Zoey 101

Season 3 Episode 5

The Great Vince Blake

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Nov 12, 2006 on Nickelodeon
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Episode Summary

Chase catches the PCA star football player cheating. Now he must decide which play to run: keep this to himself and avoid getting beat up or tell his teacher the truth and possibly cause PCA to lose its championship game. Meanwhile, in an attempt to have the school sell healthier snacks, Zoey and the girls add Moon Bars to the school vending machines. They are supposed to be healthier, but the results are not what they expected.moreless

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    Chase catches PCA football star Vince Blake taking pictures of a test with his cell phone. He doesn't know what to do, and originally, decides not to rat him out because he would not be able to play in the big game. In the end, he is just so angry at how many people are cheering for Vince's high score on the test, he rats him out. As such, Vince and his team beat up Chase, Michael and Logan(because they were trying to defend their friend), and Mark (For "Back up")

    A good episode but I am not keen on the end. Cmoreless
  • vince blake is the great quarterback and everyone loves him except chase; chase catches vince in a convincing situation and has to decide whether to bust him or not

    im a stinker aint i..not telling you anymore than that in the summary..oh well..spoiler..vince is a great quarterback that the girls fall for and the guys like b/c hes going to take pca to the championships..he gets all the popularity and special treatment of athletes..let me stop there..i think thats just wrong..they dont deserve that but hey thats just me..well chase catches him cheating and ppl threaten him b/c of it..i felt so bad for chase b/c he was stuck in like a really hard position..poor thing..and he got beat up for it too..but it was nice of his friends to be his backup even tho they got bruised too..poor guys..vince is such a jerk..i still dont like himmoreless
  • Chase catches a star PCA football player cheating and is conflicting weather to snitch on him or not. Meanwhile The girls put healthy snacks in the PCA vending machines but find out that they are dangerously addictive.moreless

    I really didn't like this episode. The first reason is because Chase had no reason telling on vince. I mean sure he cheated but is that any of Chase's buisness, Vince cheated get over it he seems to have a problem with that but not with the fact that he keeps a dog in his room which is also against the rules from what i understand.

    Second thing i don't like is that Quinn was stupid enough to put a chemical that destroyed an entire civilization into a candy bar enough said about that.

    I love the show but this episode just really wasn't a favorite of minemoreless
  • Comparison to Life With Derek.

    There was an episode just like this, in Life with Derek. Pretty much Im comparing it. In the episode of LWD, the coach tries to trick Lizzie's sister, in a little scam. Similar to Vince Blake, but mostly to the school and the faculty. Chase has a problem if he tells, there is another bad thing that my happen, similar to Derek in Life with Derek. I see the comparison. Anyway in other news: I loved it! I loved it! I loved it! I loved it! I loved it! I loved it! I loved it! I loved it! That's it for now.moreless
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Christopher Murray

Christopher Murray

Dean Rivers

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Brando Eaton

Vince Blake

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Abby Wilde

Abby Wilde

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