Zoey 101

Season 3 Episode 19

Son of a Dean

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Nov 04, 2007 on Nickelodeon



  • Trivia

    • The 'great French perfume' that Quinn sprays Zoey with is called "Jambon", which is the French word for 'Ham'.

    • Goof: Chase and Michael would not have been able to open the trunk of the limo without a key.

    • When Zoey walks back into her room after leaving the limo, Lola is choosing a ring tone. She ends up choosing the song on the opening credits of iCarly.

    • The URL toonjuice.com redirects to Chase's profile on Nick.com.

  • Quotes

    • Logan: What up, girly girls?
      Michael: (runs up to Logan and shoves him) We're about to make YOU a girly girl!

    • Michael: I don't want to be sued! I'm too young for suing!

    • Quinn: Oh, don't act all dumb!
      Lola: Your little boy buddy rigged the raffle!

    • Chase: We're being sued...
      Michael: I told ya we should've gone with the dolphins!

    • Michael: Oh, we're cute!
      Chase: Yeah.

    • Michael: Okay, okay. How about this? Your character and my character...we're dolphins in the ocean, right? And we're being chased by...by kangaroos!
      Chase: Oh yeah, yeah, that's good, that's really good. Uh, just one question...how are kangaroos chasing us in the ocean?!
      Michael: They're...very special kangaroos!

    • Quinn: Okay, Lola. You're gonna have to help me back to the dorm. Um, if you could pick me up in sort of like a fireman's carry, or uh, we could do a piggyback type thing if that'd be easier! Just lean over and I'll- (realizes that Lola has walked away)

    • Zoey: She has a bad back.
      Lola: It's happened before.
      Quinn: It's not my back's fault! My mattress is all lumpy and worn out!
      Lola: Like Ms. Conroy in the cafeteria...

    • (Michael comes into the room)
      Michael: Hey! (notices Logan dancing) What is he-
      Chase: You don't want to know!

    • (Logan is making a video of himself dancing)
      Chase: Should I even ask?
      Logan: I'm making a video of me dancing!
      Chase: Yeah, that part I figured out. The burning question would be, why?
      Logan: To give out to girls here at PCA.
      Chase: Okay. Why?!
      Logan: So they can take it home, play it on their TVs and then, pretend they're dancing with me!

    • Zoey: Yeah, we don't want him to look at me and throw up!

    • Zoey: It's just a date!
      Quinn: With the son of Dean Rivers!
      Lola: Which means you need the right bracelet!

    • Lola: (To Zoey) On the first date, a guy and a girl are just checking each other out.
      Quinn: And the second dates are like a compatibility test. To see whether you guys get along.
      Lola: But the third date is the real turning point!
      Quinn: It's when he decides whether you're gilfriend material-
      Lola: Or the dreaded just friends.
      Zoey: God forbid!

    • Chase: Okay, you are the worst roommate ever!
      Logan: But I, am goooood-looking.

    • Logan: All right! You want an idea? How about... your characters are bowling pins and you're terrified of being hit by the bowling ball. How is that?
      Michael: That could be really funny. How did you think of that?
      Logan: I am good at everything.

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