Zoey 101

Season 2 Episode 3

The Election

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Oct 09, 2005 on Nickelodeon

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  • superb

    Chase nominates Zoey for class president and in retaliation Zoey nominates Chase. Logan takes over for Chase, making lucrative offers for the people voting so they will vote Chase. Things go too far and it threatens to ruin Zoey and Chase's friendship, forever.

    It was pretty good. The only complaint I had was that Mark bored me, but he was a very small part of the episode. So my final grade is still somewhere in the "B" Range, a pretty good episode from the second season of the show, I thought. It is not the best ever but an enjoyable 22 minutes
  • Chase and Zoey nominate each other for class president. They both don't want to run but now they have to. Mark Del Figgalo is running against them. Chase doesn't want this to affect his and Zoey's friendship.

    Zoey and Chase nominate each other for class president. They both don't want to run but they now have to. Mark Del Figgalo is running against them. Chase doesn't want this to affect his friendship with Zoey. Chase then makes a pact with Zoey to not let this affect their friendship. That pact is tested when Logan takes over Chase's campaign. Logan starts handing out free smoothies and Chase bucks. This gets Zoey mad at Chase when it is all Logan's fault. Chase devises a plan. His plan is to make himself look bad so Zoey wins. The plan backfires. Chase makes a commercial mocking himself, but everyone believes that Zoey made the commercial. Chase schedules a press conference and at this press conference he explains that he made the commercial. Chase then drops out of the race for president. Zoey finds Chase on the boys roof. Chase and Zoey talk. They both appologize to each other. Zoey tells Chase that she dropped out of the race to become class president. Mark Del Figgalo ends up winning the election. This episode shows that through anything Chase and Zoey will remain friends. Their friendship is that strong. There friendship will never die.
  • chase and zoey both inadvertedly run for class president and things get rocky when chase gets logan as him campaign manager

    i did like this ep b/c this definitely was a turning pt in the choey relationship..they never were really mad at each other..well more so zoey mad at him in this one and him feeling like an idiot so i think that strengthened their relationship in this..i like how they teased each other in the beginning but when logan got involved it was more a competition no matter how much chase didnt want it to be..and he was trying to do the right thing and not drop out but make it so zoey would win..unfortunately that didnt work out so well for him..luckily and this is a spoiler they both dropped out b/c their friendship meant more to them than a silly race
  • Zoey and Chase are running for class president.

    Chase and Zoey are running for class president. This episode proved some points. Chase really cares about Zoey and Zoey doesn't use her head when it came to Logan's ads. Chase also didn't use his head when it came to making the self destructing ad. He should have known that it wouldn't result in people not voting for him. When he forfeited from the race, he did it in a smart way that left a lot of people shocked. Logan was really smart in trying to make Chase win the election. If this had been a regular election with real politicians, his tactics would have worked fine. But he forgot that Chase isn't a politician and a really good guy.
  • This is one of my favorite episodes. I like it a lot! Zoey rulez!

    I love this episode and show for that matter. It is so entertaining! Chase is the coolest of cool. They both run for class president and an interesting twist happens. Logan wants to help Chase but by planning some dirty tactics. I like it when this episode shows a lot, because everytime I see it I enjoy it! The girls are so hot too! Lola is pretty! The events ROCK OUT LOUD! It has been a LOOOONG time since I've seen this episode however. It's been at least a year. It is just brilliant! And Nickole is one beautiful girl! I love you Nickole! If you ever see my review call me at 547-0230! Of course if you're not in Ludlow Massachusetts then I'm sure you'll also have to dial 413...
  • Great episode! But ive got to take off for the unorginality

    'Election' was a great episode.But I have to take off for the unorginnality of it.I've seen this on every show i've ever watched that has something to do with school or kids in any kind of way.I'd have to say that they did do a good job of twisting and spicing up this old epsiode idea into an awsome episode of this awsome show. I'd have to say that I didnt really feel the funny at all in this episode.It just wasnt very funny to me.Thats another thing i didnt like it.Although it wasnt the favorite ever,Id probably still watch it over and over again.
  • It's good.

    This episode was good. But, over played. If you ask me, this episode shouldn't have been played as much on Nick. but it's still a great episode.

    Chase's commercial for himself was weird. He eats from the trash? Takes stuff from little children? I know it's not true, but if you are a first time viewer, you might believe him, and actually think he does those things.

    The ending was ok. They both dropped out, and I was kind of looking forward to seeing who won, ya know? I'm sure I'm not the only one who agrees with me.

    9.5 out of 10, thanks for reading this review!
  • A real frightning episode, Chase VERSUS Zoey!

    Chase VERSUS Zoey! This is a real big deal. Look at the boys, when Zoey entered the boys dorm room. Zoey got all tough, and started to really want to compete Chase, but Chase didn't want to. Lola looks so young in this episode, since Season 4 now, you can see her she has grown. Chase VERSUS Zoey! This is a real big deal. Look at the boys, when Zoey entered the boys dorm room. Zoey got all tough, and started to really want to compete Chase, but Chase didn't want to. Lola looks so young in this episode, since Season 4 now, you can see her she has grown. Thanks for reading!
  • Zoey's mad at chase...

    Zoey is buying coffee before class, but never gets to drink it thanks to Lola and Nicole. In class, Chase is being harassed by this girl Melissa. It is announced that there is an upcoming election for class president, and Chase and Zoey nominate each other, even though neither is really willing to run.

    Chase is (rightfully) worried that the election may ruin his "friendship" with Zoey, but Zoey makes a pact with him: no matter what happens, they won't let it affect their friendship. However, they didn't consider Logan, who will do anything to make sure the class presidency goes to a guy.

    In the girls' lounge, Lola has a smear campaign against Chase set up (a poster of Chase in a dress) but Zoey doesn't want to play that way. Quinn announces that Mark del Figgalo has entered the race. The ridiculously deadpan Mark enters with a tuba playing the role of "basso buffo", and he hands out pins and leaves.

    In the guy's room, the guys are making posters for Chase. Chase isn't exactly thrilled about running against Zoey, but Logan says he'll do whatever it takes to help Chase win. Chase tells him to keep it clean, but Logan has other ideas.

    Start the drama. Logan is handing out free smoothies. Zoey finds out and gets mad at Chase, but Chase swears he had nothing to do with it. He reminds Zoey of their pact, but Zoey is obviously mad when she leaves. Chase realizes that even the pact can't keep their friendship together with what Logan just did.

    Chase demands that Logan get out of his campaign, but obviously Logan doesn't listen. The next day, Logan is handing out Chase Bucks, redeemable at every store at PCA. When Zoey finds out, she is furious and storms the male locker room hunting down Chase. (This leads to hilarious reactions from the other guys in the locker room.) Chase doesn't want any more of this and says he's dropping out, but Zoey think he's only doing this because he thinks Zoey can't win on her own. She demands Chase stays in the competition.

    Chase tries to help Zoey win by creating an attack ad against himself, but the entire campus thinks Zoey made it. Zoey explains to Chase she didn't make that commercial, but Chase tells her he made it. As if Zoey wasn't already mad enough at Chase, Zoey gets even madder, hits Chase, and storms out. ("I've been punched.")

    Chase holds a press conference to explain everything. He announces that it was him who made the commercial, claims that Zoey would make the better class president, and drops out of the race. Most importantly, he finally puts a smile on Zoey's face again.

    Zoey runs into Chase on the guys' roof, and they both apologize. Zoey tells Chase she dropped out of the race too (so Mark wins by default). They exact their revenge on Logan by calling his name while he is on his skateboard, causing him to crash.

    Because there is no subplot in this episode, we get an abundance of Zoey/Chase moments. It's great how every time Zoey and Chase fight on this show, they end up even closer in the end, showing just how strong their "friendship" is. Logan is great in the role of corrupt politician, going so far that he even got his best friend's crush mad at him. Finally, Zoey mad is truly a sight to behold, and Chase the wounded puppy is extremely cute. Great episode.
  • Chase and Zoey nominate each other for class president when neither of them wants to run. They make a pact, promising that the election won't affect their friendship. But that was before Zoey knew Logan was going to take over Chase's campaign.

    Zoey and Chase are both running for ninth grade class president against their will. Throughout this episode, we learn a great deal about just how much being friends with Zoey means to Chase. From the start, Chase is worried about how running against one another might impact their friendship. At Zoey's suggestion, they make a pact, promising not to let the outcome of the race affect their friendship. Chase demonstrates a boyish lack of understanding of girls by offering to "spit shake" on it. The race begins, and Logan declares himself in charge of Chase's campaign. While Chase himself is not even sure if he wants to win, the arrogant and selfish Logan will have it no other way - there has never been a girl class president, and he will do what it takes to keep it that way. And do what it takes he does. To get votes for Chase, he gives out free smoothies as well as "Chase bucks." One could say that the climax of the episode occurs upon Zoey learning about this sneaky way around the rule of not giving out cash. She storms into the boys' locker room and confronts Chase, who is clearly taken aback. By the time Zoey leaves, Chase knows she is angry with him.

    There are several instances throughout the series where Chase shows that he will do practically anything to keep his girl best friend from being mad at him. And at these times, he often acts a little rashly and without thought. This moment is one of those times. In the aftermath of the locker room incident, Chase makes a campaign-destroying commercial - about himself. His reasons for doing this are entirely sweet and selfless. He does it to ensure that Zoey wins the race. However, he acts so quickly that he does not realize that everyone will be angry at Zoey rather than supportive of her, thinking she was the one who made it. An even angrier Zoey is the result of the next conversation between the two.

    Things undoubtedly have gone from bad to worse as the episode goes on. Chase sees what it is doing to the friendship he holds so dearly and wants out before any more damage can be done. And this time, his attempt to fix things is successful. He confesses to all of PCA on live tv that he was the one who made the commercial and not Zoey. A touch of humor is also added when Chase becomes confused about whether the camera is still running or not after giving his speech.

    This episode is the epitome of the many sides of the character, Chase Matthews. He can be seen as thoughtful yet thoughtless, sensitive yet careless, in conjunction with being humorous, all in one show. Early on in the second season, his feelings toward Zoey are already bringing him to do all kinds of things.
  • uh

    Unoriginal. Practicly every teen series has an election episode. Lizze McGuire, Sister Sister, Naturally Sadie(Just to let you know, I hate that show.),Even Stevens, Boy Meets World, That's So Raven, and the list goes on. And in everyone of those episodes theres always a nerd/unpopular, overlooked person, then the two main candits resign and the nerd becomes the president. Thats exactly what happened. I was so disapointed. I mean really, teen series writers of the world: BE MORE CREATIVE.

    Sorry, rant over.

    Otherwise I thought it was an alright version. It was just a strange episode. Really dry. I felt like there was something lacking.
  • aright i have no idea what "jumps the shark" means, but i just picked it because none of the others fit. anyways, zoey and chase both run for 9th grade class president and logan goes and interfears, but it's all good because he gets hurt in the end.

    well i can't say this was one of my favorite episode, but this is definiantly an episode for all of the zoey, chase fans out there. ireally liked the end part where logan riding on his skateboard and zoey and chase who are on there balcony yell his name really loud and he loses his balence and falls down. although it sucks that they had his stunt double do it instead of him. it would have been really cool if it was him. the only part i really didn't like was the one where lola, zoey and nicole are sitting at the table and staring at a piece of chocolate cake and aren't eating it. i don't like this part because they shouldn't be sending a message out to teen that they should what the carbs and calories they take in. i just think that that is really wrong wrong.