Zoey 101

Season 3 Episode 1


Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Sep 24, 2006 on Nickelodeon



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    • Zoey: Straw? (Chase pulls out a straw from behind his ear) Eww!
      Chase: What? I wash behind my ears once a month!

    • Quinn: (Talking about the bees attacking Coco) If you drop the ravioli, they'll leave you alone!
      Coco: (Screaming) Don't tell me what to do!

    • Chase: (About all the Quinn stuff in their room) What's up with all the items?
      Zoey: Quinn's gonna be our new roommate for a while.
      Chase: Oh, oh! (sees that Quinn is looking at him) Oh! Heh, how nice! For all of you!

    • (Quinn is unpacking her stuff)
      Zoey: Umm, Quinn? Listen since we're gonna be living together for a while, maybe we should go over a few... you know... rules.
      Lola: Yeah, like?
      Zoey & Lola: No poison chemicals, no nuclear experiments, no genetic mutations, no cloning us without our permission... (Quinn picks up a jar with some green goo)
      Lola: And... No that!
      Zoey: Whatever that is...

    • Chase: I have run all over this freakish campus with ninety pounds of stuff and I'm about to start coughing up blood!

    • Chase: We aren't even two hours in the new school year and you guys are already about to kill each other!
      Logan: No!
      Michael: Oh, I'm about to kill him though!

    • (Zoey walks into the guys room)
      Zoey: Chase, I gotta... (sees Chase and Rebecca kissing each other)
      ... umm, I'm sorry...
      Chase: Zoey, this is Rebecca... my girlfriend.

    • Dustin: (breaks up the boxing fight) Hey, what are you doing!
      Logan: (exhausted) We've been... boxing... to see...
      Michael: (also exhausted) ... Who gets... the single-bed...
      Dustin: Why don't you just flip a coin?

    • Zoey: In love with me?! Chase?!
      Lola: (sarcastically) No, me. Marry me, Zoey. Please be my wife!

    • Lola: Ginny, come here!
      Ginny: What's up?
      Lola: 'Blank' is in love with Zoey, fill in the blank.
      Ginny: Chase...
      Lola: Thanks for playing!

    • Zoey: Me and Chase are just friends! Fa-riends!
      Lola: And you're Fa-Crazy!

    • Michael: Man you're so annoying!
      Logan: I'm annoying?! I'll show you who's annoying!
      Michael: Who's annoying!
      Logan: Your mama's annoying!

    • Lola: This is so wrong of her!
      Quinn: I know...I love it!
      Lola: Me too!!

    • Michael: Did you tell Zoey yet?
      Chase: Not yet!
      Michael: When you gonna tell her?
      Chase: Soon!
      Michael: You better!
      Chase: I'm gonna tell her!
      Logan: (comes into the doorway) Tell who, what?
      Michael: You that you're annoying!

    • (Chase, Michael, and Logan all fighting over who gets the single bed)
      Chase: May I suggest something please?
      Michael and Logan: What?
      Chase: Look, you guys both want the single bed right? So why don't we just say that whoever gets there first gets the bed, fair enough?
      Michael: I guess so.
      Chase: Kay good. Now the important thing to remember here is..
      (Chase pushes them to the ground and runs to get the single bed for himself)

    • Chase: I'm giving you a timeout! Go sit on that rock!
      Logan: I'm not going to go sit on the-
      Chase: ROCK!

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