Zoey 101

Season 2 Episode 8

Robot Wars

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Feb 12, 2006 on Nickelodeon

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  • good

    Zoey is tired of robot nerds making fun of her and her friends, so they have a robot war. Zoey and the gang enlist Quinn to help them, but she overhears them making fun of her, so she quits. Will Zoey and her friends end up winning the fight, without Quinn?

    It was alright. The science nerds were annoying for me and it did not have a lot of humor. The plot was interesting I guess but the execution itself was not, so because of all of this my final grade for this episode is a C. Not a horrible episode but not a great one either
  • when zoey is mad at the science guys for thinking they are all that she tries to beat them at their own game but she doesnt make much progress until quinn helps

    i liked this ep b/c it was another empowering and inspirational one for all the women and young teen girls out there..women and girls can do anything guys can do and dont let anyone tell u different..spoiler..i did not like the comment of the science geeks at all when theyre like see this is exactly why girls shouldnt be in the science club..ugh..and her robot beat theirs..so there boys..she was truly the champion and you guys had to cheat just to win against zoey and everyone else..i think it was a battle of wits too proving that girls can be just as smart as boys
  • Quinn stands up for herself.

    Quinn finally stands up for herself, but what Logan did was kinda mean. Quinn was really great, though and so was the gang. But that "smartest guy in PCA" well he thought all weird. But he really liked Nicole, wow I thought he would like Quinn. Looks like not all like the ones that are just like them. Ooh, and at the end Nicole got all mad and wanted to like attack Zoey, real, REAL, real, real, real, real, real, REAL, real, real, real, real, real, REAL, real, real, real, real, real, REAL, real, real, real, real funny! That's it for now - Peace out.
  • Zoey and friends enter a robot wars competition

    I for one am not pleased with this episode's portrayal of the socially inclined, to say the least. Yes, all nerds are snivelling losers who don't acknowledge the existence of females and it's the duty of the popular kids to put them in their place for being so pitiful. Honestly, the robot war enthusiasts are annoying and spout Internet acronyms like "lol" every five seconds and the smartest kid on campus spends all his days in the library and can't get a date to save his life. And of course, if you're a geek, then you can obvious construct a sophisticated robotic device in a matter of days. Apparently, it's bad to be a nerd, a hard-working and studious individual. FYI, it's the nerds who rule the world and become the bosses of the popular kids. This episode is simply not cool and conveys the message that if you're not popular and well-liked like Zoey, then you're pathetic and will be destined to lose, even at something you're supposed to be good at.
  • Zoey and the gang battle a group of science nerds in a robot war. After insulting Quinn on being weird, they go to the smartest kid in school to help them with their Battle Bot.

    The show was pretty good. I give a 9.0. But in the first place, it was stupid of Zoey to agree to have a robot war with those smart geeks. The only reason those nerds got humiliated was because Quinn showed up and blew up the geeks\' bot. But in the second place, it was very stupid to make fun of Quinn, the person that was helping them to try to win, by insulting her when she mentioned she had to get a certain tool for the bot. This episode tells people to not make fun of people and just because somebody may be different, doesn\'t mean they can\'t do anything at all. Those stupid science nerds!!! Ugh!!!

    Well...the begining was kinda weird. Why would Chase mooch a big cookie off of a table of nerds? This episode just did not amuze me. Not at all. A Robot War? Good golly.

    Aye. I like the guy in the library. His name escapes me at the moment but I know that I know it. He was funny. When he sent Chase and Nicole I was sure he was going to ask Zoey out...but no, he was asking for a date with Nicole. haha. funny stuff.

    Oh and was I the only one that cracked up laughing when Quinn exsploded those dork's robot? It was hilarious. I was not exspecting that at all.

    It was just alright. Not my favorite.
  • Episode ( one good one ) Called Robot wars Episode Number : 8 season 2

    I loved it not my favourite but i liked it. It shows teenagers you might want to give up but you might only have to stretch yourself just a little bit to win something. In their case they won the battle. Awesome episode as are all of them.
    I think the whole season of zoey 101 has been Fabulous.
    Especially the way they act, i mean if they weren't good actors Nickelodeon wouldn't even want them to do another season of it especially one with double the amount of episodes in it .
    It is one of my favourite programmes cause it ROCKS !!
  • annoying

    those stupid science nerds kept saying l.o.l which totally got on my nerves and i so wanted one of the on screen characters to just punch them
    and what they did with that doll was just plain gay
    so are they coz they hardlys know what a girl is
    and the library nerd who wanted a date with nicole was just plain creepy
  • This episode went a little too far off the show's regular course. Due to the focus on building the robot, we don't get to see as much of the person to person interactions that make the show so enjoyable. Also, the introduction of some new characters does

    It seems to me that the greatest strength of Zoey 101 is the characters. The entire appeal of the show is the unique individual character attributes (Chase is funny, Logan is amusingly egotistical etc.) as well as the dynamic of the relationships between the 8 students. Due to the focus on building the robot, there were fewer conversations that made the enjoyable characters and their quipps the center of the scene, thus taking the episode in a direction different episodes of Zoey 101.

    I personally found this sort of displeasing - I watch this show to have fun seeing all of the characters' reactions to the unique situations in each episode. With the robot building and the weird library genius, the episode added many new elements that I just did not enjoy as much as seeing the original cast of 8 do their thing. While the robot geeks were entertaining, they did not compensate for all of the air time that was devoted to developing less amusing parts of the robot battle plot.

    Also, there seemed to be a lack of an entertaining 'B story' in this episode, which is another great attribute of Zoey 101 episodes.

    The little mishap with Quinn where everyone laughs at her was not fun to watch. This show is not a drama, but more of a lighthearted funny show, so this storyline was totally unneccessary and unenjoyable. The mood and tone just don't match with the general sense the viewer gets from watching the show.

    All in all, this show just lacked those memorable funny moments that every episode have. There was literally nothing memorable, and we also get no new development on the Zoey/Chase front, which may have been the only potential redeeming factor for this episode.

    While this review has been focusing on the negative, this was still a worthwhile TV episode, and it was solid considering that I find this to be one of the lesser episodes of the entire series, which speaks to the show's overall originality and entertainment value.
  • Stupid and predicable!

    That sucked! What a waste of time and money! Somebody shoot me! It was just to fill up space (at best), just like this: i t w a s r e a l l y t r u l y b a d a n d I h a t e d i t!
  • yeh

    why cant we see some episodes over in the UK? most new episodes are only in the US and it's not exactly fair. I mean, i love this show.. and i can't help that i live in the UK. you should air this show over here sometime, make it fair.
  • Too awesome.

    This episode was hilarious. Zoey gets into a challenge with the geeks from the science club and must build a robot to battle theirs. Quinn helps, but soon leaves after Logan makes fun of her and the others laugh. So, they finally get the smartest kid at PCA to help them out. But in return, he wants a date with Nicole. The geeks from the science club pummel the robot that Zoey controlled. Then, the geeks were caught braking the rules. Quinn shows up and blasts away their robot. That was the part that made me laugh. Really funny episode.