Zoey 101

Season 3 Episode 8


Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Mar 04, 2007 on Nickelodeon

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  • Out of Point!

    I knew it will be silly because Most boys refused to wrestle with Zoey at game. Boys are wimps and chickened out to foreit! But it is not boys'faults because they dont want to hurt the girl. It is true, law say boy hurt girl IS ILLEGAL! Girl can hurt boy is Allowed. But last boy is so tough and want to wrestle Zoey and did WON in two or three seconds! WOW! This episode is half bad and half okay to me. But I amn so impressed that Logan beated Javior up at Parking lot to protect Zoey and revenge!
  • i really dislike lola...

    zoey joins the wrestling team and is happy that she finally gets to wrestle someone. then she learns she's wrestling a scary teen named Chuck Javers. Will she survive the match?

    it was alright but i REALLY dislike Lola... not just this episode, but in most episodes to be honest. Her comments on PCA news with Jeremiah, the coverage of the wrestling matches, were stereotypical "Girls don't know much about sports" and not very funny either. The rest of it was alright but I really disliked Lola. My grade for this episode is a C- or so, methinks is fair
  • this episode couldn't be better well it could but it's still funny

    I thought it was funny how the boys didn't want to wrestle a girl. It would be like if everytime the girls were going to wrestle the other team the opponents would forfit. If it was funny on the show it'd be a riot in real life but it would never happen in real life. My wrestling team had a girl and none of the opponents from the other schools forfitted. v It would've been funnier if no one got to wrestle anyone if there was no wrestling cause everyone forfitted. Imagine if a football team never got to play a game because the other team always forfitted that'd be hilarious! yet also tv shows don't usually have girls get hurt the guys get hurt or robbed or sick but never the girls. It bothers me whenever the girls don't get hurt or if nothing bad happens to them. TV Shows try to make it seem like girls are smarter then boys because nothing bad happens to them. I find that offensive. It's bad enough that except for zoey and stacey none of the girls get called by their last names no one's ever called quinn "pensky" or lola "martinez". When zoey did get hurt at the end she just had a concussion from being slammed on the matt but Logan has brusies, a cracked forehead, a broken leg and nose. That's just wrong that they couldn't have zoey be more hurt by having her have as many injuries as Logan. I hope that someday writers of all shows realize that boys and girls are equally smart and the girls can get hurt just as bad as boys. speaking of girls Lola was just funny in this episode trying to get to be on PCA news. However this is the first episode where she officially becomes ditzy. the way she acted was just stupid she didn't even know what a color commentator or stats were/was. They've made her the new nicole talk about replacing. At least her stats on zoey and chuck javiers were funny! talk about sports knowledgeless. So maybe girls aren't smarter then guys after all but I'd still like them to get hurt. which brings me to my next subject to quote jerimaiah That Javiers was a monster he really wanted to beat up his opponents. It seemed like everyone was afraid of him they overreacted to him hurting everyone but I don't blame them He was just a maniac in wrestling. He even attacked the referree and the cameraman (who was clearly dan scheider himself) and that's not all he took chase's blix and broke quinn's glasses I was like that dude's **** strong. but at least we got to see quinn without her glasses. Chuck hurt all those wrestlers he could prbably even hurt the coaches and the audience if they wrestled him. Why can't he beat up Dana? If she was still on the show I'd love him to hurt her. Dana deseverses to get beat up she was another jerk on the show.

    when chuck came to confront zoey before the match I was like "woah he talks", the whole time he'd been yelling or screaming but that was the first scene where he used a normal voice. their coach was a jerk he wouldn't let zoey wrestle. he wasn't really letting her on the team at all. he was just using her as a way to get to the finales. she was nothing more then a tool to him. He knew the boys would never wrestle a girl that they'd forfit that was his plan all along. he thought girls couldn't fight that if she did wrestle they'd never have a chance of winning. but Zoey showed him and got to wrestle anyway ruining his plan. I thought it was nice that everyone cheered for her during the match. My friends always cheer for me when I'm finishing a track meet so I'm glad they cheered for her. But chuck picked her up and slammed her down ending the match in 3-4 seconds which means that zoey really never did get to wrestle anyone she never got to wrestle poor zoey. It would've been funny if javiers instead of slamming her down javiers had run up to hug her because he wanted her or if he had run out the door during the match or to his coach because he decided that even he wanted to forfit. I'm proud of Logan, he stood for Zoey in the end even though he ended up getting beat up himself I always knew there was something good about Logan and this episode shows his niceness he risked his life for a friend and that desevres praise. He may have been a jerk to zoey but at least he made it up to her by standing up for her. it was funny when he said this isn't a place for girls and zoey said what you mean this isn't the mini skirt and make up department. I liked how Logan banged his head after hearing about zoey being on the team. he said first you ruin the basketball team now you're going to ruin the wrestling team I guess he's still mad about zoey making the basketball team in the pilot. Also it seems like Logan's on every sport team we've seen him on basketball, football, wrestling, disc golf even a surf team (from quinn's date). which I've never heard of. That's why I envy him because he seems very athletic. there anything Logan can't do. the scenes in this episode were funny. the scene with Micheal like Chase you were crying them talking about the world's fattest man and heaviest pumpkin, Lola flirting with jerimaiah, the panting wrestler micheal's line why do I always get the feet, zoey correcting the coach all the time epecially with the there is rest in wrestling it's letters 2-5, the coach pointing out about aliens and the moon, the team's to the moon call and ending with Logan's thumbs up. This is one of the best episodes in season 3 in fact in the whole show, this episode also shows that everyone should always participate if they're on the team and anyone can be on one. you can do a sport no matter what you are. You shouldn't also be afraid to compete againist anyone now matter how tough or good they are.
  • Loved it!

    As the summary says: Zoey joins the wrestling team after breaking up a fight (which I thought was not most fair because Zoey was punished to be on the team), but the coach won't let her on the mat (sexism is coming around). At the regional tournament, she finally gets a chance to wrestle---(yay, Zoey!) in a championship match against a tough 16-year-old boy (ooh, good luck). This really surprised me, since Logan stood up for Zoey, at the end that's what really made me up. It was a great episode. Loved it! Loved that! The End. Happily Ever After. Peace out!
  • zoey inadvertedly joins the wrestling team when she breaks up two boys fighting at school but she doesn't get any playing time

    this ep was very interesting but not exactly my favority b/c of the sexist way they portray it..i understand that if the guys beat her theyll look bad b/c they beat up a girl and thats not cool but most of them were more concerned about how they would look if she beat them..and i know she would lol..shes good..i think she could have taken any of them except chuck..no this was so chauvanistic..ugh i hate guys sometimes..no offense to guys who read this but yeah its just ridiculous..the coach was the worse..i hated him..what a jerk..at least her friends were supportive except logan but that was sweet what he did for her..and funny
  • I knew what was going to happen before it happened.

    I knew what was going to happen before it happened. Because I am all genius like that I knew that the coach wanted that at all to happen. PREDICTABLE! I can no longer take this insanity of the predictability of this once marvelous show. I miss Nicole. I miss Dana. I do NOT like Quinn or Lola now more than ever because their characters have changed severely. one hundered words long my butt. Why do these reviews have to be 100 words long? huh? HUH? HUH?!?! Only 13 more words as of the number 13. Now I am done. Booyah. HEY! This IS 100 words long, boof head!
  • This really was a fun episode and I waited so long for it to air!

    I thought it was really fun to watch. It was kinda different from other episodes, and a lot more action & stuff. There was a wrestler guy on that was sooooooo cute!! He had brown hair and was in the green wrestling uniform. He was the guy arguing with the coach, I think the 3rd guy who didn't want to wrestle Zoey. I wanna see him again, is he on any other episodes?
  • wrestling was hilarious! It was a great episode and i enjoyed it soooo much!

    Wrestling is about zoey wanting to join the school team, and eventually she gets on! Lola is super funny, Quinn gets bullied at the end, which is hilarious, Chase is a baby, Michael is just cool, and Logan stands up for Zoey! I think that he is in love with her! We'll find out soon enough!
  • Now, you've got to admit, this show isn't half bad, but this episode was just plain...pointless, and me being a stat girl and being around wrestlers for two months, this episode got wrestling totally wrong.

    I kind of like this show sometimes. But it got wrestling all wrong. First of all, they got the whole, "I don't wanna wrestle a girl, it's stupid" thing all wrong. Wrestlers wrestle whoever they're supposed to wrestle. Second of all, wrestlers DON'T act like that crazy guy, I promise. I've never seen one like that anyway.They don't attack the ref, or their opponents, and they actually become pretty good friends sometimes. Third of all, coaches aren't that stupid. I'm sorry to those of you who liked this episode, but I just don't like how it got wrestling all wrong. And wrestling is like, the greatest sport ever!
  • Episode Air Date and Summary

    Sunday, March 4, 2007

    Zoey joins the wrestling team after breaking up a fight, but the coach won't let her on the mat. At the regional tournament, she finally gets a chance to wrestle---in a championship match against a tough 16-year-old boy.

    What is the deal with them waiting a good 2 months before airing a new show!? it's killing me!!!!! i need new episodes now! i also want to see Zoey and Chase get together... But i think so do the rest of y'all. AND what is the deal with the rumor going around that zoey 101 is ending?!?!? let's hope not!!

    hope this was helpful