Zoey 101

Season 3 Episode 12

The Radio

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Jul 19, 2007 on Nickelodeon



  • Trivia

    • This is Chase's grandfather's only appearance on the show.

    • In the beginning of this episode, Chase mentions that he asked his grandfather for the GO MP3 player, which is the same name of the MP3 player mentioned in the Drake and Josh TV movie, "Drake and Josh Go Hollywood."

    • Mark kisses Quinn in this episode.

    • The gag Michael plays on Logan (the golf ball from cup to pocket trick) at the beginning of the episode is taken from the 70's show The Partridge Family. The character "Danny" would use it on people to get money.

  • Quotes

    • Chase: I don't deserve such a handsome taco.

    • Quinn: Mark! Thanks for being the mediator.
      Mark: Sure. What else would I have to do at three in the morning?
      Quinn: (giggles) Well, I just wanted to say I think you made the right decision, and I-
      (Mark kisses her)
      Quinn: You kissed me!
      Mark: I know. I was there.

    • (Chase creeps into the girls' dorm room through the window)
      Zoey: (holding a pie) Hi!
      Chase: Zoey! Uh, listen, have you seen um, my...my contact lens 'cause I think I might've accidentally-
      (Zoey shoves the pie in his face)
      Chase: UGHHHH! OH! UGH! UGH!!
      (Lola and Quinn wake up)
      Lola: What is happening?!
      Zoey: Chase stopped by to say hello!
      Chase: You hit me with a pie?! That is so cliche! What is this, 1952?

    • Stacey: I can't eat my sausage without mustard!

    • Chase: Alright, then. I'm...I'm taking this! (grabs a container off a table)
      Zoey: Cool, have fun with Quinn's toenails!
      Chase: EW! (drops the container)

    • Chase: I sold you that radio for five bucks and a taco! Not even a good taco, mostly just limp lettuce!
      Zoey: Okay, you're mad at me because your taco lettuce was limp?

    • Quinn: Good luck with your stains!
      Mark: Thank you!

    • Mark: Quinn!
      Quinn: Hi cuteness. What are you doing?
      Mark: Oh, just some laundry. (holds up laundry detergent) Is this stuff effective on stains?
      Quinn: Well, what kind of stains?
      Mark: Eh, forget it. What's that?
      Quinn: Well, I just finished dinner, and I thought I'd bring my baby a little dessert.
      Mark: So what'd you bring me?
      Quinn: Lactose-free ice cream. Your favorite flavor.
      Mark: Vanilla? You always know what I want.
      Quinn: Mhm. And, do you know what I want? (closes eyes and puckers up her lips)
      Mark: What's wrong with your lip?

    • Lola: He's never even tried to kiss you?
      Quinn: We're talking about radios now!

    • (Quinn hangs up a picture of Mark)
      Quinn: Okay...just got to get it perfectly straight here. (kisses picture) Okay, how's this look here?
      Lola: Hmm, let me just tweak it a little bit. (takes the picture of Mark down and hangs up a different one)
      Lola: There, perfect!
      Quinn: Ugh! That was a little rude! Rudey!
      Lola: I'm not being rude! It'd just be a little freaky having a giant painting of your boyfriend staring at me when I'm getting dressed in the morning.
      Quinn: Okay, fair enough.

    • Chase: You know, this new GO's got an 80 gig hard drive, dual earbuds so you can listen with a friend, and...I don't understand what this is.
      (takes radio out of box)
      Zoey: An old radio?
      Chase: Ugh, Grandpa...

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