Zoey 101

Season 2 Episode 10

Spring Break-Up

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Mar 10, 2006 on Nickelodeon



  • Quotes

    • Chase: Man I am so psyched for spring break.
      Michael: You and me both, I need to de-stress.
      Michael: Hey, how many pairs of underwear should I pack?
      Chase: Uhh, I don't really feel qualified to help you with your underwear math.
      Michael: Let's see, we'll be at Logan's house for 6 days, and I'd like to change it at least once a day...
      (Chase suspectedly packs cologne in his suitcase)
      Michael: What'd you just pack in your suitcase?
      Chase: Nothing.
      Michael: Yeah you did, what was it?
      (Michael tries to see what it is and Chase blocks him)
      Michael: Psshh. Fine don't let me see it.
      (Michael runs and grabs the cologne)
      Michael: Ha! (smells it) Cologne!
      Chase (suspiciously lies): No, it's medicine for pimples.
      Michael: Well you must have some sweet smelling pimples.
      (Chase grabs back cologne)
      Chase: What a pimple can't smell nice?
      Michael: Well I think you want to smell nice for a young lady that goes by the name of Zoey.
      Chase: Maybe I want to smell nice for you. Ever think of that?
      Michael: You know what you'd ought to do on the spring break trip?
      Chase: What should I do?
      Michael: You should tell Zoey you love her.
      Chase: Man go do your underwear math.
      Michael: This is the perfect time, spring break, Santa Barbara, right by the beach, it's very romantic.
      Chase: So?
      Michael: So it's the perfect time to tell Zoey you love her.
      Chase: Would you stop saying that so loud?
      Michael: Why?
      Chase: I don't want people to know okay?
      Michael: Everyone on planet Earth knows you love her! The people on Neptune even know. Yeah they're up there right now on Neptune saying...
      (talking in alien voice)
      Michael(impersonating an alien): Did you know Chase loves Zoey?
      Michael (impersonating another Alien): Why yes I do, the whole galaxy knows Haha.
      Chase (annoyed by Michael): You talk so much.
      Michael: The only person who doesn't know you love Zoey is Zoey. Why don't you just tell her already?
      Chase: Because I don't want Zoey to know I love -- (Logan walks in) -- brustlesprouts!