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  • Don't watch it, seriously just don't

    Although Zoey 101 is sometimes funny, most of the time it falls short. The main character of the show Zoey is a perfect little PCA princess who knows everything. Everyone goes to her for help and she always comes up with the perfect plan to save the day. When something goes wrong it is never her fault, how could it be? She drives me insane. The other characters are just Zoey's sidekicks. Her friend Chase, who "secretly" likes her, follows Zoey around like a little puppy dog. I have never seen Chase alone, not talking about Zoey. The characters Dana and Logan are the only ones I have hope for. They seem to at least have brains, unlike everyone else. However in most episodes, these two just are sardonic and play the bad guys. Logan also seems to like Zoey, so my hope for him is dwindling. The plots of this show are rarely exciting or original. I've seen some variation of each episode on some other show. Save yourself some time and avoid this show at all costs. This has to be the worst show Nick has ever come up with.
  • BEST show EVER to come on Nickelodeon!!!!

    I really love this show!! It\'s more real than all the others. But I wish it came on more. If I had a choice of what show I want to be on, it would DEFINITLEY be Zoey 101!! I even know the theme song:

    Ooh, I know you see me standing here
    Do I look good, my dear
    Do I look good today
    I\'m just another kind of girl
    And you wanna see my world
    So come and run away
    Yeah, Yeah
    If you wanna play come and play today,let\'s just get away
    I will make you see
    All of the things that you can be
    Believe in yourself and follow me
    Yeah, yeah, yeahh (guitar).
  • Honestly not that bad...

    Zoey 101 isn't really a bad show. Even though the plot of some of the episodes aren't very realistic, it gives you something to imagine about. Most of the world's population of children/ teens attend a regular public school. I think that I would be fun to go to a boarding school. The show makes it seem like fun. It disappoints me a bit because I know that the show is based around Zoey (Jamie Lynn Spears),but it just seems like she's the only person on the show who can have a valid opinion and everyone has to idolize her. There are many very good secondary characters like Quinn (Erin Sanders), Nicole (Alexa Nikolas), Dana (Kristin Herrera), Dustin (Paul Butcher), Chase (Sean Flynn Amir), and Michael (Christopher Massey). They all have little moments to shine. Overall I think that it is a good show for middle school aged students, and maybe some high schoolers who are in touch with their inner child...

  • Great Show for the family

    Zoey 101 is a pretty good show. Jamie Lynn Spears, sister of Britney Spears, shows she can go out and make a name for herself, without Britney's help. Jamie Lynn is blossoming into a beautiful young lady, and a darn good actress. I cant wait for the second season to start up. I miss this show.
  • it the best show i have seen .

    i really love this show . i have to whatch it all the time.i think that if this show went off the air i would die . i really like some one on there he is soo cute . i have to see the show just for him .
    well not just for him but its a pluss
  • A Great Show, But needs work!

    This show has much potential and people underate I definately watch this show mainly because it is a descent show. If it focused less on Jamie Lynn Spears and just a wee bit more on others it would be the biggest thing since Thats So Raven. People dont even care to give this show a chance and they really should try to understand where it is coming from. Personalyy I like shows that aren\'t cartoons. Also, Like I wrote in another review. It\'s another \"Boy Likes Girl, Girl Likes Boy, Neither Will Admit It\" type show. But other than that it is a descently good show.
  • its is a interesting show and makes u want to be in that type of enviorment be seems a little scripted

    It is a nice show i wouldnt mind being away from how chilling with my friends but this show is like written so well that u notice it, its not bad great family show but still u can expect whats gonna happen and sometime ur like wha u could have stopped that or huh if u dont beat her up stuff like that i mean kids get in fights they dont act well fake and always make the right choice so theres another review for ya
  • What I think of Zoey 101...

    I think that Zoey 101 needs a reality check!!! The things they show on Zoey 101 don't all happen at boarding schools. I used to go to a boarding school and it is nothing like that. I think the show is a good idea but is too extreme and doesn't show real life. Boarding school isn't all about just having fun, having partys in your rooms, designing clothes and also being perfect. Also I think that in the show the girls wear too much make-up (its supposed to be a boarding school HELLO you should be thinking about your schoolwork).There is also too much stuff about social life and not much school. I like the idea of the show but please show what really happens in the real world!! But now again thats my opinion!!
  • At first I thought I would never watch this show just because Jamie Lynn Spears isn't my favourite person in the world...

    Well the show turns out to be pretty good, and I don't mind it at all. Although the thing that bugs me the most is that she is just to perfect. She's living in a perfect world...everybody likes her, she has brillant ideas, is there anything that anybody else is better than her. Also everybody goes to her when they have trouble. But after all that I still watch and enjoy the show...although I think they all need more acting lessons!!:)
  • Nickelodeon ships away a handful of young starlets - and all the network’s dignity - to a nauseatingly perfect academy for kids.

    In “Zoey 101”, a formally all-boys boarding school is invaded by girls, and all sorts of adventures are stirred up. The leader of the pack is spunky Zoey, played by Jamie-Lynn Spears. It’s quite obvious that Miss Spears snagged the headlining role from family connections. Her acting is so bland and boring, you get the feeling that she has somewhere better to be and can’t wait to finish the scene. She is easily outshined by her tweenage counterparts: ditzy Nicole, who adds unneeded girly undertones to the already sugar-coated show; quirky Chase, who gets most of the laughs with his geek-chic persona; Quinn, the kooky scientist with bizarre behavior; Michael, the only African-American on the series who was probably thrown in for political-correctness; and Logan, the stereotypical athlete/jerk. The most likeable character on the show is feisty Dana. She often butts heads with Zoey and the others and has a flaring temper. These flaws make her the most easy to relate to in the seemingly perfect world of “Zoey”. The ridiculously extravagant campus includes a sushi bar, movie theatre, and lounge - all beside a scenic California beach. And the plots the kids get tangled up in are just as unrealistic. In a nutshell, the series is so pathetically impractical that no one could possibly be able to connect with it. However, it’s this fairy-tale formula that draws in “Zoey”’s viewers - and it must be a formula that works, seeing as we’re all glued to our screens watching this disgustingly mediocre show.
  • ?

    This show is pretty pointless, and the actors are pretty bad. But I must say that when youre sitting at home with nothing else to do, this is a pretty good "last resort." The only weird thing about this is that when it is over, you sit there thinking to yourself, Why did I just watch that? But then you realize that you dont have a life and forgive yourself.
  • Some episodes are good, others are not that good.

    This show seems somewhat mildly interesting. As I said, some episodes are good, others are not so good. It still has potential and attracts a young audience. This show is perfect for young teens or younger kids just starting to watch Nickelodeon. Many kids might like this while others think its cheesy. I personally hink it is in between.
  • Zoey 101 is a really cool show

    Zoey 101 is one of my favorite shows. Jamie Lynn Spears is good at acting considering the fact that this is her first time acting for a sitcom. It is really cool the way that Zoey is like a peace maker and enjoys to look out for her little brother.
  • I think it's not only funny but a really cool show!!

    I think Jamie Lynn Spears is a good actress.I think it's not only funny but a really cool show!!The cast is also.Alexa Nikolas, Christopher Massey, Sean Flynn, Jamie Lynn Spears, Paul Butcher, Matthew Underwood, Kristin Herrera, and Erin Sanders are great together.Each one of their charcters bring something good to the show.
  • it is ok

    i have watched some of it. just depends on how good they act. some times it is ok others it is like "what are they thinking?" like they had a whole part on room mates fighting. everyone does that sometimes, that does not mean they have to make a big deal about it.
  • A very good show, but needs a lot of work.

    I always watch this show and I have to say it's a great show, but each episode's plots are very...well let's just say it needs a lot of editing and work. Some of them are not very reality, and some of them are just overreacting.

    The characters are also very stereotyping which for some reason just fits right in the show.

    I would recommend this show to kids and maybe teenagers...if they can stand the whole unintentional plot content.
  • This show is about this girl named Zoey who joined a new boarding school PCA (Pacific Coast Acedemy) this is her first year and the before was made for boys so she lives in a dorm with her friends who sometime have problems and she has to deal with them.

    Uhhh...where did this show come from it's horrible and not even funny...and most of them can't act! I saw one episode and that was enough for me I never ever watched it again. Don't watch it this is a warning!!! Oh my gosh who came up with that show, wow!!
  • Unrealistic. A show about a young pre-teen girl who attends a rich boarding school in Southern California with her younger brother Dustin. The school used to be an all boys school that is until they changed the rules and made it out to be where girls can

    Ummm...this show is not bad but it's not all that great either. It's basically about your typical young, blonde girl whose parents have money. It's the same thing. There's nothing really special about this show. To me, what they are talking about and what they are making such a fuss about is really stupid. The actors on the show could be a whole lot better. I think it's really the writing material on this show that is messed up. It's not worth watching I'll tell you that much.
  • I love this show it is one of my favorite tv shows I watch it all the time, even all my friends at school think it is such an awsome show!!!

    Zoey 101 is definitly one of my favorite shows, Jamie, Alexa, and Kristin are so good playing their parts and the boys are really hot, who couldn't love them. So far every episode was great, I didn't have one single complaint about the show. From a webcam hiding in a bear to spy on girls to getting Drake Bell to play at their spring fling, who couldn't like this show, I wish they really did have a school like Pacific Coast Academy. In conclusion I can't wait for the next season of Zoey 101 to start playing again and I hope the shows keeps on getting better!
  • preety good for a girl show

    well Its like i say for a girl show its prety good
    just one little misstake not the best acting It could be better algho its my 2 fav show whats also good about it is that it does have boys so i thout it would be just about girls but a nother misstake is that putting a little brother in no reason for that well thats all I have to say.

    I hated it! It was REALLY bad. The acting was horrable!!! The only reason why my friend watches it is because of a guy on it named Logan. I avoid it as much as possable i turn the channel when they even talk about it. I wish i had never watched it.
  • I give this show a whopping 10 out of 10!

    Zoey 101 is a really good show. I love watching it. Jamie Lynn Spears is a pretty good actress. I'm not saying she's the best, but she's pretty good at acting. I think she can sing really good also. She sings the theme song and sings it awsome at that!

    I find some of the bad reviews hilarious. But I think ya'll are wrong the show is actually really good. That's just my opinion though. Everybody has their own...

    I think the writers of the show should focus a little more on school instead of Zoey's social life. I wish they would make Zoey...well, less perfect too! Seriously, the make her rich and fabulous. In the real world not that many people are rich.

  • Zoey 101 is about a teenage girl Zoey Brooks going to school in all boys boarding school.The school is called PCA Pacific Coast Acadmey which let girls in.

    I think it is a wonderful family show.Kids would love it.I enjoyed it my self it is a show with spirit and comedy.If you like other Nick shows you will love this one!Two thumbs up.It is a comedy for all the kids in side of us


  • This Show is so cool!

    5 things why this show is great:
    1. (Line) Hungry squierl don't want to talk about it just drive!
    2. When quinn got an idea...*screams*
    3. It was so funny hen they dressed up Mr.Bradfords father in those cloths!
    4. Chase was so close to telling zoey he liked her.(so close!)
    5. Login thinks like everygirl likes him.(what a weirdo, but a cute one)

    This show is clearly a hit. I personly think that the second seson will be even better.

    The show is funny cool has lots of great stuff in it. I think Chase might tell zoey but thats just a thought. I wonder what she would be like if he told her that he liked her!

  • How is this funny?

    I've seen the entire season, and it was so not funny at all! The entire cast was unfunny, the scripts was unfunny and this show should be cancelled!! But knowing Nickelodeon, it will stay on because it's inspirational to girls!! But being a man this show is crap!!
  • a show made for preteen and teenage girls about Zoey -a girl going to a boarding school that was prevoiusly only for boys- and her friends. When one of Zoey's friends has a problem, Zoey can always come up with a creative solution.

    This show if definitely a girly show. It can be fairly interesting, but it's one of those shows where you only want to watch an episode once. I do enjoy seeing the weird experiments that Quinn conducts, and I keep watching to see if Chase will ever be brave enough to ask Zoey out. The characters do seem a little too perfect, and the show overall is fairly unrealistic. This show is very similar to another one of Nick's shows; "Unfabulous." I enjoy watching an episode when it's new, but get bored with it after that. This show is worthy of someone's time if none of their favorite shows are on.
  • This show is soo unrealistic...

    The show is completly unrealistic.They never show what is going on with there school,and it talks about zoey wayy to much.The jokes are not very good,and the charecters are not completly thought out.It needs to show real stuff,and stop talking about zoey like shes completly perfect.It gets annoying.This show does have its good points,its a okay show to watch when you have nothing better to do.
  • This show is great!

    I think this show is really good considering the fact that it shows on Nickelodeon. But still, I found this show entertaining and it is one of my personal favorites and I disagree with anyone who doesn't like this show.It rox my sox. I can't wait until the next season.

    I love Zoey 101! That all I have to say!But it doesnt beat Romeo! Its just a show I would watch because Christopher Massey is on there! hE IS CUTE. So that\'s basically the whole reason I really watch it! He\'s fun on there, but Jamie is fun also! Yeah.
  • If you're looking for a show with idiotic plots, terrible acting, and terrible dialouge, then Zoey 101 is the show for you!

    Zoey 101 is a show about perfect little Zoey who goes to a boarding "school" called PCA which was formely only for boys. Give me a break! This show is completely unrealistic and makes no sense whatsoever. First of all, the acting is horrible. They have no emotions. The dialouge is so mechanical. The almost sound like robots when they talk. Secon of all, most of the characters need to get a life! Zoey's friend Nicole is so obsessed with things that don't even matter. If her hair is just a tiny bit frizzy it's like the end of the world. Zoey herself isn't much better. She's so pretty and rich and smart and she always has a solution to everything. And if, God forbid, something bad happens to her, everyone goes nuts until they fix it. When she came up with these "cool" new backpacks and someone stole her idea, everyone had to make sure Zoey got credit and not this other person. For God's sake, everything is Zoey's idea! For once, couldn't she maybe share the glory with someone else? Another character I don't like is Chase. He has a crush on Zoey and thinks he's doing such a good job at keeping it a secret. He pretty much says it to her face at least three times! The character who bugs me the most is Quinn. She thinks she's this science genius but all her experements are really fake. Once she said she cut off a peice of Zoey's hair because she wanted the DNA. You can't just pull the DNA out of a person's hair. You need special equipment which you won't find at a school.

    PCA is supposed to be a boarding school. I've never been to a boarding school, but I assume that there would be classes and teachers and homework, hence the name boarding SCHOOL!!!! Serioulsy, all they do is have parties and play games and stuff. There have only been one or two episodes where they actually talked about school. Also, wouldn't a boarding school have uniforms, or at least a strict dress code? Most of the stuff I've seen these people wear would probably even be against my school's dress code, and my school is a cheap public school.

    The only reason I like this show and would ever watch it is because I like laughing at how stupid it is. Other than that, I would not recommend this show to anyone.
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