Zoey 101

Season 4 Episode 1

Trading Places

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Jan 27, 2008 on Nickelodeon



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    • (talking wia webcam)
      Zoey: Hey.
      Chase: Zoey? So...you're back at PCA.
      Zoey: Yeah. And you're in England...at Covington?
      Chase: Uh...yep.
      Zoey: Why'd you go there?
      Chase: Cause you wouldn't go there! To PCA! Or...I thought you wouldn't...which clearly you did. (pauses) Why...did you?
      Zoey: I missed you.
      Chase: I missed you too.
      Zoey: And...I, uh...kind of overheard you say something.
      Chase: What do you mean?
      Zoey: Well...a few weeks ago, when I was there, and you were here...
      Chase: Yeah?
      Zoey: I guess you, or Michael or Logan, left your video chat on...
      Chas: Okay...
      Zoey: And I heard you say something.
      Chase: Um...could you be more specific?
      Zoey: (sighs) I heard you say you're in love with me.
      Chase: Oh. That's uh...pretty specific. And that's why you went back to PCA?
      Zoey: That's why.
      Chase: Could you uh, just hold for one sec?
      Zoey: Sure.
      (Chase turns off his computer screen)
      Chase: OH MY GOD!!!!
      (turns his computer screen back on)
      Chase: I'm back.
      Zoey: Hey.

    • Chase: Shut up Colon.
      Collin: It's Collin!

    • Lola: Zoey's back!
      Michael: What about Zoey's back?

    • Chase: I don't care!
      Tech Support Man: If you don't care, then why did you call tech support?

    • Zoey: (to Chase) Maybe we'll try this for real, when we're together again.

    • Mark: You're leaving me in the middle of laser eye surgery?!

    • Zoey: I heard you say you're in love with me.
      (Chase stares in shock)

    • (Quinn fixes the video chat)
      Zoey: Chase!
      Chase: Be quiet Zoey...Z-Zoey?!
      Tech Support Man: Sir! My name is not "Zoey!"
      Chase: Wait...Zoey, how did you get the connection back?
      Zoey: Quinn fixed it.
      Quinn: I just pressed ctrl G.
      Tech Support Man: Ha! I knew it! I knew I was ri- (Chase hangs up the phone)

    • Collin: Why don't you press ctrl G with your bum?

    • Collin: Will you please hang up and go to sleep?
      Chase: NO!
      Tech Support Man: You want me to hang up and go to sleep?

    • (Mark runs into Michael and Logan's room)
      Mark: Hey.
      Quinn: Mark?
      Lola: You're supposed to be stalling Zoey!
      Mark: I did as long as I could. But I ran out of stuff to say.
      Quinn: So what happened?
      Mark: I pushed her...into a bush. (runs away)
      Lola: Yeah, good call dating him.

    • Tech Support Man: I can not go to sleep until they ring the ding dong bell.

    • Zoey: OH MY GOD Chase went to England!
      Lola: This is so tragic.
      Quinn: It's kind of sweet.
      Zoey: TRAGIC!

    • Chase: (to Zoey's former roommate in England) Zoey transferred back to PCA?!
      Zoey: (to Michael and Logan at PCA) Chase moved to England?!

    • Chase: (softly) I love you, Zoey.
      Zoey: Now is that so hard to say to my face?
      Chase: It was easy. (smiles)
      Zoey: Good. (smiles back) I love you too.

    • Chase: I just want my video chat to work!
      Tech Support Man: Sir, I do not like your aggressive tone.

    • Collin: You don't even know what a nit is, you nit!

    • Tech Support Man: Have you tried pressing control G?

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    • Trading Places

      This is the title of an 1983 comedy film starring Eddie Murphy, Dan Aykroyd and Jamie Lee Curtis.