Zoey 101

Season 1 Episode 7

The Play

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Feb 20, 2005 on Nickelodeon



  • Trivia

    • Chase's temperature is 101, a reference to the show title.

    • This episode is a lot like the Lizzie McGuire episode where Miranda thinks she is falling for a guy when he's in a play, but actually fell for the guy he was playing, which is exactly what happened to Zoey.

    • When Chase creates his play, one of the characters in his play, Zorka, is possibly a reference to Zoey, telling about how he met her, and how he fell for her, just in a script format under a different time and setting.

    • The start of tune the "musical" girl sings is very similar to the start of "Oh where has my little dog gone?"

    • The dialogue in the play changes throughout the episode. If you read the script when Chase is editing out the kiss, it's different from when Zoey and Logan actually perform it.

  • Quotes

    • Chase: I'm kissin Zoey!

    • Nicole: Do you like him?
      Zoey: I didn't say that.
      Nicole: Yeah, but you didn't not say it.

    • Chase: Why are you sweating?
      Dustin: I'm sick.
      Chase: Cool!

    • Chase: Umm, what are you doing here?
      Logan: Trying out for the play.
      Chase: But your always saying the drama club is lame.
      Logan: You changed my mind. You said it rocks. And I rock. That should be a good match right?

    • Logan: Zorka, I have a confession to make. The truth is......I have had more fun with you this past week that I have ever had with any other girl. When you laugh , I laugh. When you cry, I cry. I know your from another galaxy and I`m just a lifeguard from earth, but I don't care that we`re different. I love you.

    • Zoey : Hey! What?
      Chase: I thought you were gonna quit the play! What was that?
      Zoey: I don't know. When I saw Logan act I just got...swept up.
      Chase: Well, sweep down!
      Zoey: Huh?
      Chase: I dont know!

    • Dustin: For an extra dollar, I'll sneeze on it.

    • Logan: Why do you waste your time with drama club? Why don't you go out for football or something?
      Chase: Because the drama club is loaded with hot girls. And I've seen the football team, they're not hot.
      Michael: I don't know man, Dave,the quarterback, is a pretty handsome dude. (Chase and Logan give him wierd looks)
      Michael: I've said too much.

    • Chase: Is 5 bucks weird?
      Dustin: Nope!

    • (knocks on Zoey's door)
      Dustin: Is Zoey here?
      Dana: No.
      Dustin: But I'm sick, do you know where she --
      (Dana shuts the door in his face)

    • Mr. Fletcher: Kill? Kill?!
      Chase: Yeah, see it's actually supposed to say "Zorka leans in to kill the lifeguard." Not kiss. It was just a complete typo. I'm always mixing up my S's and L's. Like one time I tried to write "sassafras". I wrote "lallafral"!

    • Nicole: He really is awesome?
      Chase: (sarcastically) Yeah, Logan's fantastic, just fantastic. Isn't he fantastic?
      Zoey: I don't see why you have to pick on him all the time. Logan's not such a bad guy.
      Nicole: Ooh She's starting to like him.
      Dana: Ya'think?
      Chase: What?! That's insane! It's insane, right Zoey?
      Zoey: Yeah, I mean...
      Chase: You mean what?
      Zoey: I don't know. Mabye i do like him...
      Chase: Ok I got to go.
      Zoey: Where are you going?
      Chase: To take a bath. What difference does it make?

    • Logan: Rise and shine boys! (turns off the alarm clock) It's kiss Zoey day! I'm gonna go take a shower.

    • Michael: Calm down. Let me ask you this, it's your play right?
      Chase: Yeah, so?
      Michael: So, if it's bothering you so much then change it.
      Chase: Change it?
      Michael: Write a different ending.
      Chase: I can get rid of the kiss! Michael, you my friend, are a genious in short pants!
      Michael: I have my moments.

    • Chase: Congrats dude. You were great!
      Logan: I know, and Zoey's playing the lead girl right?
      Chase: Yup, she is.
      Logan: So I get to kiss Zoey? SWEET! Later man.

    • Mr. Fletcher: Goosebumps! Bumps on geese!

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • Zoey: Zorka out.

      Ryan Seacrest used to say "Seacrest out" at the end of every American Idol episode.