person's hair. You need special equipment which you won't find at a school.

    PCA is supposed to be a boarding school. I've never been to a boarding school, but I assume that there would be classes and teachers and homework, hence the name boarding SCHOOL!!!! Serioulsy, all they do is have parties and play games and stuff. There have only been one or two episodes where they actually talked about school. Also, wouldn't a boarding school have uniforms, or at least a strict dress code? Most of the stuff I've seen these people wear would probably even be against my school's dress code, and my school is a cheap public school.

    The only reason I like this show and would ever watch it is because I like laughing at how stupid it is. Other than that, I would not recommend this show to anyone.
  • I don't like this show at all!

    I just don't! okay? It's boring! I just don't like it! please don't get to mad at me! I just don't like this show! whatever! I don't care! I just don't like this show! okay? Im sorry, I hate this show! it's so stupid! and boring and lame! Duh! It's really dumb! don't let kids watch it!
  • To be honost it sucks. It is targeted for teens but is to childish. I am sorry Zoey 101 fans. I don't like Britney Spears so that didnt help. Its just stupid. Non-intresting plots. Let's face it, this show sould end. (Once agin I am sorry Zoey 101 fans )

    To be honost it sucks. It is targeted for teens but is to childish. I am sorry Zoey 101 fans. I don't like Britney Spears so that didnt help. Its just stupid. Non-intresting plots. Let's face it, this show sould end. (Once agin I am sorry Zoey 101 fans )
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