Zoey 101

Season 3 Episode 8


Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Mar 04, 2007 on Nickelodeon



  • Trivia

    • Zoey wouldn't be allowed to wrestle Javers in the first place. She would have to be the same weight as him, and it's extremely obvious that she's not.

  • Quotes

    • Chase: Hey! She's waking up!
      Zoey: What...what happened?
      Michael: You're okay.
      Zoey: Did...did I win?
      Lola: Oh...no. You lost.
      Zoey: Well, how long did the match last?
      Michael: Somewhere between three and four seconds.
      Quinn: It's a new state record!
      Chase: Yeah...Javers just kind of picked you up and slammed you down on the mat.

    • Jeremiah Trottman: Dooley! Where have you been?
      Dooley: Some psycho girl sprayed me with a purple mist, and then I woke up handcuffed to a flagpole.

    • Jeremiah Trottman: Holy peanuts! That Javers is a monster!
      Lola: Yes, but a monster with delicious arms!

    • Jeremiah Trottman: As we know, Chuck Javers is a four-time state champion. He's never been defeated in over 74 high school wrestling matches.
      Lola: Yeah, but look at his scruffy head. I could definitely recommend some hair care products, starting with a deep conditioner!

    • Jeremiah Trottman: Lola! Stats on Zoey?
      Lola: Stats?
      Jeremiah Trottman: Statistics, information on Zoey!
      Lola: Oh! Sure! Um...let's see, uh...Zoey's favorite color is pink. She loves animals, especially bunnies, and um...oh! She likes sushi, as do I!

    • Lola: You need a partner?
      Jeremiah Trottman: No! ...Um, yeah.
      Lola: I'm your girl!
      Jeremiah Trottman: You know sports?
      Lola: Of course...sure! My dad's a sports...guy.

    • Zoey: I'm psyched that I finally get to wrestle somebody!
      Chase: Hey, if you get in trouble, just use my signature move!
      Michael: Hahahaha, you mean you want her to hide under the bed and cry?
      Chase: I wasn't crying, okay? I was...there was a lot of dust under there!

    • Lola: I can't believe that Dooley guy gets to be on PCA TV with Jeremiah!
      Quinn: What, now you want to do sports cover commentary?
      Lola: I don't know what that means, but if I get to be on camera, then yes.

    • Quinn: I'm tired. I can't rub anymore!
      Lola: Yeah, my hand's starting to get palm cramps.
      Zoey: Fine, take a break. Second team!
      Chase: I got her shoulders...
      Michael: Aw, man! Why do I always get the feet?

    • (Lola sits down next to Jeremiah Trottman)
      Lola: Jeremiah Trottman?
      Jeremiah Trottman: Girl I don't know?
      Lola: I'm Lola. I see you on the PCA news all the time.
      Jeremiah Trottman: I cover PCA news, sporting events, graduations, and high profile injuries.
      Lola: Right. Um, so, what do you think about using me as a reporter or something?
      Jeremiah Trottman: (laughing) I don't think so.
      Lola: Come on! I could be the weathergirl, or a fashion reporter! And...maybe we could go out sometime! Like, on a date.
      Jeremiah Trottman: Would you really go out with me?
      Lola: (thinks for a moment) ...No.
      Jeremiah Trottman: Walk away.

    • Coach: (blows whistle) Let's get sweaty!

    • Coach: Hey! I'm the coach, you're the coacher!
      Zoey: Coachee?
      Coach: Hey! Don't correct my suffixes!

    • Logan: Why are you here? This is not a place for girls!
      Zoey: Wait, you mean this isn't the miniskirt and makeup superstore?

    • Lola: I want to be on TV!
      Zoey: Join the wrestling team.
      Lola: Ew, no! Gross!
      Quinn: You said you-
      Lola: I'm an actress! I want to be on TV with my hair pretty and my lips glossy, not all covered in...boy sweat!

    • Zoey: I didn't ask to join the wrestling team, I was yelled into it!

    • Coach: And as for you-
      Zoey: I was just trying to break it up.
      Coach: Yeah I know, I saw. What's your name?
      Zoey: Zoey Brooks.
      Coach: Where'd you learn to handle yourself like that, huh?
      Zoey: Oh, well when I was little, my dad-
      Coach: I want you on the wrestling team!!
      Zoey: The wrestling team?
      Coach: Come on!
      Zoey: Oh, I'm really not sure if-
      Coach: COME ON!!
      Zoey: Look, I'm flattered-
      Coach: Be on the team!
      Zoey: Why do you want me to-
      Coach: Join the team! SAY YES!
      Zoey: If I say yes, will you stop screaming at me?!

    • (Zoey breaks up a fight between two boys)
      Coach: Alright, alright, just break it up! Break it up! Get up! I don't know what this fight was about, and I don't wanna know! Just shake hands! (the two boys shake hands)
      Coach: Now, I want you to go get that bloody nose looked at, and I want you- oh, I want you to go buy a new sweater, because that one is awful!

    • Zoey: What are we talking about here?
      Michael: Chase thinks the world's largest pumpkin is heavier than the world's fattest man.
      Chase: Do you know how heavy the world's largest pumpkin is?
      Michael: Just a little bit lighter than the world's fattest man!
      Zoey: What if the world's fattest man ate the world's heaviest pumpkin?
      Chase: Ohhhh, I would pay to see that!

    • Logan: Oooh, I'm Zoey, I use LOGIC!

    • Coach: Remember, there is no 'rest' in wrestling.
      Zoey: Yes, there is. It's letters 2-5.

    • Lola: You can't be on the wrestling team!
      Zoey: Why not?
      Lola: Because you're a girl, and girls don't wrestle!
      Quinn: Actually, it makes sense. Women are more flexible, have a greater tolerance of pain, and a better pelvic tilt.
      Lola: Isn't that a band, Pelvic Tilt?

    • Chuck: Are you ready to WRESTLE?
      Zoey: Yeah, unless you forfeit like the other guys.
      (after drinking some of Chase's drink)
      Chuck: I ain't gonna forfeit! I don't care if you're a girl! I HURT EVERYBODY JUST THE SAME!
      Zoey: How... progressive of you!

    • Coach: Zoey! Good to see you! Have some of Blasser's potato salad.
      Blasser: No!
      Zoey: I don't want your potato salad!
      Blasser: Good!

    • Quinn: Kick his butt Zoey! He broke my glasses!

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