Zoey 101

Season 1 Episode 12

School Dance

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Apr 17, 2005 on Nickelodeon

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  • PCA is having a dance but instead of having to ask someone they are being matched up by personallity test.

    In this episode of Zoey 101 there is is dance coming up and the students are going to be paired up according to their personallity test. Thats when Chase takes Logans advice to trick Zoey into giving him her personallity answers to the test so that they would go to the dance together. The results get posted up and to Chase's liking he is matched up with Zoey. But Zoey said she is matched up with a guy named Glen. They relize that there was a mistake so Zoey must chose to go with Chase or Glen. She choses Glenn only because the dance is suppose to be about making new friends of she is already friends with Chase.

    At the dance Chase is sitting by the punch bowl staring and Zoey and Glen dance. Zoey steps out for a moment and Chase overhears Glen telling his friend that it was a good idea to steal Zoey's test. An angry Chase starts to yell at him but Glen also knows about how Chase was tricking Zoey into giving him the answers. All of this goes on while Zoey was behind them. Zoey angrily leaves the dance.

    My favorite part of the episode is when Zoey see's Chase by the lake and askes why did he want to take her to the dance he said he didn't want a jerk to take her to the dance.So he had to act like a jerk.But Zoey said that it was sweet of him and they both smile. Zoey tells him he sucks at skipping rocks and they both skip rocks together while a slower version of follow me plays in the background.
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