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  • This show focuses only on Zoey and basically no one else. She's considered to be perfect. She designs clothes, is blonde, smart, tan, rich, perfect little snob that lives a perfect life filled with expensive cars, designer clothes, her own laptop, who goe

    This show is about nothing more than a blonde teeny bopper who has all this money and goes to a super rich boarding school has no real life problems. This is the kind of show that brainwashes kids into thinking if they aren't tan,rich,thin,dress in designer clothes, and their parents don't drive a $90,000 car that they don't have a good life. I would not recomend watching the show. Not only does it have a horrid concept it is brought down even more by the so called "acting" of Jamie Lynn Spears. I don't know how the producers and creators of this show thought that kids could realate to this.This show is equally bad to the show Unfabulous "starring" Emma Roberts and I don't think that you should watch this show. You will be disgusted with it within the first few seconds.
  • Great Show for the family

    Zoey 101 is a pretty good show. Jamie Lynn Spears, sister of Britney Spears, shows she can go out and make a name for herself, without Britney's help. Jamie Lynn is blossoming into a beautiful young lady, and a darn good actress. I cant wait for the second season to start up. I miss this show.
  • Don't watch it, seriously just don't

    Although Zoey 101 is sometimes funny, most of the time it falls short. The main character of the show Zoey is a perfect little PCA princess who knows everything. Everyone goes to her for help and she always comes up with the perfect plan to save the day. When something goes wrong it is never her fault, how could it be? She drives me insane. The other characters are just Zoey's sidekicks. Her friend Chase, who "secretly" likes her, follows Zoey around like a little puppy dog. I have never seen Chase alone, not talking about Zoey. The characters Dana and Logan are the only ones I have hope for. They seem to at least have brains, unlike everyone else. However in most episodes, these two just are sardonic and play the bad guys. Logan also seems to like Zoey, so my hope for him is dwindling. The plots of this show are rarely exciting or original. I've seen some variation of each episode on some other show. Save yourself some time and avoid this show at all costs. This has to be the worst show Nick has ever come up with.
  • awesome

    zoey 101 is the best show ever
  • zoey 101

    i think that zoey is a good and funny
  • Some episodes are good, others are not that good.

    This show seems somewhat mildly interesting. As I said, some episodes are good, others are not so good. It still has potential and attracts a young audience. This show is perfect for young teens or younger kids just starting to watch Nickelodeon. Many kids might like this while others think its cheesy. I personally hink it is in between.
  • 2000`s intresting show

    This is one of the rare shows on Nick that actually did a decent job. Its better than iCarly and Victorious and I like those shows. All the characters are likable and even the setting isnt on a lame stage, it takes place on location. Too bad shows are not made like this these days.
  • Started out, got weak by the end

    This show was about a group of friends who went PCA, a former all-boys school, and how their life changes throughout the years there. I think the show started out pretty good, with good stories and stuff, but after season 2 it really became a big time-filler show. Alot of it led up to the series finale, but it was all so weak and time-filler by the very end, that I'm glad it's ended now. So yeah, the show started out seemingly good for the msot part, but was really really bad by it's series fianle, I think. 7.5/10 C+
  • Wasn't a bad or good Nick show,but was pretty decent


    There were so many bad TeenNick shows during our time. Most of them were boring,and not funny at all. But one show that I had mixed feelings about was a show known as Zoey101. The show is about a girl named Zoey Brooks,who goes to Pacific Coast Academy,and makes friends with Chase Matthews,who wants to win her heart. Now believe me,the show could be actually pretty funny at times,but the rest of the time,it could be boring. First off,we have the characters. Most of them were just unlikable,and a few little of them were good. Zoey is just a selfish teenagers who is pretty much a jerk,and I don't even find her hot. Chase is just a stereotypical guy. Lola is just obsessed with fashion and is a fashion geek. Dustin was an annoying little brother,who is not funny at all. Nicole was just annoying,and Deena was OK,but could be a jerk most of the time,and they left after the first two seasons. Logan is by far the worst character of the entire show. All he ever does is brag about how rich he is,and only cares about himself. In fact,whenever the others get revenge on him,I cannot help but not feel sorry for him,and like what That-Tv-Dude said,It's sad when it's a good thing when a character has a bad thing happen to him. The only good characters of the show were Quinn,Stacey and Michael,since they were the only characters that got a laugh out of me. The music is poorly done. Most of it wasn't a score,and were just songs being played. And the show had pretty dull moments. Overall,while it wasn't a bad show,Zoey101 could be funny at times,and is a decent show. Better than iCarly though.

  • A show about a rich perfect blonde girl that every guy in the world likes who just creates trivial problems for herself.

    Do you want to be a shallower preteen? Just watch this show for a couple seasons, and you will be vapid and spoilt in no time. Seriously, the kids on the show are so shallow. The Zoey girl, she is perfect and moral and just and just so damn perfect. Who in the world is like that? There is not a single person that doesn't like her, boy or girl, and her problems are so stupid and comparable to the trials and tribulations of an eight year old. I mean, come on now, she's fifteen and her biggest concern his her stupid roomate or losing her key or something? No high school is this cheerful and unproblematic. I'm the same age as this girl and I can tell you that there is way more to deal with in high school than this show admits. I wish kids shows would stay in middle school and elementary school and focus on the real issues there rather than trying to sugarcoat highschool into some unrealistic, shallow, world. I mean, eight year olds or whatever think being a teenager is so awesome, full of priveledges and no responsiblities but to party and be a shallow vapid idiot that follows and never leads. If you want some good realistic stuff about middle and high school, watch some Degrassi or something similar. Nickelodeon is providing a crappy false outlook of teenage life that will probably give kids the wrong idea of what they should prepare to stand up against. This show promotes an emphasis on being pretty and popular and perfect. It doesn't provide an image of any real, as in really real, people. EDIT: And ha! Zoey's actress is PREGNANT now! Finally this drawn out series will come to a long overdue end!
  • Zoey is a boring Mary-Sue type who goes to a boarding school in California. "Hilarity" ensues.

    Zoey and her friends go to a boarding school in California. "Hilarity", romance, and stupidity ensues.

    Zoey 101 is a preteen show about Zoey Brooks and her friends (Lola, Quinn, Chase, Michael, and Logan) who all go to a previously-boys'-only boarding school on the coast of California. Zoey is an all-American girl and a perfect example of a Mary-Sue; she is well-liked by everyone for inexplicable reasons, is extremely popular, loved by all the guys on campus, and never seems to do any wrong. The boy who loves her the most, though, is her very best friend Chase, who is too afraid to tell her, or really anyone else, how he feels about her. Most of the show's plot is centered on this and the "funny" predicaments the group get into.

    Zoey was a big ratings-hit for the four seasons it was on, and scored particularly well in the female 9-14 demographic. This is understandable based on the content - Zoey is a "normal", popular teenager who is loved by the guys and friends with the girls. Preteen girls seem to love fake girls who lack a unique personality; this is evidenced by Hannah Montana's popularity. Zoey is practically the definition of fake. She treats everyone nicely, but it is pretty obvious that she dislikes many of the not "normal" people she finds herself talking to. Examples are Coco, the RA, Quinn, her "friend", and Quinn's boyfriend. Coco is very loud and obnoxious, which are admittedly not respectable quality traits; however, Zoey treats Coco nicely in person, yet behind her back constantly whines with her friends about how annoying she is. Also, when conversing with her, she often glances at her friends as if to say, "Jesus, this sister is disgusting." Quinn is the stereotypical "nerd" on the show, loving all things science and math-related; another one of my main concerns with the show is the abundant stereotypes, but I'll talk about that later. Although Zoey and Quinn are "friends", Zoey often tells her how strange she is, and all of the other people in the group of friends seem to think she's weird and don't enjoy her company unless she's doing something for them, like homework and helping them win a contest. Finally, Quinn's boyfriend, who I've forgotten the name of, is ignored by all the characters, save for Quinn, of course, and generally talk down to him, or don't talk to him at all. He is also portrayed as a boring, gross human being who doesn't deserve to have a girlfriend or any friends.

    This brings me to my other main problem with the show: stereotypes, as mentioned in the above giant block that is a paragraph. Every single character on the show is a stereotype. Quinn's the nerd, Lola's the "I'm so unique" actress, Michael is the token black guy, Logan is the spoiled, rich brat, etc. Sure, these types of people perhaps exist in real life, but we don't need to teach kids that all people fit into a certain mold. Everyone is an individual, and not someone cut from the tablecloth of stereotypes. I really dislike shows that foster stereotypes just for humor, as most preteen shows seem to do these days. What about the kids who aren't like Zoey? Who are they supposed to look up to as a role model? When will there be a show about a boy or girl who ISN'T popular and well-liked, but not hated, either? A show about a guy or girl that has a group of friends that don't fit into certain cliques, and like each other for who they are, and not because the writers/powers that be make it so? Zoey 101 is not a show I'd want my non-existent kid to be watching and taking to heart, and so if you are a fan reading this right now, I hope you start watching a little bit more carefully both the show and the people around you, and you tell me whether or not you find all these types of people in the real world who act just like Zoey, Quinn, etc., and are friends with each other.

    In short, Zoey 101 is a terribly written, unoriginal kids' show. It's nothing more than that: a show for preteen girls who are still pretty oblivious about the world around them. Maybe it's time for a change.
  • I HATE this show.

    This show is such a fantasy. I mean like there school is on a beach? They have laptops? They have movie making classes? Come on wake up this is horrible. The main chracters are fat. The acting sucks. The plots suck. The script sucks. The whole show sucks. But most of all Jamie Lynn Spears SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Hey everyone! :D Let's pretend that we've never seen any other show like Zoey 101 and watch it!

    Seeing as there are so many new teen shows on Nick, Disney, or what have you, you're probably thinking I had a ton to choose from to review, but I chose this one in particular.

    Okay, so the years go by, we get new shows, animated, real life, whatever. The majority is that most of these new shows are teen shows, focusing on a main character who's a teenager going through, yes, life. Yeah let's pretend we don't know about life and watch Zoey 101 and get schooled.

    Zoey 101 in my opinion is no different from Ned's Declassified, or Unfabulous. Yeah I mean come on same plotlines, etc, bleh, so many things we HAVE seen already to name, I just won't name it all since I'm sure you all know what's being re-used over and over and over again it drives me crazy! And it pretty much just deteriorates the enjoyment of the show.

    Basically Zoey 101 doesn't really do anything to distinguish itself from the other teen shows, besides the fact that it takes place in a boarding school that for some reason after so long decided to not have it be an all boys boarding school anymore. Sound realistic? That's up to you to decide. But really none of the teen shows really do anything major to distinuish themselves. Yeah you guessed it, Zoey is like what, 13, yeah a teenager, and has a friend who's a guy and they want to be friends even though they have a crush on each other and yadda yadda yadda. I'm not going through talking about episodes because hey, if you haven't watched the show, good. You're NOT missing out on anything you haven't seen it all before in the past. When is something new and original gonna come??

    And another reason why I chose Zoey 101 to review is because it's so annoying! Yeah, Zoey; she's blonde, she's pretty, has some pretty funky teeth, she's nearly perfect (maybe something different from other teen shows since in others the main character isn't as, well, popular as usual). And what they're all rich and stuff? It makes you feel as if to have the called 'perfect' life of Zoey is that you've got to be all that! None of the episodes I've seen so far haven't degraded one way or another. It really takes away the feel that the main character is going through something, but she's not. It's her friends who have problems and then always it's her to save the day but makes it worse than at the end everything's okay. Sound familiar? But then I saw one episode where they took a stereotype and tried to twist it a little but then utterly failed and made me hate the show even more.

    Take one good look at the show, it'll be labeled; "Yeah I'm a pretty blonde girl with a perfect life pretending that my life isn't perfect!"

    Everytime I see the show or even just a commercial it annoys me to the core! It all seems fake and unrealistic! Jeez!

    My final saying: I hate it. Save yourself from boredom and repetition and don't watch it, but it's up to you if you wanna save yourself.
  • this show orcks

    this show is the best show is one of the best shows in the world. you would be stupid not to watch it. i have seen every episode of this show because its so good. everyone in the world should watch this show. if you put bad reviews then your dumb stupid crazy and weird. i think everyone should love this show. im getting all of the DVDs it is so good. so you should watch it or die. and if you put a bad review then your really mean dumb stupid ugly fat and born crazy. learn to watch good tv shows!
  • Another golden show made by the great Dan Schneider.

    This show is about Zoey Brookes, a new student who is now staying at a wonderful boarding school called the Pacific Coast Academy (PCA is the abreviation for it.) She has a good time at the school and makes a lot of friends, like Chase, Dana, Nicole, Quinn, Lola, and a few others. Chase is the guy who secretly has a crush on Zoey, and she doesn't find out the truth towards the end of the show. Logan is the guy on the show that at times isn't very nice and can also sometimes cause trouble, but he is still a good guy at heart. I miss this show, it was really good and I thought it was pretty funny at times. I liked Zoey's character as well, like how she was smart and thinks hard at how to achieve her goals and become successful. Like in the episode with the backpacks while Quinn tries to combine bananas and apples. Anyway this show was so cool! Man the chracters in it were the best. This is another live-action show that I got addicted to when I saw the first episode. I don't like much live-action shows but this one I actually think is pretty good.
  • Amazing.

    I have been watching this show for about 1-2 years. It is still funny to me. I wish it lasted longer! It had a lot of potential to keep it going.
  • I think this show is underappreciated. True, its about popular 'rich' girls and it seems like they have no problems... where's the reality, the HARSH reality problems? Not in this show. This show is about Zoey and the problems (however minor) her and her

    I was shocked to see just how many people don't really appreciate this show... don't like it. I know that there should be SOME, but who would have thought that there would be that many? It was a shock even for me.

    I'm the type of person that likes shows about teenagers, the 'teeny-bopper' shows as some adults would say, but don't exactly flaunt that information. And I like this show.

    Now of course, you must be wondering why. Well, true, its not always all that funny... sometimes the jokes are just so stupid, you laugh anyways. True, this show can be unrealistic. Aren't most shows like that now anyways?

    The point of this show wasn't to promote shallowness, or to promote that you need to look a certain way in order to have a great life. It was created for the enjoyment of others... and many people like shows like this. You might not, but a lot such as myself do.

    The show deals with the school, Pacific Coast Academy (or PCA for short), a once all-boys school that is accepting girls in. The girls aren't exactly welcomed with open arms at first, but after making some friends they start to get along more.

    Ok, so the cast is pretty well dressed and fairly attractive, popular and so on. And true, a lot of people AREN'T like that and the show, at a glance, may seem as though its all based on shallowness. But for those out there who aren't popular, who are more shy, may have wondered what the 'popular' kids go through for problems. They always seem to have problems, but when you compare them to yourself you just don't get what problems there could be... this show shows you some MINOR problems, in a mildly humourous way.

    This show does have real-life problems. Two friends, a boy and a girl... fairly close, as you see on the show. Chase, the boy, likes his friend Zoey, the girl. Who wants to ruin their friendship though? Who is actually brave enough to admit their feelings and risk that? There aren't to many who are, and a lot of people can relate to this. Seeing Chase have 'girl' issues with his friend reminds me of the 'boy' issues I've had in the past with my friends... where we're in the same boat.

    Then there's Dana, or at least WAS in the first series. Overall, she at first seems mean... a certain bad word may come to your mind. But through the show, you see she's not so bad after all and that she just has a tough exterior. This is something many can relate to... sometimes there's real mean people at your school, and sometimes you think that they're just born mean... that its their goal in life to be that way. The rare time someone takes the time to get to know the mean person, you'll usually find that if you give them a chance, they aren't so bad. This show shows us that.

    Then of course, there's the fact that it promotes friendship, and being there for your friends in their time of need. This is one of the most important things for any kid, teenager or adult to know... not all friends last forever, but you should treasure the ones who do. Zoey 101 shows us these friends-- Chase, Micheal, Logan, Dana, Nicole, and Zoey-- working together with their problems. This show teaches YOUNGER kids how to work together... or at least show them that sometimes things work better when you do.

    I'll be the FIRST to admit that yes, the problems on here are minor... but this show is very appealing to the younger kids (not REALLY young, but young enough), the ones who need to learn the importance of friends. Just because some older kids like it doesn't mean that the show has to change. How fair would it be to the younger kids who watch this show, (the very LARGE amount)if a few older teenagers started watching and had a petition (that went through and ended in the changing of the show) that wanted real problems... drug addiction, peer pressure, fights... these things are a big part of most teenagers everyday lives... you hear about it, you're warned about it, constantly. But staying true to yourself and your friends is an important thing to learn and realize... if you do this, its easier to avoid peer pressure with the help of your friends (unless the pressuring peers ARE your friends) and helps you grow up. Without friends, where would we all be today? Zoey 101 shows us how important friends can be. Look at the episode when Zoey and her friends were to do the commercial advertising Jet-X... they had problems, with each other. Later in life its important to be able to get along with anyone, no matter how much you don't like them, in a work-place.

    My motto is if you don't like, don't watch, read, listen, or whatever the case may be. Its ok to state your opinion on it... like many reviewers have already... just don't 'bash' those who do like it.

    You have to remember... just because I like it, doesn't mean you necessarily will. And just because others DON'T, doesn't mean you won't either. So my advice to anyone reading this... don't judge it until you give it a try. You never know... you may watch one episode and be hooked. OR you may watch it and be turned off of TV forever. The point is, just because the reviewers don't or do like it, that doesn't mean you will feel the same because they like the same thing as you, or because their review is concincing. Give any show a try... I never used to like Teen Titans and Spongebob, now those are two of my favourite cartoons! So give it a try. It may become you're guilty pleasure.
  • I know some people here might disagree, but I find this show REALLY annoying.

    This show stars Jamie Lynn Spears as Zoey, she is now in a boarding school at the Pacific Coast Academy which is located somewhere in California. As Zoey, she comes across friends and as soon Chase sees her, he instantly falls in love with her. Doesn't true love take time? Sure it does, as the episodes kept coming we see Zoey and the gang go through crazy adventures and incidents at the Pacific Coast Academy. Chase keeps on holding back of expressing his true feelings towards Zoey however, and still is scared to admit his true love. Well that's the main idea of the show, and new faces were eventually introduced as the show progressed. But if you ask me, this show got annoying after a while. Some episodes were horrible and had very poor and annoying plots. Especially in the later seasons, some episodes I despised with bad writing and annoyances all over the place. The ending basically shows that Zoey and James were not meant to be together, and Zoey and Chase end up going to Hawaii. And you know what episode I hate the most? Anger Management. I don't know what else to say, so I'mjust gonna leave off with this: Zoey... had some personal problems to wrok out... with a baby. This is probably what halted the show. Anyway that's it.
  • Nickelodeon is losing respect because of shows like this one!

    Zoey 101 is just another example of how low Nick has gone in the last few years. To start with, the plot was how this girl gets into an all-boys school, next thing you know the whole show is about girls! The characters are horrible! Zoey is a blonde who gets whatever she wants and never gets in trouble regardless of what she does. Quinn is a complete nerd whose "inventions" will kill them all one day. Zoey's other friend is a dumb blonde stuck in a brunettes body: she is shallow (like everyone on this show), over-dramatic (like the show itself) and lacking intelligence. Chase is some kid who "loves" Zoey but is too afraid to take the chance and ask her out, because he doesn't want to "spoil the relationship"..........my foot! I think the only person in this whole show with common sense is Michael. The acting is so bad it's funny, (and when they try to be funny they're not)the girls ALWAYS win over the guys (feminism?)And Chase will never get with Zoey! What happened to the days of Rocko, Arnold, and Doug, they need to come back.
  • I don't get why every one is giving this piece of crap show such high ratings.

    Like OMG! This show is so original! NOT. It's basically what you would see in any teenybopper show. Some girls go to an all boys academy and of course Zoey is one of them. She is so pretty, talented and funny, and omg! her best friend has a crush on her! Now where have I heard this before? In about every teenybopper show I have ever seen! Basically this show is directed at little 9 year old Hilary Duff fans who are waiting for Hannah Montana to air. I have seen only about one episode and this show is just horrible. Sorry if you don't agree with me, this is just an opinion.
  • Dumb, dumb, and dumber!

    This show is a horrible no good rotton horrrible excuse for a show and NICK with the other stupid mistake putting this Garbage on air! Wow one Guy named Chase wants Zoey so badly he likes her. How is that funny? this show how is it funny i saw a whole episode it wan't FUNNY AT ALL!!!!!!!!! That should be my most embarrsement moment. Great Family show EXCUSE ME! Change the Channel Please. And one thing the storyline is Pathetic.

    Then They had to put other garbage like Just for Kicks and Unfabulous. None of it is cool.
  • Attention to everyone who wrote a review for this show, whether you liked it or not!!! I am taking a poll on shows aimed towards young adults and teenagers. What do you think the ideal TEENick show should contain?

    I'm really interested in knowing. I am planning on informing Nickelodeon of a new TEENick show they could add, but before I send in my ideas, I'd like to hear ideas from you, the viewers toward which this sort of show will be aimed. What sort of characters would you like to see in a teen show? Opinions, please! I'll try to incorporate everyone's opinions.

    I don't know about the executives at Nickelodeon, but being a teenage girl, the opinions of my peers are very important to me. It interests me to read your reviews and discover what you like and dislike. So, if you could create characters for a Nick show, what are your ideas?

    Btw, I think Nick's teen shows are really lame, that's why I'm writing this.
  • I heart zoey 101

    it is the most popular teen drama on nickelodeon.

    this is the greatest show ever. I love Zoey 101.
  • I Heart This show

    i started watching a few episode today and im already in love with it
  • This is the best show ever! if you haven't watched it yet then get the remote and put it on now!

    This is the best show ever! if you haven't watched it yet then get the remote and put it on now! if you have seen it then i think you would write the same thing. i'm sure you will laugh and have a good time! you will LOVE when it's sundays! so if you seen the show you should know what i mean. if you haven't then waht are you waiting for? so please put it on right now!
  • awsome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    i love this show ya ay ya ay ya ya ya ya ay ya ya ya ya ya ya ya ya ya ya ay ya ya ya ya ya ya ya ya ya ya ya ya ya ya ya ya ya ya ya ya ya ya ya ya ya ya ya ya ya ya ya ay ya ya ya ya ya ya ya ya
  • Cool show.

    It was a great show, too bad it was ended because Jamie-Lynn got pregnant. Oh well, this was a great show. I'm male saying this.
  • i have a very love-hate relationship with this show. it is entertaining but the problem i have with the show is that it is totally unrealistic, so much so that it completly surpasses fantasy (which was the element i think was what Nick was going for)

    Overall i DO like the show! This review targets what i find to be disturbing factors in this show. things i would edit.

    For one, they eat sushi and drink coffee. what thirteen year olds would realistically opt to order a plate of sushi when they could be dowing a hamburger combo meal and large coke? it just makes them seem less childlike and way more adult than they should be

    secondly, the girls' obsession with weight. one of those girls looks like she is barely above 30 lbs! examples:

    1) "oh no Im trying to be good (they're reffering to 1 piece of chocolate cake) that thing has got like 100 calories in there"
    2) when they were looking up how many calories were in a bagel
    3) when lola was ranting b/c her "fat-free" granola bar or something got stuck in a vending machine.

    finally, the stereotypes. i dont like such quotes as
    "we're girls not car-fix-it people"
    "boys cant see me with frizzy hair"
    there are MUCH more

    but again these are just a few of the things i find to be a little disturbing. they dont ruin the show so much as take away from it. and there you have it, my personal thoughts
  • This show is ok. Plus it has sexy Jaime lynn spears so that makes it better.I want to go to pacific coat acadamy.

    Good show keeps you intertained. Jaime lynn spears is good as Zoey and everyone wants to go to pacific coast acadamy that is the coolest place ever. This series (series 2) is better than the first the story lines are better and the episodes are better. This is a show you should definatly try!!!
  • Just Needs That Spark

    this show isn't great or terrible. there are really hardly any problems with it, the plots r interesting and the characters r pretty likeable (just becuz this was an early 21 century show). I really don't have any problems with characters except zoey and lola can be a bit whiney sometimes and dana is basically an excluded gothic. I think at some points the acting is pretty bad by erin sanders (Quinn) and Matthew Underwood (Logan). I liked the fact that they'd occasionally mention the special bond between chase and zoey although didn't make that the entire show. the only real problem is it can be a bit bland and forgettable just becuz it didn't really have that extra spark. there was really just not much anyone would start talking about. although I do love the 1hour specials, they just nail those like the reality show special.
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