Zoey 101

Season 2 Episode 10

Spring Break-Up

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Mar 10, 2006 on Nickelodeon

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  • Wait for it, wait for it, it's gonna happen... nope, keep waiting.

    We find out that Logan's dad invited the gang to spend Spring break at his mansion. We cut to Chase and Micheal packing. Chase tries to sneak some cologne into his suitcase, but Micheal catches him. Micheal urges Chase to tell Zoey he loves her ("The people on Neptune know it!"), but Chase refuses. He says he's afraid that if Zoey doesn't feel the same way, things could get awkward between them and they could lose their friendship.

    The gang all love the Reese residence, but there's a surprise for them. They are to compete in Malcolm Reese's (shoutout to Malcolm in the Middle) new reality show, Gender Defenders. Chase and Zoey are chosen as team captains. They are to meet in the courtyard later that evening to go over the rules. After the rest of the gang leaves, Micheal urges Chase again to tell Zoey he loves her. Chase tickles him.

    We next see Chase waiting for Zoey in the courtyard. Micheal again urges -- well you get the idea, but this time on their new TekMates. Chase responds with "For the billionth time, no. If I tell Zoey I love her, it could wreck our friendship." He has just enough time to send it before Zoey arrives, leading to a romantic scene where Chase is obviously more interested in Zoey than in the rulebook he should be reading.

    By the way, if you're thinking "Election" also from Season 2, it gets a lot worse than that.

    When Micheal asks Chase whether he finally told Zoey he loves her, Chase asks him why he didn't read his message. It turns out that Chase sent the message to (no points for guessing correctly) Zoey by mistake. After a hilarious "Oh my God!" sequence, Chase and Micheal come up with a plan. They will swipe Zoey's Tekmate from her and delete the message before she reads it.

    After an initial failed attempt, Chase finally gets a hold of Zoey's TekMate and deletes the message, but fails to put it back. His theft is discovered, and he is accused of cheating in the contest. Zoey doesn't accuse him downright, but is extremely upset that he won't tell her the truth. When Chase asks, "does this mean we're not friends anymore?" Zoey just walks away, leaving behind a very hurt Chase.

    The second competition is completed without incident. The contest is tied, so the teams enter the final round. Chase and Zoey are to slug it out in the pool. After each knocking the other into the pool once, Chase throws the match, and the girls win. Of course, Zoey is still upset at Chase.

    It is not until the gang is back at PCA that the conflict is finally resolved. Chase is sitting at a fountain when Zoey walks up to him. Chase explains that he was trying to delete a message he intend to send Micheal, but doesn't say what the message was about. When Zoey presses him on it, he finally relents, but the rest of the gang drag them to the lounge to watch the show before Chase can say anything.

    After another burst of courage, Chase send the following message to Zoey's TekMate: "The message was... I LOVE YOU." However, Zoey left her TekMate at the fountain and the vibrating alert causes it to fall in, and the message is lost forever.

    Such a sad episode needs good comic relief, and Paul was excellent as the Frazzed, hyperactive Dustin. The games were quite entertaining too. Still, this episode is about character development, as we learn the reason why Chase won't tell his secret. Jamie and Sean pull off the hurt expression perfectly, and their awkwardness at the closing party was perfect too. Sad ending, but great episode.
  • End is Sad

    The gang go to Logan's house for spring break, where they learn they are going to be filming for a new reality show called Gender Defenders, where the boys try to beat the girls, and vice-versa. Michael tries to convince Chase to tell Zoey how he really feels, but Chase doesn't think he should, thinking what would it be like if Zoey doesn't feel the same way? So, one night when Michael and Chase are texting each other using their new "Tekmate" phones Logan's Father got everyone. But Chase accidentally sends a message to Zoey. The next day, during the first event, Chase takes Zoey's tekmate and deletes the message, but fails to get it back to her in time. The girls were going to text Zoey the answers for the trivial thing, but since Chase had her tekmate they couldn't, and the boys win. So now Chase and Zoey are fighting.

    In the end, the girls win the ultimate fight, but Logan's Father reveals both teams will be on the pilot episode.

    Back at PCA, when many students gather to watch the pilot of their friends, the gang, Chase decides to finally tell Zoey he loves her. He texts her the message, but her tekmate is at a fountain. Upon getting the message, the takmate vibrates into the water and breaks.

    The overall tone of this episode is much sadder and more dramatic then what we are all typically used to, but it worked wonders.
  • the gang spends their spring break at logan's father's house and they get to be on a game show too; chase and zoey encounter some problems in their relationship

    ok i will try to keep this down to 100 words and maybe a little over..and yes spoiler too..the ep starts off really great..like the whole spring break thing and everything..and then being on a game show..how cool..the game was really cool except for when chase got caught for sending the message and stealing her thing..i felt so bad for him..this was kind of a horrible choey ep at the same time a step forward in their relationship..i just wish that zoey read the message..but they couldnt make it that simple lol..the game was awesome and the girls won..yay more girl power..but the biggest thing to me was the choey relationship which was awesome
  • Greatest TV movie ever! Zoey and Chase are the coolest! This has been a wonderful movie! A lot of good events!

    Chase has to try to protect his secret from Zoey! He is almost successful but is figured out and is accused of cheating. But he didn't! Logan also has the coolest mansion! that was hilarious when Chase imitated that butler whose name was Chauncey. In the end Chase sent that text message to Zoey saying that he was in love with her but Zoey's pager fell in the fountain on the outskirts of PCA. It still had a happy ending though, and was so exciting! Games were held at Logan's mansion and they ll looked so fun! Again, love Nickole! She's the best and it's a real shame she wasn't in season 3 or 4, Whichever it was and I miss her really badly.
  • One of the best 1-hour tv movies.

    It's one of the first and best 1-hour tv movie. All Chase wanted to do was get Zoey's Tek-Mate. Man, when Chase wrote that text message at the end, I almost burst out. Zoey you need to check where your Tek-Mate is. It's sad she left it at the fountain, but weird. Why would she leave it there. Michael started teasing Chase in the episode, and I think Logan did too. But it was a pretty good tv-movie. Id cant wait for more of Zoey 101. Id give it a 10.0/10.1 :P. No I'm kiding. 10/10 it is! Thanks guys. Peace out!
  • The TV Movie was great!

    Logan invited to his friends for his house or something. Wow, Logan is very rich, because his house was so huge! Zoey and her friends get tek-mate, but tek-mate is like sidekick 2. Michael wants Chase to tell Zoey that he love her, but he was worrying what if Zoey doesn't love him back. Chase accidentally sent message to Zoey that he love her. So, he is trying to steal Zoey's tek-mate. Finally, he has it and deleted the message. Zoey gets mad and she think Chase is cheating. At end Chase tells the truth to Zoey about the message, but he didn't say love her, because everyone grabs them to watch to their TV game show. Finally, Chase sent message to Zoey about his true feeling, but Zoey never get it, because her tek-mate fells on the water fountain. That's makes me so mad about that, but the movie was still great!
  • I liked it a lot

    This is the first Zoey 101 TV movie. For Spring Break, Zoey and her friends go to Logan's mansion. They try out a new game called Gender Defenders. The team who wins gets to go to the real taping of the show. while playing the game a little competitiveness stirs up. Meanwhile, Chase accidently sends Zoey a text message saying how he really feels about her. With the help of Michael he tries to stop Zoey from reading it. Spring Beak-Up was a good TV movie. But I didn't like how Zoey didn't get to read the text or how Chase and Zoey hook up.
  • Good one-hour special, just too bad that Chase and Zoey didn't get together.

    Well, I guess it is only the midway point of season two, so I guess it is early to put Chase and Zoey together as a couple.

    The whole thing was good as well. Great acting, except the fact that Zoey was mad at Chase when he had a perfectly good reason for taking her, um, whatever they call those phones.

    It was just to delete that message, but the competition had began too early and he didn't get to give the phone, or whatever, back to Zoey.

    If he wasn't so shy, and admitted he liked a person, he wouldn't of gotten him into that tough situation but he did anyways and there was one point in the movie where it seemed there would be no way that Zoey would forgive Chase.

    It all got better, though, when Chase gave up a boys' easy win to get his friendship with Zoey back. It was a huge disappointing loss for the boys' though, even if they were on television.

    The result? Chase re-sends the message back to Zoey, but when he and Zoey are talking to each other by the fountain on campass, her phone drops and it lands in the water! And the worse part is, is that Chase doesn't realize Zoey doesn't have her phone until after they got back to the lounge!

    In the end, we see the phone, and more importantly, the text message, dying, drowning, and sinking into the water of the PCA fountain.
  • I think this episode is very fun to watch and very mysterious because you dont know if zoey is going to read the text or if she doesnt read it.

    I think this episode is very fun to watch and very mysterious. i think it is mysterious because you do not know if zoey is going to read the text or if chase sends it to the wrong person. I think it is very imaginative. I think that if the producers did a few more episodes similar to this one, then it would be so much more fun. This episode is very fun to watch because it makes people think of what is going to happen next and it makes more people to carry on watching the series. This episode is one of the best zoey 101 episode and i think that everybody enjoyed it.
  • I was on my toes the whole time!

    This one hour episode made me mad for obvious reasons. Chase FINALLY got up the nerve to tell Zoey how he feels but he does it through a tekmate and unfortunatly the tekmate lands in a fountain. Other than all the Chase and Zoey moments I didn't really like the episode and skip throught the parts like the nerd makeovers and the scavenger hunt. But, man, when Chase and Zoey had to do the Aqua Battle- That was tense and unbearable. I hated to see them fight. I hope that some day Chase will work up the nerve to tell Zoey the truth-that he loves her.
  • The best episode of Zoey 101 - the perfect season finale!

    Logan invites Zoey and the rest of the gang to his house in Santa Barbera for spring break. He tells them that there gonna be a surprise when they got there. When they arrives to Logans house the gang meets his father, Malcolm Reese who announce that he's doing a new show named "Gender defender" and that the gang will be in it. It's a competition to decide wich sex is better, boys or girls. So of course the gang devides in two groups, boys vs girls and picks Chase and Zoey as team leaders. They also gets a tech-mate, a little machine that work as a: phone, text massage thingy, calender and much more. When Chase accidently sends Zoey a massage wich, was ment for Michael where he says that he can't tell Zoey that he loves her, he goes crazy. He's worried that Zoey will find out and that could ruin their friendship. So before she reads the message he must take her tek-mate and delete the massage, but he doesn't get the chance untill the first competition starts. He doesn't manage to put the Tek-Mate back in Zoey Tek-Mate holder before she runs away to start the first competion.

    Hmm, I don't have the energy to write mich more about this episode so I will just summarize it a little bit fast.
    The girls thinks that Chase took her Tek-Mate to cheat, oh the guys won the first competition by the way. Zoey gets made at Chase and won't talk to him so he gets a little bit sad. The second competition is a "Nerd Makeover" and the girls win it, so it's a tie. To decide who win this tournament the Team Leaders, Chase and Zoey, has to have a batoon fight in the pool. Chase could have won this when he knocked the batoon out of Zoeys hands but instead he let Zoey win by "tripping". Later when they come back to PCA again Zoey wants to know what he said on the massage that he accidently wrote to her but he don't want to tell her. He then changes his minds and is about to tell Zoey the truth but the gang interrupts and make them come the the lounge to watch the first episode of Gender defender. Chase then take out his Tek-Mate and text massage "I love you" to Zoey but she doesn't seems to be getting the massage, he then sees that she doesn't even has her Tek-Mate on and the scene goes back to the fountain where they sat before and in falls into the water and breaks.

    He felt so bad for Chase when I saw this. He kinda told Zoey about his feelings but she didin't even had her tek-mate!!! I thought that this was a perfect end of season two and it left some unanswerd questions for season 3!
  • Actually it is painful to watch...

    "Zoey 101 Spring Break up" was the first Zoey 101 episode I've seen. I liked this episode so much, so I just watched it again and again! And the "best" part is: every time I watch it, I can't stop crying! The whole episode, all along Chase wanted to tell Zoey. The painful part is Chase. Looking how sad is he all the time, even when he's on vacation is just painful... And when he finally send her a message, the message falls into a pool... That's the part when I usually cry... And I liked the ending music too, cuz it's sooo cool! But I can't find it anywhere. So, interesting, romance episode: perfect - score 10!
  • Zoey and the gang go to Logan's house for spring break. They take part in the test run of Logan's dads new game show. Chace accidently sends a message to Zoey, which was ment to be sent to Michael...

    The first half of the movie-episode was good. The second half was stupid. If Zoey didnt loose her techmate, then the episode would have been good. If you look carefully when Chase is sending the "I will not tell Zoey I love her" message to Michael, you will see in the To: part of the techmate, it says MichaelPCA not ZoeyPCA. So how did Chase send it to Zoey? Im really confused about that. I cant wait until the 3rd season. Even though Nicole wont be in it, im pretty sure it will be a great season. Even though Dana and Lola probably will hate eachother. I sure hope Chase tells Zoey!
  • This was a very important episode (hints the pivotal) I think if you didn't see this episode you won't understand why the characters act the way they do after this episode.

    The ending of this tv movie was really disapionting and I have to watch it everytime.It is not like I have to but I just like how stupid it is that Zoey didn't notice and in the episodes after she didn't notice either.I think if you don't watch the end you don't understand why Chase if yu've nticed isn't as shy and wierd around Zoey because he knows that he has the confidence to tell Zoey because he already (kinda) did.So he knows that when he really needs to he can tell her he loves her.well agree or don't agree that is the question.
  • the best

    this is the best episode of all and it was perfectly plotted. the house was huge and we were given a tour during this special it played during the commercials. the end of it was the most special every second more intense when the camera showed a shot of Zoey's empty tekmate holder it began to get sad. i loved the ending theme. the ending was so sad its sorta like people crying at the end of "the passion of the christ" exept no one dies. Dustin was the funniest of all. i can't wait till season 3 this was the ending even though "people auction" and "Quinn's alpaca" aired after it
  • its painful to watch the ending

    me and my bro thought this was the moment of truth then when the textmate fell in the fountain we bluberd like a babby its so painfull when will this trajic secret end i mean come on we allready know zoey likes chase so its boring hearing it all over again \\\"what if zoey doesent like me back \\\" its just tourture i would stop talking but i cant this summary has to be atleast 100 words back to what i was saying when will this torture end its annoying if u can send a letter to nick sayingg we want chase to tell zoey he loves her
  • The ending was so sad I cried

    I really thought Zoey was going to find out that Chase loves her in this episode.They made it seem like she was going to find out but she does not find out. Chase was going to tell her but the others interrupped him. Then he really wanted to tell her so he text messaged her telling her he loves her but she doesnot have her techmate with her she left it bye the fountain and when the message was sent it vibrated into the water and short curited. it was the sadest ending I have ever seen I cried so hard.When will Zoey and Chase get together I wish they would stop making us wait and show an episode where Chase tells Zoey he loves her and then they can start dating.
  • I can't wait till this episode airs. Then, IF Zoey opens the text message, she'll know Chase's true feelings for her, BUT, it'll probably end up as where they both still like each other, but don't know about the other's feelings for them. That's the probl

    OH WELL, I don't really feel like typing 50 MORE words, since I already stated my opinion, but I'll just keep typing and just let it roll off the toungue. There's only twenty words left now, I love watching TV, especially Full House and Zoey 101. Well, I'll finally go!
  • The best Zoey 101 show so far!! It's really good...wow!!

    This by far was the best episode of Zoey 101 that I have seen. Basically the fact that Chase accidentally sends a text to Zoey telling her about his true feelings. It's a shame she never finds out though.
    Although this is going to make viewers want to watch Zoey 101 more I got really frustrated that Zoey just happened not to see that text. They should've at least ended it with Zoey seeing what he wrote then make us wait until season 3 came out!
    But I guess it was still good. Michael is really funny especially the scene where he keeps telling Chase to tell Zoey he loves her. I really can't wait for season 3 to come out as I hear Chase just might tell Zoey!!
  • Chase was Soooooooooooooooooooooo close to telling Zoey how he feels about her.

    This movie was awesome. Logan takes some of his friends to his house to meet his dad. His dad says that he was making a game show called "Gender Defender" and that they would star on the show. As an addition, thy each got a TechMate. Michael keeps bugging Chase to ask Zoey out, but Chase does not want to. He text messages him to ask her out and Chase sends him a message back. But, Michael did not recieve the message. Zoey did! Chase is upset and must do whatever he can to delete the message before Zoey reads it. When the first challenge comes up, Chase deletes the message. But when he tries to return it, he cannot. The guys won the first challenge. After the first challenge, Zoey gets her TechMate back from Chase and is furious at him and so are the girls. Chase tries to befriend Zoey again, but she refuses to talk with him. After many challenges, the tie-breaker comes up. Chase and Zoey must duel each other. If they fall of the stone in the water, they get closer to losing. Both are tied. But when Chase knocks Zoey's stick out of her hands and into the water, Chase decides to lose on purpose. The girls won and the guys lost. Back at PCA, Zoey wants to know the reason why Chase took her TechMate. Chase still will not say why. At the end, he sends her a text message saying what the message said. But, Zoey does not have her TechMate. It fell of at the fountain, fell into the fountain, and the message was lost. So close to kissing Zoey and yet so far Chase.
  • Wow Zoey almost finds out that Chase loves her. He still is scared to tell her because the wrong text message makes him steal her techmate. In the end he sends a message that tells her that he loves her but she never gets it.

    Oh my gosh this is the best T.V movie that TeenNick has ever had. You can tell that Zoey likes Chase too but she keeps it a lot more secrative. The thing is how does Zoey\'s Techmate end up on the fountian in the end of the movie? When Dustin drinks the Frazz wouldn\'t of been unfair for the girls being against a super charged guy? But the whole movie rocked. Especially when they do the nerd make overs. Each of the challenges really seemed unfair though because you can\'t think that the girls could out run guys or guys changing a nerd well whatever it still was the best
  • The end was a rip off!!!! Chase emails Zoey saying that he loves her and Zoey lost her Tekmate!!!! THATS A RIP OFF!!!! otherwise, it was a good episode.

    When Zoey and her friends head over to Logan's mansion for spring break, they try out a new game called "Gender Defenders". Which ever gender wins gets to be on the real taping on the show. Meanwhile Chase accidently sends Zoey a text message telling his true feelings for her. Will Zoey open the text message? Maybe she feels the same way? The cast also recieves Tekmates, which are little hand held computers. They come in a variety of colors. But the episode goes completly wrong. Zoey thinks Chase stole her Tekmate so all the girls get mad at Chase.
  • zoey and her friends go to logans and participate in a new reality show

    really, not as good as i expected. I was hoping the zoey chase relationship woul ge furthered a bit, not have twice as many chances to further and then interruption as the average episode. I like chase, and I like the chase.zoey dynamic, but would it kill them to further their relationship a little. Otherwise, not bad
  • Zoey and friends go to Logan's mansion for spring break... Logan's evidently millionaire father puts them on a test reality show, "Gender Defenders", which pitted the boys vs. the girls. Zoey and Chase are chosen as the captains for their respective team

    Mediocre beginning, but just what you would expect from a made for tv movie of a show geared toward adolescents such as myself. But I could see most of what happened coming, and found it hardly entertaining and laughing >5 times. The characters were same as they usually were in what I have seen of the show, which has been at the most 5 times. But the "movie" seemed to have every element of the show, such as dustin trying one of quinn's weird experiments, in this it happens to be a super-powerful energy drink. But as they progressed in the reality show, few conflicts evolved, and the ones that did were fairly predictable until the end. Let me say that the show got proceedingly stupider as it went on, and the ending was downright dumb. The ending was so bad, it was one of the times it had me laughing... I would give it away, but if you want to see how stupid the ending is, watch it yourself
  • In an alternate world, everything works.

    The only reason I watch shows like this is because the storylines are easy to follow, allow room for many angles and interpretations, and shows one of the most innocent but cliched forms of romance: adolecence.

    It breaks down for me this way: there are the things I expected to happen, the things that would probably happen, and most importantly, how they produced the way things happened. Sound confusing? I can make it clearer by being honest. Everything that happens, from the introduction to the twists and the conclusion were all formulaic, predictable, and phony. But everyone knew this was going to happen, so what makes it work is that they\\\'re (the filmmakers) allowed to find ways to make it work by creative thinking.

    The creators able to spin a yarn with the series because they think of interesting ways to look at old ideas. Take the ending for example. Chace text messages his true feelings to Zoey and the message is lost with the device when it falls in the water. First of all, no person in their right mind would tell their deepest feelings in that manner, and the fact that the message is lost in the water, though tragic, has very little meaning (unless the writers suggest that it\\\'s doomed love). If it does serve any function (and I do mean ANY) than it plainly shows that Chase is comfortable telling her how he feels when he is truly ready. This of course is really unlikely because when feelings like that will eventually be revealed, there will be a lot of stress.

    If there\\\'s one thing that truly excites me about this show it\\\'s the very world that these characters inhabit. I don\\\'t think anyone believes that there really is any kind of middle school like PCA. It looks and feels like these characters inhabit a routine Hollywood rented location and move about like they really don\\\'t have any kind of real work to do. At the end of the competition, it is revealed that the entire game was shot on camera (something that Logan didn\\\'t even know about), and all the characters don\\\'t even give a hint of feeling betrayed or manipulated. It\\\' s very obvious that Logan\\\'s father would do this considering that he does work in Hollywood, which is the epicenter for phonies, illusion, manipulation, and \\\"puppetree.\\\" (Just for the record: I did read \\\"The Catcher in the Rye\\\" and I\\\'m an avid film lover.) I am most amazed, in an intriguing way, over the very fabrication of this world and characters who inhabit it.

    But really, the only thing I like to see in these shows is the adolecent love stories.
  • Zoey and all her friends are invited to Logan's father's mansion for spring break. While they are there they are to test out a new reality game show called "Gender Defenders." Meanwhile, Chase accidently sends Zoey a txt message that reveals his feelings

    I was beyond excited to see this episode. I was however, dissappointed that Zoey still has no clue how Chase feels about her. I was all psyched for this big romantic movie where Zoey tells Chase that she has felt the same way about him. Nope, didn't happen and now I'm pissed. How long does it have to take before Zoey finds out Chase's true feelings? I mean c'mon, he's liked her since her first day at PCA. At one point Chase tells Michael that if he tells Zoey that he loves her that it will wreck their friendship. SO WHAT!!! If that really does happen, then it will make for pretty interesting plot lines. I have to admit that the most recent plot lines haven't really been that good. Maybe that is why they are milking this whole Zoey and Chase thing for all it's worth.
  • This is just what I expected it to be

    *****Warning! This review contains spoilers!***** They built this up like this was the big one where Chase finally tells Zoey he loves her. Michael bugs Chase to tell Zoey he loves her so he sends Michael a text message saying," For the billionth time, no! If I tell Zoey I love her, it could ruin our friendship. He accidentally sends it to Zoey. Then he spends time trying to get Zoey's techmate (a text messaging device, it can do more than text message but that's unimportant) and delete the message. He succeeds but in such a way that no one knows he deleted a message, but he still gets in trouble with the girls for taking it. When he finally builds up the courage to tell her, SO expectedly, the gang runs up and interrupts him. Then Chase text messages Zoey saying he loves her, this time on purpose but, naturally, she doesn't have her techmate with her, She left it by a fountain. The device vibrates, causing it to fall in the water and shortcircut..... Well that's the end of the episode. I knew from the beginnning Zoey wasn't gonna find out and yet I was still disgusted when she didn't. I'm really tired of the producers messing with us like this. I expect that next episode, if there is one, Chase will suddenly have lost the courage to tell her and the producers will string us along to the very end of the very last episode where it will be rather pointless because we won't get to see what happens between them afterwords. As I stated before, this episode is nothing special (exept it's an hour long but pretty much every show has a "special" double length episode or two) and is exactly what I expected it to be.