Zoey 101

Season 2 Episode 10

Spring Break-Up

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Mar 10, 2006 on Nickelodeon

Episode Recap

The gang is spending their Spring Break with Logan at his dad's place, but they are in for a huge surprise when they get there. They find out that they are not just going to relax during their break, but they are going to participate in the new show, "Gender Defenders." It is the girls against the guys. They start the next day. Meanwhile, Michael tries to convince Chase to let Zoey knows how he feels. Unfortunately, Chase sends the text stating his feelings for Zoey to the wrong person...to Zoey! Zoey and Chase are team captains. The next day, it is game time and the girls start off strong, but the guys get the advantage when Chase takes Zoey's phone to delete the text. Zoey gets mad at Chase. The next challenge is making nerds date-able and the girls win this challenge. Now, it's tied. Chase and Zoey have to go head to head in an aqua-battle. Chase lets Zoey win out of guilt. Chase and Zoey talk and Chase doesn't tell Zoey but he tries to send her a text when they get back to PCA to say what the text he erased said. They are all watching themselves on TV and, unfortunately, when Chase and Zoey are talking, the gang interrupts so Chase never gets to tell her. Zoey leaves her phone and it falls into the fountain with the text stating that Chase loves Zoey and is lost forever.
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