Zoey 101

Season 2 Episode 10

Spring Break-Up

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Mar 10, 2006 on Nickelodeon

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  • Wait for it, wait for it, it's gonna happen... nope, keep waiting.

    We find out that Logan's dad invited the gang to spend Spring break at his mansion. We cut to Chase and Micheal packing. Chase tries to sneak some cologne into his suitcase, but Micheal catches him. Micheal urges Chase to tell Zoey he loves her ("The people on Neptune know it!"), but Chase refuses. He says he's afraid that if Zoey doesn't feel the same way, things could get awkward between them and they could lose their friendship.

    The gang all love the Reese residence, but there's a surprise for them. They are to compete in Malcolm Reese's (shoutout to Malcolm in the Middle) new reality show, Gender Defenders. Chase and Zoey are chosen as team captains. They are to meet in the courtyard later that evening to go over the rules. After the rest of the gang leaves, Micheal urges Chase again to tell Zoey he loves her. Chase tickles him.

    We next see Chase waiting for Zoey in the courtyard. Micheal again urges -- well you get the idea, but this time on their new TekMates. Chase responds with "For the billionth time, no. If I tell Zoey I love her, it could wreck our friendship." He has just enough time to send it before Zoey arrives, leading to a romantic scene where Chase is obviously more interested in Zoey than in the rulebook he should be reading.

    By the way, if you're thinking "Election" also from Season 2, it gets a lot worse than that.

    When Micheal asks Chase whether he finally told Zoey he loves her, Chase asks him why he didn't read his message. It turns out that Chase sent the message to (no points for guessing correctly) Zoey by mistake. After a hilarious "Oh my God!" sequence, Chase and Micheal come up with a plan. They will swipe Zoey's Tekmate from her and delete the message before she reads it.

    After an initial failed attempt, Chase finally gets a hold of Zoey's TekMate and deletes the message, but fails to put it back. His theft is discovered, and he is accused of cheating in the contest. Zoey doesn't accuse him downright, but is extremely upset that he won't tell her the truth. When Chase asks, "does this mean we're not friends anymore?" Zoey just walks away, leaving behind a very hurt Chase.

    The second competition is completed without incident. The contest is tied, so the teams enter the final round. Chase and Zoey are to slug it out in the pool. After each knocking the other into the pool once, Chase throws the match, and the girls win. Of course, Zoey is still upset at Chase.

    It is not until the gang is back at PCA that the conflict is finally resolved. Chase is sitting at a fountain when Zoey walks up to him. Chase explains that he was trying to delete a message he intend to send Micheal, but doesn't say what the message was about. When Zoey presses him on it, he finally relents, but the rest of the gang drag them to the lounge to watch the show before Chase can say anything.

    After another burst of courage, Chase send the following message to Zoey's TekMate: "The message was... I LOVE YOU." However, Zoey left her TekMate at the fountain and the vibrating alert causes it to fall in, and the message is lost forever.

    Such a sad episode needs good comic relief, and Paul was excellent as the Frazzed, hyperactive Dustin. The games were quite entertaining too. Still, this episode is about character development, as we learn the reason why Chase won't tell his secret. Jamie and Sean pull off the hurt expression perfectly, and their awkwardness at the closing party was perfect too. Sad ending, but great episode.