Zoey 101

Season 2 Episode 3

The Election

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Oct 09, 2005 on Nickelodeon
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Zoey and Chase both run for class president, but things backfire when they argue with each other for the spot. Logan takes over as Chase's campaign manager, planning to play dirty.

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  • superb

    Chase nominates Zoey for class president and in retaliation Zoey nominates Chase. Logan takes over for Chase, making lucrative offers for the people voting so they will vote Chase. Things go too far and it threatens to ruin Zoey and Chase's friendship, forever.

    It was pretty good. The only complaint I had was that Mark bored me, but he was a very small part of the episode. So my final grade is still somewhere in the "B" Range, a pretty good episode from the second season of the show, I thought. It is not the best ever but an enjoyable 22 minutesmoreless
  • Chase and Zoey nominate each other for class president. They both don't want to run but now they have to. Mark Del Figgalo is running against them. Chase doesn't want this to affect his and Zoey's friendship.moreless

    Zoey and Chase nominate each other for class president. They both don't want to run but they now have to. Mark Del Figgalo is running against them. Chase doesn't want this to affect his friendship with Zoey. Chase then makes a pact with Zoey to not let this affect their friendship. That pact is tested when Logan takes over Chase's campaign. Logan starts handing out free smoothies and Chase bucks. This gets Zoey mad at Chase when it is all Logan's fault. Chase devises a plan. His plan is to make himself look bad so Zoey wins. The plan backfires. Chase makes a commercial mocking himself, but everyone believes that Zoey made the commercial. Chase schedules a press conference and at this press conference he explains that he made the commercial. Chase then drops out of the race for president. Zoey finds Chase on the boys roof. Chase and Zoey talk. They both appologize to each other. Zoey tells Chase that she dropped out of the race to become class president. Mark Del Figgalo ends up winning the election. This episode shows that through anything Chase and Zoey will remain friends. Their friendship is that strong. There friendship will never die.moreless
  • chase and zoey both inadvertedly run for class president and things get rocky when chase gets logan as him campaign manager

    i did like this ep b/c this definitely was a turning pt in the choey relationship..they never were really mad at each other..well more so zoey mad at him in this one and him feeling like an idiot so i think that strengthened their relationship in this..i like how they teased each other in the beginning but when logan got involved it was more a competition no matter how much chase didnt want it to be..and he was trying to do the right thing and not drop out but make it so zoey would win..unfortunately that didnt work out so well for him..luckily and this is a spoiler they both dropped out b/c their friendship meant more to them than a silly racemoreless
  • Zoey and Chase are running for class president.

    Chase and Zoey are running for class president. This episode proved some points. Chase really cares about Zoey and Zoey doesn't use her head when it came to Logan's ads. Chase also didn't use his head when it came to making the self destructing ad. He should have known that it wouldn't result in people not voting for him. When he forfeited from the race, he did it in a smart way that left a lot of people shocked. Logan was really smart in trying to make Chase win the election. If this had been a regular election with real politicians, his tactics would have worked fine. But he forgot that Chase isn't a politician and a really good guy.moreless
  • This is one of my favorite episodes. I like it a lot! Zoey rulez!

    I love this episode and show for that matter. It is so entertaining! Chase is the coolest of cool. They both run for class president and an interesting twist happens. Logan wants to help Chase but by planning some dirty tactics. I like it when this episode shows a lot, because everytime I see it I enjoy it! The girls are so hot too! Lola is pretty! The events ROCK OUT LOUD! It has been a LOOOONG time since I've seen this episode however. It's been at least a year. It is just brilliant! And Nickole is one beautiful girl! I love you Nickole! If you ever see my review call me at 547-0230! Of course if you're not in Ludlow Massachusetts then I'm sure you'll also have to dial 413...moreless
Gus Hoffman

Gus Hoffman

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Creagen Dow

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (4)

    • A season two episode of The Suite Life of Zack and Cody, a Disney Channel Original Series, has the same title.

    • When Quinn is showing the poll. Nicole asks about the green thing, but all the bars clearly stated each campaigners' name, so it should have been obvious what it was.

    • The picture of Zoey in the end of the commercial about Chase was taken from the episode called "Broadcast Views." You can see that from the top that she wears, the red chair she's sitting on, and from the background.

    • The girl named Mel in this episode was also in the pilot episode. She was on the basketball team against the guys.

  • QUOTES (29)

    • Logan: (to Chase) Hey, what's up future prez? Dude, it is gonna be so cool when you win the election!
      Chase: How is that?
      Logan: Because being president equals power, and power attracts girls!
      Chase: And if Zoey wins?
      Logan: Hehe, ain't gonna happen!
      Michael: What makes you so sure?
      Logan: Dude, she's a girl!

    • (In the press conference)
      Chase: Hi, is this thing on, am I on?.. I am? Okay... Hi my names is Chase Matthews or most of you may know me as the guy that eats out of garbage cans, shaves his legs and picks on little girls. Now I know that most of you thought my opponent Zoey Brooks made that commercial but she didn't... I did. I know that it sounds pretty stupid but I did it because I really think that Zoey is the best person for the job. Which is also why I've decided to drop out of the race for class president. Anyway, I guess that's it... Is the camera off? Yes? It's not off yet? Turn it off!... Is it off? (walks off the camera)

    • Nicole: Can't we eat sushi together in a closet?

    • Nicole: (drinking Zoeys coffee) Mmm... How great is this coffee!
      Zoey: I wish I knew...

    • Chase: Were you just born? Don't you know that girls don't mean half the things they say? Remember that girl you dated a couple years ago?
      Michael: Oh, yeah. The Karen Franklin incident.
      Logan: What happend with Karen Franklin?
      Michael: Her birthday was coming up, right? So I asked her what she wanted. She said nothing! So I said "uhm, nothing?" and she goes "yeah, nothing" so I said "are you sure?" and she's all "yes, I don't want anything". So, I didn't buy her a present.
      Chase: And?
      Michael: She cried for three days, then moved to Wisconsin.
      Logan: Wisconsin?
      Michael: It's the dairy state...
      Logan: Oh... (confused) Wait! What was the point of the story?

    • Zoey: Fine, I nominate Chase.
      Chase: I- wait, hold up a minute!
      Teacher: Does anyone second the nomination for Chase?
      Chase: No! No one does, no one-
      Mel: I absolutely second the nomination for Chase!
      Chase: Melissa!!

    • Chase: Why are you sorry?
      Zoey: Because this whole week I've been getting mad at you when it was Logan's fault!

    • Zoey: Everyone thinks I made it!
      Chase: They do?
      Zoey: Yeah, now the whole school feels sorry for you and hates me!

    • Quinn: Zoey, I can't believe you made that commercial.
      Zoey: What commercial?

    • Chase: You promised me that this election wouldn't wreck our friendship!
      Zoey: I didn't know what kind of campaign you were going to run!

    • Zoey: That's still wrong!
      Nicole: You're just going around the rules.

    • Chase: Don't you know that girls don't mean half the things they say!?

    • Chase: Remember when you said that you wouldn't let this election wreck our relationship?
      Zoey: Yeah I remember.

    • Zoey: This is how you plan to win the election? By handing out free smoothies!?
      Chase: I just heard about it.

    • Nicole: Here's the plan, we each just take one bite!
      Lola: One bite.

    • Logan: I'm going to do whatever it takes, to make sure you crush Zoey in this election.

    • Zoey: Thanks, but I really don't want to win that way.

    • Chase: I'm not afraid I'm going to lose!
      Zoey: So you think you can beat me?

    • Zoey: Great! You should get one.
      (Lola takes the coffee from her)
      Lola: Mmm. That is good!

    • Zoey: (angry) You're unbelievable!
      Logan: Thank you.

    • Announcer: Chase Matthews wants to be your class president. But how well do you really know Chase Matthews? For example, do you know he eats out of garbage cans? Or that he shaves his legs? Or that he picks on little girls? Is this the kind of guy you want for class president? No! On Tuesday, vote Zoey Brooks for class president. She's awesome!

    • Logan: Remember, a vote for Chase is a vote for free smoothies!

    • Zoey: Mark's last name is Del Figgalo?
      Quinn: It means of the figs.

    • Mark: (bored) Vote for me. I'll make things better.

    • Nicole: Hey Zoe! Check this out. (points to sign) Yo Yo Yoey, Vote 4 Zoey! (pauses) What? It's my fault nothing good rhymes with your name?

    • Nicole: Ooh, Zoey, check out your horoscope! It says you will win a major competition. Is that freaky or what?
      Zoey: I'm not a Virgo.
      Nicole: Shhh! Don't tell people!

    • Nicole: You guys! Check out my horoscope. All stars point to romance. That special someone you've been hoping to meet is closer than you think. (looks at boy) Ooh! Maybe it's him. You think it's him?
      (boy starts kissing girlfriend)
      Lola: I'm thinking it's not him.
      Zoey: Okay, this is the horoscope for Capricorn, you're not a Capricorn.
      Nicole: I know, but I like this one better than mine.

    • Chase: Spit shake!
      Zoey: Gross.
      Chase: What? Girls don't spit shake?
      Zoey: Not really.

    • Chase: I nominate Zoey!
      Zoey: What?
      Nicole: I second Zoey's nomination!

  • NOTES (2)