Zoey 101 - Season 3

Nickelodeon (ended 2008)




Episode Guide

  • Surprise
    Episode 1
    Another semester at PCA begins. Zoey and Lola find out that they have a new roommate, one who they would not choose themselves. Chase needs to tell Zoey that he has a girlfriend. Logan and Michael fight over the single bed. Lola and Quinn think that Chase will finally confess his love for Zoey when he asks to speak to her in private. Instead, Zoey has a surprise at the end of the episode...moreless
  • Chase's Girlfriend
    Episode 2
    Chase's girlfriend seems really sweet, until she tells Zoey to stay away from Chase. Meanwhile, Quinn helps Logan with his free throws. Her tutorial is brutal, and in reality it's just a means of getting back at Logan for calling her a spaz.
  • Hot Dean
    Episode 3
    Zoey attempts to play cupid and bring her broken-hearted dorm advisor Coco together with the school's cute new dean.
  • Zoey's Tutor
    Episode 4
    Zoey's having trouble in chemistry and needs a tutor. Her teacher recommends geting help from the student with the best grades in class. Zoey's in shock when she finds out who it is. She'll have to keep this a secret. Back in the girl's dorm, a rat is on the loose and Quinn is on the case.moreless
  • 11/12/06
    Chase catches the PCA star football player cheating. Now he must decide which play to run: keep this to himself and avoid getting beat up or tell his teacher the truth and possibly cause PCA to lose its championship game. Meanwhile, in an attempt to have the school sell healthier snacks, Zoey and the girls add Moon Bars to the school vending machines. They are supposed to be healthier, but the results are not what they expected.moreless
  • 11/26/06
    There's a secret society on campus and everyone seems to be getting in but Logan. He'll have to come up with something big if he wants in. Meanwhile, Quinn insists that she hasn't met PCA's latest transfer student. But has she? And if so, what's Quinn hiding?
  • Michael Loves Lisa
    Episode 7
    Michael sets his eyes on winning Open Mic Night, but gets distracted by Zoey's beautiful friend, Lisa. When he embarrasses himself singing in front of her, will he still have a chance at a date? Meanwhile, Logan gets tired of losing to Chase in video game racing, and challenges him to a go-kart race.moreless
  • Wrestling
    Episode 8
    Zoey joins the wrestling team after breaking up a fight, but the coach won't let her on the mat. At the regional tournament, she finally gets a chance to wrestle---in a championship match against a tough 16-year-old boy.
  • Zoey's Balloon
    Episode 9
    For their psychology class, Zoey and pals write down their secrets and tie them to balloons. But the project takes a dark turn when someone learns Zoey's secret and begins blackmailing her about it.
  • Chase's Grandma
    Episode 10

    Chase’s birthday is coming up, but he’s too busy writing a paper to think about it. Zoey obsesses about the right gift to get him, and when she finds out that his grandma shares his same birthday, she thinks she has it. Logan and Michael try to throw Chase a surprise party. Meanwhile, Lola and Quinn accidentally get Dustin in trouble when they get his arm caught in a vending machine. Now they must hide him to make sure Zoey doesn’t find out.

  • Quarantine
    Episode 11
    Zoey's date with Danny gets put on hold when the girls and the guys are quarantined in girl's room because of Quinn, who has her own romantic dilemma involving Mark.
  • The Radio
    Episode 12

    Chase receives an old radio from his grandfather. Because he thought it was useless, he sells it to Zoey. When the girls find out that the radio is worth $10,000. Zoey and Chase argue over the radio, and it only gets worse when the fight expands to include the rest of the gang. Quinn and Logan agree with Zoey, while Lola and Michael agree with Chase.

    Meanwhile, after confessing that she and Mark have never kissed, Quinn takes to make him kiss her.

  • Paige at PCA
    Episode 13
    A science star considers attending PCA, prompting Quinn to rebel when she realizes that she may no longer be the smartest girl on campus. Meanwhile, Michael thinks he is going crazy.
  • The Dance Contest
    Episode 14
    An upcoming dance contest is coming up at P.C.A. as Zoey tries to find a dancing partner. While Zoey and Chase are best friends, she says that his dancing skills are far too poor for the public’s eye. Coincidently, Lola knows a fantastic dancer, Gene, who agrees to dance with Zoey at the contest. Gene encounters a golf cart and suffers a devastating injury – caused accidentally by Logan.moreless
  • Favor Chain
    Episode 15
    When Zoey's favorite author comes to town, she gets permission from her dad to leave campus and go to the Book Nook to meet her. But when the teacher who's going to drive Zoey to the place goes into labor Zoey tries to find an adult to drive her there. She finds Coco, who will only do it if Michael makes her a family dish, who will only do it if Stacey will finish their project by herself, who in turn wants a date with Logan. Logan wants his ring back from Dustin, who wants Lola to be his assistant for his magic show, who needs Chase to babysit for Mr. Bender's kid. Chase now wants Zoey to tell a bunch of nerds to leave him, who will only do it if Quinn gives them a computer program she made.moreless
  • Zoey's Ribs
    Episode 16
    A relative of Zoey's sends her tons of boxes filled with ribs. She decides to have a PCA rib cook-off.But Michael and Logan's constant fighting isn't making the event easy. After Quinn accidentally burns of Mark's eyebrows, she makes a hair growth invention and tries it on her armpits and Mark's eyebrows. The problem is, the hair won't stop growing!moreless
  • Curse of PCA
    Episode 17
    When Chase, Zoey, Logan, Quinn, Michael and Lola hear about a story about a recent PCA student that fled PCA to go to Redstone Gulch, they decide to go check it out for themselves, along with help from Lola's crush. When there, Logan steals the student's necklace and puts it in Zoey's backpack, making a violent thunderstorm and a green cloud coming after Zoey.moreless
  • Drippin
    Episode 18
    While Michael tries to introduce his new word, Logan introduces a horror movie called “Shinnyuusha”. Evidently, Dustin freaks out from watching this movie and stays with the girls overnight. Meanwhile, the guys’ dorm continues to encounter a new problem – the fire alarm goes off at night. As it became a repetitive procedure, Logan discovers the cause; his J-Phone shares the same frequency as the fire alarm that ultimately activates the fire alarm.moreless
  • Son of a Dean
    Episode 19
    Zoey is dating Dean Rivers's son, with some extra perks, like getting Quinn a new mattress and their dorm a new, larger fridge. But she soon finds herself in the middle of a raffle-rigging scandle. Meanwhile Michael and Chase are being sued for their episode on the website, Toon Juice.
  • Hands On a Blix Van
    Episode 20
    There is a contest to see who can keep their hand on a blix van for the longest. The winner gets a private blix jet for two to anywhere in the world, and Zoey, Chase, Logan, Lola and others are determined that they can win. Meanwhile, Quinn uses a breath spray she made to cure her bad breath, but the side effect makes her laugh non-stop.moreless
  • Miss PCA
    Episode 21
    The “Miss PCA” beauty pageant contest is about to arrive at PCA hosted by their own Logan Reese. While Zoey, Lola and Chase initially found the event degrading, the girls asked to join when Logan revealed the prize of the contest: the chance to be on the cover of Buzz Magazine. In the meantime, Michael desperately tries to make Quinn laugh at his jokes.moreless
  • Logan Gets Cut Off
    Episode 22
    Logan Reese, the richest student at Pacific Coast Academy, is in trouble when his dad discovers that his he purchased a $327,000 car without his permission. That's when Mr. Reese steps in and takes control. He took away Logan's valuables, such as... closing his bank account and tearing his credit card in half. When Zoey, Lola and Chase see that Logan is in desperate need of help, Zoey does Logan's laundry, Lola helps him with his hair and Chase types out his report. Meanwhile, Michael says he can get out of any difficultly tied ropes, so Mark and Quinn tie him up to see what he can do. Does he have the skills he says he has?moreless
  • Goodbye, Zoey
    Episode 24
    Zoey gets some big news when she learns that her parents are moving to England. Now she must decide if she's going too, and she'll need help from all of the gang to decide.
  • Goodbye Zoey Part One
    Zoey's parents come for an unexpected visit to PCA to tell Zoey they're moving to London, England and they want her and Dustin to go to England with them. Dustin doesn't want to go to England. But Zoey has a choice to make.
  • Goodbye Zoey Part Two
    Chase and Zoey finally talk after she left for England-via webcam. Zoey says she is going to stay in England. Chase hangs out with a disgusting girl named Gretchen, because she looks like Zoey. Logan and Michael try to get Chase to admit he misses Zoey . Meanwhile Lola and Quinn are terrified when Stacey becomes their new roomate. Then Chase admits something shocking to Michael and Logan.moreless