Zoey 101

Season 4 Episode 7


Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Mar 09, 2008 on Nickelodeon



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    • Carmine: Have the money in twenty four hours-or else.

    • Michael: (to Logan) You hate when I'm happy.

    • Carmine: I've always had a knack for knitting. In fact, I came in second in a New Jersey knit-off!

    • Carmine: My friends and I...we're gonna go get some salads!

    • Zoey: You said we had to come up with the money or else!
      Carmine: That's right!
      Zoey: Or else what?!
      Lola: Yeah! Or else what?! What?!
      Carmine: Or else...you need to fill out this form!

    • Lola: Okay, fine! If you're gonna kill us with lamps or whatever you people use to hurt people, just do it already! I can't take this anxiety!

    • (in the distance, Michael is clacking)
      Michael: OW OW OW OW!!

    • Michael: Man, you guys crack me up! Like I'm supposed to believe that you two are dating? Nice try!

    • Michael: (to Quinn and Logan) Dating? You two? HAHAHAHAHA!

    • Quinn: Do you know?
      Michael: Know what?
      Quinn: Do you KNOW?
      Logan: About us? Do you?
      Michael: (sarcastically) Oh!! About you two! You mean, do I know about you sneaking around, getting together, getting real quiet when I come around? No, I have no idea what's going on!

    • Quinn: We can't have anyone at PCA finding out that- (a guy walks by them in the hallway) - I hate your guts!
      Logan: You witch!
      Quinn: Nice.
      Logan: You too.

    • Zoey: Are we missing some pies?
      Lola: There was a big stack of them right there! Who could've-
      (Dustin picks up a can of ravioli)
      Zoey and Lola: Coco!

    • (Stacey is trying on the sweater Lola knitted)
      Lola: Where's your head?
      Stacey: In here! I can't find the head hole!
      Lola: Ohhh. Yeah, head hole, I forgot about that!

    • Carmine: I don't like people in my office when I don't know about it.
      Zoey: Um...a man let me in.
      Carmine: Tall fella, big eyebrows, smells like a foot?
      Zoey: (nodding) Yes, sir.
      Carmine: I'll deal with him later.

    • Carmine: (on phone) Hey, hey, no questions! If I want to hear questions, I'll watch a game show!

    • Quinn: Do you think he saw us embracing?
      Logan: We were only hugging!
      Quinn: (exasperatedly) That's what embracing means!

    • Michael: So...what's going on here?
      Logan: Why do you ask?
      Quinn: What'd you see? ...I mean, nothing!

    • (Logan and Quinn kiss)
      Quinn: Okay obviously we're not doing a good job of stopping this!
      Logan: Yeah...but I'm not sure I wanna stop...
      Quinn: Well, if neither of us wants to stop this, then I guess...
      Logan: ...We're...dating?
      Quinn: Sort of.
      Logan: Wow...

    • Lola: And you'll fix it?
      Zoey: Yes, I'm Zoey, are you new?

    • Zoey: You didn't read what you signed?
      Lola: Who reads things?!

    • Lola: Would you cooperate, you stupid yarn?

    • Jeremiah: The event raised thousands of dollars, which will be used to help homeless children in America. And that's something we can all walk about!

    • Lola: (talking to her sweater) I am going to fix you! ...After I eat that pudding!

    • Dustin: You wanna sponsor me?
      Lola: (busily knitting) I don't know what that means.

    • Zoey: Wanna help us put up flyers?
      James: Depends. What are we gonna do after we put up the flyers?
      Zoey: Well...I was thinking, you could come back to my dorm room, and help me clean the mold out of my little refrigerator?
      James: I would love to clean mold with you!

    • James: So, what's the "Big Walk?"
      Zoey: A charity Walk-A-Thon.
      Dustin: To raise money for the homeless kids.
      Lola: Why can't the kids just go home?
      Zoey: We'll suggest that...

    • James: So, what are these about?
      Dustin: The big walk.
      Michael: I'd like to take a big walk on your head for wrecking my pool shot!

    • Zoey: Hey cuteness!
      James: Thanks for noticing!

    • James: And then I'll flap my arms, fly through the ceiling into outer space, become an elephant, then eat all the stars like they were sparkly little peanuts!

    • Lola: That's Dustin...and my name is RUN!!!
      (runs away)

    • Quinn: I hate you!
      Logan: I hate you more!

    • Logan: I've never even used a vacuum! That's girl's work!
      Quinn: You're just jealous you're not as smart as a vacuum!

    • Zoey: We're in big trouble!
      Lola: Aw, did Coco use our bathroom?

    • Zoey: My name's Zoey Brooks.
      Carmine: And that means something to me?

    • Quinn: We haven't seen your Clack-ums.
      Michael: ClackERS!

    • Lola: Quit looking at my swimsuit.
      Dustin: I'm not. You have a bug on your stomach.
      Lola: What?! Where? Where's the bug? Help me! Get off me! Where's the bug? AHHH! Get off! Get off!

    • Dustin: Well tough chunks!

    • Quinn: Eskimo kiss!
      (Quinn and Logan rub noses)

    • Michael: The time has come to strike my ball.
      James: Just don't hurt the pudding!

    • Logan: I swear, you have the prettiest eyes.
      Quinn: Well you have the cutest nose!
      Logan: I know!

    • (to Logan and Quinn, who are "arguing")
      Michael: Hey hey hey hey hey!! Cheese and rice! You guys sound like an old married couple!
      Logan: C-Couple?
      Quinn: W-Why would we sound like a couple? We don't sound like a couple, we hate each other! We couldn't be further from a couple!

    • Quinn: If you were a gentleman you would leave!
      Logan:Well, If you were a gentleman you would leave!
      Quinn: I can't be a gentleman, I'm a girl you ninny!
      Logan: Hey! I've never babysat kids in my life!

    • Logan: Wanna go make out?
      Quinn: Absolutely!

    • James: What's the problem?
      Quinn: He called me a science nerd!
      Logan: 'Cause you ARE a science nerd!

    • Quinn: What if he did see us? Do you want to risk people finding out we're dating?!

    • Logan: Maybe Michael didn't even see us embarking!
      Quinn: Embracing!

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