Zoey 101

Season 4 Episode 7


Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Mar 09, 2008 on Nickelodeon
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Zoey is running The Big Walk, a charity walk-a-thon at PCA, and everyone is getting sponsors to donate. When Lola pledges more money than she can handle, only Zoey can help her. But after visiting the scary head of the charity organization, Zoey breaks it to Lola that they need to come up with the missing money or else. Meanwhile, Quinn and Logan are beginning to realize that they don't hate each other. But when Michael may have seen too much, they have to make sure that he and everyone else knows just how much they still dislike each other.moreless

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  • Bring zoey back

    You need to bring zoey back who ever thou to take off the stupid
  • stupid lola...

    I think it's weird that Lola would pledge that, when it is obvious she isn't positive on how pledges work. That's the point of the episode obviously, but still. The Quinn/Logan plot was good, I liked how Michael almost found out but then at the end he did not. The overall episode felt time a time-filler but it did have some good scenes scattered around, and as such I think my grade for it would be a "D" or so. It wasn't that good of an episode, barely passable, but still. Overall a weak episode I think so anyways. Poormoreless
  • the big walk is here and lola gets into trouble when she pledges wrong

    again i am being very cliche..oh wait not cliche..just repeating myself..but again im not because this had to be the worst ep by far..spoiler..lola owes more than she can pay b/c she misunderstood the meaning of the pledge when dustin asked her..poor thing..that guy at the office wasnt really that scary..they tried to give him the mobster personality and i think they fell kind of short there..then when he didnt want to hurt them..yeah the plot just fell from there..and then again we have more logan and quinn moments that i just can not stand..not my fave ep and definitely my least fave for the entire showmoreless
  • The big walk, which is a charity walk a thon is taking place at PCA. Dustin asks Lola to pledge him for it. Lola pledges $30.00. Zoey and Dustin walk the big walk at PCA. Dustin walks 20 miles. Lola owes Dustin $600.00. Lola doesn't have $600.00 to pay.moreless

    Zoey and Dustin are walking the big walk at PCA. The big walk is a charity walk a thon at PCA. Dustin asks Lola to pledge money for the big walk. Lola was knitting a sweater when Dustin walked up to her. Lola, not realizing what she is doing pledges $30.00. Lola pledges that much because she says she can afford it. Meanwhile, Logan and Quinn are sneaking around and eskimo kissing. Zoey and Dustin walk the big walk. Zoey and Dustin walk up to Lola after walking the big walk. Lola is still knitting her sweater. Dustin asks Lola to pay him. Lola does not. Zoey tells Lola to stop pretending she can knit and to pay Dustin. Lola gives Dustin $30.00. Zoey is shocked that Lola pledged that much money. Zoey tells Lola that she pledged $30.00 per mile and that Lola owes Dustin $600.00. Lola doesn't have it. Zoey goes and talks to the charity organizer. The charity organizer's name is Carmine. Carmine tells Zoey that Lola and her have 24 hours to come up with the money. Zoey gets scared of Carmine because of what she saw Carmine do while she was talking to him. Carmine killed a bug with his lamp. Zoey tells Lola the news and Lola is scared. Dustin is also scared. Zoey, Dustin and Lola have a pies sale to make money. Coco steals a whole stack of pies. Zoey, Lola and Dustin raise a total of $89.00. That is not enough. Carmine comes to collect the money, but they don't have it. Zoey gives Carmine the $89.00 they raised. Zoey and Lola ask Carmine what he meant by or else. Carmine pulls out a letter that Zoey and Lola have to sign once they get the money. Zoey, Lola and Dustin are no longer scared. Lola, overhears Carmine talking about how is good at knitting. Carmine tells Lola that he actually entered into a knitting contest. Carmine did good in that contest. Lola, being how bad she is at knitting, gets Carmine to teach her how to knit. Carmine teaches her how to knit. Zoey, Lola and Dustin actually like Carmine.moreless
  • The big walk has come to PCA and Zoey is participating. When Lola accidentally donates too much money, Zoey has to get her out of trouble. Meanwhile, Quinn and Logan decide to start dating in secret, but discover that it may be tougher than it sounds.moreless

    Although the A story was just a filler, the B story lived up to my expectations. This is the first time that we really see Quinn and Logan as a couple. When I first heard about Quinn and Logan, I thought that it was a weird coupling. This episode reassured me that this couple could work. Neither of them were out of character, and they just look darn right cute together. This episode showed me that Quinn and Logan bring out the best in each other. Logan is more sweet and sensitive. Quinn is finally able to be affectionate and actually act on it.moreless

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