Zoey 101

Season 4 Episode 1

Trading Places

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Jan 27, 2008 on Nickelodeon

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  • Zoey came back to PCA! But there is bad news!

    Zoey went back to PCA after few weeks in England. Zoey should tell Chase and everybody that she is on her way to PCA, not surprise everybody. Chase wants to surprise Zoey that Chase is joining her in boarding school in England. Chase was very stuck at England for whole semseter because he begged his parents really hard and he promised to not begs again. Whole semester is like four months or five months!!! Zoey did came move back with Quinn and Lola. Stacey had to move out because she is weird and very annoying! Everybody at PCA were so shocked that Zoey came back as suprised!
  • 401

    The season premiere of Zoey 101 gives viewers a relationship that apparently they wanted for many years with Chase and Zoey getting together, only for it to be taken away by a difference in time zones. While this show can be funny from time to time, hitting emotional strides has never been one of its strong suits. Few Dan Schneider episodes of any of his shows really did that well, so my advice would be to stick to laughs in the rest of the season. There were some good moments here, but it was a bit of a disappointment in my eyes.
  • Chase and Zoey finally reveal their true feelings for each other, but things go wrong.

    Zoey comes back to PCA, wanting to see Chase. When Zoey finds out that Chase has moved to England, and can't come back after he begged his parents so hard. Zoey realizes that she might love Chase back so they start to go out. But when Chase's annoying roomate, Colin the nit, interrupts them on their webcam date, and when the webcam loses connection, they feel really sad. When the connection gets fixed, Chase and Zoey realize that it won't work, so they decide that they should wait until Chase gets back in the next semester. Meanwhile, Quinn does lazer surgery on Mark's eyes. This episode is very, very classic and probably the best of the series.
  • Great

    This episode is Chase's last appearance until the end of the finale, and for what it was, I thought it was good. I liked when they learned that Chase went to England and Zoey went back to PCA.

    The episode had some good humor and the ending is sweet and makes you want to see the conclusion, when they get together.

    Overall my grade would be a B+, because the rest of the season seemed really unnecessary with weird plots. But this was probably the best of the last season. Only episode I really cared about how it would end. B+
  • me encanta la seri es la mejor la mejor de todas, no como esa hanna montana que asco eso que porqueria uchh

    me encanta el programa, no pude ver este capitulo, porfa deberian colocarlo para que lo podamos descargar, eso seria grandioso. el programa es genia, aaaaaaayyyyy yo amo esta serie y la cuarta temporada se ve genial tambn.
    the best tv show
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  • One of the best episodes of the series.

    This episode was great. I waited all week for this, and it was worth it. It starts off with Zoey returning to PCA, after she had went to a different boarding school in England. She tells Quinn and Lola how she heard Chase telling Logan and Michael that he loves her, and that she needs to talk to him about it. But, Quinn and Lola don't want her to. It's later revealed that Chase had transferred to the same boarding school that Zoey had been at-in London- to be with Zoey. Zoey and Chase talk to eachother via webcam, and Chase finds out that Zoey knows that he's in love with her. They want to date eachother, but can't because they're in different countries. But, they soon get the idea to date eachother over the webcam. They try it, but find out that it's harder than they thought it would be. They agree to date for real when Chase returns to PCA, which would be when the semester's over. It ends with Zoey and Chase both saying that they love eachother. Even though this episode was mostly very serious, it was still funny nonetheless. When Mark 'stalled' Zoey, and Chase's british roommate was hilarious. This is a must-see episode.
  • So Zoey comes back to PCA, and Chase goes to England. Zoey and Chase get to each other on the internet, and are on a live chat. They start to date, but decide to hold off until Chase comes back to PCA, so Zoey and Chase could really date...

    This episode was Awesome! Funny, great plot, and just real fun to watch! I loved every minute of this episode, and did not want to look away. I liked the part where Quinn was giving Mark the laser eye surgery, and she left him for a while! That was funny! I also liked how Chase's room mate kept yelling at him, and was really annoyed by Chase! That was also funny. I was hoping that Zoey and Chase would actually see each other, but that is why they had the Chasing Zoey Movie! Anyway, I loved this episode, and I thought that it was really good!
  • Chase travels to London to tell Zoey he loves her and Zoey goes back to PCA to tell him the same thing. Now, they are both a 1,000 miles apart again and still not dating. Chase tells Zoey that he loves her and then the two start to date over the internet.

    Oh my gosh!!!! This episode was just a huge shocker from beginning to end! You wouldn't have thought that Chase would go all the way to London to tell Zoey he loved her and Zoey to go back to PCA to reveal her feelings for Chase after she overhears Chase talking about how he was in love with her. But, I don't think anyone could have guessed that they would be actually trading places. That was just a huge shocker for all of the Zoey 101 fans!

    When I first saw how Sean Flynn's name wasn't on the theme song credits anymore, I wondered, "What's up with that?" But, then after the theme song said, "Special Guest Star - Sean Flynn". I thought he was out of the show. And then that conclusion came true and I was sad. In this episode Chase finally tells Zoey he loves her to her face, wia Web Cam. You could tell how desperate Chase was to date Zoey because he began to date her over the internet, via Web Cam again. I really just loved this episode from beginning to end and it was one of the best episodes of Zoey 101 that Dan has ever created!
  • Chase goes to London to tell Zoey how he feels about her. Zoey goes back to PCA to declare her love for Chase. One Word: SUCKS

    This episode was very painful to watch counting on the fact that, Chase can never return to PCA. He did it all for Zoey. Then Zoey had to go back to PCA. Stupid Zoey. What I've realized about this show is that someone leaves every season, well almost every season. In Season One, no one left cause it was the first season of course. Season 2, Dana left. Season 3, Nicole leaves. And now season Four, Chase leaves. Just because he had to "beg" his parents now he cannot go back. It is a great season opener though how everyone has seemed to change after Chase left. I feel sorry for Stacy though. So sad.
  • This episode was so bittersweet.

    Zoey transfers back to PCA. She is really excited to be back and wants to see Chase to tell him she heard what he said on the webcam about how he loves her. The only bad part is that Chase moved to England to be Zoey and she didn't know it. They try to stall Zoey from finding out, but she finds out anyway. She is really sad that he left, but she thought it was sweet that he went to Engalnd for her. Quinn sets up a webcam for them so they can talk to each other. Zoey tells Chase she came back to PCA to find out if she was in love with him. Zoey asked Chase to come back to PCA, but he said he promised his parents that he would stay at least for a semester. Chase says he doesn't care that he can't be there and he will date her now. They go on a date through their webcams. Then the connection gets lost. Zoey tries to get Quinn to fix hers and Chase calls tech support. They finally fix it by pushing control G. THey decide that it's not working to date through the internet so they decide to just keep doing what they were doing until Chase comes back.
  • Zoey returns to PCA to talk to Chase, but discovers that Chase has recently transferred to Covington. Chase and Zoey meet through video chat. Chase says that he has to stay at Covington for at least a semester. They agree to go on a "video chat date".

    I love this episode. Zoey finally finds out about Chase's feelings for her after 3 years at PCA. Also, Chase also says "I love you" directly to Zoey. Surprisingly, she replies with an "I love you too" Throughout the first half of the episode, Quinn and Lola get Mark to stall her so she does not find out about Chase leaving. He talks about rocks, but when Zoey loses interest, he resorts to pushing her into a bush, which was really funny. Also, Michael and Logan, throughout the first half, were obsessing over "meatless tacos". Most of the second half, however, was focused on the webcam conversation between Zoey and Chase, including the video chat date.
  • Zoey returns to PCA to confront Chase about what she overheard over the webcam, only to find that he's gone to England to be with her.

    Chase and Zoey's relationship can never be easy, can it? There is only so long the writers of Zoey 101 can put it off before the ratings go down. I thought Zoey's "I don't know...I think I could be" answer to Chase's "Are you in love with me?" question was less than satisfying, but it was better than nothing. Chase's "I love you" at the end was quite satisfying, though the knowledge that they would be separated for a semester was heart-breaking. All around, a great episode, with a sad aftertaste. Also, knowing this was the last episode in which Sean Flynn would be a regular on the show was tear-jerking as well, as I think Chase as a character adds so much to the show.
  • Okay episode

    I'm renaming this episode Online Date. It was about Chase going to the school in London, England and Zoey coming back to PCA. When she arrives Lola steals Quinn's glasses to make sure she wasn't "seeing things" but Zoey was really back. So anyway they talk with Zoey and she's going to school at PCA again. She goes to find out the girl was in there she went back to the dorm she was in before. So Zoey was back in and she talks with Lola and Quinn about her knowing about the fight (seen in Goodbye Zoey) between Chase and Logan + Micheal. Then she goes to find out Chase has been gone. She goes to talk to Chase that was informing Micheal and Logan about Zoey's return to PCA. They already know now and besides Chase is talking to Zoey now. Well I enjoyed this episode.
  • This happens to be a continuation of "Goodbye Zoey." Zoey overheard Chase tell Michael and Logan that he is in love with Zoey so she comes back to PCA to talk to Chase. Meanwhile Chase moves to England to be with Zoey.

    I have to say that this is my FAVORITE episode EVER! I am beyond happy that Zoey now knows that Chase has been in love with her since the day she started at PCA. The only thing I didn't like is that when Chase asked Zoey if she is in love with him her response was "I don't know...I think I could be." I'm surprised that Chase settled for that answer. i would have be upset unless I heard a straight yes or no from her. However, I got over it very quickly. My favorite part of the episode is the ending. It is sad that Chase has to stay in England for at least one semester and that dating by video chat is not going to work. I thought that they should have stayed exclusive until he got back, but I understand why the episode was written like that. If they had remained exclusive then the show should have just ended there, but there was a whole season that had yet to air and there was going to be a new love interest for Zoey a few episodes later, so this is the way it had to be. I just hope that Chase is going to be in the last episode because it wouldn't be a series ending without him!
  • Pretty good!

    'Kay, so Zoeys back!!! at PCA!!! But Chase is Gone?!?!?!? lol! wow what a crazy turn of events! After chase accidently professed his love Zoey via webcam Zoey came back to tell him something. BUT hes gone! i liked this episode, it was cool, and what made it cooler was that Zoey and Chase begin dating, however, things go bad (i.e. bad webcam connection, time difference...) its a shame, but at least Zoey chase how she felt about him. However for some reason, the way Zoey said it didnt seem as sincere as how Chase often says it. Maybe because we are not used to Zoey saying it... I dunno! Anyhoo, this episode was pretty cool, so im gonna keep watching, and hopefully that busy haired teen we all know and love will come back for Zoey!
  • L-O-V-E is in the air for Zoey and Chase

    Sorry but I shall not be writing a quite long review on this episode of Zoey 101. I am just speechless, and slightly disappointed.

    I was disappointed by a few things such as the webcam malfunctioning, that was them taking a lot of good time away from this episode. I was disappointed with what Quinn did to Mark, leaving him.

    But there was some things I LOVED in this episode, making it a classic. The Tech Support Guy was absolutely, without a doubt hilarious. Colin was funny, Zoey returned, Chase and Zoey said they love each other, but Zoey does not know if she is 'in love' with Chase yet, as he is with her.

    For a change, this episode does not begin with Zoey or Chase with someone, but Lola, Quinn, Michael, and Logan playing volleyball and Michael and Logan are eating a meatless taco when they decide to go back to their dorm. Zoey comes back and needs to tell Chase something, but he is nowhere to be seen and he is in England. They try to date via webcam but not very successfully.

    Great episode!
  • The episode basically centers around Chase and Zoey. Zoey comes back to PCA to reveal her feelings for Chase but she soon discovers that Chase has moved to England to be with her. Chase and Zoey finally talk by webcam and agree to date. They date.

    The episode starts off with Michael and Logan playing a basketball game against a very uninterested team of Lola and Quinn. Eventually Michael and Logan get tired of playing as they were winning 26-0. Michael and Logan then go get a meatless taco. Lola and Quinn walk and talk when all of a sudden Lola sees a blond haired person step out a taxi. She then realizes that it is Zoey. She grabs quins glasses for a better look. Quinn the takes her glasses back and she then realizes that it is Zoey. Lola and Quinn run nad hig Zoey. Quinn asks Zoey, "Are you just visiting." Zoey says, "Do all these bags look like I'm just visiting." Zoey then tells Lola and Quinn that she has something big to tell them. Zoey told Lola and Quinn what she heard from Chase over the webcam and that was that was that Chase said he is in love with her. Quinn says finally. Lola asks love or in love. Zoey says in, clearly in love. Zoey decides to go and talk to Chase but little does she realize Chase is in England. Quinn calls Michael and Logan who don't answer the phone because they are playing with Logans with electric helicopter. Quinn calls Mark and gets him to stall Zoey. Mark does that. Lola and Quinn beat Zoey to the boys dorm. No one wants to tell Zoey the bad news that Chase is gone to England. Lola and Quinn get to the boys dorm and walk in to see Michael and Logan playing with the helicopter. Lola grabs the helicopter controller from Logan and crashes the helicopter. Lola and Quinn tell Michael and Logan that Zoey is back. Lola and Quinn try to escape through the window but are dragged back in by Michael and Logan. Zoey then comes to the Michael and Logan's door and knocks. Michael answers and him and Logan both say Zoey your back. Zoey wonder why Mark pushed her into a bush. Lola and Quinn are hidden behind a tree. Zoey is confused. She then finds out where Chase. She finds out that Chase went to England. They then cut to England where Chase is at Zoey's room and finds out that Zoey transferred back to PCA. Zoey then talks with Michael who was the one who told her the bad news that Chase went to England. Then Zoey demands that Quinn and Lola get up from behind the couch after hiding their for a while. They are then interrupted by a beeping sound which was the webcam. It was FroBoy21 who was requesting a video chat. Froboy 21 was Chase. Zoey kicked everyone out. Michael came back in to get a meatless taco. Then Lola and Quinn came in to take the leaves out of Zoey's hair. Zoey told them to get out. Zoey took a deep breath then hit connect. Zoey and Chase started talking. Chase saids to Zoey your back at PCA. Zoey said to Chase: Your in England at Covington. Chase explained to Zoey the reason he went to England was to be with Zoey and because Zoey wouldn't go to PCA. Chase asked Zoey why she went back to PCA. Zoey said she missed Chase. Chase said he missed Zoey too. Zoey then told Chase that she heard him say that he was in love with her. Chase was like oh. Chase asked Zoey to hold on for a second. Then Chase disconnected and reacted the way only Chase could and that was by screaming out "OH MY GOD!" Chase reconnected with Zoey. Chase said to Zoey: "You heard say i'm in love with you which brings us to a very interesting question. Zoey asked: which is? Chase said: Are you in love with me? Zoey didn't say anything for about 7-8 seconds. Chase told Zoey to say something before he throws up. Zoey said this: maybe, I came back here to find out, I think I could be. Chase was so happy and said: I will take that. Zoey asked Chase why he never told her this. Chase said because he is very very stupid. Zoey told Chase to transfer back to PCA and Chase said that his parents would not let him. Chase said he is done waiting. Chase said that Zoey is dating right now. They agreed to date by webcam.

    Here we are it is finally Chase and Zoey's first date by webcame. Zoey looks so gorgeous and Chase looks good to. The date. There problems during the date, the webcam gets connected. Chase's roomate is ignorant. The tech guys didn't. Evenually Quinn fixed iy control G. It's near the end of the episode when Chase says to Zoey, "I Love Zoey." Zoey asks Chase, was that so hard to say to my face. Chase said no it was easy. Zoey said good, I Love You too. Chase and Zoey brok up but agreed to wait until Chase returns to PCA and they can be together again. I absolutely loved this episode. I want Chase back soon. Finally Chase and confess their for each other. I cannot wait until they are finally together. The episode definately deserves a perfect 10 out of 10. This episode was the best espiode of Zoey 101 and one of my favorite episodes of Zoey 101. I just loved this episode.
  • trading places, good way to kickoff a season

    Zoey realize that Chase is in love with her. Zoey went to PCA. Zoey's friends don't want to tell her that Chase has moved away. I was very shocked that Chase moved to England! Finally, Zoey's friends tell her that Chase move to England. I love Zoey and Chases' expression when they found out they switch places! They are freaking out! Finally, Zoey and Chase talked each other on the via webcam after they found out about switch places. Zoey tells Chase that she overhears that Chase is in love with her on the webcam when Zoey is in England. This part makes me nervous when Chase asked Zoey if she is in love with him. Aw Zoey said, "Maybe". Chase wants to date Zoey right now. So, they go on a date on the via webcam. It's not work out, because they have problems of having a long-distance relationship. Aw at the end they said LOVE each other. Finally, Chase tells Zoey that he loves her and she said I love you too. That's was my favorite part. This is a fantastic episode that revealed true feelings and... just superb, 9.8
  • Sad...

    Zoey returns to PCA! She wants to see Chase, but unfortunately, he went to England to see her. Now he's stuck there and she's stuck here. Zoey tells him that she overheard him say that he's in love with her. They try virtual dating, but it doesn't work out.

    This was a great episode! It was very sad because I really like Chase, but now he won't be on the show anymore. I hate this! He should have told her how he feels, but what are you going to do? I give this episode a 10 out of 10!
  • This episode was worth the wait. It is the best episode yet!

    I waited all week to see the hour long premire of Zoey 101 season 4. This episode made it all worth it. It is in mp opinion the most romantic episode in the entire show. (for now at least) Poor Zoey finally coming back to PCA only to find Chase has gone to England! The end was so sweet when Zoey and Chase said they loved each other. They really must love each other to give webcam dating a try. And to see Chase up late at night just to go on his date with Zoey was really sweet. Of course this episode did not lack comedy. Mark pushing Zoey in a bush to prevent her from going to her room was really funny. And Chase's room mate was my favorite part. I can't wait to see how Zoey and Chases relationship grows in future episodes.
  • This episode was so amazing!!!!

    Zoey realize that Chase is in love with her. Zoey went to PCA. Zoey's friends don't want to tell her that Chase has moved away. I was very shocked that Chase moved to England! Finally, Zoey's friends tell her that Chase move to England. I love Zoey and Chases' expression when they found out they switch places! They are freaking out! Finally, Zoey and Chase talked each other on the via webcam after they found out about switch places. Zoey tells Chase that she overhears that Chase is in love with her on the webcam when Zoey is in England. This part makes me nervous when Chase asked Zoey if she is in love with him. Aw Zoey said, "Maybe". Chase wants to date Zoey right now. So, they go on a date on the via webcam. It's not work out, because they have problems of having a long-distance relationship. Aw at the end they said LOVE each other. Finally, Chase tells Zoey that he loves her and she said I love you too. That's was my favorite part.


    I knew it! Zoey is in love with Chase. I thought Zoey won't tell Chase that she overheard something about him, but she did! Bravo! I love this episode so much! I can't wait until Chase is coming back to PCA and be with Zoey!
  • Seaon 4 opener Zoey comes back Chase is not there perfect!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    well Zoey comes back to PCA to talk to Chase after Goodbye Zoey .But Chase went to Egland to talk to Zoey . So now there on two diffrent sides of the world. Chase talks to Zoey and he tells her the truth and the two go on a date . Well there was no subplot but plot A was good . The new oping credits does not have Chase in them . Micheal ,Logan,Lola and Quin were not nedd in this episode . Dustin was not in it at all . Its the best Zoey season opener ever! in the end Zoey and chase say I Love you !
  • yeah, Chase and Zoey say they love each other.. but so what!?

    Yes, I know we've all been waiting for the confession of love to happen since the first episode ever.. but was it really that great of an episode to deserve a 10?? at least I don't think so.

    Everyone reading this probably knows the plot already (and if you don't I suggest reading one of the previous reviews) so I won't get into it much. What I want to address is the lack of a happy ending.

    So Zoey found out Chase is in love with her and Chase says it to her face, but WHY does Zoey only say "Maybe - I came back here to find out, I think I could be.." If Zoey was really in love with Chase she would've screamed YESSS so that the whole world could hear! I feel like the whole series was a set of false clues. For example, when Lola likes Chase, Zoey is devastated that Lola is going to ask him out.. and in the episode with Rebecca, Zoey is heartbroken when she sees Chase's girlfriend. So why the vague answer?? Even later on, when she does say she loves him, she sounds hesitant and says it like she doesn't really mean it and is just saying it not to hurt his feelings. but then again, at least she said something and didn't end it with a thank you or the simple "was that so hard to say to my face" remark.. And didn't they both pretty much know that they loved each other in the first place?? I mean how many times did Lola and Quinn tell Zoey that!

    i know i'm probably going against most of your opinions, since most viewers were just so excited to know that Zoey and Chase will be together in the future. Don't get me wrong though! The whole reason I watch the show is because of Zoey and Chase.. They remind me of my life when I was a little younger (and in some aspects now, but let's not get into my love life)..

    So yeah.. Disappointing in that Chase will not be a part of the show for what seems like the whole season, but i could be wrong. But good, and still deserving of above a 9, because of the whole "i love you" thing and the fact that at least the relationship has a possibility. I just hope the writers/producers realize that the Chase/Zoey thing is what makes the show a hit.. not some dumb adventures and pranks that go on at PCA (although I guess some are interesting)..

    This whole review contradicts itself but I guess that's how we all feel when we watch Zoey 101.. we love some stuff, we hate other stuff, and we love to hate some more stuff.. Props to Nickelodeon on keeping some of us college kids interested in shows on teennick, even though we're probably the minority viewers.. but hey, we're the ones that write the reviews!!! =)

  • great way to start season 4

    I personally think this was one of the best episodes ever. So much drama I mean Chase left and Zoey came back. It kinda mad me sad that in the new opening credits it doesn't have Sean Flynn in it anymore but he'll be back around the middle of the season I bet. It was great to see zoey and chase finally go on a date and chase finally says I love you to zoey's face. It was even better when she said I love you to. Overall it is a great episode. A great way to start off a new season.
  • Zoey is back with big news only to get upsetting news herself - Chase is gone. Zoey reveals what she heard to Chase. They try dating via webcam with no luck. They tell each other "I love you" but agree to go their own ways until they are reunited at PCA.

    In all honesty, I went into yesterday evening with very mediocre expectations for the night's new Zoey 101 episodes. After all, Zoey 101 has had a history that includes disappointment in many forms (Spring Break-Up, anyone?). What reason did I have to believe that these new episodes would be any different?

    I was wrong. Well, half-wrong anyway. The first episode of the season, "Trading Places," the premiere to end all premieres, soared way past my expectations with incredible ease.

    The episode begins with a little two-on-two basketball game - Michael and Logan versus a less than interested Quinn and Lola. The boys soon venture off for food - meatless tacos to be specific. The girls are discussing just what the contents of those tacos might be when Lola spots a certain blonde-haired girl in the distance. It is none other than Zoey Brooks! The girls run over and much screaming and hugging ensues. There is even more screaming and hugging after they find out she's here to stay. Zoey tells them she needs to talk to them about something, and they all run off to the dorm.

    Much to everyone's delight, Stacy packs up and moves out, allowing Zoey to have her old room back. They sit down, and Zoey tells Lola and Quinn what she heard on the webcam. They are excited initially, but that excitement quickly turns into panic when Zoey announces that she has to go talk to Chase. They try to stop her, but to no avail. She leaves and chaos ensues in room 101. They try calling Michael and Logan's room to inform them that Zoey is on her way, but they are playing with a new model helicopter and do not hear the phone ring.

    Quinn has another idea. She calls Mark and orders him to stall Zoey. Marks attempts at this are quite hilarious. No one can discuss rocks the way Mark Del Figgalo can. It only serves to irritate Zoey though, so Mark saw no other option besides pushing her into a bush and making a run for it.

    Quinn and Lola do manage to get to the boys' dorm before Zoey though, where they find the boys still playing with the helicopter. Their fun is brought to an abrupt halt when Lola snatches the controller out of Logan's hands and crashes the toy into the ceiling, destroying it. They tell Michael and Logan about Zoey's return, and there is much squabbling over who should break the upsetting news to her. Lola and Quinn try to escape via the windows only to be dragged right back inside.

    The next scene is nothing short of brilliant. Amidst all the hustle and bustle, a knock can be heard at the door. The four members of the Zoey gang instantly freeze in horror. From there, it cuts over to England, where a similar knock is heard. For those who resisted indulging in pre-premiere speculation and/or watching the previews, this moment surely must have come as a shock. I had given considerable thought to the possibility of Chase going to England myself, and I am positive that my heart stopped for a moment or two. Zoey's old roommate Tabitha answers the door and is greeted by Chase at Covington, and Michael opens the door to be greeted by Zoey an ocean away at PCA. In quick succession, Chase and Zoey are told of each other's whereabouts. The effect of both Chase and Zoey discovering one another's unexpected absence at the same time packs an extra punch to the impact of the news.

    A bewildered Zoey paces about the boys' room, trying to understand why Chase could have gone to England. Michael states the obvious - Chase convinced his parents to let him transfer to Covington so he could be with Zoey. They are interrupted by a beeping sound coming from the computer - Froboy21 wants a video chat! Reminiscent of "Goodbye Zoey," Zoey orders everyone to get out. But this time, they comply, with Michael returning only to retrieve his meatless taco and Quinn and Lola to get the leaves out of Zoey's hair.

    Zoey takes a deep breath and clicks connect. Chase's face appears on the screen, and he frantically starts talking, assuming that it was Michael on the other end. He realizes it was Zoey, and one of the two greatest moments in Zoey 101 history starts now. Zoey asks Chase why he went to Covington, and Chase explains that it was because she wouldn't go back to PCA - or so he thought. He asks why she did it, and she says she missed him. Chase replies, "I missed you too." Then Zoey adds hesitantly that she overheard something that Chase said. When Chase gently pries it out of her, Zoey says that what she heard was him saying he was in love with her. Chase's immediate response is simply "oh..." He inquires if that is why she went back to PCA, and when Zoey says yes, we get the typical Chase response when he excuses himself, shuts off the webcam, and shouts "OH MY GOD!" He turns the webcam back on and without preamble, he asks Zoey the big question - is she in love with him? I think it is safe to say that the audience awaits her response with almost as much anticipation as Chase does. And while it is not the exact response everyone, most importantly Chase, was waiting for, the maybe that we do receive is good enough. Zoey asks Chase why he never told her, and Chase admits to what Michael had been telling him all along - because he is very, very stupid. So now they must face the question of what to do now. Zoey tells him to transfer back to PCA, and Chase says he can't - he promised his parents he would stay in London for at least a semester. Regardless of knowing this ahead of time from spoilers, our hearts shatter upon hearing this. Zoey says reluctantly that they will just have to wait, but Chase won't hear of it. He had waited for three and a half years for this moment, and did not want to wait any longer.

    So Chase and Zoey give dating via webchat a try. It has to be said that it did look a little bizarre to see Zoey all dressed up, sitting at Sushi Rox with a laptop across from her, but it was adorable nevertheless. We do have to keep in mind that they are merely teenagers.

    Their date seems to be going nicely, but things start to take a turn for the worst when Chase points out that it is three in the morning in England and that his roommate Collin (or "Colon" as Chase repeatedly mispronounces it) is asleep. The date is halted entirely when their video chat disconnects.

    Both Chase and Zoey spend over an hour trying to get it back up and running. Chase calls Tech Support and Zoey calls Quinn. The dialogue between Chase and the Tech Support representative, along with Collin's frequent interruptions is as amusing as it is completely frustrating. While it makes one want to burst out laughing, that feeling is suppressed by the desperate desire for the webchat to reconnect so Zoey and Chase can continue their date.

    In the end, Quinn fixes it and rushes back to the dorm, where she was performing Lasik surgery on Mark. By this time, however, Sushi Rox is about to close, and it is after four in the morning in England. Chase says the words dreaded in any relationship - "this isn't going to work, isn't it?" Zoey sadly agrees. They decide that the best and only thing to do is to do their own thing at their rsepective schools until they are together once more. They discuss another feared topic - what if they meet other people? Zoey wisely points out that they've dated other people before, and Chase nods in agreement. And so arrives the greatest moment in Zoey 101; what the past three seasons have built up to - Chase says, "I love you, Zoey." The sweet yet sad tone to Chase's voice at this moment demonstrates just how much he genuinely cares for Zoey. Zoey asks him it that was so hard to say to her face, and Chase smiles his signature half-smile and says it was easy. Zoey says she loves him too, and they say their goodbyes. Zoey disconnects the video chat, and the episode ends with her computer screen fading to black.

    This episode left me so pleasantly shocked and breathless that I could scarcely sit still, nevermind seriously reflect on what had happened, for the rest of the night and much of the following day. Though undoubtedly exhilarating, this episode has the added effect of leaving one feeling a certain amount of sadness at the prospect of Chase and Zoey's separation. Who knows what could happen during that long semester apart (assuming you know nothing of what future episodes have in store)?

    Zoey's mention of the fact that both she and Chase have dated other people in the past indicates to the crestfallen audience that if they are meant to be, dating other people would not stop them from being brought back together in the end. For now, we have to take solace in the fact that we know that Chase and Zoey are meant for one another, and that the power of that kind of love will be enough to bring them back to each other, regardless of the bumps in the road along the way.
  • In this episode Zoey and Chase finally admit their feelings for each other.

    I was so looking forward to seeing this episode for a very long time. It was so exciting, I could not wait to see what would happen. The episode did not disappoint me. In the beginning Zoey comes back from England and finds out Chase went to England to see her. I really loved the part where Zoey tells Chase she came back to PCA to see if their relationship can work. It was so nice to finally hear that. I think Zoey and Chase trying to date by Webcam was very cute, but I knew it couldn't work. In the end when Chase said I love you to Zoey and she said it back I was so happy.
    I also thought Chase's roommate Colin was really funny and the conversation with the tech guy was great.

    Now I hope Chase comes back soon so Zoey and Chase can be a real couple. I really loved this episode and I thought it was the best so far, I can wait to see what comes next.
  • ok zoey is back from england and she has something to tell chase...meanwhile everyone is hiding something from her and noone wants to be the person to tell her

    ok this was the best ep ever...i squealed the whole ep...i was jumping up and down...and then i got upset when commercials came on b/c i was bouncing off the walls...this was such a pivotal ep..i mean it was romantic, sweet, and tragic all at the same time...i cant believe he did that for her...i love him so much now...i was mad that zoey only said maybe and i was trying to find out when he asked her if she was in love w/ him but i got over it quick when they went on their date..what they called a date lol...but unfortunately had 2 put it on hold...but he said he loved her and she said it back...ok chase's roommate was so hilarious yelling at him and calling him a nit and saying its colin and then the tech support guy press control g...im still wondering why it worked for quinn but not for chase...this was the best ep of the entire show so far
  • The following may be the longest review you'll ever read. And now for 1666 words on Trading Places.

    All the Zoey 101 opening sequences start with some vehicle rolling across the screen. In the first three seasons, the vehicles were elegant and stylish (black and yellow convertibles in Seasons 1 and 3, and Zoey's Jet-X in Season 2). However, Season 4's vehicle is a not-so-classy SUV. However, there is a much larger change in the opening credits: Sean Flynn is no longer a main cast member. Those who haven't seen the previews for this episode are probably wondering now: Where's Chase?

    After a brief recap of "Goodbye Zoey", we start on the basketball court. Michael and Logan are into the game, and Lola and Quinn couldn't be more disinterested, which is reflected in the score of 26-0. Eventually, the guys give up trying to get the girls to play, and leave for meatless tacos. (Chase's Grandma: "And it wasn't even a good taco. Mostly just limp lettuce.")

    Quinn and Lola are discussing the boys' weird culinary interests when Lola spots someone in the distance, even stealing Quinn's glasses for a better view. (In reality, Quinn's glasses would have probably made her vision worse). Zoey's back! The girls scream and hug. And she's here to stay. The girls scream and hug. However, Zoey's got some news she is dying to tell the girls.

    After kicking Stacey out of Room 101 quite unceremoniously, Zoey tells Quinn and Lola about why she moved back to PCA. For the idiots who didn't watch "Goodbye Zoey", a few weeks ago, Michael left the guy's webcam on by accident, and Zoey overheard Chase talking to Michael and Logan. More specifically, Chase told Michael and Logan that he was in love with Zoey. (After much resistance. WATCH "GOODBYE ZOEY"!) Quinn and Lola had known about Chase's crush on Zoey for years, even telling Zoey so in "Surprise" (she didn't believe them), and respond with an I-told-you-so "Finally!" But when Zoey leaves to go find Chase, Quinn and Lola panic. What could be wrong?

    Meanwhile, Michael and Logan are playing with a mini helicopter inside their room. Michael is still eating his meatless taco. When Lola calls them to tell them of their problem, the helicopter drowns out the phone's ring tone. So Quinn dials Mark to get him to stall Zoey so that she and Lola can get to the guys dorm first. This leads to a hilarious scene which mentions rocks, the Mississippi River, and ends with Zoey in a bush. More importantly, Lola and Quinn make it to the guy's room in time.

    Lola snatches Logan's radio controller and smashes the helicopter into the ceiling. Logan, with his hands still in the controller position, is clearly upset (though we learn in the next episode it's worth only just over a week of his huge allowance), but that quickly turns to panic for both guys when they learn Zoey's on her way and Mark (who runs in) didn't do a good job of stalling her. Quinn and Lola try fleeing via the window, but Michael and Logan drag them back in just in time to hear Zoey knocking on the door. The girls end up hiding behind the couch.

    The knocking segues into a scene of England, and lo and behold, Chase is at Covington Preparatory School looking for Zoey. Like in the title of this episode, Zoey and Chase have literally switched places. We see a mention to the real Sean Flynn, as Chase shows up at Zoey's old room with a guitar. Apparently he just got to Covington.

    We then enter a quick series of intercontinental cuts:
    PCA: Michael breaks down and blurts: "CHASE ISN'T HERE!"
    Covington: Chase asks, "By not here, you mean not in her room?"
    PCA: Zoey asks where Chase is.
    Covington: Chase flips out knowing Zoey transferred back to PCA.
    PCA: Zoey flips out knowing Chase moved to England.
    (Fade to black)

    I find the above scene quite clever, as it combines both Chase's and Zoey's reaction into one scene. This is important in this episode, as the writers are clearly pressed for time. We have only hit the halfway point of this episode. This is in stark contrast with "Goodbye Zoey II", which dragged on quite a bit in the middle sections.

    We fade back in, and Zoey is still freaking out, asking why Chase would leave, and demanding Quinn and Lola come out from behind the couch. Michael and Logan explain that Chase went to Covington for Zoey. Zoey flips out again, but suddenly there is a sound from the computer. It's "FroBoy21", in other words Chase. In a repeat of "Goodbye Zoey II", Zoey kicks everybody out, but they come back in. Michael returns for his meatless taco (have you caught the running gag by now?), and Quinn and Lola fix Zoey's leaf-covered hair (thanks to Mark). Chase comes on and starts rambling to Michael only to realize he's not there. Instead he finds himself face-to-face with Zoey.

    Chase explains that he transferred to Covington because he missed Zoey too much, and Zoey says the same thing about Chase. Zoey tells Chase he overheard him say he's in love with her. Chase takes a quick moment to compose himself off-camera ("OH MY GOD!!!"). He then asks Zoey if she was in love with him.

    This is obviously a question Chase had been afraid to ask for 3-plus years. In "Spring Break-Up" he explains that he feared that if Zoey said "no", their friendship might be ruined. But now, there's no holding back. Chase must know, and Zoey must answer.

    Zoey doesn't say "yes". However, she does say the reason why she returned to PCA was to find out just what her feelings for Chase were. While I'm disappointed that she didn't give a yes/no answer, preferably "yes", Chase takes it. Of course, Zoey asks Chase why he hid his crush on Zoey for over 3 years, and Chase admits he's been very, very stupid. Zoey tells Chase he should transfer back to PCA as soon as possible, but Chase explains that won't be until next semester, as he promised his parents to stay that long.

    Zoey says, "Then I guess we'll have to wait," but Chase insists he shall start dating Zoey right then. While heads are scratching, including Zoey's, we cut to the next scene. Zoey is at Sushi Rox with her laptop, and Chase is on the webcam in his room. Of course Chase's late night date ticks his roommate, Collin/Colin to no end, and he keeps interrupting the date. To make matters worse, the webcam connection dies. (I can't ever forget the time the earthquake in Taiwan completely shut off communications between me and my own girlfriend at the time for days.)

    So far, Quinn has been acting like a normal girl in this episode, but the writers felt the need to remind us viewers of her mad scientist roots. So when Zoey calls her for technical support, she's in the middle of LASIK surgery on Mark! She leaves Mark in the middle of the surgery. (Don't worry, Mark still has his vision in the next episode.)

    We then cut to the tech support scenes. Chase's technical support staff is the stereotypical Indian male who hardly has a clue himself, and simply tells Chase to press Control-G, which he repeats countless times. Again, Collin/Colin is driven to his wit's end, and before long, so is Chase. On the other side of the Atlantic, Quinn's approach is overly complicated. She's reinstalled the software, ran a disk utility test, zapped the PRAM, configured the BIOS, danced the Macalana (just kidding), but it's only when she pressed Control-G that the webcam finally worked. The Indian tech guy does an off-screen victory dance, or we could think so. Quinn suddenly remembers Mark and runs off. Collin/Colin threatens to go get the Dorm Advisor, and Chase tells him to go ahead.

    So finally alone together, Zoey and chase try to continue their date, but Sushi Rox is about to be closed. Chase and Zoey admit their online dating isn't working and put their relationship on hold. In a little bit of foreshadowing (if you haven't read the spoilers ignore this), Chase asks what if either of them meets someone new. Zoey says that both of them have dated other people before. (Actually, turn 'little' above to 'huge'.)

    Finally, as 3 years of Chase's charades finally draw to a close, Chase finally says "I love you" to Zoey. Zoey can't resist mocking him for hiding it for so long and asks, "Now, was that so hard to say to my face?" Chase smiles and says it was easy. Zoey says "I love you too" to Chase, and they hang up. In a lovely visual effect, Chase fades out just ahead of the fadeout of the entire scene.


    As much as it chips my heart, I fully understand why Zoey and Chase do not want to continue their long-distance relationship. Long-distance relationships can be difficult, and to Zoey and Chase, what they have now is much more important to what could develop in the future. A similar sentiment was expressed in "Spring Break-Up" by Chase, before Zoey knew he loved her.

    Another issue is how Chase could be so blunt asking Zoey if she loved him. After all, it took Chase more than 3 years to admit he loved Zoey. But then again, Chase didn't know how Zoey would react to knowing he loved her, and Zoey does know how Chase feels about him, so it's different. Still, we did see Zoey slightly taken aback by Chase's bluntness.

    I have only one complaint about this episode: it should have been a full hour long. I have written as much for this review as for "Spring Break-Up" and "Goodbye Zoey" combined, yet this is only a 22-minute episode! Because of this, while the plot couldn't have been better, we didn't get to see as much of the magic of Zoey and Chase's amazing, if short, relationship. Still, it is the best episode of the series, even though I can't show that because I already gave "Goodbye Zoey I" a perfect 10.
  • All I can say is amazing!

    This is definitely a turning point for all of us Zoey and Chase fans. It primarily focused on what Zoey's reaction to Chase being gone and the answer to Chase's question. Was Zoey in love with Chase as well? As it turns out, she is, and they tried have a long distance relationship but it became difficult for them to be able to date. Chase and Zoey decided to put their relationship on hold so they can go about the one semester they are apart until they are able to see eachother again. Before they parted ways, they both professed their love for eachother and then connection was gone. This was the highly anticipated episode that all of us fans have waited for, and it was an awesome experience. Atleast we know that Chase will be back and they can hopfully continue their relationship!

    this was arguably the most anticapated episode of the series (so far) and it almost seemed impossible to live up all the hype but surprizingly it did! its the best episode of the series so far and arguably the FUnniest ever! all the funny things like colin and the tech support guy,it reminded me of foamy's tech support.chase and zoey fianlly started dating! im so happy but the fact chase moved to england stunk. i dont think it was becuz he wasnt going to be in it i think it was just part of the plot of the show. great....10/10