Zoey 101

Season 4 Episode 4

Rumor of Love

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Feb 10, 2008 on Nickelodeon



  • Trivia

    • Zoey's first kiss on the show is in this episode.

    • Austin Robert Butler, who joins the cast in this episode as James Garrett, also plays Jake in the iCarly episode "iLike Jake."

    • When Lola and Quinn are pulling the shower curtain off the rings one by one, after the scene, the curtains are back on the rings.

    • In this episode (and in the rest of the fourth season) Austin Robert Butler plays Logan and Michael's new roommate, James Garrett. In "Quarantine" he plays Stacey's boyfriend Danifer.

  • Quotes

    • (Zoey's cell phone rings)
      Zoey: Hello? No, I'm not dating James! It's just a rumor! And how did you get this number? (hangs up)

    • Michael: Woo! Is it getting ironic in here?

    • James: Sure! We'll get out! But first...(flushes a toilet)
      (Logan screams in the shower)

    • Jeremiah: Hi, I'm Jeremiah Trottman, with a PCA news bulletin. I'm here live in Maxwell Hall's third floor restroom-
      Logan: OH MY GOD!
      Jeremiah: -Where Logan Reese is currently showering, and apparently... shampooing!

    • James: Hey Logan!
      Logan: I'm busy shampooing!

    • Zoey: Logan?!
      James: Yup. He started the rumor so girls would think I'm "undateable."
      Lola: So you are dateable?
      (Zoey and Quinn stare at her)
      Lola: I'm just clarifying!

    • Michael: Move back in our room, man. This place is jank!

    • Michael: Look, James- (someone screams in the bathroom) I'm sorry, alright? For the way me and Logan acted. We uh...just liked having the extra space in the room...
      James: Or maybe you miss Chase?

    • Michael: Well, at least you're next to the bathroom! That's convenient!
      (someone screams in the distance)
      Michael: What was that?!
      James: Whenever someone flushes one of the toilets in there, it makes the shower get boiling hot for a few seconds.
      Michael: Oh, well, how often does that-
      (someone screams again)

    • James: Well, we did share the wasabi.
      Zoey: Then we must be engaged!
      James: I better go buy you a ring!
      Zoey: How many kids should we have?

    • Michael: Whatcha doing?
      James: Leaving.
      Michael: You're leaving PCA?
      James: No, just this room.

    • Lola: (about the rumor) Oh my God...did you start it?!
      (Zoey smacks her with a pillow)
      Lola: Okay, so we know it wasn't you...

    • Zoey: Who started this rumor?
      Lola: Maybe it was James!
      Zoey: But why would he-
      Quinn: It makes perfect sense! He starts a rumor that you guys are dating, then you hear about it, and uh I don't know where I'm going with this.

    • Zoey: What, one spicy tuna roll and now I'm in a serious relationship?

    • Zoey: I'm NOT dating James, okay? We're NOT dating! There is NO dating going on between me and James!
      Lola: ...Okay, what are you trying to say?

    • Stacey: My best friend is my telescope!

    • Quinn: How could you not tell us?
      Zoey: Tell you what?
      Lola: That you and James are dating!
      Zoey: ...We are?!

    • Zoey: Sushi Rox is just up the hill! If you don't mind hills...
      James: Or sushi.
      Zoey: You don't like sushi?
      James: I love sushi! Show me the hill!
      Zoey: To the hill!

    • James: Hey, what's a good place to get some lunch on campus?
      Zoey: Oh, you wanna have lunch?
      James: Uh...
      Zoey: Oh, you weren't asking me to have lunch with you...

    • Logan: How many dates do you have a week?
      James: Huh?
      Logan: My average is three. Three dates!
      James: Wow, that's...cool for you.
      Zoey: Hey, whatcha guys up to?
      James: Well, Logan here is up to three dates a week!
      Logan: Are you mocking me?
      James: Yeah, little bit!

    • James: Hey! Uh...I was wondering what the best place is to get some lunch on campus.
      Logan: What are we, the PCA student information bureau?
      Michael: Do we look like pamphlets?

    • Logan: What is the matter with you people? Look at my face! I have perfect features!

    • Logan: (notices girls outside his window) Hey, I don't need a bunch of girls staring at me through my window! (realizes they're staring at James, not him) GET OUT OF HERE!

    • Logan: Why are you guys here?
      (all the girls are staring at James)
      Zoey: Uh, we uh...
      Lola: Uh...we...why'd we come here?
      Quinn: Uh...basketball!

    • Logan: (to Zoey, Quinn, and Lola) Hey.
      Michael: Sup?
      Zoey: Um, we wanted to know if you wants wanted to play some- (the girls spot James and stare)
      Zoey: Um Michael, did you want to introduce us?
      Michael: Not really!

    • (Zoey, Quinn, and Lola arrive at Logan and Michael's room)
      Zoey: (knocks on door) Knock, knock!
      Quinn: Na-knockity knock!
      Lola: Don't do that.

    • James: I'm back!
      Logan: Good for you.

    • James: (to Michael and Logan) So, you guys are pretty psyched about me moving in here, right? (silence) Okay...I'll be back in a few with the rest of my stuff. (more silence) No, no thanks! I got it!

    • Michael: What'd you find out about our terrible new roommate?
      Logan: Uh...it says here that in the eighth grade, Jimmy Garrett went to Woodcliff Middle School in Santa Fe.
      Michael: (matter of factly) That's in New Mexico!
      Logan: I know where Santa Fe is!

    • Logan: Stop clacking!
      Michael: I can't. When I'm nervous, I gotta clack!

    • Quinn: All the earth's water dries up...
      Lola: So we drink lemonade!

    • Lola: Oh man! I just checked my to-do list and I forgot to write my history paper!
      Zoey: Why'd you forget?
      Lola: I forgot to check my to-do list!

    • Michael: I knew our new roommate would be a doof!

    • Lola: You can't judge a guy by his name
      Logan: Yeah you can. Logan Reese. cool name, cool guy! Mark Del Figgalo...?
      Mark: He just insulted me, right?

    • Zoey: Yeah, you really showed that cob!

    • Logan: Bad news dude!
      Michael: I hate news when it's bad!

    • Michael: Just tell your teacher that you couldn't write your paper because of global warming!

    • Michael: Come on Logan. Let's go get some cheese. Just the two of us. Which is all we need. Two.
      Logan: Cheese.

    • (Zoey and James are walking through the courtyard. James turns to Zoey)
      James: Why would Logan make up such a stupid rumor?
      Zoey: That's Logan for you.
      (They kiss)
      Both: ...Oh my God!
      (They kiss again)

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