Zoey 101

Season 1 Episode 12

School Dance

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Apr 17, 2005 on Nickelodeon

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  • fair

    The PCA Dance committee reveals a test is going to determine who goes with who, and Chase tries to cheat off Zoey so he and her can go. But Zoey is paired with Chase and another guy, and to Chase's shock, Zoey picks the other guy. It was alright. It started off kinda good but by the end of the episode I was more than a little bored. I liked how Zoey found out by accident that both Chase and the other guy cheated so they could go with her. But that was about it in the last half, so my final grade is a C+/B- or so
  • The school dance is coming up soon. This year you don't pick the person you are going with. This year, you have to take a personality test. Chase really wants to go with Zoey so he tricks her into giving him her answers. Chase gets matched up with Zoey.

    The school dance is coming up soon. This year you have to take a personality test to see who you get matched up with. Chase really wants to go with Zoey. Chase tricks Zoey into giving him all of her answers. Chase gets matched up Zoey, and so does Glen Davis. Zoey has too choose between the two. Zoey chooses Glen. Chase is upset. Michael signs up to babysit a foreign exchange student. Michael gets matched up with Olivary Biollo. Michael and Olly also get matched up together for the dance. Michael ditches Olly before the dance. Chase shows up at the dance and sees Glenn dancing with Zoey. Chase chills with his "punchbowl buds." Chase overhears Glen saying he copied Zoey's test. Zoey overhears that both Glen and Chase cheated. Zoey is disappointed. The end of the episode is amazing. Chase is sitting by the lake skipping rocks. Zoey comes and sits with Chase. Chase tells Zoey why he did what he did. Zoey tells Chase that what he did was sweet. Zoey then teaches Chase how to skip rocks. Chase and Zoey then start skipping rocks together. This shows how strong Chase and Zoey's friendship really is.
  • for the school dance, the kids take a test to see who they're compatible with and whoever the computer says they are compatible with they go to the dance with; chase wants to go with zoey and will do whatever it takes

    i did really enjoy this ep..i guess i watched it the first time when i was 16 and then i wasnt really into the show so i wasnt like yay choey but now watching it im like there were some great choey moments..i mean chase really wanted to go to the dance with her and like i said in the summary he did whatever it took..unfortunately he was being sneaky and he didnt go about it the best way but he didnt want her to go with someone else..i loved the whole jealous factor..it was cute on him..that other guy turned out to be a jerk anyways lol
  • PCA is having a dance but instead of having to ask someone they are being matched up by personallity test.

    In this episode of Zoey 101 there is is dance coming up and the students are going to be paired up according to their personallity test. Thats when Chase takes Logans advice to trick Zoey into giving him her personallity answers to the test so that they would go to the dance together. The results get posted up and to Chase's liking he is matched up with Zoey. But Zoey said she is matched up with a guy named Glen. They relize that there was a mistake so Zoey must chose to go with Chase or Glen. She choses Glenn only because the dance is suppose to be about making new friends of she is already friends with Chase.

    At the dance Chase is sitting by the punch bowl staring and Zoey and Glen dance. Zoey steps out for a moment and Chase overhears Glen telling his friend that it was a good idea to steal Zoey's test. An angry Chase starts to yell at him but Glen also knows about how Chase was tricking Zoey into giving him the answers. All of this goes on while Zoey was behind them. Zoey angrily leaves the dance.

    My favorite part of the episode is when Zoey see's Chase by the lake and askes why did he want to take her to the dance he said he didn't want a jerk to take her to the dance.So he had to act like a jerk.But Zoey said that it was sweet of him and they both smile. Zoey tells him he sucks at skipping rocks and they both skip rocks together while a slower version of follow me plays in the background.
  • The PCA gang go to a dance.

    The time to dance, and the time to laugh. Here is my favorite quote from the episode of TEENick series Zoey 101 "School Dance":

    Dana: Wait you wanna make out with me?
    Logan: Yeah.
    Dana: Ok, close your eyes.
    (Logan closes eyes and Dana steps hard on his foot. Dana walks away)
    Logan: She so wants me Accutally I thought this was funny because Dana and Logan always fight and fight. Anyway Zoey and Chase are such a great couple they look so great together, keep up Zhase forever! Anyway, thanks for reading my review for Z101 "School Dance". Peace out, in and peace otu for all!
  • "Zoey, stay out of this... Zoey!"

    We start with Chase IMing Zoey in Mr. Bender's class. Mr. Bender hears the IM alert and makes Zoey read the message: "Hey Zoe, you think Mr. Bender knows his zipper's down?" While an embarrassed Mr. Bender tries to fix his zipper, two seniors enter to make an announcement. If it were possible to take school spirit too far, these two have definitely done it.

    The seniors, Todd and Debra, explain that there is a school dance coming up. Chase and Zoey look at each other, apparently wanting to ask each other out, but Chase quickly jerks his head away. (Sigh, will this relationship take forever?) However, Todd and Debra announce that instead of people asking each other out, they will be paired up based on their answers to a personality test.

    PCA is mostly guys, so while the girls are drooling over the prospect of being matched up with hot dudes, the guys are not so pleased. Chase is especially displeased, having intended to ask out Zoey, and Logan jumps on the chance to cause Chase pain. He does offer an idea though: answer the questions exactly as Zoey would and he gets to take her to the dance.

    1) What's your favourite fruit?
    2) Are you easily frightened?
    Chase tries to spook Zoey but it doesn't work. He sees her eating an apple and asks if it is her favourite fruit. She says yes and Chase flees with his info. Zoey is confused.

    3) What is your favourite animal?
    Chase presents Zoey with the Gummy Zoo Collection and asks her to pick an animal. Zoey picks the giraffe, and Chase flees with his info without even giving her the gummy giraffe! Zoey is, again, confused.

    4) What is your favourite kind of music?
    Chase meets the girls and starts playing country music on his boom box. Zoey doesn't like it, so Chase asks her what kind of music she likes. She replies hip-hop, and Chase... get my point?

    Meanwhile, Nicole is answering her questions completely based on her boy-craziness and Logan isn't even doing the test himself: he paid someone to type for him.

    Finally the results are in. The pairs are Nicole and equally peppy Nicholas, egomaniac Logan and tough girl Dana, our Unofficial Couple Zoey and Chase, and our two comic men Micheal and Ollie. Unfortunately for Chase, Glen Davis also got paired with Zoey, and is furious. Zoey says she needs time to choose, so the two guys let her go. Chase tells Glen Zoey is bound to pick him.

    Of course, Chase is wrong. Zoey's rationale for picking Glen was that the dance was about meeting new people and she already knows Chase really well. We then have a cute little scene where Zoey goes on to prove how well she knows Chase, ending with a teasing "Don't be sad!" when she leaves. This line really suggests to me that Zoey always knew Chase liked her and was just playing with him. So we know Chase can whistle through his nose, loves the Beatles and Muffin Munch, and has a bad case of raccoon-phobia. And of course, we know he loves Zoey.

    At the dance, no one is having a great time, except possibly Zoey and Glen. However, Glen soon finds himself in trouble, as he has nothing to say to Zoey. His friend replies with "That's what you get for stealing her personality test." Chase overhears and is furious, but Glen reminds him of his own trickery. Zoey overhears as well and is mad at both of them. Chase and Glen make a hilarious attempt to change the subject, but it doesn't work.

    The next day, Zoey sees Chase throwing rocks into a pond. Chase apologizes, but when asked why he did it, instead of telling the truth and saying he wanted to take Zoey to the dance, he makes up an excuse about not wanting Zoey to be paired up with a jerk, which is ironic because he became the jerk. Zoey says while what Chase did was wrong, but she found it sweet anyway. The episode ends with Zoey teaching Chase how to throw rocks properly.

    In conclusion, I love this episode because it shows how close Chase and Zoey are as friends, and how badly Chase wants it to be something even more.
  • The school dance is coming up. But this year, there is an added twist. Everyone fills out personality tests and is matched up with whomever the test deems compatible. Chase tricks Zoey into telling her answers. He is matched up with her, but Glen is too.

    A lot of main character development occurs in the Zoey 101 episode "School Dance," particularly between Chase and Zoey. The school dance is coming up, and Chase wants to go with Zoey. But this plan is thrown for a loop when the PCA dance committee announces that this year, a personality test will be offered to match students up based on the answers they give. At Logan's suggestion, Chase follows and tricks Zoey into giving him her answers so they might get matched up together. This behavior gives viewers their first glimpse into the sometimes fanatical lengths that Chase will go to in order to be with Zoey. But it's all with good intentions, right?

    The test results are revealed, and Chase is paired up with Zoey to go to the dance. But so is Glen Davis. Chase is disgruntled and Zoey has to choose who she will go to the dance with. She picks Glen, to Chase's shock and dismay. Her reasoning behind it - the dance is about meeting new people, and she already knows Chase. This scene demonstrates just how well she knows him. Zoey's friendship with Chase after this short time already extends to all his little quirks: he can whistle through his nose, his favorite band of all time is the Beatles, his favorite cereal is Puff n' Munch, his greatest fear is raccoons. And so the dance commences. Chase attends, but spends most of the time lingering with his "punchbowl buds." After some time, he overhears Glen and a friend talking about how Glen stole the answers to Zoey's personality test. Chase confronts him and Glen retaliates by saying he knew that Chase tricked Zoey into giving him her answers to her test. Zoey hears all of this and is very disappointed.

    The highlight of this episode comes at the end. Zoey finds Chase sitting by a pond, throwing rocks. She sits down beside him and Chase explains that he was being dumb, and only stole her answers so he could protect her from going to the dance with a jerk. Zoey agrees that it wasn't the best plan, but that it was sweet. She then proceeds to tease Chase about his lame rock-throwing abilities. The significance of this scene is that it is the first of many times that Chase and Zoey meet by a fountain, or some other body of water for that matter, to talk. Chase and Zoey don't get very much one-on-one alone time together, but many of the times that they do, it is in some form of an aquatic setting such as this. This kind of scene is accompanied by the growth of Chase and Zoey's complex yet wonderful friendship which continues to flourish throughout the series.
  • Isn't Glen Davis a player for the Boston Celtics?

    I could of swarn I've heard that name before. Glen Davis... yeah I think he is a Boston Celtic.

    But Chase/Zoey are a better couple! Who cares if Chase tricked Zoey into giving him all of her answers! He deserves it more! Glen Davis should of got kicked in a place where all boys hurt when kicked in that certain position, including me. STEALING, is a crime. Tricking, well, its not right, but its not a law! Like Chase said, there is no, "Thall shall not trick!" Its STEAL!! Glen is in trouble! Glen is in trouble!

    I really liked this episode. Why don't they show it more often. The last time I watched this episode, I didn't know Suzie Crabgrass's (of Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide) name, which I now do, that is Christian Serratos. I looked under her appearances and saw that she was in this episode... so I got sick and tired of the television station not airing the episode! So I had to watch it on Veoh. Mostly for the Christian Serratos part.

    I would advise Teenick to maybe air this episode next Valentine's Day.. since it is what you might call, a "love episode".
  • All i can say is for once logan was rite

    For once \\\"pretty boy\\\" Logan was rite, Dana does so want him! New Couple cumin up 4 season 3. For once \\\"pretty boy\\\" Logan was rite, Dana does so want him! New Couple cumin up 4 season 3.For once \\\"pretty boy\\\" Logan was rite, Dana does so want him! New Couple cumin up 4 season 3.For once \\\"pretty boy\\\" Logan was rite, Dana does so want him! New Couple cumin up 4 season 3.For once \\\"pretty boy\\\" Logan was rite, Dana does so want him! New Couple cumin up 4 season 3.For once \\\"pretty boy\\\" Logan was rite, Dana does so want him! New Couple cumin up 4 season 3.
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  • This episode was sooooooo interesting that NOTHING happened. I mean you can't get more interesting than nothing now can you!?! This is my own personal opinion you might think totally opposite to me.

    This episode was OK but I found it very boring. Nothing happened which was different or interesting. There are two guys that think Zoey was totally hot and they both cheat so they can get paired with her. Seeing as all three of them had the same result both guys got paired with Zoey. And Michael got paired up with a guy. Logan and Dana got paired together because they're so superficial. Nicole got paired with this random guy who is literally a boy version of Nicole. How interesting that must be. At the end, Zoey found both of them cheated so they could pair up with her and Dana stepped on Logan's foot on purpose and went off. Doesn't that sound funny and exciting.
  • Definately the best episode in series one.

    I have seen all of season one about 5 times, and this is the episode that I want to come on when this series is referred to on Nick.

    Take a dorky man and woman in their 20s, put them in a classroom and get them to make you do a personality quiz that pairs you up with someone for a school dance. This nicely adds up to Chaos with a capital C for the PCA students, who are highly unhappy about this system, as expressed quite nicely by Chase "yeah, erm, how do we get out of doing this?"

    Logan gives Chase the idea to try and put the same answers as Zoey on his personality test, so that he is matched up with her for sure. However, this backfires, as Zoey also gets matched up with a guy called Glen Davis Much to Chases frustration, Zoey chooses Glen to go to the dance with her, leaving Chase miserable without a partner. However, what we don't know yet is that Glen also cheated to get Zoey.

    Meanwhile, Michales foreign exchange student Ollie is paired up with him for the dance, which frustrates and irritates him, which was rather amusing. In the end though, Ollie has to go to pray to the moon, leaving his sister to dance with him. Michale is at first bewildered, but then thrilled as he turns around, to see a gorgeous looking young girl.

    Chase on the other hand finds out that Glen cheated after overhearing that he stole her answers, which outrages him. Zoey then comes along after overhearing Glen saying what Chase did. Zoey leaves them both after telling them what she thought of their actions. However, Chase and Zoey make up in the end, and end up skimming stones across the lake.

    This episode shows a good key theme of friendship, showing the lengths Chase will go to be paired up with a friend, as well as seeing the clash between two very similar characters, Logan and Dana. Also the storyline of this episode keeps us wondering whether or not Zoey and Chase will get together.

    High Point: Michale being frustrated about Ollie
    Low Point: Not seeing Chase and Zoey get together
  • Its cool because you think that Chase is going to fianlly get to go out with Zoey...

    Its cool because you think that Chase is going to fianlly get to go out with Chase...and then comes along Glen Davis who also cheated to go out with zoey just like Chase. The thing with Micheal and Ollie is funny. Dana and Logan get paired up together and they are "miserable" with each other. Nicole is with a guy, Nicholas who is just like her. Overall I think this epi was great because Zoey didnt end up with that Glenn guy but I dont like it because sh and Chase still arent together! The other parts of the episode was good too.
  • really cute...a great show of friendship

    i thought it was really good! It was really sweet when Chase wanted to take Zoey to the dance. It was weird though how she kept emphasizing that he was her friend...i thought they were best friends? It was also really, really sweet how at the beginning of the episode Logan and Dana are having the worst time but then at the end they are dancing properly together! so, so, so, so, so cute! It was also really good how at the end Zoey and Chase are having a convo about what happend the night before and Zoey is disapointed but she still forgives Chase for what he did and they are back to being really good friends again!!

    I liked it it was really good.....i just think there should've been a pash between dana and Logan!!