Zoey 101

Season 3 Episode 12

The Radio

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Jul 19, 2007 on Nickelodeon

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  • I was SO on Chase's side

    I know a lot of you say that Chase wasn't being very nice to Zoey when he tried to get the radio back. However, if you really think about it, Zoey was the one being a brat when she refused to return the radio to him, even interrupting Chase when he was stating his side of the story to Mark, and when Chase points it out, she just rolled her eyes like a brat. And I wasn't the least bit comfortable with Mark rewarding her for it, or with Quinn and Logan partying that "they were right". But I was happy when she decided to grow up and give the radio back to Chase anyway. But still, Zoey was being such a spoiled brat when she announced that she was going to keep the radio. I wanted to slap her.

    Besides, like Lola said in the lunch scene, if you owe someone a dollar and by mistake, give them a $100 bill, you should give it back, and Chase wouldn't have sold it to Zoey if he knew its' value, which means Zoey should give the radio back to Chase. And if Dustin were in this episode, he'd agree. So yeah, I just needed to get that out of my head.
  • the radio

    chase gets an old radio from his grandfather and sells it to zoey. zoey later finds out it is worth 10,000 dollars, but won't give it back to chase because he sold it. this puts a strain on their friendship. quinn and mark have never kissed.

    it was alright, but i find it hard to believe mark and quinn have not kissed. yea kissing is not the most important thing in a relationship, but... they've been dating for what, 2 years? what do they do when they're alone? I just find that hard to believe. Overall grade- a D- or so
  • Chase recieves an antique radio from his grandfather. He doesn't like it, and ends up selling it to Zoey. Later, he finds out it's worth $10,000.

    Chase is all excited about a gift he's going to be recieving from his grandfather. He believes it's going to be an MP3 player, so he is disappointed when he recieves an ugly old radio. He doesn't like it, and ends up selling it to Zoey. On the internet, she discovers that the radio is worth $10,000. She plans to give it back to Chase, but Chase finds out first and is angry because he thought she wasn't going to give it back to him. Zoey gets mad, and downright refuses to give it back to him. Chase gets mad, and they fight. When Chase tries to sneak in to steal the radio, Zoey catches him, and they find a mediator to decide who should get the radio. The mediator is Quinn's boyfriend, and he decides the radio is Zoey's. When Quinn's boyfriend goes back to bed, he passes Quinn in the hall and gives her her first kiss. Anywho, Zoey returns the radio to chase the next day, and they decide to split the money. However, Chase's grandfather finds them, and takes his radio back since it is worth so much money.
  • Amusing...

    Chase and Zoey fighting over something...dun dun dun... fun stuff man. Fun stuff. The pie thing was funny.. but really, I never thought Sean Flynn would look so disturbing with pie on his face. I'm so glad I never had to see that again...haha. I'm glad that they made up in the end. It wasnt good to see them fighting. It made me sad. I like how Chase's grandpa took that back... I knew it was gonna happen. I think this was the last episode of season 3 that I actually liked. Except for Good-bye Zoey... Oh, also, Quinn and Mark had their first kiss in this episode! yay!
  • Finally, Chase and Zoey fight!

    I would have to say that Quogan began around this period. Since they were accutally fighting against Lola and Michael. And finally, the friendship fight of all time. Mark is like a different kind of guy, he is very well in this episode with a relationship. The pie in the face was hysterical, and when Quinn and Lola turned on the lights they were arguing as well. To me, I could have thought that it was Zoey. He gave it to her, in the first place but he just never knew. An okay episode. Thanks -Peace out. This is There Goes HALO3.
  • Chase gives Zoey some old radio and then when he finds out that it's worth alot of money he all of a sudden wants it back.

    I didn't like this episode because of the way Chase and Zoey acted. Chase didn't want the radio until he found out it was worth something that was a really free loading move on his part. And then Zoey was actually gonna give it back to him and forfit $10,000. I personally think the radio should have gone to Zoey like Mark said, cause chase got the radio and could have looked it up just like the girls did but instead acted like a spoiled brat cause he didn't get the MP3 player and gave it up.

    I actually liked the ending though when his grandfather comes and takes the radio back it was actually pretty funny.
  • chase gets radio from his granddad...he doesnt want it so he gives it to zoey...zoey finds out it is worth 10000 dollars and chase finds out and wants it back...the gang fights about who is right

    this was one of the worst eps ever...i really hated this...i honestly just watched it so i could review it and i only review this show for points so i can get to the next level...thats seriously it..i just go on the forums so i can know whats going to happen on the next ep but im getting off-topic...i didnt like this...chase is way too overdramatic and i am on zoeys side b/c she was going to give the radio back to chase but when he started acting like an idiot she got mad...i would have to...i would have either kept the radio like she did or gave the radio back and said were no longer friends...i may have got over it but probably not...if he was going to let something stupid like that ruin a 3 yr friendship then who needs him?
  • A rare time Chase actually gets mad at his crush. His anger is unjustified, though, and they make up in the end.

    Chase's grandfather sends him an old radio, which Chase is eager to get rid of. He sells it to Zoey for $5 and a taco coupon. ("This coupon expires tonight...¡Ay, caramba!") It turns out the radio is a rare antique worth $10000, and Chase does not take it well when he finds out.

    This leads to an amazing scene where Chase demands his radio back, accuses Zoey of being a bad friend and eventually storms off. I won't even try to describe the intensity of this scene, just go watch it. The fight quickly expands to include our entire gang, who argue over lunch.

    The next night, Chase breaks in to the famous Room 101 to steal the radio, but Zoey is waiting for him with a pie. ("That's so cliché!") Everyone starts fighting again until Quinn suggests getting Mark as the mediator. Mark rules in Zoey's favour.

    The next day, Chase is sitting outside by himself when Zoey shows up. She gives him a taco and the radio. She says that she always intended to give the radio back, but got mad when Chase accused her of being a bad friend. Chase gives us one of his cute "I'm an idiot" moments, then comes up with an idea: they'll sell the radio and split the profits. Unfortunately, Chase's grandpa shows up on campus and claims back the radio.

    I love the acting in this episode, and the taco sharing scene was extremely cute. Great episode.
  • As you all have found out, this episode premires on thursday the 19 instead of when it was sceduled to brodcast on wednesday the 18!

    I am kinda upset that this episode is not premiring when it said it would because that means I have to wait ANOTHER night wondering about the episode. The episode is premiring on thursday probably because they wanted to premire it with a new Just Jordan. I cannot wait to watch it! The only photage that has been shown on tv is Zoey putting some form of food on someone. This wonders me alot! I think this episode is definetly worth tunning in to watch! (well there has not been a single Zoey 101 that I have not liked! lol!)
  • this episode sounds juicy...

    i think that chase and micheal will have a radio show at PCA( i mean they already have a web show so why not ) and micheal will annoy chase to tell zoey he loves her. then chase will explode with anger and scream something like i WILL NOT tell ZOEY i LOVE HER and then they find out that they were on air the whole time! but zoey will probably drop her radio in a fountain or something like that. then chase could accidentally tell her because he thought that she already knew! well that would be my dream episode but i could be wrong....