Zoey 101

Season 2 Episode 2

Time Capsule

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Sep 18, 2005 on Nickelodeon

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  • good

    zoey and friends put together a time capsule for a class assignment. zoey puts together a video of her life, and she reveals she talked about her friends- including Chase. Now Chase is dying to know what she said about him. Will he risk everything in order to find out?

    good episode. it wasn't the best episode of the series or anything but it was pretty good, funny, and had an interesting plot. I'm glad that even though he really wanted too, Chase didn't watch Zoey's video. Overall grade for this episode would be about a C+ or B- or so
  • This episode is about the time capsule that Zoey and her friends decided make when flipping through an old PCA yearbook.

    Zoey and her friends decided to make a time capsule for the students in the future.they get this idea when flipping throught an old PCA yearbook of their teacher Mr. Bender. Mr. Bender quickly agrees to their ideaand makes it a class project. Zoey makes a video of her life at PCA, Michael and Chase wtite a song, and Logan puts a picture of himself. Lola, however,told Zoey that she was going to be famous so she everyone would know her and so Lola told Mr. Bender that she was going to put in a locket that her grandma gave her but she could bear to give it away ever since her grandma died. It was a lie but it proved how good of an actor she was. Meanwhile, Chase goes crazy and digs up the video Zoey made for the capsule because he wanted to know what Zoey said about him; he ends up not watching it becuase he decided that it was wrong to betray Zoey's trust. Quinn and Nicole are trying to solve Quinn's snoring problem on the other hand. The solution finally was for Quinn to put guppies up her nose. The episode ends with Chase trying to chase Zoey to make her tell him what she had said in the video but Chase is hopping up and down because Zoey had tied his shoes together.
  • after viewing a yearbook from many years ago, the class gets an idea to make a time capsule to let people in the future know what they were like; chase is determined to know what zoey thinks about him

    i did like this ep too..a good second ep for the season and more chase and zoey moments..i realize they did weigh heavily on chase always liking zoey and zoey never seeming to make it mutual..but i liked this..i was amazed by how far chase went to get that tape but thank goodness he didnt watch it b/c i would have been mad at him..the really only funny part to me was when the janitor got in the shot..he was so silly..i always feel bad for chase b/c hes so curious if zoey feels the same way about him but he never finds out and thats frustrating for him and us lol..awesome ep
  • A great episode.

    This episode was pretty good but after it aired, it was played way to much, way, way, way overly played, so that made my rating drop down a bit. I like it how Chase is going crazy (Well, not really.) to see what Zoey's secret was. I thought it was sweet how Chase paused it, and put it back in the capsule. He did all that work for nothing.

    This episode proves that Chase is becoming really crazy about Zoey. This was a review by AangPhantom, and I thought this episode wasn't the best of the best, or the best of the worst, or the worst of the worst, but I think it's the worst of the best, whic his good!

    9 out of 10.
  • Chase really cares about Zoey, in this episode.

    Well, we already know Chase already cares about Zoey, but in this episode he really cared. Michael even figured it out. This was a great episode, and how Lola's lying acting. That was funny. Yea Chase went insane alright, and Logan was so funny with his looks and doo. Well, we already know Chase already cares about Zoey, but in this episode he really cared. Michael even figured it out. This was a great episode, and how Lola's lying acting. That was funny. Yea Chase went insane alright, and Logan was so funny with his looks and doo. Thanks for reading!
  • Chase goes insane!

    The gang are looking, and laughing, at an old PCA yearbook, which happens to include a very geeky David H. Bender. Mr. Bender says that PCA kids of the future will be laughing at them in the same way, which gives Zoey an idea. She suggests the class make a time capsule.

    Logan is picking a picture of himself. Chase and Micheal are writing a song. Chase is doing the lyrics, which invokes teasing from Logan. ("Don't write that down!") Zoey is making a video. Nicole is picking a dress, while Lola plans to use her acting to get out of the assignment.

    Zoey reveals to Chase that she talked about him on her DVD, but refuses to tell him what she said. Logan adds to his agony by reminding Chase that the time capsule is to be buried for 20 years. The night after the time capsule is buried, Chase dreams about what Zoey said about him, but Micheal wakes him up. In a fit of madness, Chase makes Micheal help him dig up the capsule in the pouring rain.

    Chase starts watching the DVD, but feels guilty and stops the video. The next day, he's sleeping outside (apparently he was up all night reburying the DVD) when Zoey drives by on her Jet-X. She teases him again, saying that she'll tell Chase what she said, but in ten years.

    Actual footage of DVD: "Hi, I'm Zoey Brooks. [...] And now, I want to tell you about one of the most special people I have ever met. His name is Chase Matthews, and he is one of the funniest, coolest, nice..."
    I assume she said "...nicest people I know."

    Dream sequence:
    "There are so many things I could say about Chase. For one thing, he's the first person I ever met here at PCA. And we've gotten to be really close friends. But, there is something I've never told Chase. And that is..."

    Zoey was a little mean in this episode, but it all works because Chase going insane was hilarious. Micheal was also great as Chase's unwilling assistant, and Logan did a great job pushing Chase over the edge. We can clearly see in this episode that Chase's crush on Zoey is not a passing thing.
  • Great!

    Zoey and the gang create a time capsule to be opened in 20 years. Zoey creates a DVD about her life at PCA. She talks about her friends including Chase. Chase can't wait to see what Zoey says about him so he and Micheal decide to dig the time capsule up so they can see what Zoey says.Chase sees it he only gets a little bit into what zoey said about him and then he shuts it off. before that he has a dream about him in the futer in the dream zoey was about to say somthing but michel woke him up.
  • rooting for chase

    ok, so it may seem stupid that one of the reasons i watch this show is for the episodes like this that raise the question of "does zoey like chase back?" but if you've ever really watched the show as i have, you know you love chase and his adorably klutzy personality... and then you HAVE to root for chase to get the girl! i was almost as curious as chase to find out what zoey said about him, and although i probably never will, i really hope she likes him. even though it would pretty much eliminate a lot of story line possibilities, i hope that someday this question is answered, and that chase and zoey can finally be together as we all know they should be.
  • A interesting episode

    I thought this episode was okay it was very funny to see Chase obsessed with finding out what Zoey said about him on the dvd to see if she loves him like he loves her.Chase and Micheal go out in a thunderstorm to dig up the time capsule and get the dvd but Chase decides not to watch all of it because it feels wrong to do it without Zoeys permission I thought that was really stupid
  • kinda revealing. rated 9.4 because it had a crappy ending.

    Time Capsule. This was a cool episode. Logan put in a picture of himself (BIG SURPRISE), Nicole put in her clothes (haha another big surprise),Chase and Michael put in a song they wrote about their lives at PCA, Lola is stupid and acts like her grandma died (uh..yeah thats not acting its called LYING and Manipulating a teacher for basicly no reason. Just pick a something and put it in the thing. Geez its not that hard.) And Zoey makes a dvd about her friends. Chase finds out, goes nuts, digs the capsule up at two something in the morning, starts to watch it, feels guilty, puts it back, falls asleep under a tree.(I think I was as exhausted after this epi as he was.) Zoey torments him. Stupid ending.

    Grr...I think Dan Schneider likes to make me go insane.
  • Great but not the top...

    Okay I know how much Chase loves Zoey, and I love the fact that he does but this is the most craziest and stupid thing he has ever done. It went over the top, I don\'t think someone would ever dig up a time capsule for a dvd and what if she never said that much about him even though they are best friends but people do say love makes people crazy. Zoey did say she was going to tell him in 20 years, but maybe she could have told him earlier, because it may come up some how, but now he would have to wait 10 years.
  • A time capsule project inspired by Mr Benders PCA yearbook.

    This episode was a great show of friendship, and we see how Chase and Zoey\'s freindship develops and gets stronger.

    We start with the class looking through Mr Benders yearbook from PCA, laughing at how the students then dressed, and the fact Mr Bender was a cheerleader. This gives the class an idea for a class project - a time capsule, where each student went away and found something to put in the time capsule. which would be dug up in 20 years time.

    Logan the ego-maniac decided to put a carefully selected picture of....himself! Who would have guessed? Nicole put clothes, and chase and Michale wrote a song about their life on Campus. Zoeys item is what we focus on in this episode, she makes a sort film about her life at PCA, including friends, the campus, and what she misses. Chase is just itching to find out what Zoey said about him on her DVD, and is frustrated when she says \"You\'ll find out in 20 years\".

    Chase has Zoeys DVD running through his mind for ages before AND after it goes in the capsule, and a dream about it, interrupted by Michale, triggers Chase to go out and dig up the time capsule and retrieve the DVD. Michale goes back to bed, whuile Chase puts the DVD in the machine. He watched up to when she starts talking about him, when he realises it was a betrayal of her trust and their friendship. He feels guilty and it feels wrong, so he takes the DVD out, and re-buries it.

    I feel that this episode shows how good Zoey and Chase are as friends, and we see a development in their friendship as Chase opens his eyes to realise how he\'s betraying Zoeys trust. It builds up suspense, and we wonder if Chase actually find out what Zoey thinks about him, until the end where she says \"I\'ll tell you.......in TEN years\". This episode was well plotted, and I loved the storyline. One of the few episodes with a single storyline that I like.

    High Point: Lola\'s acting - her sad face made me cry :\'(
    Low Point: Perhaps a B story could make this more interesting
  • woow

    This is about how a crush goes crazy, Chase get up in the middle of the night to go see what zoey put in the capsule.So it storming and he the disk she made and then when he watching it he realize he did something wrong so goes back and put it back in the capusle. The reason why it's silly is beacuse he did it for no reason.he went out to watch it,risked getting killed and for what , he watched half of it , then he couldn't it was so stupid.
  • Instead of doing a year book gang decide to do a time capsule and put different things in them. Zoey makes a video, Nicole puts her cute clothes is it, chase and Michael make a song, Logan puts a picture of him inside of it. Lola acts out by crying.

    I really like this episode because Chase goes crazy because Zoey wont tell him what she said about him so he tries to dig the time capsule up but he doesn't feel right about watching it so he digs it back up. I also how good Lola is at acting how she got out of it by crying it was so funny.
  • After seeing Mr. Bender's old year book, the gang decides to make a time capsule so that the future PCA kids won't make fun of them like they did to Mr. Bender.

    This episode wasn't my all time favorite, however I wasn't to surprised by what the kids put into the time capsule. Zoey-A Video because that's just her, she can tell about her life at PCA. Nicole-Clothes, That was obvious because she loves clothes. Lola-Got out of it with acting, not surprising because she uses her acting skills whenever she wants to. Michael and Chase-A song they wrote, not surprising because they are song writers/musicians. Logan-A picture of none other than himself, not a surprise at all because he is such an egotistic maniac.
    Also this was cleverly plotted because I did not think at all that Chase would actually go dig up the time capsule at 2 o'clock in the morning. Though I'm glad he ended up doing the right thing.
  • This review will always be hot

    I liked this episode quite a lot with my fave bits being lola's acting to get out of doing the assignment,coco drinking the guppies and quinn falling ina messed up heap grose but funny.Some of the reasons i didnt like this episode was like the fact that chase went to far to find out what zoey said and then not actually watching what she said about him. Also it just didnt seem as good this time probably because i prefered back to pca but it was a very good episode any way
  • What a great episode

    This episode is good Chase want to know what Zoey say about him in her DVD for the time capluse and Lola got full cerdit for lie and she act sop great I do hope Chase and Zoey go on a date. Logan funny song of Chase liking Zoey is funny.
  • This has to be my favorite episode! It's awesome!

    Zoey and the gang create a time capsule to be opened in 20 years. Zoey creates a DVD about her life at PCA. She talks about her friends including Chase. Chase can't wait to see what Zoey says about him so he and Micheal decide to dig the time capsule up so they can see what Zoey says. What else will happen? Will Chase watch the DVD? Watch the episode and find out.
  • you know about it.

    This episode starts out with Mr Benders Class looking at an old yearbook of his and making fun of how he looked back then. Since everyone was making fun of him he decides to assign a project where everyone puts 1 thing in the time capsule for kids at PCA in 20 years. Logan puts a picture of himself in it while Michael and Chase compose a song for PCA people of the future. Zoey decides to do liek a Video Diary of events and people of this era. She talks about Nicole, Lola, Quinn, Michael, Logan and Chase in it. Chase wonders what Zoey could say about him so he and Michael dig up the time capsule (at 3am)and take Zoeys DVD out. Meanwhile Quinn has a bad snoring problem and Nicole helps her moniter wheather or not shes snoring or not... Quinn ends up sniffing Guppies up her nose to stop the snoring and... it does! Then Chase starts to watch it but realizes that he really shouldnt be doign it, so he stops that DVD and puts it back in its case. Zoey confronts him a few days later : (** convo not word for word**)
    Z: Whats up?
    C: Nothin Im Tired.
    Z: Really?? Why??
    C: I Havent got much sleep the past few nights.
    Z: Whys that??
    C: Ive just had stuff to do
    Z: Yah sometimes stuff can do that to you.
    C: Yah...
    Z: I was thinking... maybe i shoudl tell you what I said about you sooner...
    C: That'd be nice
    Z: Instead of 20 years Ill tell you in ......10!
    ** Zoey runs... Chase trys to catch her but Zoey tied his shoes together and he keeps falling while trying to catch Zoey on her Jet X **

    ** NOTE: No Guppies were harmed in the making of this episode **
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