Zoey 101

Season 3 Episode 14

The Dance Contest

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Sep 16, 2007 on Nickelodeon

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  • Romance in the ending!

    Zoey knew Chase is lousy dancer and dont know how to dance anyway. But Chase asked Logan and Michael for help to learn the dance. It was so nice of boys teach Chase to dance. Chase are learning to dance for almost day. It is so stupid that Zoey's grandparent drove across the america to see her. They should ride in the airplane for few hours, not driving for few days! In the Ending, it was so perfect, because Zoey and Chase got their chance to dance together, the dance was so perfect and awesome. They are perfect couple to dance and best friend forever!
  • superb

    Zoey is going to be in a dance contest, and Chase wants to be her partner, but Chase cannot dance. She gets a partner, but he gets injured. Chase tries to surprise Zoey by learning how to dance. Will they end up winning the competition?

    Good episode. I have not seen it in a while but I remember it being a good episode. Chase obviously cares for Zoey and this episode, I thought, showcased that in a good way. So overall because of all of this my final grade for this episode is a B+. Pretty good episode. Wish it was shown more
  • One of the best episodes of season three.

    I think this was one of the best episodes in season three. It really shows how much Chase cares for Zoey. He stays up all night dancing just so she can have a partner to dance with. Unfortunatly, Chase stays up so late that he sleeps through the contest. Sad. But Zoey sees beyond that. She's amazed that Chase would do something so time consuming for her. So they dance around the campus at night to a fast paced happy song. It was very sweet and it showed the viewers more about both Chase and Zoey's character. Um, the end.
  • Zoey enters a dance contest and is all ready to rehearse the dance with her partner Jean until Jean ends up in a scooter accident and can't dance with Zoey. Chase learns to dance from Michael and Logan in hopes of not letting Zoey drop out of the contest.

    Zoey gets a paper about a dance contest and goes and talks to Michael and Logan about it. Zoey asks Michael to be her partner because he is an amazing dancer but he tells her that he can't because he got in trouble. Logan tells Zoey they both got 2 weeks of no extra curricular activity. Chase says he will dance with Zoey but Zoey says he can't dance which is true. Lola finds Zoey another partner. His name is Jean. Also in this episode Lola has a perfectly good British accent to get Simon who is British to talk to her. Simon decides to teach Lola a British accent. Lola auditions for the play "A Crumpet Among Us" and gets the lead role as Margaret. Simon shows up in the middle of Lola's audition to hear her pefectly good British Accent. Simon was mad but he and Lola go share an egg salad sandwich. While this happened, Zoey's dance partner got in a scooter accident that happened because Logan couldn't see anything with his 32 cups of coffee. Zoey has no partner now. Chase tells Michael and Logan that he will dance with Zoey. They both laugh at Chase. Chase demands they teach him how to dance otherwise he will tell everyone on campus that Michael and Logan cried during last years finale of American Idol. Michael and Logan teach Chase how to dance. Chase keeps practicing the dance all through the night and eventually sleeps through the contest. Zoey comes to wake him up. Chase says he is the worst because he slept through the contest. Zoey says he is the best because he practiced dancing for almost 24 hours just so she wouldn't have to drop out of the contest. Chase says it was for nothing. Zoey tells Chase it was not for nothing. Chase and Zoey dance together.
  • Zoey wants to compete in a dance contest but needs a partner. Chase wants to be her partner so he convinces Logan & Micheal to teach him how to dance. Meanwhile Logan, Micheal, and Quinn try to be customer of the week to get free coffee.

    This is probaly my favorite episode of season three! Its atleast in my top five! I loved it from beginning to end! I laughed hysterically at quite a few parts of this episode. But mostly when Micheal and Logan were trying to teach Chase how to dance. It was absolutely hilarious to see him attempt to copy their dance moves. Then when Micheal spun Chase and he fell-that was priceless!

    I also found Lola's fake bad british accent hysterical! My favorite line of the episode would have to be:

    Lola: "Did that sound British!?"
    Simon: "That did'nt sound human."

    Just the way that line was delivered had me rolling on the floor!

    Micheal and Logans attempts to be customer of the week were also priceless! Especially Micheals! I couldn't help but laugh at the way he hugged the Coffee Cart Guy after 'saving him'. Then after both of their attempts to be customer of the week Quinn won -for a minute atleast.

    Another priceless moment in this episode for me would have to be Micheal singing that song about squirrels which is an obvious parody of the Zoey 101 theme song Follow Me sung by none other then Zoey herself -Jamie Lynn Spears! I thought it was cute how they through the song in like that.

    And ofcourse last but certainly not least! Zoey and Chase's dance at the end of the episode has got be without a doubt the best 'Choey' scene in all of season 3! Jamie Lynn and Sean Flynn did a great job with the dance as well!
  • Pretty good.

    I give credit to the actors, espically Sean, who learned those dance moves. Seriously, it probably took a lot of practice to do all of that. I know I couldn't have done any of those dance moves.

    I liked it when Chase and Zoey are dancing near the fountain at the end. . . seems like a lot of important stuff happens at that fountain.

    Jokes were OK. Didn't enjoy 'em much, none really made me laugh, which brought the rating down a bit.

    So, I liked this episode, but I don't like it. It's like in the middle. With ut the dance scene at the end, it would only have like a7.5 or something from me.

    8.5 out of 10.
  • Great ep

    "Dance Contest" was an awsome episode! I just can't stop watching it! It just got me because it was so funny and serious at the SAME time! Yes I said SAME time.Exact SAME time. I loved the end where Chase and Zoey danced together.That was such a classic Choey moment. I like them much better tahn all those dumb Zames moments in some (or should I say all) of the new episodes in season 4. I think that was one of the momenst where Zoey really could tell how he felt about her. That was so sweet. Great Episode.Watch it all the time.
  • PCA is having a dance contest which Zoey wants to enter but the only problem is that she doesn't have partner. Leave it to Chase to offer to be her partner. Lola practices her British accent for a role in a play.

    Zoey wants to enter a dance contest that PCA is having but she doesn't have a partner. Chase steps up to the plate but is turned down on acount of his terrible dancing skills. Lola gets her friend Gene to dance with Zoey but he gets in a injury because of Logan. Lola practices her British accent for a role in a play but ends up using her acting skills to get help from a cute British boy. Micheal, Logan and Quinn try to be the customer of the week at the coffee stand so they can get free coffee. Chase blackmails Logan and Micheal into teching him how to dance and spends 24 hours learning how just so he can dance with Zoey in the dance contest.

    In the end Chase ends up sleeping through the dance contest and Zoey finds him. He feels pretty upset and feels that all the learning to dance went to waste but Zoey seems to think not when she puts on a song and dances with him. I thought that was one of the cutest scenes ever, they definatly both have good chemistry together. The song was a great choice too and listening to words to the song helps to understand that it's what Chase goes through.
  • Zoey needs a dance partner, and when she has one, Logan then caused an accident which then makes Zoey without a dance partner. When Chase learns of Zoey being partnerless, he stays up all night in order to help Zoey win the contest.

    Zoey and Chase shared excellent chemistry at the end of the episode. Chase was so worried that Zoey wouldnt get to compete in the dance contest, and him being an aweful dancer himself, he asks the help Michael and Logan to help him learn Zoey's dance routine. He then proceeds to practice the dance routine for over 24 hours, and ends up missing the dance contest. When Zoey finds out that he stayed up all night just to help her out, she sets out to find him. Zoey found him sleeping in a lounge chair, wore out from dancing all night long. Zoey got Chase to show her what he had, and ended up dancing together. They fit perfectly together and thats exactly the reason why I watch this show!
  • Zoey enters a dance contest and needs a partner. Chase wants to be that person, but Zoey gently reminds him he can't dance. She finds a partner who gets hurt before they can practice. Chase learns to dance so Zoey doesn't have to drop out of the contest.

    When it comes to his best friend Zoey, there is nothing that Chase Matthews wouldn't do. Make a campaign-destroying ad about himself? Sure. Dump his girlfriend? No problem. Spend twenty-four hours straight learning how to dance? You got it.

    Zoey enters PCA's dance contest and initially asks Michael to be her partner. He is on extra-curricular suspension and therefore can't do it. With Lola's help, Zoey secures a guy named Jean, who is reputably PCA's best dancer, to be her partner. However, Jean gets into an unfortunate accident, landing him in the infirmary for a month.

    When Chase learns what happened to Zoey's dance partner, he wastes no time in persuading Michael and Logan to teach him to dance. This arduous process is shown through a montage to the song "I'm a Contender." Watching Chase's dancing abilities transform from clumsy and awkward to fairly competent is both amusing and endearing to behold.

    Chase spends almost twenty-four consecutive hours learning how to dance and consequently sleeps through the contest. When Michael and Logan inform her of what Chase had been up to, she finds him and wakes him up. He is visibly devastated that he slept through the contest, and declares himself "the worst." Zoey refutes his statement, saying he's the best and that what he did was the sweetest thing anyone has ever done for her.

    All of Chase's hard work paid off, though. The scene that follows is one of the highlights of the series. Chase and Zoey dance their routine together, and everything just really clicks. If there were any doubts or reservations about Chase and Zoey belonging together, this scene is more than enough to appease them. Adding further significance to the scene is its location - by the fountain. Chase and Zoey have had so many quiet moments alongside this aquatic structure that it has become symbolic of their relationship.

    When Chase and Zoey danced together, it just seemed right. There is definite on-screen chemistry, which is a tribute to the talent of Sean Flynn and Jamie Lynn Spears. Hopefully we will get a chance to see another glowing moment such as this in the near future.
  • chase gets a pca dance contest approved and zoey jumps at the chance...she asks michael but he can't do any school activities for two weeks..lola finds her a dance partner but stupid logan messes that up and logan and michael teach chase how to dance...

    i loved this ep...it was their funniest ep...chase not being able to dance just made it all the better...i was laughing for the five miunutes or so that logan and michael had trouble teaching him to dance...it was so funny how off his rhythm was...what made the ending sweet was the fact that zoey did end up dancing with him in the end and they looked so cute doing that together...plus he learned to dance just for her and he spent like almost 24 hours doing it...i also liked how lola shows off her acting skills...she makes a guy think she stinks at a british accent but she doesnt and he finds out...what was so amazing and can like so only happen in a tv show or movie...she got the guy at the end...i will remember the song at the end forever and they were by their fasvorite fountain lol...and i just had to dance myself to the last song...u know a good hip shake never killed anyone and i had to dance to the contendor...loved the ep
  • "I'm crazy 'bout ya every single day and night\ Only you make me feel so alive (insert insane octave jump)"

    If Chase's crush on Zoey was downplayed in Season 3, this episode brings it all back.

    Zoey needs a partner for the PCA dance contest, but Micheal and Logan have extracurricular suspension. Chase offers to dance with her, but Zoey tells him he can't dance. We get some cuteness when Zoey leaves as Chase tries busting a move but is quickly forced to agree with Zoey.

    Zoey eventually gets Gene to be her partner (Lola: "She's cute and boyfriend-less!") but he gets injured. When it is clear that she may have to drop out of the contest, Chase says he'll dance with her, blackmailing Micheal and Logan into teaching him to dance.

    Chase ends up practising so hard he falls asleep and ends up missing the contest. Zoey hears about his marathon practice session from Michal and Logan, but only after the contest. While Chase is upset at himself, Zoey still thinks it's the sweetest thing anyone has done for her. They share a dance together by the fountain.

    This episode is special in its two extended scenes without any dialogue. Chase was hilarious learning to dance (is anyone really that bad?) and the Unofficial Couple shared one of their sweetest moments in Zoey 101. The subplot was okay, but I didn't really care for it. Overall great episode. Finally, I love the American Idol reference.
  • hi guys [=...

    i loved this Episode it was souch cute Episode.
    and in this Episode chase was so nice that he tried too do everything so zoey could be in the dance contest .
    and in the end they danced together.
    and thy were so cute together and i also think that oey and chase ment for each ather.
    dont you???
    and if they wont be together in the last Episode i will be very sad...
    oh and i wanted too say that i'm from israel so i'm sorry about my vocabulary because we have also zoey 101 in israel.
    bay bay guys.
    sharon levy 14 and half israel [= .
  • This episode was so awesome!

    Zoey enters a dance contest but she has no partner. I'm glad that Chase still want be Zoey's partner. But she don't to go to dance contest with Chase because he was bad dancer. Finally, Logan and Michael teach Chase how to dance. Wow, Chase has improved dance so he can be Zoey's partner. Later at night Chase falls asleep while misses the contest but Zoey alreay dropped out. I kind of feels bad for Chase because he misses dance contest. Finally, Zoey dance with Chase! Awww that's so cute when Zoey and Chase are dance each other. Also, they should kiss because they looks like going to kiss plus they are smile and flirting a lot! This episode show that Chase still has feelings for Zoey.
  • In this episode, Zoey enters a dance contest in which she has no partner. Chase learns to dance so he can become her partner in the contest, while michael, logan and quinn compete to become customer of the week at pca's coffee shop.

    Throughout this episode, zoey struggles to find the perfect dance partner to compete with her in the contest, but they all keep getting injured and cant compete. chase asks michael and logan to help him learn to dance so he can become zoey's partner in the contest. in the end of this episode, chase falls asleep while practising and misses the contest but it turns out zoey already dropped out. meanwhile, quinn wins the customer of the week competition just to find out that she won becuase the guy who works their only picks cute girls that he thinks is cute.then chase and zoey dance the dance that zoey was going to perform in the contest and look super cute while doing it sharing a cute chase and zoey moment.
  • Will this episode be romantic?

    I think in this episode there will be a dance contest at PCA. If the competition is supposed to be in pairs then it will probably just be a romance based episode. If the contest is individual, or in groups then I think it will be very competetive episode. Everyone will get into afight,no one will win the competition, and they'll all go back to being friends agai. I hope it's done in pairs, because I want to see some other possible couples besides Zoey and Chase even though I love them as a couple. I can't wait for the episode to air.