Zoey 101

Season 3 Episode 14

The Dance Contest

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Sep 16, 2007 on Nickelodeon

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  • Zoey enters a dance contest and is all ready to rehearse the dance with her partner Jean until Jean ends up in a scooter accident and can't dance with Zoey. Chase learns to dance from Michael and Logan in hopes of not letting Zoey drop out of the contest.

    Zoey gets a paper about a dance contest and goes and talks to Michael and Logan about it. Zoey asks Michael to be her partner because he is an amazing dancer but he tells her that he can't because he got in trouble. Logan tells Zoey they both got 2 weeks of no extra curricular activity. Chase says he will dance with Zoey but Zoey says he can't dance which is true. Lola finds Zoey another partner. His name is Jean. Also in this episode Lola has a perfectly good British accent to get Simon who is British to talk to her. Simon decides to teach Lola a British accent. Lola auditions for the play "A Crumpet Among Us" and gets the lead role as Margaret. Simon shows up in the middle of Lola's audition to hear her pefectly good British Accent. Simon was mad but he and Lola go share an egg salad sandwich. While this happened, Zoey's dance partner got in a scooter accident that happened because Logan couldn't see anything with his 32 cups of coffee. Zoey has no partner now. Chase tells Michael and Logan that he will dance with Zoey. They both laugh at Chase. Chase demands they teach him how to dance otherwise he will tell everyone on campus that Michael and Logan cried during last years finale of American Idol. Michael and Logan teach Chase how to dance. Chase keeps practicing the dance all through the night and eventually sleeps through the contest. Zoey comes to wake him up. Chase says he is the worst because he slept through the contest. Zoey says he is the best because he practiced dancing for almost 24 hours just so she wouldn't have to drop out of the contest. Chase says it was for nothing. Zoey tells Chase it was not for nothing. Chase and Zoey dance together.