Zoey 101

Season 2 Episode 10

Spring Break-Up

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Mar 10, 2006 on Nickelodeon



  • Trivia

    • While the girls and boys are partying after the girls' win, the song "Mandy" is being played by the DJ. It is by the Jonas Brothers off their CD "It's About Time."

    • The "Tek Mate" is an exact replica of the T-Mobile Sidekick II.

    • The numbers in each of the two combinations are related to the other numbers within that combination. The boys' combination, 27-12-36, are all multiples of three. The girls' combination, 14-7-21, are multiples of seven.

    • When Quinn calls Zoey's Tekmate, it rings, yet when the girls text message the combination to Zoey, it does nothing. Chase clearly didn't touch it between those two events, so it couldn't have been off during the text message.

    • Zoey still has her Tek Mate on when she is being pulled off the fountain to run back inside to watch "Gender Defenders." So it is impossible for her to have left it at the fountain.

    • When Chase and Michael are talking after Chase realizes he sent the wrong message, if you look closely, Chase's Tek Mate is shown open and closed in between shots.

    • Mistake: When Chase is typing the message he accidentally sends to Zoey, it says to "PCA Michael" so it couldn't have been sent to Zoey.

    • Everyone's last names are learned:
      Chase Matthews
      Logan Reese
      Zoey Brooks
      Dustin Brooks
      Quinn Pensky
      Lola Martinez
      Michael Barret
      Nicole Bristow

    • When "Gender Defenders" is being played back at PCA, it is done exactly the way it was aired earlier in the episode.

    • After the second challenge, Dustin starts running in circles and laughs madly but when he runs into the shot, we see he's not laughing or even smiling.

    • In the opening credits for "Gender Defenders," Nicole is not mentioned.

    • Not that everyone would be as rich as Logan, but PCA is a nice boarding school. The kids would proabably be wealthy, and every kid at the school was shocked at the limo. Some, if not all, of these kids would also be rich.

  • Quotes

    • Chase: Uh, how's the lobster?
      Zoey: It's fine.
      Chase: Good. You know, uh, they come from the ocean.

    • Lola: Which one of us is the fastest?
      Quinn: Not me, I have an extra toe on my right foot!

    • (Dustin is on the stair machine)
      Dustin: Hahahahahahaha!
      Zoey: Dustin?!
      Dustin: Hi Zoey, hi Quinn. What are you guys doing? I'm just here on the stair machine, climbing and climbing. I really feel like I'm getting good exercise! Have you guys had breakfast yet? What'd you have? I'm not really hungry. This is really fun! Ha ha!
      Quinn: He drank my Frazz.
      Zoey: How long have you been climbing like that?
      Dustin: Since last night. Look, I've already climbed...over 22,000 stairs! YEAH!
      Zoey: What is in your Frazz?
      Quinn: Calm down, it's all natural!
      Zoey: (points to Dustin) THAT'S not natural!

    • Chase: This close. I was this close to getting Zoey's Tek Mate.
      Michael: Well, what happened?
      Chase: I got Frazzed.

    • Chauncey: May I get you anything, mister Chase?
      Chase: No...no thank you, I'm just uh, waiting for Zoey.
      Chauncey: Very good, sir. (walks away)
      Chase: (mocking a British accent) Very good, sir. Very good, mister Chase.
      (Chauncey comes back)
      Chauncey: Pardon?
      Chase: Uh...I was...I was just trying out a British accent, you know, to - oh, I'm beeping. It's my new Tek Mate. It's a text message from my friend Michael. He's uh, he's upstairs.
      Chauncey: That's so interesting. I shall go write about it in my blog.

    • Logan: Hey Chauncey, why don't you show everyone to their room.
      Chauncey: That would excite me.

    • Logan: You're the fastest! Take these numbers to Chase so he can open the safe!
      Michael: I'm not the fastest! He's (points to Dustin) full of Frazz!

    • Quinn: (reading their second clue) Your second digit is now what you need, so look in a place where you cook with great speed.
      Lola (thinking) Ok, let see, cook with great speed...........
      Nicole (yelling out) FRANCE!!!!!!!!
      Lola: (sarcastically) Oh yeah Nicole, now we all run to France.

    • Chase: What if I tell Zoey I love her and she doesn't love me back?

    • Chase: Man I am so psyched for spring break.
      Michael: You and me both, I need to de-stress.
      Michael: Hey, how many pairs of underwear should I pack?
      Chase: Uhh, I don't really feel qualified to help you with your underwear math.
      Michael: Let's see, we'll be at Logan's house for 6 days, and I'd like to change it at least once a day...
      (Chase suspectedly packs cologne in his suitcase)
      Michael: What'd you just pack in your suitcase?
      Chase: Nothing.
      Michael: Yeah you did, what was it?
      (Michael tries to see what it is and Chase blocks him)
      Michael: Psshh. Fine don't let me see it.
      (Michael runs and grabs the cologne)
      Michael: Ha! (smells it) Cologne!
      Chase (suspiciously lies): No, it's medicine for pimples.
      Michael: Well you must have some sweet smelling pimples.
      (Chase grabs back cologne)
      Chase: What a pimple can't smell nice?
      Michael: Well I think you want to smell nice for a young lady that goes by the name of Zoey.
      Chase: Maybe I want to smell nice for you. Ever think of that?
      Michael: You know what you'd ought to do on the spring break trip?
      Chase: What should I do?
      Michael: You should tell Zoey you love her.
      Chase: Man go do your underwear math.
      Michael: This is the perfect time, spring break, Santa Barbara, right by the beach, it's very romantic.
      Chase: So?
      Michael: So it's the perfect time to tell Zoey you love her.
      Chase: Would you stop saying that so loud?
      Michael: Why?
      Chase: I don't want people to know okay?
      Michael: Everyone on planet Earth knows you love her! The people on Neptune even know. Yeah they're up there right now on Neptune saying...
      (talking in alien voice)
      Michael(impersonating an alien): Did you know Chase loves Zoey?
      Michael (impersonating another Alien): Why yes I do, the whole galaxy knows Haha.
      Chase (annoyed by Michael): You talk so much.
      Michael: The only person who doesn't know you love Zoey is Zoey. Why don't you just tell her already?
      Chase: Because I don't want Zoey to know I love -- (Logan walks in) -- brustlesprouts!

    • Chase: (to Zoey) So what, does this mean we're not friends any more?

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