Zoey 101

Season 2 Episode 8

Robot Wars

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Feb 12, 2006 on Nickelodeon

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  • Zoey and friends enter a robot wars competition

    I for one am not pleased with this episode's portrayal of the socially inclined, to say the least. Yes, all nerds are snivelling losers who don't acknowledge the existence of females and it's the duty of the popular kids to put them in their place for being so pitiful. Honestly, the robot war enthusiasts are annoying and spout Internet acronyms like "lol" every five seconds and the smartest kid on campus spends all his days in the library and can't get a date to save his life. And of course, if you're a geek, then you can obvious construct a sophisticated robotic device in a matter of days. Apparently, it's bad to be a nerd, a hard-working and studious individual. FYI, it's the nerds who rule the world and become the bosses of the popular kids. This episode is simply not cool and conveys the message that if you're not popular and well-liked like Zoey, then you're pathetic and will be destined to lose, even at something you're supposed to be good at.