Zoey 101

Season 3 Episode 6

Silver Hammer Society

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Nov 26, 2006 on Nickelodeon



  • Trivia

    • Quinn and the transfer student, Sarah, knew each other from eleven years ago when they were in a beauty pageant together.

  • Quotes

    • Michael: (to a Silver Hammer) Here! Keep the floss. Because I think you've got some early signs of gum disease in there!

    • Quinn: It was before I turned seven and realized my true passion of intellectual superiority over all others!

    • Janitor: Where can I hang my pants?

    • Logan: Okay, that's it. You people will never be Loganites!
      Chase: Yay!

    • Mark: I'm not running around in my underwear. I have tan lines.

    • Logan: Now, before you can become a Loganite, you must prove yourself worthy.
      Mark: How?
      Logan: Okay. You must each strip down to your underwear, and run across campus!

    • Silver Hammer: Do you really want a Silver Hammer to be slowed down by his back hair?
      Lola: No...

    • Quinn: (about Sarah) What did she tell you?
      Chase: Nothing...she just wanted directions.
      Quinn: You swear she said nothing about me?
      Chase: I swear.
      Mark: What would she say?
      Quinn: How would I know? I just met her a few days ago! Leave me alone! And never talk to her again, either of you!!

    • Sarah: OW!
      Chase: What happened?
      Mark: What?
      Sarah: Something hit my neck!
      Chase: Um...(picks up something off her neck) Looks like a quail egg...
      Sarah: Well, how'd I get hit with a quail egg? Ughh! Now I have to go wash my neck!

    • Michael: I got tapped! I GOT TAPPED! HAHAHA!! YES! Michael Barrett, a future member of the Silver Hammer Society! Oh yes! (starts dancing)
      Logan: You got tapped?!
      Michael: Maybe...

    • Logan: Exclusive clubs are very important! They help losers understand they don't belong!

    • Chase: I'm not joining that stupid club!
      Logan: You have to! You can't refuse a tap!
      Chase: Watch closely. (tosses Silver Hammer pin into the trash)

    • Logan: Wait! I know what's going on!
      Michael: What's going on?
      Logan: For whatever reason, they're only tapping girls this year!
      Chase: Then explain this. (holds up a Silver Hammer pin)
      Logan: You? You?? YOU?!
      Chase: Me, me, me!

    • Mark: (from inside closet) How is this a shortcut?
      Quinn: It just is!

    • Quinn: Mark, this is Sarah, a girl I just met yesterday for the first time ever!
      Mark: Hey.
      Sarah: Are you sure we've never met? Because something about your face just seems so familiar to me...
      Quinn: I have to get my boyfriend to gym class! (grabs Mark and pulls him into a closet)

    • Quinn: This is a shortcut!
      Mark: Through the janitor's closet?
      Quinn: Yes!

    • Logan: This has to be a mistake! Where's my pin?
      Michael: Maybe they couldn't find you without your shiny white pants on!

    • Quinn: We've never met, goodbye! (hurries away)
      Sarah: That was kind of rude!
      Mr. Conroy: At least she didn't say noodles!

    • Quinn: Hi, Mr. Conroy!
      Mr. Conroy: Hey, Quinn.
      Quinn: Um, may I have one of your hairs?
      Mr. Conroy: Sure...
      Sarah: Why does she...?
      Mr. Conroy: It's best not to ask.

    • Mr. Conroy: So, why are you starting at PCA in the middle of a semester?
      Sarah: Well see, my dad got this huge job here in California.
      Mr. Conroy: Yeah?
      Sarah: Yeah! He's going to be head of manufacturing for a major pasta company.
      Mr. Conroy: Ah, noodles!
      Sarah: Pasta. He doesn't like it when people call them noodles.

    • Michael: What up with that outfit?
      Chase: Yeah, I've never seen pants that white!

    • Silver Hammer: Welcome to the inner sanctum of the Silver Hammer Society.
      Michael: Haha, inner sanctum. I already feel special!

    • Logan: Well, well, well. I hear you lost all of your pledges. Looks like now you've got no new members. Serves you jerks right!
      Silver Hammer: Do you wanna join?
      Logan: YYYEEESSSS!! Oh Yes!! Thank you! Thank you!! Wahoo! (to some kid) I'm a Silver Hammer and you're not! Whoa!!

    • Mark: I've been looking for you.
      Quinn: Yeah, I know. You're breaking up with me.
      Mark: I am?

    • Logan: Chase, if you want to be a member you have to pay attention.
      Chase: I don't want to be a member.
      Logan: Then why are you here?
      Chase: I live here...

    • (Logan chases a Silver Hammer)
      Logan: Hey, wait up! I have a present for you!

    • Logan: (gives a gift to a Silver Hammer) This is just to let you know, I'm interested.
      Silver Hammer: Thanks but, I'm seeing someone.
      Logan: But, wait, wait, wait.... I didn't mean...

    • Michael: That's not Chase!
      Logan: I am too Chase. Look at my stupid shirt and my hair, it's a tangled mess!

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