Zoey 101

Season 3 Episode 6

Silver Hammer Society

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Nov 26, 2006 on Nickelodeon
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There's a secret society on campus and everyone seems to be getting in but Logan. He'll have to come up with something big if he wants in. Meanwhile, Quinn insists that she hasn't met PCA's latest transfer student. But has she? And if so, what's Quinn hiding?moreless

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  • Boring Episode, Hate it!

    I really hate this episode because it is very boring ever I watched! But in the ending of this episode, Zoey are so brave and very tough teenage girl that she quit in Silver Hammer Society! Guess what? All of kids beside Zoey quitted too, I am so shocked and proud. Everyone dropped out. I am so proud of Chase because Chase dislike any society or fancy club. Way to go, Chase and Zoey! I think Zoey is great leader of Zoey 101. I am really impressed. I just hate watching about Silver Hammer Society and dislike boys made kids do for them! That is all I dislike, lol. This episode is kind okay!moreless
  • good

    logan wants nothing more than to be accepted in the Silver Hammer Society. Especially when he finds out all his friends have gotten accepted. But his friends discover that it is not that great a place. Meanwhile Quinn knows the new girl at PCA.

    I actually really liked the main plot, I thought it was great. But the Quinn plot was boring. I dunno, Quinn was never one of my favorite characters and her plot in this episode bored me. So, my overall grade for this episode is a B+ or so, because I really liked the main plot of itmoreless
  • logan wants to be in a secret society, but he ends up being the only one not asked until fate calls upon him

    im sry..im kind of tired and i have no absolute idea if that made sense or not..i think it did but pm me or something if it didnt lol..anyways this ep was just average..i didnt entirely like it..it just didnt seem very original..i mean it does give some ties with regular schools b/c there are always those honor societies but its like more like college b/c its secret and stuff and tapping like in college..the funniest part is when logan got accepted..he freaked out like it really mattered b/c he was like the only person accepted for the next class so it was kind of stupid now to be acceptedmoreless
  • Pretty good, pretty bad.

    Like I said, pretty good pretty bad. Logan was trying to be in the society, and it was so funny! One of the things that made me laugh. But the hammer on the shoulder thing was kinda weird. And I repeat, WEIRD. But overall, Id give this episode a BIG OK. It could have been better, but it was still okay. I nearly forgot the episode since I haven't watched it for a long time. LOL! I give it a 7.1 because, like I said Pretty good, pretty bad just needs some fixing to do. This is my review for Zoey 101. Peace out.moreless
  • Okay so maybe logan is just jealous.

    Logan was absolutly awesome in this episode, he was the main character this episode and we didn't got to see Zoey that much. Dustin is still nowhere to be found.

    This was not the best episode but sure was one of the funniest episode ever of Zoey 101. Every scene with Logan was hilarious and couldn't stop laughing after the "this is to let you know, I'm interested" scene with Logan and the Silver Hammer guy. The Loganite scene was great too!This was a very interesting episode just like all the other episodes in Zoey 101. This third season has opened up with revealing and happy plots. This episode, \"The Silver Hammer Society,\" has showed that Chase, Zoey, Lola, and Michael have gotten chosen to join and Logan is left in the dust. The group gets a small silver hammer pin and Logan is complaining and trying to chase down the one who is giving them out. He wants to know why he\'s not accepted. Meanwhile, the group of people that were chosen have to do everything the Silver hammers tell them to just to get accepted. In the end, Zoey stepped forward and said she didn\'t want to join a club like this and everyone followed her. This episode was very well thought out and they were teaching the audience and lesson about doing the right thing. All of the Zoey 101 episodes show something that can be used in everyday life.moreless

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    • Michael: (to a Silver Hammer) Here! Keep the floss. Because I think you've got some early signs of gum disease in there!

    • Quinn: It was before I turned seven and realized my true passion of intellectual superiority over all others!

    • Janitor: Where can I hang my pants?

    • Logan: Okay, that's it. You people will never be Loganites!
      Chase: Yay!

    • Mark: I'm not running around in my underwear. I have tan lines.

    • Logan: Now, before you can become a Loganite, you must prove yourself worthy.
      Mark: How?
      Logan: Okay. You must each strip down to your underwear, and run across campus!

    • Silver Hammer: Do you really want a Silver Hammer to be slowed down by his back hair?
      Lola: No...

    • Quinn: (about Sarah) What did she tell you?
      Chase: Nothing...she just wanted directions.
      Quinn: You swear she said nothing about me?
      Chase: I swear.
      Mark: What would she say?
      Quinn: How would I know? I just met her a few days ago! Leave me alone! And never talk to her again, either of you!!

    • Sarah: OW!
      Chase: What happened?
      Mark: What?
      Sarah: Something hit my neck!
      Chase: Um...(picks up something off her neck) Looks like a quail egg...
      Sarah: Well, how'd I get hit with a quail egg? Ughh! Now I have to go wash my neck!

    • Michael: I got tapped! I GOT TAPPED! HAHAHA!! YES! Michael Barrett, a future member of the Silver Hammer Society! Oh yes! (starts dancing)
      Logan: You got tapped?!
      Michael: Maybe...

    • Logan: Exclusive clubs are very important! They help losers understand they don't belong!

    • Chase: I'm not joining that stupid club!
      Logan: You have to! You can't refuse a tap!
      Chase: Watch closely. (tosses Silver Hammer pin into the trash)

    • Logan: Wait! I know what's going on!
      Michael: What's going on?
      Logan: For whatever reason, they're only tapping girls this year!
      Chase: Then explain this. (holds up a Silver Hammer pin)
      Logan: You? You?? YOU?!
      Chase: Me, me, me!

    • Mark: (from inside closet) How is this a shortcut?
      Quinn: It just is!

    • Quinn: Mark, this is Sarah, a girl I just met yesterday for the first time ever!
      Mark: Hey.
      Sarah: Are you sure we've never met? Because something about your face just seems so familiar to me...
      Quinn: I have to get my boyfriend to gym class! (grabs Mark and pulls him into a closet)

    • Quinn: This is a shortcut!
      Mark: Through the janitor's closet?
      Quinn: Yes!

    • Logan: This has to be a mistake! Where's my pin?
      Michael: Maybe they couldn't find you without your shiny white pants on!

    • Quinn: We've never met, goodbye! (hurries away)
      Sarah: That was kind of rude!
      Mr. Conroy: At least she didn't say noodles!

    • Quinn: Hi, Mr. Conroy!
      Mr. Conroy: Hey, Quinn.
      Quinn: Um, may I have one of your hairs?
      Mr. Conroy: Sure...
      Sarah: Why does she...?
      Mr. Conroy: It's best not to ask.

    • Mr. Conroy: So, why are you starting at PCA in the middle of a semester?
      Sarah: Well see, my dad got this huge job here in California.
      Mr. Conroy: Yeah?
      Sarah: Yeah! He's going to be head of manufacturing for a major pasta company.
      Mr. Conroy: Ah, noodles!
      Sarah: Pasta. He doesn't like it when people call them noodles.

    • Michael: What up with that outfit?
      Chase: Yeah, I've never seen pants that white!

    • Silver Hammer: Welcome to the inner sanctum of the Silver Hammer Society.
      Michael: Haha, inner sanctum. I already feel special!

    • Logan: Well, well, well. I hear you lost all of your pledges. Looks like now you've got no new members. Serves you jerks right!
      Silver Hammer: Do you wanna join?
      Logan: YYYEEESSSS!! Oh Yes!! Thank you! Thank you!! Wahoo! (to some kid) I'm a Silver Hammer and you're not! Whoa!!

    • Mark: I've been looking for you.
      Quinn: Yeah, I know. You're breaking up with me.
      Mark: I am?

    • Logan: Chase, if you want to be a member you have to pay attention.
      Chase: I don't want to be a member.
      Logan: Then why are you here?
      Chase: I live here...

    • (Logan chases a Silver Hammer)
      Logan: Hey, wait up! I have a present for you!

    • Logan: (gives a gift to a Silver Hammer) This is just to let you know, I'm interested.
      Silver Hammer: Thanks but, I'm seeing someone.
      Logan: But, wait, wait, wait.... I didn't mean...

    • Michael: That's not Chase!
      Logan: I am too Chase. Look at my stupid shirt and my hair, it's a tangled mess!

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