Zoey 101

Season 4 Episode 4

Rumor of Love

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Feb 10, 2008 on Nickelodeon

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  • Rumor of love

    It was really Good
  • I Didn't Like The Resolution

    I liked the episode for the most part, but I really disliked how Zoey got back at Logan. I mean, having him on the news when he's in the SHOWER? First of all, she's a girl so obviously she shouldn't be allowed in the guys' shower room, secondly, if that ever really happened to me or someone, that person should get in trouble, because if I am not mistaken, and I do not think I am, having a guy in the middle of a shower is worse than telling a whole school two people are dating, when they aren't. I mean, they should've thought of something better IMO.
  • MY favorite episode from the entire sereies i dont why i liked this episode soo much the ending was surprising!

    i freaking love this episode i thought it was really funny and the ending surprise me soo much so logan started a rumor about zoey and james dating and zoey didnt know who started this rumor but she found out anyway and tried to get revange by getting him back and the ending i was surprised james and zoey kissed i thought she was still with chase but whatever i love this episode beacuse it was funny and suprsing i never saw that came that coming i was laughing so hard when logan was screaming from the hot water came down on him this episode was the best episode from this season besided chasing zoey !
  • Logan starts a rumor that Zoey and James, Logan and Michael's new roommate, are dating.

    Rumor of Love is the first episode in which James is in. He's a good character, but Chase is way better. Logan and Michael aren't very happy about their new roommate, and Logan doesn't like him mostly because the girls think that James is hot and Logan is jealous. Because of that, he starts a rumor that James and Zoey are dating, so that James is taken and Logan can get the girls. They aren't too happy about it so while Logan is in the shower, they make him confess that he made it up in front of all of PCA. But then at the end, James and Zoey kiss.
  • james is popular with the ladies; a rumor starts that he and zoey are dating

    again this was not a good ep..i dont know what really went wrong with these season 4 eps..but this just wasnt for me either..i guess its the whole being a huge choey fan u just dont want to see zoey w/ anyone else..spoiler..she was flirting with him and then they did kiss by a fountain..i dont know if it was the chase and zoey fountain or not..but that wasnt very cool..and the whole logan being a jerk is just played too much..i mean he'll always be a jerk but he kind of went too far this time..i love how they get him back tho..that was hilarious...the only thing that brought the score up
  • Well the whole episode was fine until the end. It seems as if Zoey and Chase told each other that they love each other and then Zoey gets another boyfriend. It's like WTF.

    James (the new boyfriend) is not a good character for this series. Zoey 101 is starting to go down the drain. This changing twist wasn't a good idea. James says stupid things in his own stupid way. He isn't funny at all. This episode would have been a lot better if he and Zoey didn't start to date. That is why this episode is receiving a 6 and not an 8 (which it probably deserved if James did not ruin it). As of now this show isn't going on the right path unless something epic happens, like if Chase returns to PCA.
  • I didn't really like this episode that much.

    Logan and Michael's part of the story during this episode was actually pretty good and funny. I loved it when they were looking up their new roommate online and they thought he was going to be a doof. I loved what Logan said...
    Lola: You can't judge a guy by his name
    Logan: Yeah you can. Logan Reese, cool name, cool guy. Mark Delfiggalo.....see
    When Logan met James and found out that all the girls loved him, he made up the rumor that James and Zoey were dating so people would think James was undateable. I was really mad by the end of the episode when they were like we aren't dating then they kissed. I was like NOOOOOO!!!!!!! I am all for Chase and Zoey and have been so mad that he hasn't been in like any of the episodes. Now when chase comes back there is going to be a big love triangle conflict and (almost) everyone will want her to choose Chase, but she can't just dump James like that because he has feelings too. Aargh!!!
  • Logan and Micheal Get a NeW Roomate,An Ok episode.

    'Rumor of Love" was an average episode.Yes,I said average.Nothing really exciting happened.I didnt like it very much one,because Zoey and James got together.Im not a supporter of Zames.I LOVE COEY 4EVA! That just brought the epiosde down alittle for me.As U can see by my rating I still think it was a fairly good episode.It was pretty funny and VERY dramatic.I dont really like episodes of Zoey 101 that are all serious I like them to have alot of comedy and alittle seriousnessenesss.Wait,Is that even a word? Oh well.:p This episode was just a decent episode.i cant say it was bad or good.It was in the middle
  • This episode was an okay, but it's still great episode.

    Austin Robert Butlers is new character on Zoey 101 and he plays James Garret. James Garret moves into Michael and Logan's dorm room, because Chase is gone. Logan is very jealously when all girls like James more then him, so Logan starts rumor that Zoey and James are dating, but it's not true. Later, finally, Logan admits that he starts rumor about Zoey and James are dating. I was very shocked that Zoey and James were kissing at the end! I was so mad about that, what about Chase! Ah, don't worry about that, because Zoey is going to choose Chase over James at the finale episode maybe I just my guess. Okay, people can't get mad about Zoey and James are dating, if Zoey and James aren't dating then its going be boring, because what if Zoey is dating Chase then break up that's sad. I know the love triangle is going drama and sweet!!! Trust me the love triangle is going awesome!
  • This episode was well written & does bring a new twist into the series. This makes the new series more interesting & the season best.

    Previously: Zoey comes back to PCA at the start of Season 4 & turns out that chase has gone to england to meet her. Since Chase is unable to return He & Zoey decides to wait till they unite. Since chase has moved Loagn & Micheal are going to get a new roomate & none wants him due to their own reasons. Logan because he wants the extra space & Micheal does not want to replace anyone with chase. ------------------------

    The gang his having lunch (exclusive of Logan)when Logan comes & brings the bad news to Micheal, their getting a new roomate.
    Quinn & Lola thinks that they might like him but Logan & Micheal don't share the same thought.

    Logan finds out info about the guy online who's name is James Garrett (Austin Butler) & happens to find out that he's a total loser meaning a nerd. This makes them angry & they got to the door lady to tell her they don't want James only to find out he's a cool looking dude.

    James unpacking his stuff in his room while Micheal & Logan act weird, enters the girl & are amazed to see a dude standing inside. While Some other girls look at James from outside the rooms window tellig Logan he's got some serious competition.

    Logan being angry spreads a romour that James & Zoey are dating in order to make James undateable & get back his reputation among the girls. It's not long before Zoey & James hear the rumor & get desperate to find the source. James leaves Logan & Micheal's room and move into the worst room in the boys section which has really bad problem like no air conditioner & it used to be a Janitor's closet once. Logan excited about getting himself popular again comes & tell Micheal about the rumour he spread. Micheal feels sad for James & ask him to come back to his room.

    Micheal tells James of the source of the rumor who with the help of the girls & The PCA news staff gets Logan back.
    Just when Logan's having a shower James, the girls & the PCA news staff enter the restroom & threaten Logan to admit he started the rumor live or else their tear his shower curtain. Logan has no choice left but to commit what he did.

    Zoey & James go & have Pizza together & while returning from lunch kiss unknowingly then on purpose bringing a new twist in the series & leaving a shock on every face.

    looks like everyone's desperately waiting to know the end of the series & i tell u if Zoey & Chase don't end up together I'm going to be heart broken.

    Guest Appearances:

    Creagen Dow (Jeremiah Trottman - PCA news reporter)
    Abby Wilde (Stacey Dillsen)
    Jack Salvatore Jr. (Mark Del Figgalo) Suzanne Krull (Miss Burvitch - Dorm Lady)
  • This is the first episode where Austin Butler(James)joins the cast.

    This episode was a little better than Fake Roommate and Alone at PCA. In this episode a new character James comes into the show. I didn't like how he was put into the theme song, because I can not see him fitting in. Anyway James catches Zoey's eye and then a rumor gets started that Zoey and James are dating. In the end everyone finds out Logan started the rumor and gets back at him. I liked the scene with Logan in the shower and him on camera. I did not mind this episode until I saw Zoey and James kiss. It didn't look like it meant that much, but I thought Zoey would have her first kiss with Chase. Now I can not wait until Chase comes back so him and Zoey can be together. That relationship would really mean a lot.
  • My favorite episode so far.

    I personally love Austin Robert Butler. When Chase comes back this show is gonna be more interesting. Which is good but at the same time is bad because this is the last season because of spears getting pregnact. I love this episode. Okay since Chase moved to England, Logan + Micheal get a new roommate. They dislike him at first because he's getting all the attention from the girls. So Logan spreads a rumor about Zoey and James going together. At the end of the episode Zoey and James kiss after talking about something stupid that i can't even remember. Austin Robert Butler(James) is now my favorite character on Zoey 101.
  • ? Average

    No, Zoey and James were kissing! Dang it, just wait untill Chase hears about this. What really makes me mad is that James is included in the opening theme song, so that means he'll be here for the rest of the season. . . and Chase won't. Makes me so angry.

    The jokes in this episode are . . . okay. I laughed at parts, I got mad at parts, which is what makes an episode of any television series a good episode. But, well, they were only average jokes, and it's not good that you get angry more than yuo laugh, it has to be even. So, this episode to me was average, or okay.

    So, 8 out of 10.
  • New character!

    Logan and Michael get their new roommate, James. He is a good-looking and smart guy. Logan and Michael don't like him. Logan doesn't like him because all the girls like him and Michael doesn't like him because he misses Chase. Zoey and James go out to lunch, so Logan starts a rumor that they are dating. James feels unwelcome with Logan and Michael, so he gets a new room, which sucks. Michael offers for him to move back, while Zoey hears of the rumor. James, Zoey, Lola, and Quinn, with Michael's help, get Logan to admit that it's just a rumor on the PCA news. Zoey and James kiss.

    This episode was great! I actually like James and dare I say...don't miss Chase all that much. He was a big part of the show, but it seems fine with him gone. This episode gets a 9.5 out of 10 from me!
  • Heaven forbid, but I actually like James.

    This will be the second consecutive review I have written where I have mentioned the credits. Last time, in "Trading Places", Sean was removed from the main cast. This time around, there is a new actor in his place, Austin Butler. Micheal and Logan's new roommate has arrived, and he is here to shake things up.

    The gang minus Logan are eating lunch and discussing global warming (how random) when Logan approaches on his Jet-X. He gives Micheal a note stating that their new roommate, Jimmy "James" Garret, will be arriving that day. Quinn suggests the guys might like James, but their not really seeing that possibility.

    When Micheal and Logan find doofy old pictures of Jimmy (I'll assume the nickname "James" came later), they are appalled and barge into the housing office demanding not to be assigned with him. However, they meet James there, who has definitely changed since the time the said pictures were taken. Surprisingly cool, James laughs off his dorky past and the insults thrown at him.

    James is great-looking, yet slightly shy, and literally wouldn't hurt a fly. All the girls (including Zoey) thus find him attractive. Logan is used to being the alpha male of dating and is obviously not pleased. So when Zoey and James have lunch together the next day, Logan comes up with an idea.

    That night, when Zoey returns to her room, the hallways are abuzz. Lola and Quinn drag her into room 101 and start interrogating her. It took some whacking with pillows, but Zoey convinces Lola and Quinn that she and James are not dating. She sets out to find James.

    James, feeling unwelcome, decides to move to a different room. As he walks down the hallway, he gets unexpected congratulatory compliments from the other guys in the hallway. This confuses James until he bumps (literally) into Zoey, who explains that there is a rumour going around that he and Zoey are dating. Logan returns to his and Micheal's room to find James gone. He is ecstatic and lets slip that he was the one who started the rumour as part of his plan to take James off the market. Logan wants to go celebrate, but Micheal doesn't feel like it.

    Micheal finds James in his new room, which used to be a janitor's closet. It has poor lighting, no air conditioning, and every time someone flushes the toilet, the sudden lack of cold water to the showers causes bloodcurdling screams (note the last point carefully). Micheal feels sorry for James and says he just misses his hot tub (installed in "Fake Roommate"). However, James knows that the real reason he didn't want a new roommate was that he misses Chase, and Micheal admits it. (Funny that the new guy would be the first person to mention Chase in this episode, and Zoey doesn't talk about him at all.) Micheal invites James back into their room, and when James asks, tells him that Logan was the one who started the rumour.

    The girls wonder how to take revenge on Logan when James comes up with an plan, comparable to the ones Zoey has concocted before. They all barge in the boys' shower room along with Jeremiah's new crew, causing all the boys to flee except Logan, who is in the shower. James and the girls threaten to rip down the shower curtain and expose Logan on PCA television unless Logan admits to what he did. When it becomes apparent that they are not kidding, Logan finally admits he started the rumour. Before James and the girls leave satisfied, James flushes an urinal, scalding Logan.

    James and Zoey are walking by a fountain, apparently getting along really well. Suddenly, they realize they like each other and kiss, first briefly, and after a cheesy "Oh my god", for a bit longer. Thus millions of young hearts across America are simultaneously broken.

    As much as I want Zoey and Chase to be together, I have to admit that I like James. He seems like a really nice guy, but he has a nice mischievous streak too, like Zoey. He doesn't let his popularity get to his head, unlike Logan (who the girls actually don't like that much). If it weren't for Chase, I'd be totally happy for him and Zoey. Chase does face some serious competition when he returns.

    I wonder why the writers made lovable jerk Logan not so lovable anymore, but amid this James/Zoey/Chase saga, he's not that important.