Zoey 101

Season 1 Episode 7

The Play

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Feb 20, 2005 on Nickelodeon

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  • Funny

    Overall I really like the plot. My favorite scene is when Quinn uses her quinnvention that sends the proton impulses to the soles of Dustin's feet which ends up tickling him. That scene is so funny!
  • great

    Chase writes a play that is going to be performed, and he finds out Zoey is going to be the lead girl. He assumes, since he wrote it, he is the lead guy (which works well because he gets to kiss Zoey), but Logan unexpectedly auditions and he himself is chosen. Uh-oh for Chase.

    This was good. I'm not a play person, generally, but this episode was pretty good, had some good plots, and I think this was the first appearance of that crazy nurse. Overall this was a pretty good episode, that gets a B or so from me
  • Zoey likes Logan!?

    Well this episode was an amazing episode, don't get me wrong, but everyone has to agree with me when I say Zoey was out of character when she liked Logan, she usually hates him & all of a sudden after 1 episode, she is deeply in love with him, and this had a lot of development which I love in an episode. Like it shows more of Chase 's crush on Zoey & how he wants to kiss her, and the 2 plots merge! Dustin sickness gets Chase sick now he has to escape from the crazy nurse, Quinn is coming along nicely. A great episode.
  • Chase writes a play and it gets picked as the play to do in the drama club. Zoey gets the lead role as a female alien. Logan ends up getting the role as lifeguard. Chase wanted that role.

    Chase's play gets picked to do in the drama club. Zoey and Nicole are excited for Chase's play. They both try out for the play. Logan thinks the drama club is dumb but then ends up trying out. Zoey gets the lead role as Zorka, the female alien. Logan gets the lead role as lifeguard which means he gets to kiss Zoey. Chase tells Zoey the news that Logan is lifeguard. They are both unhappy. Zoey decides she should drop out of the play. Chase and Zoey watch Logan act and Zoey decides to stay in the play. Dustin is sick. On the night before the play Chase pays Dustin to cough and sneeze on Logan's pillow. In the middle of the night Logan drops his pillow. Chase picks it up and sleeps on the pillow. Chase gets sick and goes to the infirmory. Chase escapes from the infirmory and gets to the play and sees that Zoey doesn't let Logan kiss her. Chase and Zoey both are happy. The play turns out to really good.
  • You get to kiss Zoey Brooks.

    In this episode Chase writes a play. Everyone thinks that it is cool except for Logan. Chase tells Logan that there are a lot of hot girls in drama class but Logan walks away. In Chase's play there is a alien girl and a lifegaurd. Zoey tries out and gets the part of the Alien girl who falls in love with the lifegaurd. Chase plays the part of the lifgaurd and is overjoyed because at the end of the play the two characters share a kiss. Everything seems to be going fine until Logan tries out for the part of the Lifeguard and is really good. He is now the Lifeguard.

    As Zoey and Logan practice lines together, Logan is so good that Zoey kinda starts to like him.

    Long story short Zoey see's Logans true side and does not kiss Logan...much to Chase's liking.

    In this episode you can tell how much Chase really likes Zoey and what he would do just so Zoey and Logan don't kiss.
  • Chase writes a play.

    A time where Zogan or shall I say Loey (Logan and Zoey or Zoey and Logan relationship) begins, and it all happens because of Chase's l's and s's. :p. Why Chase, why the kills and the kisses?'. Well I still believe Zhase and Choey is mush better than Zogen or Loey! Keep on rocking Zoey and Chase! And the nurse trying to chase Chase. Lol. That's funny "Chase Chase". Anyway, I think i'd give this episode an OK. This is my review for the Z101 episode "The Play". This is There Goes Halo 3 with the review. Peace out! - GOOD BYE!
  • chase writes a play and the drama teacher decides to make it the school play..chase gets the lead male role and zoey gets the female role...unfortunately the drama teacher hears logan act and wants him as the lead...

    ...continuation from summary where i didnt got into 2 much more detail..zoey is reluctant to work w/ logan at first b/c hes a jerk but then she sees him act and shes entranced and actually wants 2 kiss him..however on the nite of the play he starts acting like a jerk and zoey improvises...i love how she improvises and it takes nicole a minute (go figure i mean she's slow)...and i actually liked logan for most of this ep b/c he was so sweet but then he was his usual jerk self again and i went back 2 hating him just like zoey...zoey and chase moments...so many..chase was doing everything possible 2 keep logan and zoey from kissing..jealous..unfortunately when he tried 2 get logan sick it backfired on him and he got sick..he rushed 2 the play 2 try 2 stop the kiss but zoey can handle herself and she took care of logan...chase was happy and so was zoey
  • Chase writes a play, obviously with him and Zoey in mind, but doesn't get to star in it.

    Mr. Fletcher announces that the school's drama club will be performing a play written by Chase, and Zoey auditions. The play stars a male lifeguard and female alien, so Chase, fully expecting to get the male lead, is thrilled when Zoey gets the part of the alien, as Mr. Fletcher reminds him of the kiss he wrote into the final scene. Note: when even the teachers know of your crush, it's pretty bad.

    Things take a turn for the worse, though, when Logan auditions for the role of the lifeguard and gets the part. Chase is upset, and Zoey isn't thrilled about starring opposite Logan either, and decides to drop out. Chase mouths "Thank you!" to the heavens, but Zoey soon changes her mind when she sees how good of an actor Logan is. Chase is mad, but Zoey doesn't understand why.

    Dana and Nicole suggest that Zoey likes Logan, which she denies. Chase is killing himself over the prospect of Logan kissing his One True Love, so Micheal gives him an idea: change the play. It doesn't work. After more rehearsals, Zoey admits that maybe she is falling for Logan, causing a furious Chase to storm off. Zoey is confused.

    Chase finds a very sick Dustin, which gives him an idea. He pays Dustin to sneeze and cough all over Logan's pillow, in hopes of infecting him. The pillows falls onto his bunk and Chase ends up infecting himself.

    The next day Chase shows up at the nurse's office with a temperature of 101 degrees (number look familiar?). He simply wants some medicine, but the nurse forbids him to leave. While lying on a bed, Chase has a vision of what might happen in the play, and is terrified. He breaks out through the window and races to the theatre, with the nurse in hot pursuit.

    At the theatre, just before the kiss, Zoey/Zorka drops the necklace from Logan/the lifeguard, and as Logan tells Zoey to get her act together, Zoey finally realizes what a jerk Logan is. She refuses to kiss him and ad libs an ending where she rejects the lifeguard and leaves for her home planet. Chase runs in just in time to see this exchange, and is elated.

    So once again we see how mad Chase is for Zoey, and our pairing is confirmed as we know Micheal would never betray his friend. I wonder what the play would have been like with Chase in the lead.
  • (THIS IS MY SISTER WRITING FOR ME SINCE I NEED TO LEVEL UP!!!!!!) I liked this eposiode, but then again, I didn't.

    I liked this eposiode, but then again, I didn't. When I found out that zoey and logan were going to kiss, I was excited, becaues I had always thought zoey liked chase. However, this episode made me question whether she liked Logan as well, for IMO he is better looking. Then as they were about to kiss, i knew that something was going to happen, since this is Nickelodeon. And of course, it did. Zoey didn't want to kiss Logan, because she found out he was a jerk. I think that ruined the whole epsoide, because it would've added some stark contrast, but all and all, I enjoyed this eposiode.
  • This episode is where chase makes a play but Logan ends up the main character which KISSES Zoey! Obviously Chase will try to stop the play but in one of his plans his chances of playing the role are light when he falls ill!

    The episode was an excellent time filler but personally I wouldn\\\'t sit and watch it if i was in a hurry unlike Ed, Edd n Eddy which i would definately watch any time possible. The parts I liked was when Chase tried to stop Logan. It showed us how much he cared about Zoey in a couple of scenes without using about 3 episodes or so. I also liked the part where Zoey drops the necklace because it shows us that Logan is still a jerk and that he just wanted to be in the play because he thinks shes buff and wanted to kiss her.
  • this was a really funny episode

    chase writes a play. and hes the lifeguard gut that gets to kiss the zorka the alien. then zoey get the part of zorka which chase really likes. then logan tries out and nails the role down perfectly. zoey gets all angry she has to kiss logan until she realizes how good at acting logan is. then zoey starts to like logan a little.dustin is sick so chase pays him to sneeze and cough all over logans pillow. but then it fall into chases bed and he gets sick.then realizing what a jerk logan was she didnt kiss her.man was that a good episode i loved it
  • It was great!

    There are a few things revealed in this episode. 1.) Logan would enjoy kissing Zoey even though he knows that Chase is like, in love with her. 2.) Dana likes Logan. Dana says,"Logan is such a jerk." Than Nicole replies,"You would know!" And Dana kicks her. In my eyes they are a perfect match but lets not get on that topic.

    Chase goes insane when he thinks Logan is going to kiss Zoey. He even pay Dustin to sneeze on his pillow so he'll get sick and not be able to preform. That shows how much he likes her.

    In the end, no one kisses Zoey. She realizes that Logan is really a jerk and nothing like his character, just a good actor.

    I loved this episode!
  • Suspense you have to see!

    This was a wonderful episode of Zoey 101 which should have set the tone for viewers to continue watching this show. First I will start off with my synopsis:
    When Chase rights a play for the drama club about a lifeguard who falls in love with an alien he plans to cast it. He picks Zoey automatically, and considered himself as the lifeguard. But when auditions for the male parts came, an outstanding performance forced Chase to pick the one and only Logan Reese to play the lifeguard. Chase was so hyped up on kissing Zoey, he made himself the understeady if Logan got sick. Chase even tried to change the script from where it says Zorka leans in to kiss the lifeguard to Zorka leans in to kill the lifeguard. It didn't work though, because the drama teacher liked the original script too much. Chase complained that he always mixes up his l's and s's. Dustin Brooks, who was sick, was assigned by Chase for money to cough and sneeze over Logan's pillow. It was a success until during the night the pillow fell off of Logan's bed and on to Chase's, which he ended up sleeping on. Then Chase became sick, and Logan was fine. He was sent to the infermary and tried to run away but was caught by the mean nurse. He eventually tripped her to the ground and ran to the theatre where Zoey was about to kiss Logan. When Zoey saw the frightened look in Chase's eyes, she improvised and changed the script by telling the lifeguard that she hated him and never wanted to kiss him. Chase was about to congratulate Zoey for not kissing Logan when-you guessed it-the nurse knocked him down and tackled him!
    This episode shows really how desperate and in love Chase Matthews is with Zoey Brooks. He goes the extra mile, and I think that Zoey should see that Chase likes her and take it from there. If you haven't seen this episode, tune in to Nick on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, they show you repeats during the day. Catch new episodes Sunday @6:00. Also, you may buy the episodes from iTunes. If you don't have an account, you should. It's the easiest way to buy and download music and now television shows for $.99 or $1.99. Believe me, it's the right way to purchase music and television, fast and easy. I ranked this episode an 8.3 out of 10, I thought it could have been a little more original and funny. This episode is a must see, and I think it is an excellent addition for an episode!

  • Pacific Coast Academy is having a school dance and Chase wrote the story. Dustin gets sick and can not find Zoey. Logan tries out for the lead as the lifeguard and Zoey is the lead alien playing the Alien. Chase also gets Dustin's Cold from Dustin sneezin

    This was a good episode. I think Zoey is so blind that she does not realize that Chase likes her. I also thought that when Zoey started to like Logan was because he is a good actor and she thought he was not a complete jerk when he really was. I also think chase is cute.
  • Chase rights a play that is chosen for the fall production at PCA, and he desperately wants Zoey to play the lead and she comes into audition and then Logan decides to come in an try out also, he get the part of the lifeguard but show his true colors

    When I first saw this episode it was actually very funny, the part when Quinn put a vacuum on Dustin\'s tongue and used some sort molecular device on his feet which was ticklish to him was laugh out loud funny, the other funny scene was with Chase and the nurse, when Chase escaped the nurse\'s office and then she then went after chasing him all over the campus. At the beginning of Logan\'s audition he read the script and he said the girl alien\'s name was Zorka, I immediately recognized it as the first name of my best friend\'s Grandmother.
  • Chase is afraid Zoey is falling for Logan. Really keeps you on the edge of your seat. READ.........

    One of the more outstanding episodes of Zoey 101. This episode had an unexpected twist to it, thats why I really enjoyed it. I never thought Zoey having a crush on Logan would ever happen. Zoey realised in the end she only fell for the character Logan was playing on stage. This episode was very funny too, like seeing Chase in that cheerleader outfit was priceless! This episode really highlights Matthew Underwood's acting ability. Matthew does a brilliant performance in this episode. This episode has a lot of surprising turns, which I also expressed earlier. If you are a fan of Zoey 101 I urge you to watch this episode.
  • The drama class does a play based on a script written by Chase. Chase wants Zoey to be the lead female character.

    cute...i was annoyed that Zoey even considered liking Logan (even though his really cute) instead of realizing that Chase (whose also totally cute) likes her...i really hope she figures it out soon because it's starting to get annoying...i was so happy when Zoey turned that tables on Logan and got out of kissing him...you go girl!
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