Zoey 101

Season 1 Episode 3


Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Jan 16, 2005 on Nickelodeon



  • Trivia

    • While Quinn is holding up the cue cards and Chase is reading off of them, there is a line that says 'my mom's going to kill me'. Chase never says this. Instead though, Kazu takes over and says 'you're going to prison.'

    • Zoey reveals that she has a horrible looking toe.

    • In this episode we learn that Quinn likes baby food.

    • In the episode, Kazu is a boy name. But in real life, Kazu's a girl name.

    • Why would Chase tell everybody to be in the girl's dorm at 8:10pm? According to what is said in the episode, "Defending Dustin," boys aren't allowed in a girl's dorm after 8:00pm.

    • Chase says that the girls should be at the dorm at 8:10pm, but when Logan gets Dean Rivers, it's suddenly day time

    • If Quinn already knew there was a webcam in the teddy bear, why would she start eatting a fake plant right in the front of the bear when Logan could have been watching?

    • In the very last scene, the laptop is sitting in Zoey's lap with her friends watching the relaxing beach scene. Then suddenly they show a close-up of the laptop's screen and, instantly, it is no longer in her lap but on a tabletop with decor around it along with two laptop speakers sitting beside it, none of which was ever on Zoey's lap.

    • Goof: During the end, when the girls seems to be watching the sun set on the beach, if one would look out Zoey's window, that person would see that it's midday outside, and it looked nowhere near sunset.

    • At the end when the camera shows us Nicole, Zoey and Dana sitting on the sofa, we can see through the window that it is a totally different view from the pilot episode and it is on the first floor with a view of steps!

  • Quotes

    • Vicki: Nicole, you left these in the dryer? (holds up a pair of underwear)
      Nicole: Um, those aren't mine!
      Vicki: I'm pretty sure you're the only girl here who wears Hello Bunny underwear!
      Nicole: (snatching them) They were on sale!

    • Logan: (to Chase) I'm training you, so you can learn to make deliveries on your own.
      Zoey: Good, now that we know you're not delivering anymore, we'll order more often!

    • Dana: Where's our sushi?
      Logan: Oh, one sec. (to Chase) Come on, let's go, let's go, let's go!
      Chase: (walking in with a large box of sushi orders) You know, you could help me!
      Logan: Yeah...no thanks.
      Zoey: You're working with Logan now?
      Chase: Well, I'm working, he seems to be watching!

    • Quinn: Hey Zoey, what's up with your toenail?
      Zoey: Oh, when I was seven, I dropped a bowling ball on it.
      Quinn: Hmmm...looks like a corn chip. (Zoey looks at her) I like corn chips!

    • Nicole: What brings you here, Kazu?
      Kazu: Oh, I was just helping Chase with his deliveries, since Logan is sick. But you don't look so sick to me!
      Zoey: He's not sick.
      Logan: Uh, Kazu, I can explain!
      Kazu: So can I...YOU'RE FIRED! Ha ha, I feel like Donald Trump!

    • Zoey: Now look, someone in the girls' dorm is spreading our personal secrets all over the PCA campus.
      Dana: And we're gonna find out who!
      Vicki: How?
      Quinn: Hey, I invented my own lie detector machine. It's over ninety-eight percent accurate!
      Nicole: How's it work?
      Quinn: Well I just connect three wires from the machine to your brain so that I can-
      Zoey: Wait. How do you connect the wires to our brain?
      Quinn: Oh, I just have to make a small incision just below your left ear, so that I can-
      Nicole: Incision?!
      Zoey: Quinn, nobody's taking a lie detector test if you have to do surgery on our heads!
      Quinn: It's one incision!

    • Chase: What's up, Kazu!
      Kazu: You're late!
      Chase: I'm ten minutes early!
      Kazu: No back sass!
      Chase: Okay... just put the knife down!

    • Chase: (sarcastically) Great! All alone with forty pounds of dead fish...and whatever that orange stuff is.

    • Chase: Oh hey, there's Quinn! (points to the computer) Did she just eat a leaf?
      Zoey: Stop looking, it's wrong to spy on people!
      Chase: But that's a fake plant!
      Zoey: Chase!
      Chase: Right. We gotta get rid of that bear. Like, now!
      Zoey: Or not...
      Chase: Or not?
      Zoey: Maybe we keep the bear, and have a little fun with Logan.
      Chase: Ahh, a little payback!
      Zoey: Or a lot of payback. Come with me!
      Chase: (Quinn continues eating the plant) She's eating a plastic plant!
      (Zoey grabs Chase and drags him out of the room)

    • (Logan and Michael are watching the girls' lounge via webcam)
      Zoey: (about Kazu) Let's tie him up and shove him in the closet!
      Chase: Right. Then late tonight, when everyone's asleep, we hotwire is car, and put Kazu in the trunk!
      Zoey: And drive him to Mexico!
      Logan: (in his dorm) Did she say Mexico?
      Michael: Sí!

    • Zoey: (on the phone in a southern accent) Yes, I'm calling about the mustard you ordered.
      Mr. Callahan: Uh, mustard? I didn't order any mustard.
      Zoey: Uh, yes sir, you ordered nine thousand jars of mustard.
      Mr. Callahan: What?! Who could eat that much mustard?
      Zoey: That's none of my business! So what time would you like me to drop off the mustard?
      Mr. Callahan: I-I don't even like mustard!
      Zoey: Then why'd you order so much?
      Mr. Callahan: I didn't!

    • (Quinn scans the bear)
      Quinn: That jerk!
      Zoey: What?
      Nicole: What's it say?
      Quinn: (whispering) You guys, let's go!
      (they go back to Zoey's dorm)
      Zoey: Well?
      Quinn: That bear is broadcasting both audio and visual transmissions via broadband wavelengths to a remote digital receiver!
      Nicole: I knew it! ...What does that mean?
      Zoey: In English?
      Quinn: There's a wireless webcam in that bear!
      Nicole: I knew it! ...Wait, I still don't know what that means.

    • Zoey: (storming into the boys' dorm room) Did you have anything to do with it?
      Chase: Uh, come in?
      Zoey: Did you put a camera in a bear?
      Chase: I don't think so, seeing as I don't have a camera...or a bear.

    • Nicole: Hey Quinn, you wanna play Confess or Stress with us?
      Quinn: How do you play?
      Zoey: Okay, you roll the dice...
      Quinn: Yeah...
      Dana: And if you get an even number, you have to confess something really embarrassing...
      Nicole: And if you roll an odd number, you have to do something stressful.
      Quinn: Like eat a poisonous bug?
      Zoey: Stressful...not lethal.

    • Nicole: How cool is it that we have our own sushi bar right on campus?
      Zoey: The coolest!
      Dana: Except that the delivery guy is Logan.
      Quinn: Ew, Logan? He's such a jerk!
      Nicole: A very cute jerk!
      Dana: And speak of the jerk...
      Logan: (walking in) 'Sup ladies!
      Zoey: We were just talking about you.
      Logan: Yeah, can't blame you.

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