Zoey 101

Season 4 Episode 8

Vince Is Back

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Mar 22, 2008 on Nickelodeon

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  • good

    vince blake returns, and zoey and friends are still mad at him for what he did to michael, chase and logan. they decide to ignore him, but soon lola starts dating him. michael and logan decide to get some payback on him.

    good episode, but Zoey flat out saying "We demand Vince be expelled" or whatever she said made me mad. Like, really? You can't "demand" someone to be expelled on the basis you don't like them. Yea, he beat up her friends but people change. I also disliked how the episode "Guest Stars" Sean Flynn as Chase, when he was in like 1 minute, and it wasn't even new material. Big let down for Chase fans. Anyway good episode, B- or so as a grade
  • In this episode Vince Blake comes back to PCA, after being expelled.

    I thought this episode was good. I really was not expecting Vince Blake to change so much. I was glad to see that Lola finally got to be with someone. In my opinion her and Vince make a cute couple. You could tell they really like each other. I really liked the scene towards the end of the episode when everyone was around the table and Vince said Michael and Logan still have the right to be mad at him. When they made up, I think Vince was being really nice and I felt like he meant everything he said. I also liked the fact that Chase's name was mentioned in this episode. It would of been better if Zoey said his name instead of Logan, but at least he is not totally forgotten.
  • Maybe Vince really HAS changed. Who knows????

    Vince Blake has returned after being 'expelled' from Pacific Coast Adademy. And the guys want revenge for being hurt! At first, the girls have no problem with the guys' attempts for 'commupence'. Vince attends one of Lola's yoga classes and she tries to ignore him, when it doesn't work, she tries to diss him, when it doesn't work either. She says 'fine' to a smoothie or two after the yoga class. They hit it off and kiss four times!!! Lola convinces the girls that Vince really HAS changed and they all become friends with Vince. But the boys want to get their commupence! It is mustard time!!

    This episode was impressive, probably one of S4's best episodes, some may say it was filler, but we will see more of Vince in 'Chasing Zoey', so his return is important. The Quogan moments were cute. And if only Michael's foot went a little higher on that table, James would need a new face. Lol. I think I want to watch 'The Great Vince Blake' now, so see you people, enjoy reading this review over and over again, because it is awesome, like me!!! Lol. Just kidding guys, see you all later, well, probably not, type you all later!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • I would say Vince grew up.

    This episode was very nice!

    We get to see Vince (who might I add looks extremely cute!) becoming a good person in this episode. I think in this episode we see some character development for Vince. Though he could be acting, I doubt it.

    I think Vince has become a really great guy, and this episode he tries to get along with everyone. Which doesn't work out at first, but eventually they do come around... well, the girls at least. The boys still mad and suspicious about Vince, decide they want to get back at him for what he did last year.

    Overall, this episode was extremely good! ^^
  • Former school bully Vince Blake returns to PCA. When Michael sees Vince back and goes and tells Zoey, Lola, Quinn and Logan, they are all not happy about this and want to know why Vince got back into PCA. They want him to be expelled but he will not be.

    Michael is singing out loud when he notices former school bully Vince Blake is back. He immediately finds Zoey, Lola, Quinn and Logan and tells them all that Vince Blake is back at PCA. Michael, Zoey, Lola, Quinn and Logan are all not happy he is back. James tells Zoey to calm down. Zoey gives James an angry look. Michael's reacts by saying this, "I am outrages, outraged!" Michael and Logan plot revenge on Vince for beating them and Chase up. Zoey, Quinn and Lola decide to ignore Vince. Zoey, Lola and Quinn first go and talk to Dean Rivers and demand that he expell Vince Blake again. Dean Rivers denies them and says that Vince went through therapy and has changed. The girls don't buy it for a second. For Lola ignoring Vince was hard. Lola runs into Vince in yoga class. Lola demands that Vince get beat up. After yoga class, Lola and Vince talk. Lola goes back to her dorm and talks to Zoey and tells Zoey that she kissed Vince four times. Zoey and Quinn tell Michael and Logan wht Lola did with Vince. Zoey and Quinn then go and talk to Vince. Zoey and Lola go back to talk to Michael and Logan and they tell Michael and Logan that Vince has changed. Michael and Logan are mad and kick Zoey and Quinn out of their dorm room. Michael and Logan plot revenge on Vince. With the help of Firewire, they plan to put their plan in action. The girls tell Vince about it. Vince goes over and steps on where the mustard is supposed to come out. Michael and Logan go over and talk with Vince and tell him that he broke their machine. Vince tells Michael and Logan to punch, kick, slap, or beat him and he won't fight back because he deserves it. Michael and Logan shake Vince's hand. Vince walks away and then the mustard and crutons get dumped on Michael and Logan. Zoey, Lola and Quinn laugh at the guys.
  • Good!

    Vince Blake, the guy who cheated on a test and beat up Michael, Logan and Chase, has returned. Dean Rivers says that he is a changed boy now. The gang wants to get revenge on him. Lola talks to Vince and is convinced that he has changed. She even kisses him. He tries to explain it to Quinn and Zoey, but they won't listen. But then they talk to him and think he's changed too. Logan and Michael want to get revenge no matter what. Vince apologizes to them and they decide to stop their revenge.

    This episode was pretty good! I like the new Vince. This episode gets an 8.5 out of 10!
  • Interesting Episode

    This episode is about Vince coming back. The guys minus James try for revenge where as the girls try to ignore him. When Vince talk to Lola she is unable to ignore him and falls for his statement that he has changed. Zoey and Quinn are also made at her and go tell Vince to leave Lola alone. But the girls also fall for Vince. The guys first revenge attempt is to give Vince exploding soda but Vince refuses to have it and Mark takes it instead. Their next plan is to throw disgusting stuff at it using a catapult. But the catapult arm comes off in the process so it hits Dean River's present for his daughter. Their third attempt is getting Vince to step on a metal plate which will trigger a trap where he gets blasted with mustard and krutons. The girls tell Vince it's a trap but he steps on it anyway because he feels he deserved it. For some reason the trap doesn't work. Then Michael and Logan try but it still doesn't work. Vince talks to them and persuades them that he had changed. Michael and Logan are persuaded. As Vince walks away the trap works and Michael and Logan are blasted with mustard and krutons. This episode was really funny with the boys revenge attempts. I also found it funny how the girls were so easily persuaded that Vince had changed. I was only persuaded when Vince was stepped on the metal plate despite knowing it was a trap. I thought the episode was pretty good but somewhat of a filler too.
  • Vince is Back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Well Vince is back and he says he changed but the gang does not belive him . Well Vince comes back after The Great Vince Blake the gang trys to ingore well Micheal and Logan go for revmge the .I have no idea what the sub Plot of the ep was but Quinn and Logan were funny still trying to hide ther fellings. I kinda got mad at Lola in this ep becuase she stared to date Vince but then you see that he really has changed ! The best part is when Vince just decides to let Micheal and Logan get revenge on him becuse he fells bad but ther thing wont work . So Vince ask for ther forgives and they say yes and when Micheal and Logan stand on there machine it works on them witch was super funny! The best part was someone finally says Chase!Sence Chase is goon Vince beacame my 2nd favorite Male chacter!
  • Vince is back

    Vince is Back" was exactly what I expected after I saw the previews. Silly, but still amazing. I was really suprised to see that Vince has really changed and grown as a person. I didn't like his character after seeing him in "The Great Vince Blake" because I felt he was just a stuck-up eco maniac but now, the way he has grown, he's one of my favorite characters. I still don't like the idea of vince and Lola being together. Only because I have the most serious crush on Lola. I loved seeing Vince come back and hope that in the future, more older characters will return
  • vince blake, a former bully and jock at pca, returns and the girls believe hes changed while the guys, except james, plot revenge

    like i put in the classification bottom of the barrel and after analyzing my thoughts on the show further and thinking about it..i concluded that it definitely deserves a very low score b/c it was totally suckish..i still dont believe vince has changed..i mean u cant change that quick..ppl will argue that logan has since hes *shudders* dating quinn but he hasnt..big whoop he defended her..so what? i still dont like vince blake..this ep was also horrible b/c they had all the wrong ships..vince and lola got together which is disgusting..zoey and james ew..and james was such a dork..and then worst well not worse than vince and lola was logan and quinn..these ships are messed up..i dont even know why i watch this show anymore
  • Exactly what I expected.

    "Vince is Back" was exactly what I expected after I saw the previews. Silly, but still amazing. I was really suprised to see that Vince has really changed and grown as a person. I didn't like his character after seeing him in "The Great Vince Blake" because I felt he was just a stuck-up eco maniac but now, the way he has grown, he's one of my favorite characters. I still don't like the idea of vince and Lola being together. Only because I have the most serious crush on Lola. I loved seeing Vince come back and hope that in the future, more older characters will return.
  • This episode is gonna air today and I can't wait to see this episode.

    Vince Blake who got suspended as you saw it in The Great Vince Blake. Vince comes back to PCA after his suspension and he is known as a bully in this episode. The girls are trying to ignore and the guys are thinking of how to get revenge back on him after what he did in the past. I went to Wikipedia the free encyclopedia that this episode will air March 16,2008 but they for some reason postponed the episode for today that is March 22,2008 and it looks like they lied on the website. I think this episode will be great and interesting to watch and how getting revenge back.