Zoey 101

Nickelodeon (ended 2008)




  • Season 1 Episode 1: Zoey 101 (Pilot)

  • This is the first time Nicole uses the word "suckish."

  • At the end of this episode when the girls were having a party Zoey's bangs were in front of her head then when it was a close up on her it they were behind her ear but when it went back to normal it was in front of her face again. There was no sign of her ever moving her hair.

  • After Zoey was hit in the nose Nicole gave her some water from a bottle. When the timeout is over and the girls go on the court Nicole takes the bottle with her on the court and then they show the next scene and the bottle's not in her hand when she's on the court.

  • When Quinn quits the game and Dana joined, a little while later into the second half of the game, we see Quinn on the court even though she had quit by then and Dana is no where in sight.

  • At the end of the game, when Zoey had the ball, the timer said 00:02, however when Dana had the ball and was about to shoot, the clock was back at 00:03.

  • Tussling with the basketball is not allowed, so when Logan elbowed Zoey in the nose, he should have been put out.

  • When they are going to play the basketball game the coach says that this is the first annual GUYS vs. GIRLS game at PCA. But later on the scoreboard says Guys and Girls instead of home and guest. If this is the first annual GUYS vs. GIRLS game and the first year girls are allowed at PCA then why does the score board say guys and girls?

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