Zoey 101

Season 1 Episode 3


Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Jan 16, 2005 on Nickelodeon

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  • good

    logan gives the girls a stuffed bear for their lounge. However it is actually a webcam, and he uses it to spy on the girls. when the girls realize what is going on they devise a plan with the help of michael, chase, and Kazo (owner of Sushi Rox) to get even with Logan.

    good episode, but I find it weird Logan would spy on the girls. I know his character, but... doing this just seems TOO mean In my opinion. Still a good episode though, and as such my grade for it is a C or so. Good episode
  • Look out for the big teddy bear! Its a spy set-up!

    Zoey gets a teddy bear and the girls all seem to like it. howerver, soon when certain girls like Quinn tell some of their personal topics and discussions, they soon find out that their secrets have been told. Some blame others where some have no idea how ther secrets got out. Who squealed? Meanwhile, Chase is upset that he's stuck doing all the work at his job while Logan is slacking off and doing other matters like watching the girls. But I think it ends good becuase the girls find out that its the Teddy Bear and set Logan up and he gets Dean Rivers while he's shampooing. Zoey and the gang trick Logan by faking a beating of the boss at the restaurant and delivery where Chase is working. They get Logan when he gets there and the girls say nothing like that happened and the Japanese boss finds out that he hasn't been working and fires him. The results are excelent! Zoey also sends th bear to a beach at the end. Zoey is good at thinking things through and makes good plans! Secrets rule too!
  • Logan hides a webcam in the girls lounge.

    I thought that this is one of the episodes where Logan shows his true colors as a jerk. He went so low to hide a webcam in the girls dorm, call in sick to Sushi Rox to watch it and made Chase do all the work. I did not like how Michael sided with Logan for the majority of the episode. I loved how Zoey came up with the plan to expose Logan. They play acted the scenes perfectly. Dean River's scene was also pretty funny. I like how Logan got exposed in trouble and how Michael came to the good side. The best part was when Logan got fired from Sushi Rox.
  • Logan puts a webcam in the girls lounge.

    Oh, Silly Silly SILLY SILLY Logan. Releasing a webcam in the girls lounge. Wow, what a prank. I bet, the girls would have found out by the time they found out about Logan's prank, but that payback to Logan was funny. Including the owner of Sushi's Rox' role. Or the fake glass, when Nicole hit the janitors head. That got to hurt, but only fake glass. I think the show is getting well, just for the third episode. The show has got really popular, and 3.6 is a good rating. This is Halo, and this is my review for Z 101.
  • logan installs a webcam in the girl's lounge and all the boys are finding out their secrets...what will the guys find up and can the girls stop them?

    this was an interesting ep...it wasnt really a character development for every1 b/c every1 kind of got introduced and the story of each character was told in the pilot...although they can still expand on this...i have no problem w/ this...but it showed that zoey has fabulous ideas and nicole is pretty much putty in her hands letting her come up w/ the ideas and it showed logan was a real jerk...i mean even more of a jerk than in the pilot...i loved how they got him back and he definitely deserved it...horrible boy...this is where i really began hating logan and thought that nicole and logan would get together
  • Awesome.

    Webcam is the third episode and one of my favorites. I noticed two guest stars in this episode, Chris Warren Jr. (Zeke from High School Musical) and Tessa Ludwick from Movie Surfers. In this episode, Logan puts a big stuffed animal bear in the girls' lounge that has a camera inside of it. He spies on them, but when the girls find out, they play a prank on him that gets him in a lot of trouble. I'm not gonna say the rest because I don't feel like it. So all in all, a really god episode and one of my favorites.
  • I really liked this episode a lot, one of my favorites although I don't watch Zoey 101 that much. It's just that from the few episodes I've watched, this is definitely one of the best.

    This episode starts when Logan offers a "peace-making" gift, and it was a teddy bear. The girls started telling her most deepest secrets and Michael and Logan hear them all through the camera inside the stuffed bear. At the same time, Chase starts working as a sushi delivery guy. Logan is suppossed to do the same, but he calls in sick everyday so Chase has to do all the work and he can stay in her dorm spying on the girls.

    A great episode, I really liked it.
  • This is my favorite episode of the first season.

    Logan is a genius. He knew that the girls thought he was a jerk so he gave them a huge teddy bear, they couldn't resist. They should've know that he was up to no good. He hid a webcam in the bear to spy on the girls. Thats something that every guy wants to do. Logan fakes sick so he can stay in his room and watch them all day. Quinn is really weird. I mean come on, eating plants was taking it to far. The best part of the episode was when they tricked him into thinking that they were gonna blame, hitting Kazu in the head, on him. This was a classic episode that was cleverly plotted and the best of the first season.
  • It was ok I guess...

    This episode wasn't my favorite. I mean who couldnt tell there was a camera in that teddy bears eye I mean it moved, It made noises! COME ON! And how could they think someone in there was telling secrets, come on Logan, a peace offerieng?!? All the sudden secrets flying, Anyone could have put that together! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! and that was weird Zoey getting all offended when Quinn said that about her toe, I mean she had to know that it looked weird, Honey get over yourself!
  • Well I really love this episode but I would like to say that the recap doesn't really say anything if you would like a real recap read the following...

    Well here is a much better example of a recap for the episode: In this episode the girls are playing confess or stress Chase and Logan walk up. Chase and Logan come up to deliver they're sushi. Logan gives the girls a bear as a peace ofering and then tells Chase he's feeling sick and is going back to they're dorm to lay down. He is really going back to spy on the girls with Michell. The next day at lunch Logan Michell and some other dude walk up and say stuff that has to do with the confess or stress game they played the day b4. L8r that day Logan calls in sick again to spy on the girls.The girls hold a meeting to find out who told they're secrets. They finally conclued that there was a camera in the bear. They set up a lil' act so Logan gets in trouble with the principle and loses his job @ sushi rox.
  • Another episode of zoey 101!

    This episode was really good! it showed logan in his true light a evil person! At first when he give the girls that teddy bear they thought he was sweet even i did a bit but knowing logan he was up to something and thta something was terrible spying on the girls using a webcam that is stored in the teddy bears eye is terrible and he finds out all that stuff about them! I was glad to see that when they found out about him they got him back and it was good payback that shows him when girls are around dont mess!
  • This is a one of my favorite episodes of the first season.

    In this episode some of the guys at PCA give the girls a teddy bear as a peace offering. The catch was that the bear had a webcam in it. So the guys spy on everything the girls do. When the girls find out that the bear had a webcam in it, they decide to get even with the guys. They act like they hurt this guy in front of the camera and then talk about driving him to Mexico. The guys go and tell a teacher and when the teacher comes to check it out the girls act like nothing happened. The guys confess to have put a webcam in the bear and the girls get even.
  • This is why this show is still airing!

    This was a really cute episode! Logan and Chase are Sushi delivery boys for an on Campus sushi resaurant called Sushi Rox and the girls are playing a game in the dorms and its rolling the dice, if you roll an even number, you have to tell a secret, and if you roll an odd number you have to do something stressful... pretty much truth or dare, but anyways... Logan and Chase deliver Sushi to the girls in the dorm and the girls start to complain because Logan is the delivery boy, but then they see Chase and everything is okay again. Logan says something along the lines of that he wants everything to be okay between him and the girls and he gives them a present, which is the bear with the webcam in its eye. The girls get upset when they hear that their secrets have gotten out to the rest of the campus and they want to know who is saying the stuff... Quinn being the weird brainyack that she is, uses some sort of device in the dorm to find out what is inside the bear, they find a wireless webcam... after they find out, they enlist the rest of the girls, Chase, and Michael to play a prank on Logan. They make it look like Chase is giving the girls free sushi, and the sushi owner "finds out" about this. (They are reading que cards) and he tries to fire Chase, Zoey then uses a fake vase from the drama club and hits Kazu on the head to make it look like he got knocked out... Logan goes crazy and goes to get the Dean, all and all Logan got in trouble for putting the webcam in the bear and the bear in the girls dorm to spy on them...

    Cute episode... I can see why it is still around.
  • A great episode of Zoey 101!

    In this episode, Logan rigs a teddy bear to have a wireless web-cam in it so he can spy on the girls. Zoey, Nicole and Quinn discover this and come up with a plan to get back at Logan with his own prank. In the end, Logan witness a fake attack on Kazu, fetches The Dean, and ends up getting busted for putting a web-cam in the girl's dorm.

    This is one of my favorite episodes of Zoey 101! Sure, it was a little unrealistic, but that's what was so good about it! It was also one of their funniest episodes. It was a well-thought out episode that can interest al types of viewers: ones into comedy, ones into teenage drama and others! I'd have to say this is one of the best Zoey 101 episodes that has been aired so far!
  • Very funny episode!

    This is one of my favorite Zoey 101 episodes because it was hilarious! What happened was Logan gave the girls a teddy bear, as a gift for the tension that was between him and the girls. But the next day boys throughout PCA knew secrets about the girls, and they eventually realized that this was Logan's idea of a prank. Inside the teddy bear he had given them was a webcam that could see the girls' lounge. Then, instead of immediately making Logan stop the webcam, they pranked him back. What they did was they planned out a whole fake sceenario to put Logan in a bad situation. Here's whathappened: Chase walked into the room delivering the girls free sushi. Then Kazu the boss of Sushi Rox found out Chase's secret and said that he would be expelled. Then Zoey hit Kazu with a vase that did not hurt when thrown on someone. Then they claimed they would put him in thier trunk and drive him to Mexico. And they would blame it all on Logan! By this point, Logan was out of the room, running to Dean River's office. He made him come to the gils' loounge, where many bad things happened to Logan:
    1. Dean Riveres found out he was lying and thought it was a joke.
    2. It was revealed to the dean that Logan hid a webcam in a bear spying on the girls.
    3. Logan wasa fired from Sushi Rox.
    4. Dean Riveres wsa going to have a talk with Logan's parents.

    This was an overall great episode and one of the best ever. If you have not seen it then you have to. Tune into TeeNick or download the episode off of iTunes for $1.99. Do whatever youy can to see this episode, it is truly totally awesome!
  • It was special for me anyway.

    It was the very first episode of Zoey 101 I saw. I thought it was an ok show at first but eventually I became like this obsessive and scary. haha. The show starts with a major jerk, Logan Reese bringing in sushi for the girls and gives them a teddy bear that has a hidden webcam inside of it. So Logan and the guys see everything that the girls do. Like the cute lip chart Nicole makes and Zoey's cornchip toenail. Well the girls get a little mad when theyt find out that Logan put a webcam in the bear they gave them so they get even by setting him up to get in trouble with his boss and the dean.
  • Logan and Chase are now doing sushi deliveries but somethings up, Logans giving the girls a present!?!

    It starts the excitment when the sushi comes and Logan says he's sorry about everything he's done in the first year and is making it up to them by giving them a teddy bear a huge one. Then Zoey prank calls their english teacher and puts on a texan accent telling him he ordered 500 jars of mustard. Logan comes in at lunch time and asks Zoey if she has their english teachers phone number because he wants to phone him at home. They then have an aurgument about whos telling everyones secrets. They figure out it all happened after Logan gave them the teddy bear. Zoey, Nicole, Quinn sneak up to the teddy bear and Quinn uses a device she made and finds out there's webcam. They then decide to have a little fun with Logan. They stage a scene where Chase is giving the girls free sushi and then Kazu comes in (the owner of the sushi shop) and tells Chase he will be expelled because of the free sushi Zoey smashes a fake glass vase over Kazu's head and then they tie up kazu and put him in a cupboard. They know Logan's watching them so agree to blame it on Logan. Logan then comes in a bit later with a teacher and tells him all about the scene and about the webcam basically setting himself up and then Kazu comes in un-harmed and fires Logan for prettending to be sick. It finishes with Chase, Kazu, Zoey, and the rest of the group eating free sushi.
  • i liked the episode because of the trick they played on logan. they got him to think that they killed kazu. then he went to the pricipals room and pulled him out of the shower and when the principal saw nothing was wrong logan got in trouble for spying.

    i liked it a lot becayuse the show is funny and is something some teens can relate too.i love the whole series of zoey 101 and they are all great actors. espically jamie lynn spears.the series is funny and my favorite charecter is nicole because she is always worried about how she looks and what bois think about her. she really loves bois!!