Zoey 101

Season 3 Episode 19

Son of a Dean

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Nov 04, 2007 on Nickelodeon

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  • great

    Zoey's new crush, Dean Rivers' son, seems perfect. Maybe a little too perfect? Michael and Chase are being sued for their newest cartoon, because it was really similar to a skit on a popular TV show. Can they fight this?

    It was good. Zoey's plot was admittedly kind of boring but I really liked Michael and Chase's plot (And the fact that Logan was partially responsible for them being sued was funny). Overall the main plot was not exactly my cup of tea, but the sub plot has some good laughs and a good plot, so overall my final grade for this episode is a B-
  • zoey is dating dean river's son; chase and michael have to come up w/ new ideas for their webshow and as a result of one clip, they get sued; logan makes a video for any girl who wants to dance w/ him via video

    this was an ok ep..i mean it was average and stuff...i kinda liked dean river's son at first b/c he seemed sweet..i mean he got all the girls stuff..like quinn got the mattress she was waiting for..but then he took it like too far when he made zoey win the contest..that was so wrong b/c he cheated..i was so mad at him and so glad she walked out...but then logan..oh my gosh is he as stupid as ever...a video for girls? m/b if he wasnt such a jerk and so full of himself it would have been ok but no..hes such a freak and jerk..chase and michael were interesting and helped pick the show up..their video idea was cute..i loved it but when they got sued i was very intrigued lol..and then the guys like theyve done this at least a hundred times b4 get over it lol..loved it
  • Eh its ok.

    "Dean of a Son" was a an ok episode.I guess it was pretty good actually.It was funny,serious,and great entertainment. I haven't really seen it in awhile but from what I remember,Zoey started going out with Dean Rivers son and he starts doing alot of things for Zoey,Lola,and Quinn. But when Lola and Quinn think he rigged a ravel to help Zoey win and then go with her, it causes a big fight and when Zoey finds out she dumps him and doesn't go to the movie premiere with him. It was just a pretty good episode. Nothing special but I Still liked it
  • This episode was OK, to tell you the truth nothing really happened. The only exciting thing that happened is that we where proved that Chase is over Zoey.

    This episode proves that Chase is really over Zoey because he wasn't jealous when she was dating the dean's son, so maybe Zoey 101 will not end with Chase and Zoey being a couple - but we will find that out later, hopefully I'm wrong. Of course, we would all want Chase and Zoey to start dating. Otherwise, nothing really happened in this episode, ok so Zoey is dating the Dean's son, good for her, this episode was badly plotted in my opinion, but still fine to watch. Also, the Dean's son was really a jerk to all the PCA students, anyone deserved to win rather than Zoey, and Zoey shouldn't win just because she's the dean's son's boyfriend. What a jerk.
  • I had no idea...

    The limo driver was AMAZING. Such sturm and drang. The intensity with which he drove Zoey and the Dean's Son to the premier was surreal. This guy is going places. I'd put him up there with Brando, DeNiro, Hoffman (Dustin AND Philip Seymour), and the late, great Martin Landau. I also loved him in his DirecTV and ReBath television commercials. I think he's also the astronaut on some World Poker Tour commercial. And the back of his head can be seen in a Paul Reiser pilot for CBS. Bully to him! He opened the door with such grace and agility. He is a boon to the profession of livery drivers!