Zoey 101

Nickelodeon (ended 2008)





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  • Wasn't a bad or good Nick show,but was pretty decent


    There were so many bad TeenNick shows during our time. Most of them were boring,and not funny at all. But one show that I had mixed feelings about was a show known as Zoey101. The show is about a girl named Zoey Brooks,who goes to Pacific Coast Academy,and makes friends with Chase Matthews,who wants to win her heart. Now believe me,the show could be actually pretty funny at times,but the rest of the time,it could be boring. First off,we have the characters. Most of them were just unlikable,and a few little of them were good. Zoey is just a selfish teenagers who is pretty much a jerk,and I don't even find her hot. Chase is just a stereotypical guy. Lola is just obsessed with fashion and is a fashion geek. Dustin was an annoying little brother,who is not funny at all. Nicole was just annoying,and Deena was OK,but could be a jerk most of the time,and they left after the first two seasons. Logan is by far the worst character of the entire show. All he ever does is brag about how rich he is,and only cares about himself. In fact,whenever the others get revenge on him,I cannot help but not feel sorry for him,and like what That-Tv-Dude said,It's sad when it's a good thing when a character has a bad thing happen to him. The only good characters of the show were Quinn,Stacey and Michael,since they were the only characters that got a laugh out of me. The music is poorly done. Most of it wasn't a score,and were just songs being played. And the show had pretty dull moments. Overall,while it wasn't a bad show,Zoey101 could be funny at times,and is a decent show. Better than iCarly though.

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