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  • a girl is shipped off to a boarding school and meets some pretty wacko peoples.

    one of my all-time favorite shows! watch it on the n and nickelodeon! i love this show! so dramatic- the relationships are amazing to keep me hooked. i have cried in so many episodes- the very last episode left me in a pool of happy tears. there always funny but you know why did jamie lynn spears have to get p-regnant? that ended the show! why did it have to end? even though im a guy i love the gossip - packed episodes! i dont like the way they treat coco the dorm advisor- she's fat and thats not comedy! love it - watch it!!!
  • why the heck does everyone love this show so much? its more teeny bopper crap

    it is so bad i dont even wanna review it but i need to so lets start
    story:just some kids going in some class BORING 0 of 10 for the story
    theme song:still more teeny pop
    bad 0 of 10 for song
    endings:stupid its always something like someones in a basket ball hoop or 2 guys running around naked (yes they did that)
    dumb 0 of 10 for endings
    episode ideas:always bad always same its always repeat always just like this
    ideas are stupid 0 of 10
    overall 0 of 10 dont watch this
    i want to give this a longer review so i just add text right here
  • Worst show on nick

    It's worser then how to rock and Sam and cat at the same time

    Jamie Lynn Spears is being exploited! I was appalled, disgusted, and saddened when I watched an episode of Zoe 101(episode 33,"Wrestling",season #3,prod code 307) and saw young Jamie Lynne Spears leaning over a desk acting out a scene in which her BREASTS were blatantly and obtrusively EXPOSED for all to see…and by all I mean my 5 year old daughter. And by EXPOSED I mean that each breast was shown as it's own separate entity, meant to entice in lustful fashion the trained eye, inviting it to oogle and gawk as we are so accustomed and expected to do. The only part left covered was her nipples. (This is not to be confused with "cleavage", which would be when the breasts are somewhat pushed together to give a pleasing but more modest visual of a woman's figure).
    It was embarrassing and uncomfortable. When my daughter watches sit-coms aimed at adolescents on Nickelodeon channel, I expect her to be entertained by thoughtful, kid relevant stories that deal with issues kids can relate to. I don't expect her to be taught that 16 year old girls should let their **** hang out of their shirts to dangle in front of the gym teacher.
    The real issue here is who made this decision to intentionally exploit Jamie Lynne in this fashion. Was it the producer__________, the director, Michael Grossman; maybe her agent? Her mother!?? Where is her father? Somebody should be held accountable. This should be considered a felony and charges should be filed against all involved! This child is at risk for further exploitation. We all have seen what a lack of guidance has led to in her sisters case. Jamie Lynn needs someone to act on her behalf, not somebody who is capitalizing on her wealth. donniemars@yahoo.com
  • its ok

    ok well this series is ok although it is something typical, something that you could easily guess what could happen next. Although if you have young children it is a great show to watch as it covers many things that could happen through school. The plots seem to be ok but they are not great, they need a bit of fixing up. This could be easily fixed by creating more interesting situations as there are not many good ones. The episodes have stopped because of Jamie Lynn Spears, and her having a child. But its still needs to be worked on if it ever does come back to screen!

    My main though on this is that it needs help and could be fixed if done now.
  • Most horrible teen show ever!

    I hate,hate HATE this show and it was around for too long.Its about this girl named Zoey who is this spoiled brat who get letted away with everything and never gets in trouble.I was so exited when this finally got bummed because this show stinks.
  • This show is awful!!!


    This show absolutely awful. This show has no point to it. This show was never funny. It was just a waste of 30 minutes watching this show. I dont like this show at all as many others! The people who watch this show have no life and there is nothing else to watch on tv. As i say agian this show is awful

  • Zoey 101 is the Best Teenager Girls Live action Show Ever made!

    My 68th review after another live action show on Nick, "Drake and Josh"

    Really? Nah!!! This show is nothing but a Load of a Girly Crockpot! This is the worst use of a Girly Show I've EVER seen in my life. This is one of the biggest Embarrassments that's ever happened to Nick! This is one of the dumbest uses of a Girls Live action show ever made!!! Come on yo! Even Sabrina the Teenage Witch is better then this! This Show S-U-C-K-S! This show stars about Britney Spears spoiled little Sister, Jamie Lyn Spears! (Britney is also kinda spoiled too.) She sucks a female monkey butt! She's one of the worst actresses EVER! This show gets an F--!! Here's the Results:

    Voice-acting: F-- 1.0/10.0 Are you kidding me? The voice
    acting sounded like all the people swallowed a Crack-hole stuck in their Thorats!

    Graphics: F-- 1.5/10.0 Horrible!!!! It's bilnding me!!

    Sound: F-- 0.3/10.0 What's that? I can't hear the Music! My ears are bleeding and getting deaf because of the show's music!!!

    Dialouge: F-- 2.5/10.0 Stupid, Terrible and Scary. I want to slap the characters in the face for saying stupid *beep*!!!!!

    Lasting Appeal: 0.0/10.0 Totally none. This show sucks.

    Overall: F-- 2.0/10.0 What a Poor Excuse for a Live action show! I bet it's worse then Out of Jimmy's Head! I prefered Out of Jimmy's head better then this but Out of Jimmy's head sucks butt too. That's all for now about this stupid girly Crock. Good day to you!!!!
  • Another Bad Disney Children's Comedy!

    Hey, guys! I have a great idea. Let's create a show where we put a bunch of spoiled rich kids togeather, with parents that really don't care about leading their children in their own homes.

    You mean a show at a private, exclusive boarding school in California? Right?!

    YES! And will get a sister of a famous nut-case to play the lead girl. She has to be blonde and super-cute.

    Well, we are Disney, J.B. HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA That's all we promote, btw!

    Right you are! I wonder if the Spears family has any more children to abuse, hmmmm. Our database says, YES THEY DO! Get that Jamie Lynn in here ASAP!

    Can she act, J.B.?

    Who cares!!! As long as we promote the death out of her & she gets the Disney message across that you don't need to listen to your parents and you need to make your own decisions as soon as you can! Thank you George Carlin!

    You know J.B. what would be awesome?

    What's that J.R?

    If somehow, after this show has been on the air for a couple of years, this Jamie kid could do something crazy while she is still underage, to help promote a season opening movie. You know like get pregnant!

    Now that's just crazy J.R. Just crazy enough to make it a super hit!!! ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.......
  • Worst Dan Schneider show that is only loved by nostalgia

    Zoey: Mary Sue. She's smart, everyone loves her, she's perfect always smiling and solving everyone's problems with little effort (she would be followed by Mary sue Carly and Tori) she's so smart yet can't realizes Chase loves here.


    Dana: The bully. Prototype for characters like Sam and Jade

    Lola: Who remembers her?

    Logan: asshole that everything bad happens to

    Chase: obsessed over some bitch that doesn't love him back

    Michael: Token Black guy (succeeded by Andre) He acts like a black stereotype despite handing out with all white people and has a crazy abusive black grandma (stereotype of crazy black women)

    Dusstin: why was he in this show?

    Right, where do I start? I cannot even imagine to comprehend this preteen pathetic excuse of a show. Picture this: a boarding school, where kids whose parents are rolling in money simply chuck them in there so as to jet around the world themselves. It could not get any more diabolic than this.

    If you taught these kids, shall not even upgrade them to the term teenagers, because they hardly even act like sane homosapiens, were self-centered, think again. About 23 minutes choked full of their so-called problems, boy troubles, and the like.

    The heroine of the show, of course, Mademoiselle Zoey, played by Britney's Polly Pocket Little Miss I'm All That sister, Jamie Lynn Spears, has obviously much to learn about acting. However, I will give her some face, because her superficial, one dimensional character, does not allow much room for depth. She plays Pacific Coast Academy's sun, moon and stars, crusader fighting for the plight of all women, equality of all genders.

    Perfect in everyway, always with her two loyal sidekicks, Nicole, the daffy bimbo, who obviously has too much of Daddy's cash, and tough chick, Dana, who proves a hard nut to crack. Both left the show in seasons 2 and 1 respectively, not that I blame that. But horror of horrors, in comes Lola, who deems herself the greatest actress since Natalie Wood, with green feathers in her hair and fake tan. She is even more rude than Zoey herself, if that is even possible, and even more dumber than Nicole, and hell, we know that cannot be possible.

    This show, like all the sorry excuses for television programmes Nickelodeon has been spewing out since 2000s, is a prime victim of stereotyping. Get girl next door and dense to her best friend's feelings for her Zoey, a great albeit inarticulate at times best boy friend, Chase, a cool, arrogant ladies man, Logan, a boy and clothes crazy girl, who is not very bright, Nicole, the one whom everyone thinks is weird just because she is extremely smart, the nerd, Quinn, the over-dramatic, annoying yet super thin, Malibu picture perfect model, Lola, and the tough yet soft inside woman, Dana. Now, where have I heard these characters before? I am sorry, but what is so wrong with having a personality? Just because Quinn is passionate about Science, and actually cares about her future and doing well in the academic aspect, in which the rest should be concerned about as well, she is "weird" and a "nerd"? Lola at the beginning of the series, proved to be a potential great character with her sassy ways and different outlook in life, Zoey just had to go, get out your pitchforks, burn her at the stake, she's going back to Weird Town and all that jazz. So much for womens rights. Unfortunately, Lola just became nothing more of another OC clone, in all its anorexic glory. Probably so as to not outshine her Mistress.

    But hey, the 2000 generation of MySpace whores seem to love it with the Chase/Zoey typical fairytale romance, the tension between adamant, "hot" Logan and "kick-ass" Zoey or Dana, whichever to your liking, and the pretty people. Please, this show exists to remind us that people do not like realism, they prefer a pretentious, shallow and vapid lifestyle. Sorry to break it to you darlings, that will not happen, unless you have a major trust fund and parents to cushion you.
    The only reason I have this in my favs is to increase my level. That's about all it's useful for. Plus I love messing with the retards on the forum, who whore themselves to Zoey/Chase fanart porn.
  • Oh c'mon now

    I think this show is just way to unrealistic. Allow me to elaborate.

    Let's start with PCA itself (their school)

    The school has a movie theater and nail salon on campus. It also has a sushi bar and coffee cart. Is this a college campus? Um no. The school is just that perfect.

    Then there's the characters:

    Zoey: Waaay too perfect. I mean everyone likes her. On one of the earlier episodes, her friend Chase and another guy go to extreme lengths to go to a dance with her because she's "so hot" Her guy friend is in love with her. She got asked to join the wrestling team for breaking up a pansy fight. She also thinks she's so high and mighty. One of the guys wouldn't wrestle her so she says, "Get over here right now" Sure about that hun? He's an experienced wrestler. She's never in trouble. She's also annoying. She treats her little brother like a baby. For instance, "Growing boys shouldn't be eating junk" Then why is it that whatever Zoey says goes? A whole dorm of girls wanted revenge on the guys on prank week, Zoey told them to just chill out because it's nothing personal, but when Queen Zoey gets hit with a water balloon and she decides it's ok to strike back, then the girls go for it. Why listen to her? If you want revenge go for it. Then the entire girl's dormitory is saddened and throws her a party when she is almost kicked out. Really? All this over one girl? Everyone cares so much about her though school's only been in session like what a few months. How does every single girl know her? The only person who ever disliked her and challenged her was Rebecca (Chase's girlfriend at one point) but you still can't help but side with Zoey because Rebecca has no redeeming qualities. Way to go make the only one who doesn't like Zoey unlikeable

    Logan: Way too conceited and obnoxious. Also, would someone explain why he ever had an on campus job if he gets over 1,000 bucks allowance? He's not even cute and he's obsessed with himself

    Quinn: Way too stereotypically nerdy, Yeah I mean there are students who excel in science and enjoy it but would you find beakers, tubes, and all kinds of lazers in their rooms. Do they experiment randomly on their friends and own all this high tech equipment? She even once attempted to teach rodent choreography. Just about anything that would make someone else cringe, raise an eyebrow in confusion, or seems totally uninteresting and out there is right up her alley. This chick can invent things and even do eye surgery. Why is she even in a boarding school. She should have a nobel prize. She has no social skills and is incapable of talking about anything non-science related or throwing out random facts

    Michael: The most real I'd say of the bunch, but he gets no credit for his jokes or anything. For instance, he coined a slang term when no one thought he would, then when someone else uses it, they denied he ever said it.

    Chase: Eh kinda dorky but a sweet guy. His obsession with Zoey is kind of pathetic. Hello there are tons of other girls in this school

    Nicole: Waay too dumb. All she cares about is boys and looking cute. She is an idiot and yet one episode states she's a straight A student.

    Dana: Glad she left. Too bossy and conceited. Basically a female version of Logan

    Lola: Kinda annoying. Obsessed with acting and can be a ditz.

    James: He's likeable. Nice guy but c'mon would girls seriously be taking pics outside his window and following him. He's not that cute.

    Minor characters

    Coco: Unbelievably gross and incompetent. All she does is whine over her boyfriend, eat, cry, or gives about 1% effort at her job

    Stacy: Sweet girl, but again too dorky. They intentionally make her too weird and unlikeable to make treating her like crap ok. She gets ignored and treated badly and doesn't seem the least bit bothered.

    Mark (Quinn's boyfriend) : A rock could play his role. He's dull, strange, and has nothing to offer to the show. He is just there for Quinn to have a boyfriend, as well as to highlight Quinn's weirdness by showing she doesn't have good taste in guys AT ALL.

    There's also these random characters who are friends of a kid known as Firewire (don't ask) again stereotypically weird and nerdy beyond anything real

    The storylines are so fake too. I mean an episode about robot wars. Then the whole school bragging about Zoey and James dating. So, if every girl thinks he's so cute, cute enough to gawk outside his window, wouldn't they be jealous and mad that he ends up with Zoey that quick? No of course not because Zoey's perfect and everyone loves her. He couldn't have made a better choice. Also, back to the episode about the school dance. Supposedly the guy who ends up with Zoey got matched up with her by stealing her personality test. Someone tell me how you steal an online test. I could go on and on but you get the point.

    I admit it is fun to watch and better than seeing teen shows filled with catfights, hook ups, ect but still really fake
  • Who is it about?

    Don't take this the wrong way. I like this show. But I never knew who it was about. I mean there's Lola, Chase, Michael, Quin, Logan, Nicole, and Zoey(I know there's also a girl in the first season who left and a boy in the last season as well. I just don't know their names.) but who is it about? The show's called "Zoey 101" but why is there so many characters and stuff. Spoiler Alert: At the end I know Zoey and Chase end up falling in love so is that what the whole shows about? Zoey and Chase liking each other? Well whatever. I guess I like the first couple of seasons. Not the last.

    I hated it! It was REALLY bad. The acting was horrable!!! The only reason why my friend watches it is because of a guy on it named Logan. I avoid it as much as possable i turn the channel when they even talk about it. I wish i had never watched it.
  • The day I like this show is the day aliens take over the world and I find gold up my nose.

    This show just does not make any sence. I watch the movie, and what the heck was it about! Jamie Spears does not really make the show any better either. Acting is just not for her. Does she have to be "Just" like her sister. I bet by 2008, she will be singing. and will suck at it!
  • i don't get this show at all. i think it's dumb and stupid.

    This show doesn't make sense at all, it neither has a head nor a tail. I can't believe the acting as in, is that meant to be actin? I don't think so. What do those kids think they are doing and who is decieving them that they can act cos that person needs to tell them the real thing and the real things that they just can't act. period. The main character Zoey isn't doing the show any justice the sooner this show, the sooner this thing steps up the better Cos it's gonna go down very soon and fast.sigh.....hisssssssssssss.....
  • Do you honestly....


    think that this has any drama at all. This the poorest attempt ata drama there is. I mean Moody's Point blew. I have now idea if Clarissa Explains It All was supposed to be a drama. But anyway this show is just plain dumb. I have it a custom to turn on Nickelodeon and hear a laugh track. All the jokes are dry and super forced. Dan Schnider stick to sketch comedies would ya!

  • is not bad , but it is not interesting either

    i dont really get it .. a girl named zoey .. a guy named chase ... he likes her , but he never says anything .. i mean .. NEVER!
    oh yea .. there is also this nerdy girl who knows a lot about chemicals and technology , she is just annoying! is like , every episode she says something with those big words , and everyone is just like : "what was that?" and she has to explain everything. and that happens like almost every episode!!

    i think that the show has no point! .. the plot is absolutely terrible!
    an the actors are unbelieveble too. i mean , they are not bad .. but they look too artificial
  • I hate Zoey I hate Zoey Zoey can go die in a hole.

    She's a Mary Sue and the show would be better off without her. oops
  • Nice, nice.

    Its a good show! Its not amazing but you get it. Some epsiodes could be boring but mostly there good. I love the one for Hollween, pretty cool if you ask me. Its great for kids is what I think.

    I loved this show when I was little and watched it everyday. When it got canceled it quickly left my mind and other shows impressed me instead.

    They still show re-runs. I think its good and now I'm older. My borther even used to like it!
  • It might be a show where the generation is before people's time, but...

    It's very fun and exciting, and it even got better when Lola
    started coming to PCA. Everything definetly changed because
    the girls all felt that they had more stuff in common together. I really like the music, the characters, the
    humour and the conflicts. When there is a problem it only
    gets more intesnse and supenseful. Not to mention unpredictable. When Lola said she was an actress, I would
    have to agree. But all the other characters in the cast are
    good too. It's a bit stereotypical though about the guys and
    the girls competing about which gender is better. But,
    it's a very good show and I hope for new episodes.
  • This show is about a thirteen-year-old girl named Zoey who starts a boarding school in California named Pacific Coast Academy. Here, she meets new friends and start new adventures.

    This show was kinda stupid when I started watching it, but I grew to love it and really get into it. But four years later, I love this show! The whole evolution of the characters was nice to see. By seasonm two, everyone was all grown up. The storylines weren't as shallow as season one, and as the show progressed, the storylines were deeper and more relatable. But we can't forget the comedic relief that was with this show, no matter how stupid some of them were. The characters were given more depth and complexities by season three onward. I appreciate that. I miss it, but truthfully, I wouldn't want it to return. It would be weird.
  • the best show ever especile since jamie lynn spears is on the show.she is so HOT!!!!!!!!

    this show is the best show in the world world ! Jamie lynn spears is hot hot hot hot hot hot hot hot hot hot hot hot hot hot hot hot hot hot hot hot hot hot hot hot hot hot hot hot hot hot hot hot hot hot hot hot
  • Ah Ha ha ha this is so funny!. OK wheres my remote?

    This show is a horrible no good rotton horrrible excuse for a show and NICK with the other stupid mistake putting this Garbage on air! Wow one Guy named Chase wants Zoey so badly he likes her. How is that funny? this show how is it funny i saw a whole episode it wan't FUNNY AT ALL!!!!!!!!! That should be my most embarrsement moment. Great Family show EXCUSE ME! Change the Channel Please. And one thing the storyline is Pathetic.
  • I can't enjoy this show.

    I don't like it, it's very boring, and even worse, Britney Spears's sister plays "Zoey."
  • she ruins it

    it is a good show but that spears girl completely ruins it. it is digusting thaat she has a baby called maddy at 16 and is still allowed to be on a childs tv show. it sends the wrong message out and she is a terrbile influence. she has no real talent, which is why she hasnt actually made anything big. if she hadnt been britney's sister, she wouldnt be anywhere right now. zoey 101 is a good idea, but only so many belivable things can happen in a school, and the show has exhausted those. the characters that make the show are ones like chase and logan and michael, because they occasionaly come up with some funny crack. but spears is so boring to watch and never does anyhting decent.
  • It's the same thing as of what every idea comes when it goes through this. Someone call 911 , because I'm tired of this.

    What do you know? Another show that has the same freakin' thing as of what every show with this concept goes. We have a girl living in a sweet life as a rich teen. It seems orginal , but it's not. Your going to see the see things as of many others. Why bother with such sitcoms if it has the same things as of what anyother has? This is yet another of these. Only , it's not a sitcom , it's a show. A show copy.

    I'm not going to bother the fact that I don't like having those teenage stereotypes ever since Clueless was more enchanting then sliced bread. Hope this show gets better... or not.

    A 1.0 out of 5.0
  • Preppy blond girl goes to (former) boys bording school *gasp* how will she ever survive *rolls eyes*

    This show is boring. It has the typical \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"popular nice\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\" girl (Zoey) The best friend (Nicole), the guy with a crush on her (chase) and other stereotypical teens in a california setting where the plots are predictable and they go to a perfect school. Come ON! Nick, where is your brain? People don\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'t want to see Jamie Lynn Spears try to act (when she can\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'t ) and be herself, blond, preppy and perfect. If you\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'re looking for a showw with humor,new and exciting characters, fresh plot lines, or heck, anybody who won\\\\\\\'t make you vomit from the sweetness or perkieness, you won\\\\\\\'t find it on this boring train wreck of a show.
  • I can't help watching this and thinking is Zoey only here because she's Brittany's sister.

    This is a show about girls going to an all boy school. Besides the plot however the show does nothing else original and make Lizzie McGuire look like the best show on earth. I can't help watching wondering what Nickelodeon has come to. You can tell that the only reason Jamie got the part of Zoey is because she was on all that and the only reason she was on that was because she was Brittany Spears sister. It is really sad what Nickelodeon has come to as you compare this to the shows they used to have such as clarrisa explains it all and alex mack this show isn't the only thing going downhill but nickelodeon it self. Nick needs to try harder with it's shows and assume that even though its targeted at kids that it can be good.
  • What I think of Zoey 101...

    I think that Zoey 101 needs a reality check!!! The things they show on Zoey 101 don't all happen at boarding schools. I used to go to a boarding school and it is nothing like that. I think the show is a good idea but is too extreme and doesn't show real life. Boarding school isn't all about just having fun, having partys in your rooms, designing clothes and also being perfect. Also I think that in the show the girls wear too much make-up (its supposed to be a boarding school HELLO you should be thinking about your schoolwork).There is also too much stuff about social life and not much school. I like the idea of the show but please show what really happens in the real world!! But now again thats my opinion!!
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