Zoey 101

Season 3 Episode 5

The Great Vince Blake

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Nov 12, 2006 on Nickelodeon



  • Trivia

    • When Zoey, Quinn, and Lola were watching all of the PCA students going crazy over the moon bars, a tall, short haired blond girl in red was just leaving the vending machine with a moon bar. In the next scene where Zoey was talking to Lola and Quinn, the tall girl was walking up to the vending machine again.

  • Quotes

    • Chase: Now I feel like my head's gonna explode.
      Logan: Good!
      Chase: Great. Now my friend's wishing me head trauma.

    • Kid: Hey, are you Chase?
      Chase: Yeah.
      Kid: Coach Keller wants to see you down by the football fields.
      Chase: Coach Keller...if he makes me do squat thrusts, I'm going to puke on his shoes.

    • Dean Rivers: (talking about the Moon Bars) Low fat, and low calorie! Mmmm!
      Lola: And filled with cactus goo.
      Dean Rivers: What goo?
      Quinn: Skip it!

    • Chase: Good, so no more cheating.
      Vince: No..I was just letting you know I hear ya. I'm still gonna cheat.

    • Lola: If we put these in the vending machines Dean Rivers will have us arrested.
      Quinn: They make my tongue sad.

    • Chase: Yes, Vince is a big deal in football, but that doesn't make him bigger than life. (sees a gigantic poster of Vince throwing a football) And...he's bigger than life.

    • Zoey: I agree that cheating is wrong.
      Michael: Yeah, but she's a girl. Girls always think that wrong things are wrong.

    • Vince: (To Chase) One hundred percent. I mean you're the only one who knows. So if I get busted, I know who to blame. You picking up what I'm putting down?

    • Chase: I realize that could be wrong, accusing you.
      Vince: You're not wrong.
      Chase: So you were taking pics of the test.
      Vince: Yeah, what's the problem?

    • Chase: 'Sup Vince.
      Vince: Uh ... Chip.
      Chase: Chase.

    • Lola: But Dean Rivers said no.
      Zoey: Yeah, I heard him.

    • Chase: So I should just forget what I saw, and let him cheat?
      Logan: Yeah.

    • Chase: Vince isn't such a big shot when he has to use his brain.

    • Vince: What's up Zolaroid?
      Zoey: Hey Vince..

    • Michael: Thanks for sucking the fun out of lunch time.

    • Quinn: How can the kids at PCA eat junk food for lunch?
      Michael: (holding a vending machine snack in his hand) So? What's the big deal?
      Zoey: (takes the snack from Michael) The big deal is, this is not a healthy meal.
      Chase: (takes the snack from Zoey) Well, we wouldn't have to eat these spheres of marshmallowy pinkness if the PCA lunch ladies would learn how to make a better chicken breast.
      (Logan giggles)
      Lola: Why are you giggling?
      Zoey: Because Chase said breast.

    • Quinn: Um, may I see your elbow?
      Vending Machine Man: My elbow?
      Quinn: I'm doing a project for school. It involves elbows. May I see yours?

    • Quinn: You can't defy the dean!
      Zoey: Why are you defending him? He shot a pool ball down your throat.

    • Quinn: MARK! You sat on the cactus!
      Mark: I know...Please, call the nurse.

    • (Dean Rivers shot the cue ball into Quinn's mouth)
      Dean Rivers: (dissapointed) Oh, Quinn you swallowed the cue ball.
      Quinn: Like it was my fault!

    • Dean Rivers: Now if you'll excuse me, I have to make an important call...(girls leave the room)...Yes, I'd like to order a tiny cue ball...

    • Zoey: I can't believe the three of you took on the whole football team!
      Logan: Four of us...
      Michael: Yeah, Del Figgalo helped.
      Quinn: (yelling) Mark! My Mark!

    • Mark: There's gonna be a fight?! You guys said that we were gonna see a movie!

    • Chase: You wanna beat me up? Then do it. It's not gonna change things.
      Football Player: It'll change your face!
      Chase: Touché.

    • Chase: Okay, if I make this, I will one day own my own zebra. (makes the basket) I will call him Zeebo.

    • Vince: (about the test result) Hey, when Vince Blake does something he always...
      Chase: Vince cheated!

    • Zoey: (about Vince) He's still just a person. Oh my god, he's coming this way!

    • Chase: They hit....
      Micheal: and punched....
      Logan: and kicked...
      Chase: It was a medley of pain.

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