Zoey 101

Season 2 Episode 8

Robot Wars

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Feb 12, 2006 on Nickelodeon
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After becoming sick and tired of hearing how smart a group of science nerds think they are, Zoey decides to wage a war. A Robot War! Only problem? Zoey and the crew don't know the first thing when it comes to creating a robot. They recruit Quinn, who has her own score to settle the nerds, to help them. But when she overhears Logan making fun of her behind her back, she bails on the project, leaving the group hung out to dry. Zoey has a few tricks up her sleeve though, and she's going to show those nerds that all is fair in Robots and War.moreless

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  • good

    Zoey is tired of robot nerds making fun of her and her friends, so they have a robot war. Zoey and the gang enlist Quinn to help them, but she overhears them making fun of her, so she quits. Will Zoey and her friends end up winning the fight, without Quinn?

    It was alright. The science nerds were annoying for me and it did not have a lot of humor. The plot was interesting I guess but the execution itself was not, so because of all of this my final grade for this episode is a C. Not a horrible episode but not a great one eithermoreless
  • when zoey is mad at the science guys for thinking they are all that she tries to beat them at their own game but she doesnt make much progress until quinn helpsmoreless

    i liked this ep b/c it was another empowering and inspirational one for all the women and young teen girls out there..women and girls can do anything guys can do and dont let anyone tell u different..spoiler..i did not like the comment of the science geeks at all when theyre like see this is exactly why girls shouldnt be in the science club..ugh..and her robot beat theirs..so there boys..she was truly the champion and you guys had to cheat just to win against zoey and everyone else..i think it was a battle of wits too proving that girls can be just as smart as boysmoreless
  • Quinn stands up for herself.

    Quinn finally stands up for herself, but what Logan did was kinda mean. Quinn was really great, though and so was the gang. But that "smartest guy in PCA" well he thought all weird. But he really liked Nicole, wow I thought he would like Quinn. Looks like not all like the ones that are just like them. Ooh, and at the end Nicole got all mad and wanted to like attack Zoey, real, REAL, real, real, real, real, real, REAL, real, real, real, real, real, REAL, real, real, real, real, real, REAL, real, real, real, real funny! That's it for now - Peace out.moreless
  • Zoey and friends enter a robot wars competition

    I for one am not pleased with this episode's portrayal of the socially inclined, to say the least. Yes, all nerds are snivelling losers who don't acknowledge the existence of females and it's the duty of the popular kids to put them in their place for being so pitiful. Honestly, the robot war enthusiasts are annoying and spout Internet acronyms like "lol" every five seconds and the smartest kid on campus spends all his days in the library and can't get a date to save his life. And of course, if you're a geek, then you can obvious construct a sophisticated robotic device in a matter of days. Apparently, it's bad to be a nerd, a hard-working and studious individual. FYI, it's the nerds who rule the world and become the bosses of the popular kids. This episode is simply not cool and conveys the message that if you're not popular and well-liked like Zoey, then you're pathetic and will be destined to lose, even at something you're supposed to be good at.moreless
  • Zoey and the gang battle a group of science nerds in a robot war. After insulting Quinn on being weird, they go to the smartest kid in school to help them with their Battle Bot.moreless

    The show was pretty good. I give a 9.0. But in the first place, it was stupid of Zoey to agree to have a robot war with those smart geeks. The only reason those nerds got humiliated was because Quinn showed up and blew up the geeks\' bot. But in the second place, it was very stupid to make fun of Quinn, the person that was helping them to try to win, by insulting her when she mentioned she had to get a certain tool for the bot. This episode tells people to not make fun of people and just because somebody may be different, doesn\'t mean they can\'t do anything at all. Those stupid science nerds!!! Ugh!!!moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


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  • QUOTES (19)

    • Miles: You look ravishing in the fluorescent light. Do you know that, Nicole?
      Nicole: Okay...?

    • Miles: I shall bathe like I've never bathed before!
      Zoey: Lucky Nicole...

    • Chase: Alright! Let's go kick some bot!

    • Nicole: What are you, like psychic or something?
      Miles: Sadly, there is no such ability, but you're cute to assume such!

    • Zoey: Quinn, will you please come down to the lounge with me?
      Quinn: You don't want me, you just want my brain to finish your precious war bot.
      (Zoey tries opening Quinn's door)
      Zoey: OW! Quinn, did you electrify this doorknob?
      Quinn: If you're not sure, why don't you try touching it again?
      Zoey: No thanks, I'm good...

    • Quinn: Look, if you all think I'm such a dork, you can just finish your stupid robot on your own.
      Logan: (in a computerized voice) Uh-oh.
      (Zoey throws a pillow at him)

    • Logan: (in a computerized voice) I am Quinn. I must go get a sprocket from my home planet, Dorkon! I am Quinn, from Dorkon!

    • Chase: (in a computerized voice) I am a robotic killing machine! Prepare to meet your doom! Do not be fooled by my pathetic name, the Loganator!

    • Zoey: You sure you don't want us to help you build the bot?
      Quinn: Nah, you'll just slow me down.
      Zoey: I think we were just insulted.
      Nicole: It was subtle, but yes.

    • Zoey: Bye bye, Wayne!
      Wayne: It's Firewire!!
      Zoey: WAYNE!
      Wayne: AHH!

    • Nerd: Girls and science go together like sodium hypochlorite and ammonia!

    • Quinn: I really would like to help, but I just don't believe in using my gift of science for violence.
      Zoey: Oh, come on, it's not really violence. Think of it more like, two machines just gently crushing each other...to the death.

    • Zoey: Hey Quinn. Whatcha doing there?
      Quinn: I'm just making sure my lunch is clean. People don't always wash lettuce as well as they should!

    • Zoey: So, you guys think you're so smart because you can build a little robot?
      Nerd: No! We think we're so smart, 'cause you can't!
      Wayne: Boo-ya!

    • Lola: I think you can live without a big cookie.
      Chase: No, I'll DIE without a big cookie!

    • Zoey: So um, my name's-
      Miles Brody: Your name is Zoey Brooks.
      Zoey: Yeah, how did you know-
      Miles: Your dormitory is Brenner Hall. You were born in the South, specifically a small town in Louisiana, whose name I know, but it's not significant, so I'll keep it to myself. You enjoy athletics, e.g. basketball, and you maintain a 3.85 grade point average; impressive, to most.

    • Wayne: Who's that?
      Chase: (referring to Zoey) Oh you see, THIS is a girl. Now I know that might confuse you, since you've probably never been this close to one.
      Nerd: Oh yeah?
      Chase: Yeah, your mom doesn´t count.

    • Lola: And what do we call it?
      Logan: All we know is that we gonna call it "Loganator".
      Lola: Ok. Why are you here?

    • Zoey: Oh my god!
      Wayne: O-M-G!

  • NOTES (2)


    • Robot Wars

      This episode is named after a British TV game show of the same name that lasted from 1998-2004. It featured armed robots fighting in a large arena guarded by nine House Robots. Most of the robots that fought there were Heavyweights (220 lbs). The robots in this episode weren't that heavy. The computer geek's robot was a Middleweight (120 lbs), Zoey's robot a Lightweight (60 lbs) and Quinn's robot was an Antweight (1 lb).