Zoey 101

Season 3 Episode 1


Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Sep 24, 2006 on Nickelodeon
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Another semester at PCA begins. Zoey and Lola find out that they have a new roommate, one who they would not choose themselves. Chase needs to tell Zoey that he has a girlfriend. Logan and Michael fight over the single bed. Lola and Quinn think that Chase will finally confess his love for Zoey when he asks to speak to her in private. Instead, Zoey has a surprise at the end of the episode...moreless

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  • Excellent!

    I loves this episode!! WOW! Chase looks so hot and cute. Chase also looks more neatly and bit older. His hair looks great! I love Chase's styles! I am so impressed by his stuff lot! In the ending of this episode, Chase had a girlfriend from Chase's hometown. Zoey became very very upset that Chase have a girlfriend, I means Zoey and Chase became very Tight best friends for two years. They dont used to get own girlfriend or boyfriend either. Zoey should knock the door before enter the boys room. I means what if boys are changing clothes? You will never know, lol!moreless
  • Great Season 3 opener

    In this episode, another year begins for PCA students. Nicole has left PCA, so Zoey and Lola have a new roommate. And Logan, Chase and Michael fight over the single bed. Meanwhile, Chase wants to talk to Zoey in private but doesnt get a chance too. Quinn and Lola think he is going to tell Zoey how he really feels about her. It turns out Lola and Quinn are wrong and Zoey gets a little surprise. This was good season 3 opener. I like how there was a little cliffhanger at the end. Although I didn't like Chase's surprise for Zoey.moreless
  • good

    a new semester starts at PCA. so that means changes. when chase tells zoey that "they need to talk", she wonders what about, and lola and quinn say it's obvious- chase is gonna tell her his true feelings. michael and logan, meanwhile, fight over the single bed in their room.

    good episode but i have two problems with it- the way Nicole was writting off was atrocious. Seriously. "Obsessive Male Gender Disorder?" Yea, she was "boy crazy", but that was what was funny about her character. Writing her off was a dumb thing to do. I also disliked Lola and Quinn telling Zoey that Chase loves her. Really? It's HIS Feelings, he should tell her when he wants too. That annoyed me. The rest was quite good though, B-moreless
  • Another semester starts at PCA. Chase has a surprise for Zoey. The surprise is that he has a girlfriend. Michael tells Chase to tell Zoey. Chase is going out with a girl named Rebecca. Chase met Rebecca in the summer. Chase wans to tell Zoey.moreless

    Another semester starts at PCA. There are a couple surprises. One is that Nicole has been diagnosed with OMGD (Obsessive Male Gender Disorder) and has been placed in an all girls school. The other surprise is that Chase has a girlfriend. Zoey's new roomates are Lola and Quinn. They are all happy about this. Chase's new girlfriend is Rebecca. He has yet to tell Zoey about this but he wants. He asks Zoey to meet with him later so they can talk. Zoey asks Lola and Quinn what Chase wants to talk about and they both tell her that Chase wants to tell her that he loves her. Zoey doesn't believe them. Zoey finds out that everyone knows Chase loves her. At the end of the episode Zoey goes to find Chase and ask him if she loves him. Zoey walks into Chase's dorm only to find Chase and Rebecca making out on Chase's bed. Zoey is shocked and walks out of the room.moreless
  • Season 3 begins, Nicole is gone, Quinn will be Zoey and Lola's roomate, Chase has a girlfriend. BORING!

    What a stupid, crap and downright annoying episode. i am so ANNOYED! First of Dana leaves after Season 1 but they've gone too far when Nicole left, this show has gone so downhill since she left, this episode was unimpressive, i don't really feel like watching it anymore, i can't stand it that they think this show can survive without Alexa Nikolas. She was one of the only interesting character on the show, i think they need to seriously rethink writing her off. When they got rid of her they lost me as a big fan, the only character left that i like now is Lola or Michael.

    Sorry Zoey 101 but this episode is a pile of crap.moreless

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    • Zoey: Straw? (Chase pulls out a straw from behind his ear) Eww!
      Chase: What? I wash behind my ears once a month!

    • Quinn: (Talking about the bees attacking Coco) If you drop the ravioli, they'll leave you alone!
      Coco: (Screaming) Don't tell me what to do!

    • Chase: (About all the Quinn stuff in their room) What's up with all the items?
      Zoey: Quinn's gonna be our new roommate for a while.
      Chase: Oh, oh! (sees that Quinn is looking at him) Oh! Heh, how nice! For all of you!

    • (Quinn is unpacking her stuff)
      Zoey: Umm, Quinn? Listen since we're gonna be living together for a while, maybe we should go over a few... you know... rules.
      Lola: Yeah, like?
      Zoey & Lola: No poison chemicals, no nuclear experiments, no genetic mutations, no cloning us without our permission... (Quinn picks up a jar with some green goo)
      Lola: And... No that!
      Zoey: Whatever that is...

    • Chase: I have run all over this freakish campus with ninety pounds of stuff and I'm about to start coughing up blood!

    • Chase: We aren't even two hours in the new school year and you guys are already about to kill each other!
      Logan: No!
      Michael: Oh, I'm about to kill him though!

    • (Zoey walks into the guys room)
      Zoey: Chase, I gotta... (sees Chase and Rebecca kissing each other)
      ... umm, I'm sorry...
      Chase: Zoey, this is Rebecca... my girlfriend.

    • Dustin: (breaks up the boxing fight) Hey, what are you doing!
      Logan: (exhausted) We've been... boxing... to see...
      Michael: (also exhausted) ... Who gets... the single-bed...
      Dustin: Why don't you just flip a coin?

    • Zoey: In love with me?! Chase?!
      Lola: (sarcastically) No, me. Marry me, Zoey. Please be my wife!

    • Lola: Ginny, come here!
      Ginny: What's up?
      Lola: 'Blank' is in love with Zoey, fill in the blank.
      Ginny: Chase...
      Lola: Thanks for playing!

    • Zoey: Me and Chase are just friends! Fa-riends!
      Lola: And you're Fa-Crazy!

    • Michael: Man you're so annoying!
      Logan: I'm annoying?! I'll show you who's annoying!
      Michael: Who's annoying!
      Logan: Your mama's annoying!

    • Lola: This is so wrong of her!
      Quinn: I know...I love it!
      Lola: Me too!!

    • Michael: Did you tell Zoey yet?
      Chase: Not yet!
      Michael: When you gonna tell her?
      Chase: Soon!
      Michael: You better!
      Chase: I'm gonna tell her!
      Logan: (comes into the doorway) Tell who, what?
      Michael: You that you're annoying!

    • (Chase, Michael, and Logan all fighting over who gets the single bed)
      Chase: May I suggest something please?
      Michael and Logan: What?
      Chase: Look, you guys both want the single bed right? So why don't we just say that whoever gets there first gets the bed, fair enough?
      Michael: I guess so.
      Chase: Kay good. Now the important thing to remember here is..
      (Chase pushes them to the ground and runs to get the single bed for himself)

    • Chase: I'm giving you a timeout! Go sit on that rock!
      Logan: I'm not going to go sit on the-
      Chase: ROCK!

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