Zoey 101

Season 4 Episode 7


Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Mar 09, 2008 on Nickelodeon

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  • Bring zoey back

    You need to bring zoey back who ever thou to take off the stupid
  • stupid lola...

    I think it's weird that Lola would pledge that, when it is obvious she isn't positive on how pledges work. That's the point of the episode obviously, but still. The Quinn/Logan plot was good, I liked how Michael almost found out but then at the end he did not. The overall episode felt time a time-filler but it did have some good scenes scattered around, and as such I think my grade for it would be a "D" or so. It wasn't that good of an episode, barely passable, but still. Overall a weak episode I think so anyways. Poor
  • the big walk is here and lola gets into trouble when she pledges wrong

    again i am being very cliche..oh wait not cliche..just repeating myself..but again im not because this had to be the worst ep by far..spoiler..lola owes more than she can pay b/c she misunderstood the meaning of the pledge when dustin asked her..poor thing..that guy at the office wasnt really that scary..they tried to give him the mobster personality and i think they fell kind of short there..then when he didnt want to hurt them..yeah the plot just fell from there..and then again we have more logan and quinn moments that i just can not stand..not my fave ep and definitely my least fave for the entire show
  • The big walk, which is a charity walk a thon is taking place at PCA. Dustin asks Lola to pledge him for it. Lola pledges $30.00. Zoey and Dustin walk the big walk at PCA. Dustin walks 20 miles. Lola owes Dustin $600.00. Lola doesn't have $600.00 to pay.

    Zoey and Dustin are walking the big walk at PCA. The big walk is a charity walk a thon at PCA. Dustin asks Lola to pledge money for the big walk. Lola was knitting a sweater when Dustin walked up to her. Lola, not realizing what she is doing pledges $30.00. Lola pledges that much because she says she can afford it. Meanwhile, Logan and Quinn are sneaking around and eskimo kissing. Zoey and Dustin walk the big walk. Zoey and Dustin walk up to Lola after walking the big walk. Lola is still knitting her sweater. Dustin asks Lola to pay him. Lola does not. Zoey tells Lola to stop pretending she can knit and to pay Dustin. Lola gives Dustin $30.00. Zoey is shocked that Lola pledged that much money. Zoey tells Lola that she pledged $30.00 per mile and that Lola owes Dustin $600.00. Lola doesn't have it. Zoey goes and talks to the charity organizer. The charity organizer's name is Carmine. Carmine tells Zoey that Lola and her have 24 hours to come up with the money. Zoey gets scared of Carmine because of what she saw Carmine do while she was talking to him. Carmine killed a bug with his lamp. Zoey tells Lola the news and Lola is scared. Dustin is also scared. Zoey, Dustin and Lola have a pies sale to make money. Coco steals a whole stack of pies. Zoey, Lola and Dustin raise a total of $89.00. That is not enough. Carmine comes to collect the money, but they don't have it. Zoey gives Carmine the $89.00 they raised. Zoey and Lola ask Carmine what he meant by or else. Carmine pulls out a letter that Zoey and Lola have to sign once they get the money. Zoey, Lola and Dustin are no longer scared. Lola, overhears Carmine talking about how is good at knitting. Carmine tells Lola that he actually entered into a knitting contest. Carmine did good in that contest. Lola, being how bad she is at knitting, gets Carmine to teach her how to knit. Carmine teaches her how to knit. Zoey, Lola and Dustin actually like Carmine.
  • The big walk has come to PCA and Zoey is participating. When Lola accidentally donates too much money, Zoey has to get her out of trouble. Meanwhile, Quinn and Logan decide to start dating in secret, but discover that it may be tougher than it sounds.

    Although the A story was just a filler, the B story lived up to my expectations. This is the first time that we really see Quinn and Logan as a couple. When I first heard about Quinn and Logan, I thought that it was a weird coupling. This episode reassured me that this couple could work. Neither of them were out of character, and they just look darn right cute together. This episode showed me that Quinn and Logan bring out the best in each other. Logan is more sweet and sensitive. Quinn is finally able to be affectionate and actually act on it.
  • In this episode, The big Walk is happening at PCA. Quinn and Logan become closer.

    I thought this episode was alright. I really liked the beginning when Lola pledged a big amount of money. I thought it was funny that she was so interested in making the sweater, that she was not paying attention to what she was doing. I thought Carmine was crazy, the way he uses desk lamps as weapons. I was very surprised towards the end when he was nicer. It was also nice to see Dustin in another episode this season.

    Quinn and Logan were cute in this episode. The eskimo kissing was so cute. I know Logan would not do that with a girl unless he really liked her. I really liked the lines when Quinn said "Okay obviously we're not doing a good job of stopping this! and Logan says "Yeah...but I'm not sure I wanna stop" I think this shows they care about each other.
  • The ep is about Lola pleding for Dustin in a Walk A thon for 30 dollars, but Lola does not no its for ever mile he walked and I think he walked like 15. So Zoey trys to convice the Walk A thon onwer to help Lola out.The subpolt was Quinn and Logan reilze

    they like each other and they think Micheals knows. The ep was super funny I laughed through the whole ep. The only bad part was Zoey litle comments. Lola was funny like in this one part Dustin was looking at her Bathing suit and she asked him why and he said beacuse there is a fly on it and she starts screaming. The sub plot was funny to Quinn and Logan trying to hide there fellings from people was funny and Micheal and those clacks funny. In the end of A plot the owner of The Walk A Thon shows up and Lola ,Dustin, and Zoey were getting Chased down by him until he cuaght them and the are else was they need to sign a a paper that part was funny. The end of the B plot was funny to Quinn and Logan thought Micheal thought they were dating so they ask him and he starts to laugh when they tell him and he thinks there throwing a Bday party for him.
    This was the 2nd best ep this season so far but its the funniest of this season so far.
  • Sort of weird

    Lola pledges $30 to Dustin for a charity walk-a-thon. She doesn't realize that it's $30 per mile now. They owe $600 to the charity people. Zoey tries talking to the head guy, but he's scary and he wants the money. Logan and Quinn secretly date. They try not to let Michael find out. It turns out that the charity guy isn't really that scary and he lets them off the hook. He even teaches Lola how to knit.

    This episode was good. I don't really like Logan and Quinn dating. It's too weird. This episode gets an 8.0 out of 10!
  • So in this episode there is a mix-up when Lola pledges Dustin's walk-a-thon. Quinn and Logan try to keep their new relationship a secret.

    So I'm having mixed feelings about this whole fourth season in general and this episode was no exception.

    Okay, once I get past the MAJOR ick factor of Quinn and Logan I really do like them as a couple. Their kiss in the last episode was stellar, but watching them together in this one was just awkward. I think that's because the dialogue in "Quinn Misses Mark" was still true to their character. Because neither of them would do the whole "eskimo kiss" bit normally, it seems doubly strange that they'd do it now. And besides, if it's annoying to see those "cutesy" couples in real life, why would you want to see them on TV?

    Either way, I'm glad their together. I especially love the banter they've got going on, and they're playing on the whole smart/dumb thing. And the whole "wanna make out thing" (which WAS in character for Logan) was realy funny. It's an interesting story line and I'm glad they've got the chance to pursue it. And in the other subplot, I found that Lola was acting really differently too. I know she's not supposed to be the brightest kid on campus, but this whole sweater thing and her flailing around at the hands of Carmine was just weird for me. It made her look really stupid, and she's not normally like that. And stacy's usually pretty funny, but her talent was wasted in this one.

    Zoey stayed true to her roots though. The "Hi. I'm Zoey. Are you new?" line killed.

    Additionally, I like James, but I'm glad they're not trying to turn him into a new Chase. It is kind of sad that when Michael tries to do all his funny conversations and James doesn't join in. It's sad for him, but it'll be all the better when Chase comes back.

    None the less, it was an entertaining episode.
    Anyway, that's it from me! =)
  • It's the B story that's important in this episode.

    Lola learns to knit. Lola learns to read the fine print. Dustin is somehow unattracted to Lola in her swimsuit, instead simply pointing out she has a bug on her. Logan and Lola both look quite dumb in this episode. Lola doesn't know what "sponsor" means, and Logan confuses several English words.

    Lola accidentally pledges $30 per mile to Dustin for the Walkathon, and she doesn't have the money. Zoey, as usual, tries to fix things, but it turns out it wasn't that big of a deal. Lola simply has to fill out a form explaining her inability to pay.

    Logan and Quinn start dating in this episode, but they don't want anyone to know. They think Michael caught them, so they act extra hostile around him so that he would think otherwise. However, Micheal thinks that all this sneaking around is for a surprise birthday party. The episode ends with Logan and Quinn's relationship still a secret.

    Logan is slightly different here. With any other girl, he'd probably be making out full tilt, but he's happy to settle for "Eskimo kisses" with Quinn. However, he's still Logan, and his ego still shows throughout the episode. I'm not making any predictions on Logan and Quinn, however. I simply don't know what to expect.

    On the other hand, Lola seems to be getting dumber by the episode. The writers of Zoey 101 really aren't very good at using their best actor, and her role today is a far cry from her Season 2 showcases: "Back to PCA", "Girls will be Boys", and "Lola Likes Chase".

    Dustin has aged appropriately over the years, but he's never been given a chance to shine, and he's hardly in the show at all. He does have his moments here, such as his moment with Lola and the bug, but while he's in quite a few scenes his only real purpose here was to be the root of Lola's problem.

    James develops slightly in this episode. Instead of just being a handsome stage prop for Zoey to kiss, we see a slightly mean side to him when he laughs at Micheal's trick shot, and a slightly naughty side when he asks Zoey what they might do after they put up the Walkathon fliers. (You may barf now.) This development of James into a full-blown character will probably continue until he becomes a central part of the plot when Chase returns and they both fight over Zoey, but what kind of a character he will be is still not clear. We only get to see small glimpses of his true self here, and it's not enough to make any conclusions about him. (And now I feel guilty for writing so much about Zoey 101's most disliked character.)

    Zoey is a little mean to Lola here. While I'd be upset if I got dragged into my friends' problems, Zoey should have been nicer about it. Furthermore, her comment about being able to fix the problem simply because she's Zoey irritates me, and I'm surprised the writers put that in.

    While nothing really happens in this episode, it was entertaining enough, and it gets an even 8 from me.
  • Not what I expected, but I still loved it!

    Lola pledges thirty dollars to Dustin for the Walk-A-Thon. The thing is she didn't realize that it was thirty dollars per mile not thirty dollars total. Dustin ended up walking 20 miles so Lola owed Dustin six hundred dollars. Zoey went to the man in charge of the Walk-A-Thon and told him her problem, but he told her to get the money or else. So Zoey, Lola, and Dustin work together to try to raise six hundred dollars in twenty four hours. When the head of the charity came with his two assistants to collect the money, they told him they didn't have it. Then they found out the "or else" was that they had to fill out some paper telling what they were confused about and why they couldn't pay the money.
    Quinn and Logan realize that they don't hate each other, but they are both embarassed to tell people that they are dating. So they both decide to keep it a secret. When they are both hiding behind some bushes on a blanket, they hug. Then Michael comes up and they are afraid that he saw them embracing or embarking as Logan thought Quinn said. So Logan and Quinn keep acting like they hate each other so Michael won't suspect anyhting if he did see them hugging. The plan backfires when Michael says they act like an old married couple. They were like couple we don't act like a couple we don't even like each other. After they tried everything they could think of theydecided to try their last resort, asking Michael if he knows that they are dating. When they asked him, Michael just laughed and was like yeah right you guys aren't dating. He thought that Logan and Quinn made up a story that they were dating so that they could hide the fact that they were planning a surprise party for him. Logan and Quinn just went along with it as if it was a joke.
  • not what I expected at all

    "Walk-A-Thon" was a horrible episode.When I saw the previews/sneak peak,I thought it would be good. Thus,I was wrong.This episode was sooooo boring. Zoey and James need to stop being so cutesy with eqach other.i just dont like it.Quinn and Logan dating is part of the reason i didnt like it too.it just seemed like it had just started and now its over. It was still funny though which is why it got that 1.0 Ok im gonna add another point because of how hot Lola looked in that bikini. Ok it just wasnt what I expected.Its probably the worst so far
  • ...................

    Okay, this was a filler episode. Quinn and Logan started dating. And I think Dustin has a crush on Lola now, or has always, yeah he has, I just remembered Favor Chain. Well, Mark got what he deserved, and Stacey got hurt a lot for no apparent reason. I thought Lola was pledging 30 bucks per step! At least it was 30 bucks per mile and not step!! But it was filler. It would have got a eight, maybe eight and a half, if it weren't for that cuteness thing. And the Eskimo Kiss thing was kinda dumb. Zoey 101 is going downhill again...