Zoey 101

Season 4 Episode 11

Roller Coaster

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Apr 27, 2008 on Nickelodeon

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  • the most boring episode ever

    there have been much worse episodes than this, i mean, dan schneider and his collegues are probably the worst writers ever seen on tv, but this is by far the most boring ever.

    michael is afraid of roller coaster. the end. what? you call it a plot? ok, to be fair, a great writer can do a good episode even without a plot, but we are talking about schneiders gang here. so we have this filler episode, slow, useless, and annoyingly boring.

    the most awkward thing was everybody making fun of michael becuase hes afraid of roller coaster. i mean, why? i can see logan having fun with it, you know, joking a little, but EVERYBODY? i know many people afraid of roller coaster and i never thought its a stupid fear. I could have undestood the joking if michael was afraid of something stupid like a little spider (not because fearing spider is stupid, but it could have been more logical to consider him a coward, especially if they made Vanessa saving him or something).

    the only good thing was the Zoey-Michael friendship, since the only person you can say Zoey is truly friend of is Chase.

    again, season 4 is utterly useless, besides the 1st and the last one episode.
  • 411

    As the fourth and final season of Zoey 101 began to wind down, they delivered a pretty poor outing here today. There were some laughs here, but honestly any episodes that feature a heavy Michael storyline are doomed for failure. Not to say that he cannot be an amusing character from time to time, but all of his storylines end up really bad and this one was no exception. Basing an entire show around a character being afraid of a roller coaster is a pretty bad idea.

    That being said, there are worse things you could be watching than this.
  • Michael is afraid of rollercoasters, and Zoey and the gang attempt to help him get over his fear.

    This episode was...okay, it was a little stupid to be quite honest. I mean, YEAH, I love Michael and everything, but I think by now we're all sick of these little fillers.

    I loved the Michael/Zoey friendship in this episode. It was very real, and I definitely loved seeing Zoey's caring side toward people other than Chase.

    The Michael plotline was pretty funny, but the episode itself was actually kind of boring. I mean...nothing overtly exciting happened.

    Lisa, Michael's girlfriend, is a total flake. I really dislike her and I don't think she's a very good match with Michael.

    Plus, there was a total lack of Quinn/Logan in this episode. What's up with that? They didn't even get one scene together!

    It's a good thing Chasing Zoey is the next episode after this; I wouldn't be able to take anymore of these fillers!
  • 411

    A really bad episode of Zoey 101, even for season four, this episode was bad. An obvious filler that didn't contribute to the season at all, I watched this for the second time and I completely forgot about this episode which goes to show that this episode was completely forgettable.

    This episode did show us one thing though, the interaction between Zoey and Michael interaction which we barely see on this show. The quality was bad, and there was just one plot going on, a really weak plot. By the end, I felt as though I was missing something considering the random concert appearance that just left me wondering why I'm watching the show. A really bad episode, probably one of the worst ever of Dan Schneider's hit show: "Zoey 101"
  • the class convinces their physic teacher to take them on a roller coaster to experience physics, but michael has a huge problem that both lisa and zoey have to help him with

    ok wow..this ep was actually like the best ep of this season (other than tradig places of course)..it really was...i liked it..and i was so mad at logan..that was michaels personal business and he didnt need it out in the open like that..logan is still a jerk whether hes with quinn or not..i like the way michael took care of him..i think if i were dan i would bring back the spitballer 3000 just for logan..but oh my gosh..truthfully im scared of heights and roller coasters and when michael was on the roller coaster so many of the things seemed so real that i would hate to see it in hdtv..i felt like i was on the roller coaster while watching it and im like man thats high..call me a chicken if u must..but i hate rolelr coasters..great ep
  • Zoey's Physics teacher takes the class on a trip to Mystic Mountain everyone is happy but Michael, who is terrified of Roller Coasters. Logan spreads this news around campus. Michael finds out that Logan spread the news and gets revenge on Logan.

    Zoey, Michael, Quinn and James are all sitting in Physics class and are all really bored. James suggests that the whole clase go on a trip to Mystic Mountain. Their Physics teacher says to the trip. Everyone is happy except Michael is afraid of roller coasters. Michael tells Zoey, Lisa, Lola, Quinn, Logan, and James that he is afraid of roller coasters. Soon the whole school is laughing at Michael. Michael finds out that Logan was the one who told everyone that Michael is scared of roller coasters. Michael gets revenge on Logan by hanging Logan upside down and shooting spit balls out of a straw at Logan's face. Zoey, Quinn, Lisa, and James try and help Michael get over his fear of roller coasters but it doesn't work. Zoey takes Michael to Mystic Mountain at 7:00am so no one would be there. Little did Michael know Lisa is there. Michael goes on the Spine Buster while being scared. Half way on around one the roller coaster, Michael is not scared any more. Zoey and Lisa helped Michael get over his fear of roller coasters. Michael ended up riding that roller coaster over and over and over again.
  • In this episode Zoey's class is going on a trip to ride a roller coaster but, Michael is not to happy about that.

    I really liked this episode. It was nice to see that Michael had another A-plot. It was also cool to see Lisa again in this episode, sometimes you tend to forget that she is Michael's girlfriend. I thought Logan was being his usually self, telling everyone about Michael, but I did nor think Michael would hang him upside down. What I liked about this episode is that Lisa was on Michael's side and she really did care. I thought Zoey was a lot nicer in this episode giving Michael some very good advice. She was being the good friend which was nice to see.
  • Pretty good for a filler episdoe

    Even though this was a filler episode, it is the best episode of season 4 excluding Chasing Zoey. I absolutely LOVED Michael in this episode, and it was so cute when he rode the roller coaster just for Lisa.

    There where also some characters that I did not like in this episode, such as Zoey. She needs to stop being so annoying, and who ever writes Zoey 101 shouldn't make her so perfect. Another is James - why the HECK is HE still here? Can't he see that he does NOT look good with Zoey? Besides the bad acting and annoying characters, I loved this episode. It was very cute and exciting.
  • Loved it!

    Zoey's Physics teacher decides to take the class on a field trip to go on a rollercoaster, and all the students are ecstatic, except for Michael. He's got a big problem, but will the gang be able to help him out, and will Lisa stand by his side?

    This is one of the funniest episodes in season four. I loved it so much. It's one of my favorite things of all time. It's one of the few episodes in season 4 I like. It will go down as a classic because of all the hype surrounding it and the fact that it freakin ruled!
  • Wasn't as good as what I expected, but I liked it a lot.

    I couldn't wait to see this episode (you can tell from my user name). After it was over, I thought, that was good! Even though I was expecting a little more, I really liked it. This was the last episode until Chasing Zoey, can't wait for that. As soon as Michael was riding the roller coaster, I was like, hey, this is Goliath! I like that roller coaster. Anyways, their Physics' teacher announced a trip to the amusement park and everyone is happy about it, except for Michael. It turns out he is afraid of roller coasters. Logan tells the whole school, and everyone is talking about it. Then Zoey tells him to actually try going on one, and they pick a really big one. He is afraid at first but then he loves it and goes on it over and over again. Great episode.
  • Excellent episode.

    I really liked this episode. This particular episode reminds me of a few years ago when I used to be pretty damn afraid of roller coasters myself. But I faced my own fears (nobody even knew I was afraid of them) and once I got on, I loved it. And that's exactly what this episode is about. And it teaches you to face any fear you might have so you won't be afraid anymore. I did that myself, without any help from anyone else, so I know it works. They might have overextended Micheal's fear a little, but I really loved this episode.
  • Zoey's Physics teacher decides to take the class on a field trip to go on a rollercoaster, and all the students are ecstatic, except for Michael. He's got a big problem, but will the gang be able to help him out, and will Lisa stand by his side

    I love it. it was well done. I like the story and I hope you show it again. I am a big fan of the show. I love the acting and it was excting to watch. keep it up guys you are doing a great job. it must have been fun to do this at an amusement park. This was one of the best episodes. I reall did not want it to send because I was having so much fun watching it and got really into it. I was glad that michael had fun and lisa and zoey were very happy.
  • This is the episode when Michael was afraid of rollercoasters and zoey and lisa helped him to get over it. Zoey tole him that he should face his fears and lisa was right there foe him, she did not laugh and make fun of him or anything like that.

    OMG great episode. luv the plot and I think michael and lisa do a great job together. I'm a big lisa fan. she is beautiful and a great actress. I'm glad I tivi it so I can watch it again. I love it that michael is no longer was brave enough to face his fears and got on the roller coaster and I'm glad that Lisa was there to see how brave he was. I can't wait to see more episodes with lisa in it. I think zoey 101 is a great show and I love everyone on the show.
  • Felt Like Bad Time-Filler

    OK, Michael reveals he has a fear of roller coasters. First off, why on Earth is that funny to the other students when they are told by Logan? Is that some kind of irritional fear? I bet a lot of my friends are afraid of roller coasters... and we're all roughly the same age as Michael in this episode.

    This had some bad gags... why the heck did Lola BITE Logan's ear? Not only would that hurt, but that's a dumb and disgusting thing to do... like really, say Logan does not wash his ears a lot... it's disgusting!

    Also, Michael got over his fear in the end, but that does not mean people won't stop making fun of him... I mean, they did when he was scared, just because he's not anymore, they can still be like "Haha, you were scared of roller coasters until you were 16!" Though again, I don't see why that is a funny fear...

    Also, the "annual Saturday concert"? Really? It's not "annual" when you do it ONCE near the end of the series... unless that was the first time they did it, but then, you do not do that at the END of a year...

    Overall I really disliked this episode. F.
  • There is a Walk-a-thon on in PCA to raise money for homeless kids in America. Zoey and Dustin take part in it. Lola pledges money she can't afford. While Logan and Quinn date in secret.

    This episode was pretty good. Lola pledges money to the walk-a-thon but doesn't realise she has to pay $600 as the amount is per mile. Zoey meets with the head of the charity to explain that Lola doesn't have the money. Zoey thinks the man is evil and is after them if they don't get the cash on time. So they think of a way to raise money. - Selling pies.

    Logan and Quinn are secretly dating in this episode. It's good to see Logan being really nice to Quinn, clearly he is smitten with her. Maybe they eskimo kissed too much but other than that they were really cute. Watch out for Michael's reaction to them.